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Twenty BRAND NEW, never before published short stories, with fourteen BRAND-NEW illustrations. In sixteen of these stories, a young boy is faced with a lot of handsome, hunky, horny men who are all determined to plug every hole the boy has and fuck him silly over and over again. Imagine these men's surprise when that boy not only takes them all on, he wants more and more! They may start with a gangbang of an innocent young lad, but by the end, that kid is grabbing them and forcing them to cream for him again and again, he just can't get enough!

The other four stories are three stories written for-pay for two of my best fans, and one story that I was struck with and just had to write down (they come along now and then, and until it's written, I can't think of anything else!). Two involve frottage sex, one is a boy having sex with a VERY muscled man (in fact, he can make his muscles as big as he wants, including the one between his legs), and one is the story of a boy who has very talented feet.

The stories in this book are:
Gotta Keep Him Fed--In a post-apocalyptic world, a young boy stumbles alone into a group of survivors, all young men. The boy has to eat, but there's nothing in the group to spare...except the creamy love-juice the men have boiling up inside, and the boy eats happily until full.

First-Person Shooter--Our hero tries to play the video game his big brother just got, only to find the characters talking to him. Then they reach out and drag him inside and our hero is in the video game with a lot of big, hunky men looking for something to do while the game is on pause and it involves feeding our hero some long, hard dongs!

Far Station Zeta--The eighteen men of Far Station Zeta get one delivery a year and this year it's to be something special, a sex robot. When the robot turns out to be that of a small boy, they decide that they'll just have to make do with what they've got, and this small robot boy turns out to be more than up to the task.

A Game of Footsie--Our hero's son has brought over his latest best friend, a young boy who has very talented feet. Sitting at the breakfast table, he feels the boy's foot exploring inside his boxers and then getting busy, all the while his son and wife have no idea what's going on under the table. Foot sex.

The Troll Prince--Captured by trolls as an infant, the young prince is rescued and brought back to the palace, but when he learns that all the young nobles at court must do as he says, he takes the opportunity to show them all what the trolls taught him all those years by milking them all dry!

Who's Got Team Spirit?--Riding home from a hard-fought win, the basketball team is taunting the coach's son by saying he has to be a member of the team to have team spirit like they do. But when the boy is offered the chance to get some team spirit off a hard teenaged cock, he proceeds to gather all the team spirit he can get on the long bus ride.

Captured by Fairies--A young boy happens upon a small community of fairies, and is promptly shrunk down to their size, a boy among them. They intend to keep him like that forever, but the lad quickly discovers the great thing about fairies is they love having a young hand or mouth or ass on their raging erections, and he is off for a flight of fantastic gang-sex.

Scooting Into My Heart--Our hero's infant child has skipped crawling and engages in scooting across the floor. And when this baby gets naked in our hero's lap, he scoots his Daddy's hard cock in all the ways our hero is craving. Frottage sex.

Searching for Rover--Our little hero is searching for his dog and he's looking all over the place, but his favorite place to look is the crotches of all the handsome hunks in town.

The Skeleton Key--The super's son has his father's key to the entire apartment building full of single and divorced men, and while Daddy is off to the bars in the evening, the boy uses the key to visit the apartments, where he finds a plentiful supply of hard young cocks aching for his visit.

The Batboy's Lineup--His father is the coach of a losing Minor League team about to close down if they don't start winning. When our hero hears the men discussing the incentive they need to win and one of them mentions a good blowjob would encourage him, he goes in and makes the team an offer, if they can score in the game, he'll give them a blowjob after. The men soon are playing the game a lot better which gives the boy a line of men waiting for his reward from our hero's warm mouth.

The Benefits of Being Homeless--A homeless man and son are robbed, and left with only the man's sweatsuit and a large beach towel. Riding on the bus to a mission to get more clothes, they are cold until they share both the towel and the man's sweatsuit, of course, that leaves the man with his son sitting on his lap with their cocks pressed together and the bus ride is really bumpy.... Frottage sex.

The Army Brat--The barracks sergeant's son has moved in with him, and when he's called to active duty, he leaves his son in their charge with orders to keep the boy happy. Trouble is, the best way to keep him happy is to feed him lots of hard cocks and thick, juicy Army spunk.

The Slave Quarters--The overseer's son goes to look at the slaves in their quarters, a lot of young strong black men relaxing after a hard day of work. Soon he is bathing with them in their communal shower and touching and being touched and ends up satisfying his curiosity about black men while they satisfy themselves with stuffing the boy at both ends with stiff black dongs.

Serving the Servants--Our hero has gone to live with an elderly aunt, and finds all the servants are young handsome men. As he learns to live among all these men, they learn that this young lad is more than eager to suck their dicks and be fucked in his tender little ass.

Love and Muscles--Our shy young hero is watching the muscled neighbor, but when a heavy trellis falls on the man, he fends it off with an amazing display of expanding muscle. He calls on the man to ask about it, and soon is enjoying the feel of those huge muscles as he rubs and climbs and swings from the powerful body, and when the man's erection shows itself, he gets to enjoy the way it expands to a huge size as well. Muscle Sex.

Cabin Boy--Our hero is First Mate on a sailing ship and the captain has brought by a young boy to be shown the duties of being a cabin boy. The boy is quick to help the sailors about their duties, and when their duties are done he shows a similar adeptness as helping the men with their hard cocks. But this boy has a secret for the First Mate to discover....

Voices in the Darkness--An Army barracks at night in worn-torn Europe is below ground and pitch dark. In the darkness that is blacker than black, we cannot see anything, all we hear are the voices of the men as they have a very special young visitor who is going from bunk to bunk servicing their hard dongs.

Saturday Night Special--Our hero has moved with his wife and son to a new town and has been invited to join a special men's club in town. Told to come alone the first time but bring his son after that, he goes to find that the men of this club are all fathers with young sons and on Saturday nights, they gather to gangbang one of them...and the boys all love it!

Who's My Daddy--A young boy has come to the remote logging camp in the 1860's Pacific Northwest in search of his father. He says he can find his father by spending some time with each of the men, but when he gets them alone, his idea of spending time involves grabbing their hard dongs and getting busy. But only one time isn't going to help him figure out who's his daddy, he'll need a lot of time with each of them.

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