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Thirty-one short stories (with illustrations on twenty-four of them) about boys and young teens having fun with other teens or older boys, all of these are from ages as young as six and as old as eighteen, but never above. Sometimes it's a family member, but usually it's a friend or in the case of older boys, of hot teens that are very willing to let a young boy get busy on his teeming teenaged dong and milk out that hot adolescent juice. These boys just love to work those hot hard cocks until they squirt a heaping helping of hot teenaged love-spunk!

The stories in this book are:

Campaigning for President
Cops and Robbers
Creepy Old House
Pokemon: Playing with Wingwangs
Be Mine
The Bet
The Babysitter, Part One
The Babysitter, Part Two
The Babysitter, Part Three
Magic Trick
Prince and Commoner
The Fifth Wheel
Hold on During Fire Drill
The Quest for Chocolate Bunnies
The Game of Fornication
Waiting after School
The Frog Kings
No Girls Allowed!
The Resemblance
They Donít Give Merit Badges for This!
Snow Day
Troubled Youth
Wrong Room
A Pair of Perfect Little Angels
The Thing in the Basement
Goodbye for the Summer

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