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This book is another compilation of stories I wrote for one fan I refer to publicly as "FG" for "Frottage Guy." FG is a devoted customer of my works and I write two stories a month for him of fathers and sons or two brothers enjoying sexual fun with each other. As his name suggests, FG wants every story to have some action being the two rubbing their cocks against each other and climaxing that way, so there's plenty of that in this book, but plenty of other sexual scenes (FG has an impressive list of specifications for his stories) to keep the casual reader happy.

While there are none of my usual illustrations on/in this book (Eduardo is currently unavailable), these stories are double or triple-length my usual style, and so these 21 stories (19 stories, but two have two full-length parts to them) compose a book much longer (412 pages) than my other offerings. When I was basing the story on a movie or TV show, I tried to keep the flavor of the original in this story...only with plenty of sex added and on the whole, I feel I have succeeded quite well in keeping these characters recognizable and, in some cases, hilarious. When I write about real public figures in some of these stories, too, I have done some research on their lives to make it realistic, but I emphasize here that these stories, and all of my stories, are fantasies with no basis in reality and there is no desire to mock or defame these people. I don't know them personally and don't claim to; I was just trying to make a customer happy with a sexual fantasy in written form.

This eBook contains the following short stories:

And Daddy Slept On--A story in two parts, FG liked the first one which I wrote for him as a birthday gift(and which is offered as a free sample by clicking the book image to the left) so much he commissioned a follow-up story, our young hero has a handsome daddy who is working hard while raising a young boy alone and when Daddy falls asleep, he is very deep asleep and our hero explores his curiosity about Daddy's studly body while Daddy sleeps.

Oliver and Alfie's Sleepover--College age Oliver is caring for his five-year-old little brother for several days while their parents have a vacation-for-two. Alfie declares that he wants to have a sleepover with Oliver, but it turns out that Alfie saw an online video about two men having a sleepover and doing a lot more than sleep, and Alfie wants to try everything he saw in the video with Big Brother Ollie!

David Beckham with Romeo--FG has a strong interest in the man and his sons, and in this one, David Beckham and his middle child Romeo manage to make some alone time together with just the two of them, and they waste no time in taking advantage of their time together.

The Best Gift of All--This story is a sequel to the movie "Cancel Christmas" and follows the father and son through the days after the events in that movie, while they explore their newfound closeness in a way that soon turns to sex.

Billy Elliot II: Pas De Deux--My second sequel to the movie (the first sequel is in a prior book, but it isn't necessary to read it to enjoy this one), this story follows young Billy as he visits Evrington and renews his relationship with his father and brother in their new roles as a trio of lovers.

American Dad: The Mata Hari Ray--Stan has brought home a secret CIA weapon he intends to use on Francine, but when Roger intervenes, the ray strikes Steve instead, and after that, all Stan can do is let his son do what the ray was intended to do, which is to be his eager and hungry lover.

A New Kind of Christmas--This story was my Christmas gift to FG for 2016, and tells of a man marooned on an alien world. He survives with the aid of an amazingly complex machine ("Monica") which can practically grant his every wish, and when Christmas comes around, it turns out that Monica has been working on a very special gift for him.

Big Brother is a Dick--Our hero is having trouble getting along with his big brother who bullies him into a subservient role in their home, so he takes his own steps to "get big brother back" and soon learns that his brother has a large, fun toy between his legs that's an awful lot of fun to play with.

Loving Brothers--Another two-part story. Jason and Michael are brothers who love each other very much, wanting to spend all their time cuddling, hugging, kissing, and doing other things that they discover as they go along.

Billy Elliot III: Leitmotif--Tony is in the hospital after an injury and Billy is alone with Daddy in their flat, but the two make the best of things, as he and Billy have their own special relationship.

Crevette Épicé--A sequel to the movie "Crevette," Paul asks Matthias to teach him about more than how to dance, he wants to know how to make big brother shows him everything he needs to know.

David Beckham and Brooklyn: A Wonderfully Horrible Trip--David and Brooklyn have gone ahead to Vermont for a skiing vacation, but a terrible blizzard strands them in a too-small motel room with nothing to do but get to know each other better as they wait for the storms to end.

Bonding with the Baby--Kevin's wife has given birth to a boy, and he needs to bond with his new child. He doesn't know much about children, but he loves his little boy so much that the love spills over into a physical relationship.

Too Old to Cut the Mustard--Not!--George has just been called the dreaded "G" word ("Grandpa") and he is feeling his years. But George has a young boy child and this boy is more than willing to help Daddy turn back the years by loving him very, very much.

Rick and Morty: Father/Son Ricksty-Nining--Rick drags his grandson along on another mission, this time he promises it's for sex, and lots of it, just pick out his partner. He tries to point to Jessica, but Dad gets in the path and Grandpa just grabs and they are off, leaving father and son in thrall to his bizarre experiments that requires a lot of father/son sex.

Billy Elliot IV: Polyphony--The events in this fourth sequel immediately follow the events in the third, as Billy and Dad enjoy their time together as Tony continues to recover in the hospital.

Before and After "The Day After Tomorrow"--This story follows Sam as he remembers first the time he and Dad had been marooned at sea for the "best vacation ever" and then after the events in the movie, they renew their relationship in a Mexico City motel.

Nude Father/Son Fun--His family are nudists and so is he, and the actions of his father and mother in his presence are getting pretty intense and sexual. But when his parents notice that our hero is getting aroused at the sight of his father's erect penis, they offer him the opportunity to explore his own body by loving his father's.

Hurray, Daddy's Home!--He is waiting for Daddy to get home from his trip, because he has something for him, a note from Mommy that says she has left them and it is up to our hero and Daddy to deal with their new life as a single-parent family, and something has to be done about Daddy's sexual needs, too.


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