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Thirty short stories (with illustrations on more than half of them) about little boys (usually under age ten) who discover that playing with their much older big brothers is even more fun than they ever imagined...and Big Brother is only too happy to let his little brother handle the love-muscle between his legs. Little Brother just loves the creamy juice that Big Brother provides so much of! And sometimes, Big Brother's friends get into the fun as our hero grabs hold of all those happy fun-tools and really goes to town!

The stories in this book are:

Go Wake Up Your Brother
Brad Comes Home
Nocturnal Emissions
Pudge's Diet
The Bitch Seat
Like the Real Thing
Josh Gets Me Alone
Growing Giant Mushrooms
Rainy Weekend
The Rules of Craig's Room
Rejoined Halves
The Sleepover
Lesson Number One
The Birthday Boy
The Search for Chametz
Fraternity Brothers
The Graduation Present
Replacing Trey
Birthday on the River
The Waterboy
Power Outage
Adventures in Fruit-Picking
The Ticket
What a Brother is For
Knots and Hitches
The Watch-Dog
We've Got Him!
Where's My Present?
Happy New Year, Big Brother!

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