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Twenty BRAND NEW, never before published short stories, fully illustrated with twenty illustrations (16 of which are brand new, as well, the others are high quality images from my former site). When these boys go to bed, their fun is only just beginning, because they know their Daddy or another man is going to be joining them shortly for some exercise that makes their mattress bounce and their wienies tingle. These boys love to siphon that love-juice out of a man's hard long cock. Eight of these stories are Daddy/Son with a ninth having Daddy share his son with another man, the rest are Man/Boy (with some incest of other sorts here and there), and their themes range from a boy who's satisfying his curiosity by playing with Daddy's dingaling, to boys whose Daddy is horny and going to stuff his boy whether the kid likes it or not! It's a mixture of stories such as you have come to expect from my sites in the past, so this book is bound to contain several stories that will be just what you're looking for!

The stories in this book are:
The Time Viewer--Professor Bergen is told to test the time viewer of another researcher, and is shocked to find the screen showing him having sex with his own 7-year-old son! But now that he's seen it, he's eager to get home and turn the future into the now!

After the Bar Closes--Two rough studs leave a bar at two a.m., horny and frustrated. Well, one of them has a son at home who'd make for some first-rate fucking!

When in Rome--Jefferson Almers is a scholar studying one of the Lost Worlds of Mankind, and he finds that this world has split into two branches, and one of them, the Neffits, is a non-sentient slave of the other. He's assigned a young Neffit boy as a personal servant, who sucks his cock as a part of his duties. Well, when in Rome....

Betterín Momma--His Daddy is a very particular man who just wants things done right. And when Momma isn't measuring up in the bedroom, his son is eager to show he can satisfy Daddy better than his mother ever could!

Odd Jobs--Summer has begun and our 7-year-old hero gets a job helping his next-door neighbor with some odd jobs about his house. And one of those turns out to be to take the neighbor's hard cock whenever the neighbor wants to shove it in him!

Snowed In--A father and son are snowed in the city and forced to take shelter in a fleabag motel with a single, small bed. But the sharing of the bed is only the first of the fun they share that cold, snowy night.

Honorable Discharge Housing--After being discharged from the Army after World War II, our hero has no better place to go than his sister's house and shares the bed with his young nephew. But it turns out that this post-Army housing is the best situation a horny young stud could hope for.

Itís a Hard World--In a post-apocalyptic world, a father and son are struggling along trying to find a place and people they can join and survive. They find a group with a prosperous setup, all right, but the horny men who make up this group feel that the best contribution this pair can make is for the son to service their hard cocks.

Split Down the Middle--When our hero gets a divorce, he and his ex are told to split everything they have right down the middle. When the wife tries to hang onto everything anyhow, he's left with little other than his young son...but he figures after a night of lovemaking, that he's satisfied with the division after all.

The Club--A young man who's drunk too much pulls off the road to sleep it off, and wakes up in a kid's clubhouse, tied down and these kids proceed to satisfy their curiosity about what a man's hard prick feels like, tastes like, shoots like...

When Aunt Flo Visits--He and his mother have moved back in with his father, and his Mom is supposed to supply his father with sex every night. But when his ex-wife has her period, Daddy comes into his son's room to get the sex from his son that his ex-wife can't provide!

A Cure for Acne--His big brother, who he idolizes, is distraught when he suffers from his first of what will be many pimples. Their family can't afford the medical treatment for acne, but our hero is told that sex will clean up the zits just fine, and goes into offer his body for Big Brother to get the sex he needs to cure his acne.

Baby is a Crawler--Our hero had a baby with his girlfriend and is tapped for some emergency babysitting. The baby is at an age when he crawls all over...including under our hero's covers while he's napping on the floor where he finds Daddy's dong. And you know babies...everything they find goes right in their mouth!

High in the Sky--When the skyscraper going up next door reaches the height of our hero's bedroom window, he's treated to a show from the hunky construction workers. Soon there's a board laid across the gap and he's in among them and given more dick than he can handle...or so they think! Our hero is insatiable, even as the skyscraper climbs higher and higher....

Time for Love--When our hero gets his own time-door, his chosen destination is simple, to go back to when he was a child and rescue the young lad by giving him a place to hide from his abusive father. But when a boy is denied love, he'll take it wherever he can get it, including from his future self, who's also hungry for love.

The Boys of Beta Theta Yau--Our hero's mother is hired as the dorm mother of a pre-WWII frathouse, and the boys of the frat make them welcome, especially our curious hero who catches one playing with himself. Soon, he's the frathouse mascot and the initation rite is a doozy!

The Prince of Dahshimah--This British officer has the task of visiting an Indian maharajah to keep the British presence visible. The maharajah makes him welcome, but when the officer doesn't select a beautiful woman to serve his bed (preferring the company of the maharajah's son), he finds himself assigned the son as his servant, including to serve in his bed!

Executive Daddy--His Daddy promised the week would be just the two of them, but Daddy is keeping his business presence up by phone and computer link. How can he get Daddy's attention when Daddy is all business? Well, Daddy told him to do anything he wanted while Daddy was working and Daddy's dick is right there....

Paid for the Night--Our hero's mother is a prostitute and drug addict, and when her studly client pays for the entire night in advance, Mom slips out the door leaving him alone with our hero. Well, he did pay for an entire night of sex....

Forever Young--A father and son are marooned on an alien world that is like a abandoned paradise. Only this world bears a secret and when our hero's father discovers the secret (they will both live forever and always be the same age they are now), there's only the question of what this castaway pair are going to do to pass eternity. Well, his Daddy is horny....

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