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Twenty-two BRAND NEW, never before published short stories, with eleven illustrations culled from my archives and chosen for their appropriateness on the story in question (I did my best!) These stories are either totally my original works when I had free time (ergo, it took me like two years to get them done!) and stories for fans who gave me my head in writing the story and so I feel good about it being included in this book as my own work. Several of these stories are the final tales I wrote during my paysite days for Rogue Moon and you will have seen them in the Free Area, but this is their permanent home.

The stories in this book are:
Swordplay--Sir Ladmire thought the young prince was admiring and wanting to play with the sword hanging from Sir Ladmire's belt, but it turned out the lad wanted the equally prominent tool dangling between his legs instead, and held the noble knight to his promise to let the boy play with it all he wanted!

Daddy's Bud-dy--As the only child on the expedition, our hero and his father are called upon to aid the first-contact party by pretending to be an adult with a "child bud" growing out of his body like the natives. Our hero is attached by synthetic skin in place, but when the skin tears, he and Daddy are in the native village and have to reattach the boy to Daddy's body somehow, and fast!

Pressing Pickles--A birthday story for my fan "FG" written in July 2018. Daddy is a construction worker, home and weary, when his son wants to show him a new game he learned. Daddy's fine with the game when he is told he doesn't have to move, and his son shows him how pressing their "pickles" can be lots of fun!

Shepherd and Faun--Another "gift" story for my fans written in December 2017. Our shepherd hero has been toyed with by the gods, first by becoming smitten with love for one of his sheep, and then the ewe giving birth to his progeny, a half-man, half-sheep faun. This happy young faun is ignorant of his unique status in the world, and doesn't hesitate to enjoy the pleasures life in all its forms can give, including sex play with his own Daddy.

Bounce-Tag--Two college-age guys are on a spaceship heading for their L-5 colony home by one's private yacht spaceship, but the other's little brother has come along with them and he is loving the feel of weightlessness and eager to play. These two decide to show the boy more than he bargained for with a vigorous game of "bounce-tag" in which they all get naked and the boy shows himself able for everything the two young men can dish out and then some!

Son of a Witch--My Christmas 2017 story for my paying fans. Our young hero's mother is a witch and one day she shows him an image and tells him it's his father. Turns out that this is in fact his father, a peasant man trapped by her magic in the image. Our young hero learns how to free his father, only to find that his father is bewitched thus into making mad passionate love to whoever frees him. And then Momma discovers them....

Santa Visits the Commune--When two boys at a 60's commune overhear one of the women describe a newcomer as Santa Claus, they are excited and want to get to know the man better. When they find him lying in his bed naked, they jump and proceed to convince this young bearded newcomer to grant their every wish as long as it involves their playing with his hard long rod!

Mr. Strawberry, Parts 1 through 4--This story was written for a fan in a sort of one-shot deal. Our hero is a man trapped in a loveless marriage with a rich heiress, and is unhappy and struggling with his desires he doesn't even form into conscious thought. But they are there and when the pressure becomes too strong, his psyche seizes upon his son's personal "booga-bear" known as "Mr. Strawberry" and takes on a Jekyll-and-Hyde split of personality in which Mr. Strawberry becomes real and has his roughly sexual way with the young boy. Rough sex in this one.

A Satyr's Love--When the local town is conquered by a neighbor, the young boy flees into the woods, where he is met by a satyr. The boy begs to stay with the satyr now that his family is dead, and the satyr agrees, if the boy will become his lover.

Checking Out the Friends--Two men are sent by their worried wives to check on the new friends of their sons to make sure that their child hasn't fallen into bad company. But the men find the boys in question each alone at their home, and the boys beg these men to stay with them and these men find these young friends of their sons come with benefits for their horny fathers. A story of two simultaneous sex scenes told in tandem.

Swimming in the Shark Tank--Another fan job of the one-shot variety. Our hero has four sons (one set of twins). An inventor, he is trying to get a group of investors to pay for his development, but the men are more interested in the young boys he has in tow and he is told to bring them with him for the weekend where the three men of their "shark tank" can get to know him, and his sons, much much better.

Watching Over Me--Hyperman has come to the rescue of our young hero who is the only witness to a crime and in danger of being shot down by the criminal syndicate behind the crooks. Hyperman agrees to protect the boy while the single mother works that night, and in the darkness, our hero rewards the superhero with his own special talents.

A Mirror Reflects Both Ways--Our hero's big brother is something of an exhibitionist, lying around naked while he Skypes with his girlfriend. Our hero has the devious idea that he'll have some fun with Big Brother while he's occupied with the girl, especially since they're having phone sex and Big Brother is sporting an erection. He gets busy on his brother's rod while Brother talks to his girlfriend, even doing to his brother what the girlfriend is saying she'll do to him and having lots of fun...the thing he forgot is that big mirror hanging over the head of Big Brother's bed and the light coming from his iPhone.

The Twerp Can Bunk With Me--Our hero's father is a second assistant coach on the road with our hero and the team, and the motel refuses to allow him to put down a bedroll for the boy in his room. One of the hunky players offers to share his singleton room with the lad and the boy repays the stud when they get in bed with plenty of hot fun and a winning attitude.

Just Grab It!--Our hero has been watching an inspirational motivation speaker on the TV, and has been told what when he wants something, he should "just grab it." When Daddy comes home, our hero puts the advice into action by grabbing what he wants, which is what is hanging between Daddy's legs and he wins the day because Daddy is happy to oblige.

The Gods are Cruel, Parts 1 through 4--Their homeland about to be invaded by a huge empire, the people select our young hero as a sacrificial victim, sending him thus to the gods to beg them for their aid against the invaders. Our hero travels from god to god, Air, Water, Earth and Fire, asking each in turn for their aid but the help of the gods seems to do as much damage as help for his people as their blows strike friend and foe alike.


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