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Thirty short stories (with illustrations on more than half of them) about little boys (usually under age ten) who discover that playing with their much older big brothers is even more fun than they ever imagined...and Big Brother is only too happy to let his little brother handle the love-muscle between his legs. Little Brother just loves the creamy juice that Big Brother provides so much of! And sometimes, Big Brother's friends get into the fun as our hero grabs hold of all those happy fun-tools and really goes to town!

The stories in this book are:

Go Wake Up Your Brother--Scott is a 17-year-old boy who can't be awakened easily in the morning...until six-year-old brother Kyle takes things into his own hands by applying a special wake-up service that would leave anyone ready to rise and shine in the morning!

Brad Comes Home--When his big brother Brad comes home from the military after seeing combat, he is a changed, damaged soul. Jerry finds him hiding under the porch, saying three words over and over, and he reaches out to his brother's heart with love the only way he can.

Nocturnal Emissions--Nine-year-old Val has to share the bed with his teenaged brother, but big brother Jordan has a habit of snuggling up to him and thrusting at him in his sleep, leaving his butt sticky with his nocturnal emissions. Val gets some advice from a crude neighbor about how to handle this, and decides to milk the goop out of Jordan instead of having it smeared all over his butt, which leads to more involved ways of preventing nocturnal emissions!

Pudge's Diet--Our twelve-year-old hero, known as "Pudge" to 16-year-old brother Tony, has been put on a strict diet by his doctor, and Tony has been drafted to keep him on the diet. But when Pudge begs Tony to let him eat something, anything, Tony offers up a low-calorie item for him to slurp on and satisfy that craving he's got, and "Pudge" has found something more fun to snack on than candy!

The Bitch Seat--Eight-year-old Randy's big brother Keith has just bought a new Harley and Randy wants a ride. Trouble is, Keith declares that only the bitch he's fucking gets to sit on the bitch seat. Well, that's easy enough to fix, isn't it?

Like the Real Thing--Our 14-year-old hero's older brother comes home from college with a souvenir--a female art-major friend cast his erect cock in a resin mold and has given him an exact-sized replica for a keepsake. Our hero is questioning his sexuality and figures this molded replica is a good way to find out if he is gay by taking it up his ass. But his big brother finds out and shows him that there's nothing better than the real thing.

Josh Gets Me Alone--Eighteen-year-old older brother Josh has returned from his weekend trip acting oddly. He is incredibly eager to be left all alone with our hero, his 14-year-old brother. When Josh finally gets the two of them alone together, Devon found out why Josh was so eager!

Growing Giant Mushrooms--Our hero's little brother has a thriving business growing mushrooms in the basement and is spending a lot of time there. Our hero's friend suspects the reason actually concerns the boy having a source of jerk-off material down there. Well, turns out it does, but when the friend sees it and discover it's gay material, he decides to show this young mushroom farmer the giant mushroom he has in his pants and our hero soon joins in on the fun.

Rainy Weekend--Four young boys ages 6 to 9 years old have their weekend plans ruined by a heavy downpour and are stuck in the house with nothing to do but play Monopoly on the bed. And whatever else inquisitive boys can figure out to do in bed, of course!

The Rules of Craig's Room--When their older sister moves back in with them with her husband and two children, the only way to make this whole family fit in the house is for our six-year-old hero to move in with his 17-year-old brother, Craig. Craig isn't happy about the arrangement and lays down the rules to our hero about his room. But our hero has a rule or two to lay down himself and it concerns what Big Brother has between his legs.

Rejoined Halves--Carl and Karl are identical twins, but they have spent their adolescent years trying their best to best different from each other. But when these two are stuck sharing a bed one night, they find out that being just alike does have advantages after all.

The Sleepover--Our young hero is hosting a sleepover with his friends, and older brother is really annoyed by their antics. But the subject quickly arises about Big Brother's reputation and his nickname "The Footlong" and so they slip into Big Brother's room to get a closer look, and feel, and play!

Lesson Number One--Construction worker Todd's 18-year-old little brother moves in with him, but wasn't lifting a finger to help out, get a job, or do anything but lie around all day, drinking Todd's beer and watching television. Todd decides to teach little brother a well-earned lesson by giving him the ultimatum to clean up or else, but when the brother still doesn't do his part, it ends up becoming a whole course in discipline his younger brother with hot, rough sex!

Step-Brother--John's mother has gotten remarried, and it's time to merge the two households, which leaves him sharing his bedroom with his new six-year-old stepbrother, Seth. But Seth turns out to be very eager to play with his new big brother in bed and has an undeniable talent for putting a smile on Big Brother's face.

The Birthday Boy--Mike's seventh birthday is one he's been waiting on, as his big brother Rod has been promising a mysterious gift for the last few months. But when Rod doesn't deliver, Mike's mother lays down the rule, Rod can just be Mike's personal servant for the week she is gone on a trip, which means he has to do ANYTHING for the birthday boy, and this turns out to be the best present of all!

The Search for Chametz--Our hero Joshua has a problem. Older brother Sammy has interefered with the hunt for chametz to purify the house for Passover by finding and keeping one of the pieces of leavened bread, not turning it over to be ritually burned. It's up to Joshua and his cousins to teach older brother a lesson about interfering with the traditional search for chametz before Passover!

Fraternity Brothers--One of my oldest stories written in the late 1970's and using deliberately bad grammar/spelling to evoke the mood. Leon's big brother comes home for the weekend with two frat brothers. But when the beer starts flowing, they end up gangbanging Leon!

The Graduation Present--Six-year-old Lionel has to get his big brother a graduation present and hasn't got any money. So when he listens in on his big brother talking to his friend and saying jokingly that what he'd really like for a graduation present is a really good blowjob, Lionel figures that this is something he can afford. And that night, he delivers his present to his very surprised and very appreciative big brother!br>
Replacing Trey--When teenaged brother Mike's dog Trey, his pet since early childhood, dies, Mike is feeling really low. Eager to help, his little brother offers to fill in for Trey in terms of sharing his big brother's bed at night!

Birthday on the River--It's seven-year-old Jimmy's birthday, so when his older brother sets out with some friends on a trip to the river to go swimming, he gets to go along. His older brother isn't in favor of the trip, but Big Brother's friends have their own presents to give our hero when they get there, and Big Brother joins in on the fun.

The Waterboy--His larger and stronger big brother Jake gets on the football team, but he can't qualify to be anything more than the waterboy. He discovers on the first way trip that as the team's waterboy, his duties aren't just confined to carrying water during games. An older story of mine.

Power Outage--Our 8-year-old hero's house has a power outage early one hot summer evening, and the best way to keep cool at night is share the bed with his 11-year-old brother. But two sweaty kids going to bed early aren't going to get much sleeping done, so they find a way to pass the time, that doesn't involve electricity but does have a couple of joysticks in it...kind of.

Adventures in Fruit-Picking--These seven boys, ages 6 to 11 years old, are brothers and cousins to each other, and are going with their families out to Colorado to pick fruit. But the only way they could ride was in the cramped area of the back of the pickup on top of their families' possessions lying on mattresses with less than two feet of head room. Boxed in like that, what could seven young boys do to pass the time? (This story is autobiographical about my life in the summer of 1963, but it is fictionalized and names and many details altered. All individuals of the original events have passed away save for me.)

The Ticket--Six-year-old Chad is going with his 19-year-old brother to a meeting and Chad is wondering why he gets to go along (not that he's complaining!) His brother says that Chad is his "ticket" to this meeting and nothing more and Chad finds out that this means that he's being served up to the entire group of horny men to fuck in a raunchy gang-bang, and Big Brother gets to do him last! Rough sex storyline.

What a Brother is For--Our 7-year-old hero got in trouble at school when he tried to learn more than they were teaching him in his Sex Ed class. Fortunately for him, he has a 17-year-old brother who is able and willing to teach him all the stuff they won't show him in Sex Ed.

Knots and Hitches--Jeff is a Boy Scout (circa young teens) who's teaching a neighbor Cub Scout how to tie hitches (not knots, hitches). His 17-year-old older brother comes up and scoffs at the Cub's work, and they end up with a bet...the Cub can tie the older brother down so well he can't get loose. When the older brother can't, it's playtime for our hero and his young Cub on Big Brother's helpless body.

The Watch-Dog--Eddie's parents have a problem, their older children, a boy-girl pair of age nineteen, are both inviting a friend over for the weekend, but those "friends" are each other's boyfriend/girlfriend, and Mom suspects they'll break her rules about no premarital sex in her home. So she sets Eddie to sleep with his older brother and brother's friend for the weekend, he is to be the watch-dog and report if they slip out to hook up with the girls during the night. But when Big Brother and his buddy can't get their girls, Eddie is only too happy to fill in for them!

We've Got Him!--Sixteen-year-old Dane has long suffered the blackmail of his six-year-old little brother Toby, so when he and his best friend catch Toby in a misdeed, it's time to try to use it to make the brat stop once and for all. After all, they've got him fair and square! Of course, there's getting someone good, and then there's getting them not so good!

Where's My Present?--Our hero knows his mother picked up his Christmas present and wants to know if she bought the Playstation for him or not. But it turns out she turned the present over to his older brother to hide, and our hero has to figure out how to get Big Brother to tell him where it is hidden. Some powerful persuasion is called for....

Happy New Year, Big Brother!--It's his big brother's New Year's Eve party, and sixteen-year-old big brother is counting on making it with his fifteen-year-old girlfriend after midnight. But when he comes up dry, it's our eleven-year-old hero's chance to come to the rescue by giving his older brother a chance to start off the New Year the right way!

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