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Thirty short stories (with illustrations on twenty-three of them), about young boys and the men who enjoy teaching them about the fun they can have together, using only what the man has hanging between his legs. These eager boys are only too happy to play with that fat man-tool until the creamy goodness squirts out and our boy can gulp it all down, yum-yum! Whether it's a case of the man overbearing an innocent but willing boy or the man using gentle persuasion to get that kid to hold still while he shoves that hard dong up the boy's tender ass, everyone has a good time and the boy is only too happy to do it again soon as he can get that man alone again! Sometimes its a whole bunch of men enjoying this kid's favors, and in a few, Daddy gets in on the action as well!

The stories in this book are:

Beer for Daddy--Nine-year-old Ritchie's dad loves beer so much, he takes his son along with him to the bars and goes even when he doesn't have any money to buy beer with. When that happens, it's up to our hero to give the other patrons at the bar a reason to want to keep his daddy...and our overeager stick around the bar. Despite its title, there is no incest in this story.

The Candy Man--Set in my stories of Tompkinville, the small town where time stand still. Max is eight years old and after school one day he heads for the sweet shop and his daily piece of free candy from the candy man. But there's a new guy owning the store now, and now Max has to work for his candy!

Little Boy Lost--Our young hero is lost at the mall, but he knows what to do, he goes up to the clerk and tells them he's lost. That gets them to take our hero to a private place where the clerk can call security...and where our hero can give the handsome clerk the time of his life!

The Amenities--When his mother rents out their only bedroom to a high-class gentleman, our hero finds himself playing the personal servant of their boarder in an effort to keep him happy. But when night comes, our hero discovers a way of providing some extra-special services that makes their boarder very, very happy!

The Toy Soldier--Our young hero hides out for the night in a small toy store, but after closing, he discovers the toys coming to life and some of them have a real grudge against the human race. He is saved only by the timely action of a toy soldier who he rewards with an appropriate gesture of gratitude.

The Delivery Man--Six-year-old James is left alone by his mother all day, and when a delivery man arrives with a package, James just opens the door and lets the man in. When the delivery man realizes James is all by himself, he delivers a hot package special delivery right to James' cute little bum! Rough sex!

The Hitch-hiker--It's a long, dull trip for 13-year-old Linc, riding with his grandparents poking along on the interstate and them too deaf to hear him speak. But when they pick up a handsome hitchhiker, Linc finds the trip suddenly gets a whole lot more interesting!

Kidnaped!--Our young hero knows better than to interfere in Daddy's business, even when that business involves him bringing a man home and tying him to the bed. But our lonesome 8-year-old goes in to talk with Daddy's kidnap victim and after helping the man take a piss, he finds himself with more than he can handle...unless he takes matters in hand! Sorry about the title, I couldn't resist; but it bears no relationship at all to the famous novel.

Opposites--Kyle was a bookish chess player, the opposite of his athletic, P.E. coach father. His neighbor Brad was the athlete, the opposite of his professorial father. But these two fourth-graders find that when they switch parents so that Brad goes fishing with Kyle's father while Kyle goes to a chess tournament with Brad's father, things begin to match up. No incest.

Teacherís Visit--Eight-year-old Keith is relaxing at home all alone until he hears a knock at the door. It's his teacher who wants to meet with his Mother. But it'll be hours before Mom gets home from work and while they're waiting, Keith gets curious about the huge bulge in teacher's pants!

The Blitz--David is a young boy living through the Blitz in World War II London. His own home destroyed, he now has to stay with his Aunt Tessie. She doesn't have room in her shelter, but her gardener Gregory has a small one of his own that he can share...and boy, do they share!

School Fundraiser--Eight-year-old Funky Joe is out to raise money for a field trip selling candles. But a girl at school is going to be seeing all the town's women at a meeting so his only hope is to get to the men and get the sales first. Nobody really wants to buy candles, but our hero comes up with a way to leave all the men in town hungry for more!

The Colored Handyman--In the year 1963, 9-year-old Troy had never seen a live, "colored" person before. So when one goes to work for his family as a yardman, Troy is finally face-to-face with a real, live black man. And when he catches the black man with his pants open one morning, he has some more curiosity to satisfy here if the black man is willing to let him...and he is!

Man in the Closet--Six-year-old Kelly is digging around in his Mom's stuff in her closet one day when Mom and a male friend come by and start playing some noisy games on the bed. Then Daddy comes home and suddenly Mom's friend is in the closet with Kelly and completely naked. Now it's time for Kelly to play a few games he always wanted to try!

The Substitute Princess--Prince Forrin's sister, Princess Marrina, is in danger, an ambitious Duke has forced her father to arrange a marriage for her to his between her and his oldest son. The King is not willing to lose his favored daughter to this, but when he sees how like his sister his eight-year-old third son is, he arranges for them to switch places. All our hero Prince Forrin needs to do is pretend to be his sister for three days, but when the wedding is sprung on him and he is faced with the wedding night, all he can do is hope for the best when his new husband climbs into bed with him!

Castaways--When the typhoon strikes, cabin boy James is stranded on a tropical island, his only companion a sailor who had unexpectedly saved his life during the storm. From this beginning, a loving bond is formed between this man and boy who both have a reason not to regret their plight.

Old Photographs--Our now-adult hero is going through old photographs and finds an envelope containing a set he had from when he was twelve years old and he and his three friends had had to deal with an older bully who had been terrorizing them for years. And they did, thanks to an old abandoned house and the clever use of the old photographs he now holds in his hands...and remembers.

The Traveling Man--Eight-year-old Micky had grown up on a farm in the 1920's and thus spent a lot of time with only his mother and sister for company. So when the traveling man came by looking for a few days' work, Micky found himself with the male role model he had been sadly lacking in his life, and a man who taught him all about love at night in bed.

Winning a Noble Heart--Brentin is a seven-year-old peasant boy who discovers his older sister has a nefarious plot to win a nobleman's heart through use of a magical love potion. Our hero decides to prevent the nobleman from seeing his sister the first thing after he drinks the potion but can only do that by being the first one himself, which leads him into winning the noble heart for himself!

The Wienie Man--When our hero goes to a baseball game on the Fourth of July, he just has to have a wienie to eat while there. But penny-pincher Daddy "forgets his wallet in the car." So what's a boy to do when he needs a nice fat wienie to chow down on? The stadium hot dog man has the answer and our hero gets plenty of hot wienie to satisfy his cravings, of both kinds!

Love in a Minor Key--Our hero was a born genius with a natural gift for playing the piano that transcended the study of music. His teacher is trying to teach him the art of music more traditionally and in the process of their composing music, the two have a more satisfying composition.

Billy, the Unwanted Child--Our college-age hero is having trouble studying, due to the neighbor couple loudly arguing. He goes to complain to find young Billy sitting outside their door, alone and unwanted. He takes the boy home and soon find himself the caretaker for this child that neither parent wanted, but wants him and he wants very much. One of my oldest stories written in the 1970's.

Golddigger--Shaun wants a new bicycle but has been told he has to wait until Christmas to get one. What can an eight-year-old boy do when he can't get a real job even? The answer lies in "golddigger," an unusual word he heard, and his neighbor napping in the sun with a secret he had overheard.

Handling Darrylís Tools--Daryl and his little auto repair shop was seven-year-old Craig's favorite hangout after school. But summer was coming and with it a problem, where would Craig stay while his single mother worked? Well, that all depended on how well he handles Daryl's tools, especially that one between his legs.

Chapter One: Space Malaise
Chapter Two: Morale Officer
Chapter Three: Report to the Captain
Paul, our young hero, stowed away aboard his father's starship and is now traveling with them on a decade-long trip to the stars. It doesn't take long for our precocious boy to add every member of the crew to his harem of lovers, including his Daddy, the ship's captain.
Poker Night--When his dad hosts a poker night, he's also stuck with our six-year old hero. Daddy tells him to do whatever he wants during the game as long as he just keeps quiet. Well, sliding under the table is quiet, and so is sucking on his dad's friend's cocks while they play! No incest!

Clever Jack--In Medieval "fairy tale" times, seven-year-old Jack's mother is ill so he has set off to see the powerful wizard who owns his valley to beg for a spell to cure her. Along he way he meets three men who are each under a spell the Wizard cast upon them, and Jack is the cure for their problems. Extra-long story.

The Christmas Kid--Six-year-old Billy has fled a children's home and on Christmas Eve, he finds an open door that leads him into a house festooned for Christmas, a hunky man who is being denied the right to have his own children with him for the holiday, and a chance to make this his best Christmas ever!

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