Santa Visits the Commune

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2002 by Eduardo
Illustration of Santa Visits the Commune

"You sure it's him?" Moonbeam asked as they slipped toward the hut.

"I'm sure." Delight assured him. "I overheard Lovealot talking with Sparkle this morning." Lovealot was Delight's mother, she'd been born with the name Christina, but had changed her name the year before, in 1965, when she had joined the commune of free-spirited young people here on the north shore of Hawaii with her son Raymond, whom she'd renamed Delight, same as Moonbeam's original name was James. Sparkle was another young woman of the commune, her original name unknown to any but herself. Moonbeam and Delight were both six years old and if the authorities had known they were in this commune, they would have had to go to school. The commune believed that life was its own school and the boys were sent out each day to live, live, live! Running about unsupervised and unstructured, they were picking up an education of a different kind, the kind in which you learn by experience.

"What did she say about him?" Moonbeam pressed. The man they were discussing was new to the commune and was as yet unnamed. Every new member had to select a name, but nobody held a member's feet to the fire until he gave it to them, they waited until he provided one, so this man was, as yet, without a name. Which was the topic of conversation Delight had overheard.

"Lovealot said that she didn't have to ask who he was, he had to be Santa Claus because his package held exactly what she wanted." Delight recounted. His skin, which had been pale when he'd first arrived, had been tanned by the tropical sun to a golden tan. His hair was blond and tousled, it hung halfway to shoulder-length and wild, a comb hadn't been at it in weeks. He was thin, lanky and filled with endless energy.

"Did she say what was in the package?"

"Only that it was between his legs and she wanted to climb into his lap and ride it until next Tuesday."

"When's that?" Moonbeam wondered.

"I don't know." Delight dismissed it. "I just know that Christmas is four more days away and if we want to tell Santa what we want for Christmas, we got to act now."

"Fine with me." Moonbeam agreed. Moonbeam was black-haired but just as tanned, though with him, the color was a dull dun tone, making his body look dirty rather than healthy. His mother insisted on keeping his rather curly hair well-combed, so it was only a little out of place with the games of the day, and neatly trimmed well away from his ears.

The hut was made of odd bits of wood and a few well-placed palm fronds that hadn't yet turned from green to brown though they were turning yellow at the tips. A square of red and white (an old picnic tablecloth) hung over the doorway, providing what little privacy the commune afforded.

It was, however, still required that you knock, or call out, or do something before entering, but Delight just ran inside. Moonbeam, always the follower, was on his heels.

"What the hell?" the man inside yelped as he grabbed at his covers and threw it over his midsection.

"Hi, Santa Claus!" Delight called out. "We came to say hi, and tell you what we want for Christmas!"

The man was lying on a small mattress in the cool dusk of the hut, but even in this dimmed light, the boys could see that this Santa Claus was nothing like they'd met in the past. For one thing, his body was tanned, large, strong and well-ripped with muscles. In his semi-lounging position on the mattress, he was a rack of muscles from his neck to his shoulders and arms, with pairs of pecs and abs all the way down to where the covers hid the area below his waist. Beneath this triangle of covering fabric that was tented out in the middle, there was only more muscles adorning his legs both above and below the knees. He couldn't have been more than twenty-five years old, and more likely was closer to twenty, Moonbeam judged.

"You called me Santa Claus?"

"Uh, huh!" Delight scampered over to the mattress. Lovealot told me about the package you have. Is this it?" He reached for the tented part of the covers.

"Hey, hey!" Santa told Delight. "You're not allowed to touch that!"

"But I want to sit in your lap and tell you what I want for Christmas!"

"What makes you think I have anything for you for Christmas?" Santa asked him.

"But you're Santa Claus!"

"Do I look like I have anything?"

"Yeah!" Moonbeam chipped in. "You got something right there!" he pointed at the bulge under the covers. "Can we have that?"

"You want this?" Santa asked as he gestured at the tent in the covers.

"Sure!" Delight agreed.

"What is it, one of those big peppermint sticks?" Moonbeam wanted to know.

"Sort of." Santa agreed with a snicker.

"Yeah, I want it!" Moonbeam declared. He loved those big peppermint sticks, the kind you had to break in chips to suck on, and if you got one all to yourself, you could spend the entire day sucking on pepperminty sweetness! "I love to suck on those!"

"You want to suck on this?" Santa asked, snickering some more.

"Me, too!" Delight chipped in.

"Well, why the hell not?" Santa asked. "I was tired of pumping it by myself anyhow."

"Pumping it?" Delight asked.

"I thought this commune offered free love. But all the girls are in relationships." Santa griped.

Moonbeam had knelt down by the mattress and this time Santa didn't fend off the little hands that moved to lift the covers away. The two boys got a good look at Santa's package.

"Wow!" Delight exclaimed as he knelt on Santa's other side from Moonbeam.

"Gosh!" Moonbeam admired the huge, thick, clean organ. Nearly nine inches long, cut, smoothly covered with a thick cockskin, the glans poked out through this sheath in a pointed morel-mushroom shape.

"So there it is, go ahead and suck on it."

"Is it sweet?" Moonbeam asked.

"Sweetest thing you ever got in your mouth." Santa assured him. "Just suck it like that peppermint stick and you'll find out."

These two wild boys, free to do whatever they wanted to in the commune, encouraged to experiment in any wise they chose, didn't hesitate. Delight beat Moonbeam to the punch, and his golden-skinned mouth closed upon Santa's dong and he dove down deep as he could, his eagerness got him down nearly four inches upon the shaft, and as he stopped there, Santa gave out a long, low moan.

"Ahhhhhhh, yeah, that's it, boy, suck it for Santa, suck it for me!" he crooned.

Delight sucked up hard, his cheeks sunken inwards as the long prod was slowly relinquished, and Santa moaned anew. Delight released the cock at its height with a pop, and he said, "It's not sweet, it's salty."


"Yeah, but it's good!" Delight exclaimed and he sank down again upon the prong.

"Ooh, yeahhh, that's it, keep sucking it!"

Delight began to move back and forth, sucking up the liquid nectar of Santa's precome as he did so, and he would have kept it up, but Moonbeam spoke up.

"Hey, it's my turn!" he declared and Delight let Moonbeam capture the pud. Moonbeam was more tentative, but his soft lips sliding upon the huge dick made Santa gasp and groan even more.

"Oh, God, yeah, two sweet boys sucking on my prick!" He moaned. "This is one helluva good vacation, fuck, yeah!"

"Vacation?" Delight asked.

"Yeah, I got to go home in a couple more days." Santa explained. "God, I thought I was going to go home without getting laid until you two boys came along!"

"Back to the North Pole?" Delight queried.

"Shit, man, oh, man!" Santa moaned at Moonbeam's oral attentions. "Yeah, the North Pole! God damn, but this feels good. Suck me faster, kid, suck it fast!"

Moonbeam sped up and Santa groaned anew.

"Let me do it some more." Delight said after a moment.

Moonbeam gave up the cock and Delight took it back again and this time Delight didn't dawdle. He watched with upraised eyes Santa's face, relishing the way the handsome stud was groaning in pleasure at his actions. Moonbeam noticed this and the way that Santa was grunting and gasping.

"You like us doing this, do you Santa?"

"Oh, yeah, hell, yeah!" Santa agreed, panting. "Keep this up and I'll give you a real big present!"


"Yeah, it'll shoot out of my cock for you!"

"I want that!"

"Me, no, me!"

"There's plenty for both of you." Santa moaned. "Get back to sucking, shit, I'm so fucking hot, I need to come, I need to come!"

Delight dove back onto Santa's cock and sucked and Santa gasped, "Oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"My turn, my turn!" Moonbeam complained.

But Delight fended him off as Santa kept on moaning about coming.

"I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm, oh, oh, OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-UHHHHHHHH!"

Delight got the first blast, choked on it and released, Santa's cock, free to the air, sprayed the next spurts of jizz wide about, splashing Delight's chest, and then Moonbeam got his face down over the dong, catching one in the face and then got his lips over the prick, the last few, feebler jets went into Moonbeam's sucking mouth and then Santa was done, his massively strong chest heaving, and the boys regarded his prod as it deflated before their eyes, wet and sticky with their saliva and becoming a shadow of its former glory.

"What happened to it?" Moonbeam asked Santa.

"Oh, oh, you got your presents." Santa explained to them, feebly but grinning. "You never saw an empty sack before?"

"Empty?" Moonbeam was bitterly disappointed. "I barely got any!" He reached for the spunk on his face and lifted it off with a finger, and put it into his mouth. "It's salty, but it's so good, I want more of it, Santa, can I please have some more?"

Delight was doing the same thing with the sperm on his chest, wiping it off with a forefinger and raising it to his lips. "Me, too, Santa, please, bring me more for Christmas?"

"Hell, I'll give you more in a little while!" Santa told them. "I just need to rest a bit. Come back this afternoon and you can suck me off again!"

"You bet!" Delight agreed and he and Moonbeam raced out to find new things to learn, because life was the best school of all.

This was the first of several days of delight with Santa Claus (that was the name he gave to the commune to call him that very night when the members all gathered for a communal meal), and he and the two boys became inseperable before the new year began. Delight and Moonbeam sucked this young, hung Santa four or five times a day, sometimes singly, sometimes together, and took to sleeping with him at night as well. Their mothers never said a word about it, life was an experience, after all.

The morning after New Year's Day, Santa was sitting on the beach with Delight on one side and Moonbeam on the other, well away from the other commune members. "Well, boys, I have to go home tomorrow." He broke to them. "I'm sure going to miss you."

"Back to the North Pole?" Delight asked.


"Can't we go with you?" Moonbeam pleaded.

"I don't know about that." Santa said. "Your mothers might not want you."

"We can ask them." Delight exclaimed and he and Moonbeam got to their feet before Santa could say more than another word and they scampered off to find their mothers.

They returned a short time later with small bags containing their possessions. Santa looked at that with surprise. "What's this?" he asked.

"My mom said it was fine to visit with you as long as I wanted to!" Delight exclaimed. "Mom said that I was as free as she was, and had to choose my own path!"

"My Mom said no, but then Wolf told her hell, let the brat go with him!" Moonbeam explained. Wolf was Moonbeam's mother's lover, he didn't like Moonbeam. "So she said fine, long as I visit her now and then and let her know I'm all right."

"The hell you say!" Santa exclaimed. "These commune people are just plain nuts!"

"Yeah, I think so, too!" Delight agreed.

"Well, then, come on." Santa told him. "You two can live with me from now on. But I warn you, you two are going to have to go to school from now on!"

"School sounds great to me!" Moonbeam agreed.

"And you'll have to both call me Daddy." Santa went on. "And what am I going to call you, damn it, what are your real names?"

"I'm Raymond." Delight told him.

"I'm James." Moonbeam said.

"Mine's Robert." Santa agreed. "Come on, boys, my pickup truck is parked over here."

"You mean your sleigh." Moonbeam corrected him.

"Sure, let's get going, I got to get back to Hilo by nightfall."

"You mean the North Pole."

"Whatever." Santa agreed.

And like two eager little elves, the boys followed Santa toward his sleigh.

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