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Thirty-one short stories (with illustrations on twenty-four of them) about boys and young teens having fun with other teens or older boys, all of these are from ages as young as six and as old as eighteen, but never above. Sometimes it's a family member, but usually it's a friend or in the case of older boys, of hot teens that are very willing to let a young boy get busy on his teeming teenaged dong and milk out that hot adolescent juice. These boys just love to work those hot hard cocks until they squirt a heaping helping of hot teenaged love-spunk!

The stories in this book are:

Joysticks--8-year-old Fred is stuck on the weekend with only his 13-year-old brother George and George's friend Trevor to keep him company, and both of them are too busy with their video game to keep little brother company. So Fred has nothing to do and nothing he says or does stops the guys from playing their game...but they have to keep both hands on their controllers, leaving themselves at Fred's mercy when he decides to get hold of a couple of joysticks of his own!

Bully--Thirteen-year-old Elliott's worst nightmare has justcome true. Tom Baxter, the school bully and Elliott's lifelong tormentor, has moved into his house with him and Tom is now sleeping with him in his own bed! What can our poor hero do but whatever Tom asks of him?

Campaigning for President--Nine-year-old Barry's older brother is running for president of the senior class. Trouble is, he's up against a girl who has promised to give blow jobs to every guy who votes for her if she's elected. Our hero sets out on the weekend before the election to campaign for his brother and by outdoing his rival by giving all the guys their blowjob in advance!

Cops and Robbers--Johnny and Billy are two seven-year-old boys playing their favorite game indoors on a rainy Saturday. But when Johnny the cop catches Billy the robber, they find a new game to play.

Latchkey--Fourteen-year-old Eric is a latchkey kid, about to spend the next five weeks all alone in the house all day during his break from year-round school. But there's a new family next door and the young boy there (five or six) is also a latchkey kid and the two form a friendship that kicks into high gear when the vacation starts and they're home alone all day together.

Creepy Old House--Two younf boys get talked into spending a night at a "haunted" house to see if it's actually haunted or if it's just old-house noises that gave it that reputation. But instead, they end up making their own noises in the night with each other.

Pokemon: Playing with Wingwangs--Ash and Brock chase the elusive Pokemon Wingwang on the mountain where they live. They discover the Wingwang has a very special power that aligns itself with their wieners that they can enjoy. But Team Rocket is mixing things in as usual.

Be Mine--When 14-year-old Serge sees his best friend Harvey buying a Valentine's Day card at the card shop, the last thing he expects is to find it in his locker the next day. Of course, the question then is what to do next and when you're fourteen, the answer to that one is obvious!

The Bet--The rivalry between Wedgemore and Stanfield was so heavy that one day their two quarterbacks made the ultimate bet; the one on the losing team has to come to the lockerroom and publicly suck the other's full uniform!

The Babysitter, Part One--
The Babysitter, Part Two
The Babysitter, Part Three--Fifteen-year-old Cal gets a job babysitting Robbie, the 6-year-old little terror nobody else will take care of. But he finds out that Robbie has other plans for him, involving his daddy's stolen porn tape. And when Daddy returns home unexpectedly, the unexpected is just what happens!

Magic Trick--Ten-year-old Billy's best friend Roger had a new magic trick and he wanted Bill's help to work it. Only the handcuffs weren't working like they were supposed to and Roger was now stuck, handcuffed to a chair. What else are you going to do when your best friend is helpless in front of you, but play with him a while?

Prince and Commoner--A "Carlovain" story. Young Crown Prince Phillippe, the 8-year-old future ruler of Carlovain, is suffering the loneliness of being the royal heir; he has nobody to play with! But in the lands beyond the palace garden, he discovers a young commoner boy who is also lonely, and the two strike up a secret friendship that one day advances beyond friendship.

The Fifth Wheel--When his sixteen-year-old twin sisters are invited by their eighteen-year-old boyfriends on a ski trip, fourteen-year-old Bobby is sent to be the "fifth wheel" and interrupt any romantic plans by the boys. He's stuck sleeping in their bed (only two large beds to be had), and the guys figure since they can't get with the ones they love, they should love the one they're with--Bobby!

Hold on During Fire Drill--It's time for the school year's first fire drill at Parson's Academy, and the rules require that all the kids have to hold onto each other during the fire drill. But this class of seven-year-old boys decide to hold something besides each other's hands, and as they wait in a long connected line for the drill to be over, what else are they going to do with what they're holding?

The Quest for Chocolate Bunnies--Eight-year-old Bill hasn't had a real (big) chocolate bunny for Easter since he was five years old. Now, he has the chance to share one with his next-door neighbor and best friend. Trouble is, he's got his younger six-year-old brother tagging along wanting some of the chocolate bunny, too. How is his friend going to choose which one to give a piece of his solid chocolate bunny to? A competition is called for....

The Game of Fornication--When Mom takes off and leaves our 9-year-old hero and his buddies home alone for the evening, it's time for some fun. One brought a board game named "Fornication" that he lifted from his parent's closet to play, and the five boys find themselves having a terrific and very educational evening!

Footlong--Our 18-year-old hero, fresh out of high school, is now a child caregiver (a male nanny, that is) and is on his first job, to care for three eight-year-old boys for a three-day weekend. But the older brother of one of the boys he's to babysit is an old classmate who greets him by his school nickname, Footlong! Which makes the younger boys curious about why he's nicknamed that, and when it comes out it's because of what he has between his legs, those boys aren't going to rest until they get their hands on it!

Waiting after School--Fourteen-year-old Denny's mom now works at the school cafeteria, and Denny has to wait around until she finishes at five o'clock. Wait around an empty classroom with another fourteen-year-old boy. What can two young boys do in there, all by themselves, for all that time? Hint: It's not their homework!

The Frog Kings--Marcel and Brad are two third-graders stuck doing a school playing two of the six Frog Kings (a play about "The Frog Prince" times six!). Sitting backstage while waiting to go on, they decide to stir things up by giving each other a case of cock-breath. Of course, when you sucking on a buddy's cock, things have a way of going too far....

No Girls Allowed!--Nine-year-old Kyle is new in town and when he's given a chance to join the local club for boys, he's more than eager to pass their initiation ritual. Trouble is, he has to convince them that he's not a girl the only way anybody really can convince someone of showing them what he's got, and proving to them that it works!

The Resemblance--The Dean at the prep school was very keen on Todd and Ken being roommates and getting to know each other. But why? The only thing they seemed to have in common was an uncanny resemblance to each other...for a very good reason!

They Donít Give Merit Badges for This!--Two 15-year-old Boy Scouts are on a hike alone, and when they stop for a rest, they discover a mutual interest and practice a skill that you can't find in the Boy Scout Manual!

Snow Day--When a heavy snowfall closes their school, our 7-year-old hero and his best buddy had nothing better to do than to build a snow fort and plan an attack on some friends coming by. But while waiting, they have to do something and a bedtime pleasure get rekindled in a new way.

Superkid--Seventeen-year-old Jason is a former sidekick to a superhero, so when two super-powered parents go out, they call on him to babysit their 8-year-old son. But it turns out that little Billy is developing his own superpowers, which means a very eventful evening for our former sidekick hero!

Troubled Youth--Fourteen-year-old Brett, had seen his social worker mother bring troubled youths home with her before, and 16-year-old Justin was just the latest in a long line. But when Justin invades his bed that night, Brett finds that his relationship with this troubled youth is taken to a whole new level.

Wrong Room--Kelly, 14 years old, has a crush on his sister's 17-year-old boyfriend. But one night, when the boyfriend tries to sneak into his sister's room, he ends up in Kelly's room by mistake and Kelly has his chance!

A Pair of Perfect Little Angels--Kent and Chip were two boys stuck performing in the church choir's Christmas program, and their voices and faces had the Ladies' Committee calling them a pair of angels. But when they faked their way out of choir practice and slipped into the vestry for some alone time together, their haloes weren't anywhere in sight!

The Thing in the Basement--When the Professor goes out of the house, our seven-year-old hero is tricked into being the one to feed whatever it is the Professor is keeping in the basement. When his mean older brother then locks the basement door on him, our hero finds himself stripped naked and helpless in the creature's tentacles, while it satisfies another hunger!

Goodbye for the Summer--Summer has just begun for 10-year-old Calvin and he plans to spend a lot of time now with his best friend Eddie. But Eddie is going away for the summer and the two have to cram everything into a single morning instead. Their friendship blossoms into more rapidly, as it has to if it is to bloom at all.

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