The Wienie Man

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Voyeur.

Illustration of The Wienie Man

What a wonderful way to spend a Fourth of July weekend! Me and my Daddy were at a baseball game, the sun was hot and bright, and the sky was clear and light blue! I had on my baseball hat to shield my eyes from the sun, we were going to see a really good game. Only one more thing would make this a perfect day to me, and he was coming up the aisle of the stands right now!

"There's the wienie man!" I shouted to my Daddy! "Daddy, Daddy, can I get a wienie?"

"But you just ate a few hours ago!" Daddy said.

"Aw, Daddy, come on!" I begged him. It just wouldn't be a baseball game without a big, fat wienie on a bun with mustard and that sweet, sweet relish they dabbed on it. "I want a wienie!"

"Ah, hell, you're right." Daddy said. "Got to have a couple of hot dogs at a game, don't we?"

"Yeah!" I said, giggling like the seven-year-old boy I was.

"Okay." Daddy said. "When he gets up here, I'll buy you one. But just one!"

"Yay!" I screeched.

It took that wienie man a long time to make it up to our row, ‘cause we were way up high, near the very top of the stands. When he got closer to us, I said, "He's nearly here! Yay, he's nearly here. Hey, wienie man!" I called and waved to him.

Daddy didn't correct me, he thought it was funny, my calling the guy the "wienie man," he just reached into his back pants pocket...and then he groaned. "Ah, shit! Where's my wallet?"

I giggled. "You said shit, Daddy!"

"Yeah, well, don't you start saying it." Daddy warned me. "God, where is it?" Daddy was putting his hands in his other pockets, checking everything, which was kind of silly, Daddy always puts his wallet in his one back pocket.

"What could have happened to it?" he moaned. "Where's my wallet?"

"You had in the car." I pointed out. "You took it out when we got here, so you could get out the money for the tickets to put in your front pocket, remember?" Daddy hadn't wanted to pull out his wallet in front of people, so this was a common enough occurrence.

"Yeah...Yeah!" he said. "And I set it down in the front seat of the car! Shit! It must still be there in the front seat!"

"Does that mean we can't get a wienie?"

"Naw, but I better go get my wallet right now. That big parking lot, someone might break in and steal it." Daddy was a bit worried about his wallet, as you can tell by all this. He did carry an awful lot of money inside it sometimes. Daddy worried a lot about money and was really careful about it, sometimes I had to beg him for a couple of days before he would give me my weekly allowance of a single dollar. It was why we were sitting way up at the top of the stands instead of down where we could see good. Daddy always said we had to be very careful with our money.

"Do we have to leave the game?" I said. "It's just getting good!" The teams were tied in the second inning, three to three.

"Uh..." Daddy considered it. "You stay here and keep an eye on things." Daddy said. "I'll go get my wallet and be back in soon as I can."

"But the wienie man is almost here!" I moaned.

"Can't be helped, son." Daddy said. "He'll come back around before the end of the game."

"But I want one now!" I whined. Daddy ignored that, he took off down the aisle, heading for the tunnel that went underneath the stands and could get him out of here. This had happened before, Daddy would be gone nearly a half hour, what with one thing and another. And the wienie man was right beside me now, he had that big box of wienies hung around his neck and I could smell the mustard and the relish and that faintly redolent odor of cooked wienies in their buns!

He was handing them over my head, because I was sitting right on the edge of the aisle, passing those delicious, wonderful wienies right over my head.

"Hey, wienie man!" I said to him.

He looked at me, a trifle offended, mitigated by the fact I was so young. "Whaddaya want, kid? You want a hot dog?"

"Yeah, I want a wienie!" I said.

"That'll be three dollars." He said to me, holding up a wienie and bun wrapped in a piece of thin paper.

"I don't have any money." I said. "Daddy's going to go get it now. Can I have a wienie now, please?"

He passed the wienie to a man on the aisle above me. "No free hot dogs, kid."

"Aw, please, Mr. Wienie Man!" I said. "I want a wienie!"

"They're called hot dogs." he growled. "And unless you got three dollars, you don't get one. Or two for five dollars. Them's the prices! Pay up or shut up!"

"Please, Mr. Wienie Man!" I said shamelessly. "I want a wienie, Mr. Wienie Man. Please?"

He wiped his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt as he paused. "Shit, it's a hot day, kid, quit whining at me!"

He stepped up a few steps and served those on the highest level, just a few people up this high. He was a young guy, maybe in college, and this was his summer job, working away in the hot sun with a heavy bucket of hot water around his neck, above which hovered his supply of wienies.

"Aw, Mr. Wienie Man!" I said again. "Can't I even have one wienie?"

Maybe it was the hot day, or maybe he was just fed up with me whining, for what he said next was, "Kid, the only wienie I got for you is right here!" He reached around and under his box around his neck and grabbed at his crotch, because I was lower down, I could see what he did clearly. "You want this wienie, you can eat it!"

"Hey!" someone called from a row below me. "Give us four more down here!"

A ten-dollar bill was passed up to me and I handed it over to the wienie man. He came down to my level and leaned over me to pass the wienies on down. He had had me pass some of them before, right now, though, I don't think he trusted me with his wienies. Afraid I'd just hang on to one and start eating it.

He had his hot-box over to his left side, and his crotch was right at my face level.

I saw the lump in there. Did he really have a wienie inside there? If so, he'd said I could have it!

So I licked my lips in anticipation of the taste of a big, hot wienie, and I reached up and I felt at his pants right there where the lump was. Hey, there was a wienie in there! And it was mine!

"Hey, kid, what are you doing!" the wienie man said.

"You said I could have this wienie!" I pointed out. "Give it to me, it's mine, you gave it to me!" It wasn't in his pocket, he had put that wienie right down inside his pants!

"That's not a wienie, kid!" the wienie man said to me, helplessly trying to fend me off. The hot-box he carried made him unable to get his arms into play, only his right hand was there to work on me, and I was too busy for that to do him any good.

"Uh-huh!" I said as I grabbed hold of the zipper of his pants. "It is so a wienie and I'm going to get it and eat it. You said I could, you said so, you promised!"

I got the fly unzipped while the young wienie man dithered with the ethics of this situation. What the hell was he going to do? Make a scene and let everyone know what he'd said to me? Fight me off and maybe hurt me?

So I got as far as getting his pants unzipped and into his boxer shorts underneath and I had hold of his wienie. "See!" I said as I got my fingers around it. "It is so a wienie! Only there's no bun on this wienie, is there, Mr. Wienie Man?"

"Uh! huh!" was all he said as I pulled it out of his pants.

I tried to pull it on out, but it stuck. "Hey, it won't come out any further!" I said. "And it looks a little funny. Is this really a wienie, Mr. Wienie Man?"

With my hand on his dick, the wienie man was more concerned with who might be watching. But we were so high up, the others nearby were talking to friends or watching the game.

"Why won't it come out?" I said as I pulled on his wienie. The outer skin of his wienie slipped back and forth and some hot stuff oozed out of it onto my hand. Clear warm liquid, but even regular wienies do that sometimes. And it was nice and hot.

"Why won't it come out?" I said.

"It...uh! Huh! It must be...huh!...stuck!" the wienie man panted. "You'll have to...uh! it where it is!"

I opened my mouth and aimed my teeth right at that fat wienie.

"Wait!" the wienie man yelped.

"What?" I said as I stopped, my lips right on the tip of his wienie now.

"You can't bite this wienie." he panted. "It's a special wienie. You have to suck on it, suck out all the filling."


"Yeah." the wienie man gasped. "Try sucking on it and you'll see what I mean."

"Okay." I said. He was the expert on wienies, after all, he was the Wienie Man!

"Just take it in your mouth as much as you can, kid." the Wienie Man instructed me. "And grip tight and try to milk all that hot wienie juice out of it. Faster you suck on it, the faster you'll get the juice!"

"Oboy!" I said and I did just as he said, my mouth watering as I thought about how good that wienie juice, right out of a special wienie, was going to taste!

I stuck that wienie as deep in my little mouth as it would go, and then I milked down on it hard, and sure enough, a bit of that hot wienie juice went right onto my tongue. Delicious! The best wienie I'd ever tasted. And if there was more of it in there...there must be, this was a long, hot, fat wienie, and it had to have a whole lot of that wonderful wienie juice in it!

"Ummmm, yeah, kid, suck that wienie!" the wienie man said to me. "Lots of hot wienie there for you, kid, just keep sucking it like that, yeah, oh, yeah!"

"Mmh, mmh, mmh!" was all I said as I worked my lips up and down that fat, hot wienie. God, it tasted sooooo good, I just wanted to suck on it all day long. Enough juice kept coming out of that wienie's slit to keep me hungry for more!

I had to take a breath, and when I did, the wienie man said, "God, kid, you're good at that."

"This is a really good wienie." I said to him sincerely. "I could suck on it all day long!" And I went back to work, now the cock was all slippery with my spit and it went back and forth easily.

"Uh, guh!" the wienie man moaned and I looked up at him, his eyes were half-closed, but they were looking at me, and a smile was on his face as he watched me sucking his special wienie. "Oh, God, kid, you're so damned good!"

I could feel how his wienie was getting even hotter now. I marveled at this, how this special wienie was getting warmer the longer I sucked on it, I wondered if it would get too hot for me to keep sucking! Boy, this special wienie had better give me that juice soon, if that would happen! I noticed that the faster I moved on it, the more of the wienie juice leaked out for me, and so I sped up. The wienie man really approved of that, moaning, "Yeah, kid, faster, even faster, that'll get you the juice, boy, that'll get you the juice!"

Reassured on my technique, I concentrated on working that wienie best I could, got my hand up and used it to help me work that giant wienie, and the wienie man approved of that, too, he groaned even louder.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" the wienie man groaned. "Kid, you're about to get the rest of the juice now." He was panting and sweating like crazy here, his skin smelled really strong of him, smelled like one gigantic hot wienie. "You ready for that wienie juice, kid, because there's going to be a lot of it all of a sudden! AH, AH, AHH, AHH!"

‘Mmh, mmh, mmh!" I said as I sucked on his wienie harder than ever. It was getting so hot, I could tell it was going to bust wide open real soon, it was practically pulsing from my milking out of that hot wienie juice. But there was a lot more of it inside, boiling up inside, and this wienie was going to split wide open! Just for me, hot wienie juice, yeah!

"AHH, AHH, HUH-GHHHNNNN!" the wienie man groaned and that was when his wienie gave me its juice. Hot, salty, sticky wienie juice, a whole lot of it, poured into my mouth, so much I nearly strangled on it, and the wienie man's hand was on the back of my head holding me in place, I had to take it all from him, all of it, right now!

I gulped hard, and more wienie juice poured in and I gulped hard again. The wienie man was moaning a whole lot, and his salty wienie juice just bubbled out of his wienie and into my mouth.

I sucked on his wienie hard as I could and I got every last drop of that wienie juice out, by the time I was done, that wienie was just a limp bit of empty skin, and the wienie man gasped, panted hard, and then stuffed his empty wienie back into his pants and zipped them up.

"That was good, Mr. Wienie Man!" I said to him. "I like that wienie a lot more than the regular kind! Can I have another?"

The wienie man laughed, his face still red from all his panting. "Sorry, the special wienie is all out for now, but I'll get it filled up again in a couple of hours." And the wienie man reached into his hot-box and pulled out two wienies. "Here, kid, you work on these until I come back this way, okay?"

"Okay." I said. The wienie man took off, and I settled back to watch the game.

Daddy showed up and said, "Well, where'd you get those wienies, Son?"

"The wienie man gave them to me." I said. "He's real nice."

"He must be." he said. "Guess I have to wait until he comes back to get one for myself, huh?"

I handed Daddy the second wienie. "Here you go, Daddy. I'm kind of full what with his special wienie and the one I already got."

Daddy was too happy at the free hot dog to argue. "Thanks, Son." He bit into it and said, "Yeah, there's nothing that makes a better summer day than a baseball game."

"And some wienies to make it all taste good!" I agreed.

The wienie man was all the way down at the bottom. Daddy regarded him. "Think he'll give you a couple more wienies if you ask him the next time?"

"Maybe." I said. "I can ask him when he gets back."

Daddy had an idea to save money, I recognized that sort of light in his eyes. "He probably felt sorry for you because you were all alone. I'll take off to go to the bathroom when he gets close and you can try that, okay?"

"Fine by me, Daddy!" I agreed. "Maybe the wienie man will have another one of those special wienies for me by then, too!"


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