We've Got Him!

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Vitaly.

Illustration.of.WeGotHim "We've got him!" Gareth crowed as he looked out my window. What was he looking at? I scooted over on the bed and looked where he was looking.

Toby was in Mother's flower garden! My six-year-old little brother was in my Mother's flower garden with that mutt of his, which was busily digging up one of her flower bulbs recently planted. My mother grew prize-winning zinnias, and while Toby and the dog weren't at her zinnias, he wasn't supposed to let his dog into her garden at any time! There was a fence with a gate on it, for Christ's sake, it wasn't a case of him chasing the dog in!

"Yep, we've got him, all right!" I agreed eagerly. "What are we going to do with it?"

That sounds shitty, two sixteen-year-old boys plotting to blackmail a six-year-old boy, but you have to remember that Toby had been blackmailing me (and Gareth, to some extent) regularly for some time now. Any time he caught me doing something I shouldn't (and let's face it, folks, at the age of sixteen, that's all the time), he would start saying, "I'm going to tell Mom!" until I gave him something he wanted, whether it was something I had, or taking him with me on one of my dates (imagine trying to talk a girl into seeing a G-rated movie at the last moment!) or driving him somewhere he wanted to go.

"Let's get him up here and play it by ear." Gareth opened my window and yelled out, "Hey, Toby! We're going to tell your mother on you!"

Toby looked up. The best I can describe Toby is to ask you to picture a curly black-haired cherub without wings. Small, adorably cute, with beautiful blue eyes, a pert little nose, soft full lips in a rounded face that had all the old ladies cooing over him. He would smile and flirt with them and they'd press money into his hands and tell him to buy some candy or something and I'd stand over where I was, growing but not yet fully man-sized, my body all the wrong shapes and angles (growing pains, my mother assured me, said I'd been as cute as Toby when I was his age and the photos of me back then bore her out), ignored and neglected. Mothers can't help but pay more attention to their cute children, and while part of me didn't want her messing with my life, another part gritted my teeth in jealous anger. Add in Toby's antics behind her back, and I was more than ready to dish out a bit of payback.

Toby at least looked guilty. "I wasn't doing nothing!"

I put in my two cents. "Mom says never go in the garden at all, ever!" I pointed out.

Gareth was using his cell phone to take pictures. We'd have visual proof of Toby's transgression. "We're going to tell on you!"

"Don't tell Mom!" Toby gasped out, sounding like he was near tears. He could make tears and a teary voice whenever he needed to, he really was the consummate con for a six-year-old. "I wasn't doing nothing!"

"Your dog is digging up her flower bed!"

"Spike just wanted to bury his bone!" Toby pointed out in that whiny, I'm-about-to-cry voice. "He wanted in, he was scratching and begging me!"

"Why don't you come up here and we'll talk about it!" I told him in triumph. Time for me to get a little of my own back.

Trouble is, what do you want out of a six-year-old kid, anyhow? Gareth and I talked it over in a sort of friends-telegraphic manner I won't hit you with here, but we got a lot talked through in the two minutes it took for Toby to get Spike out of the garden, and to come up to my room.

The things that Toby blackmailed out of me didn't have equivalents with him. I didn't want to tag along on his playdates, I didn't want any of his toys for myself like he took my CD player about four months ago. What I really wanted was for Toby to quit blackmailing me for well and good, that was it for me.

Well, arguing with him wouldn't work, not in a simple blackmail arrangement. It'd work a little while, maybe, but sooner or later Toby would get something on me big enough to drown out a simple garden invasion that did no damage (because despite what I'd said, Spike had been digging in a plot Mom had dug up but not planted anything in. She'd been stirring in fertilizer of some kind, readying the plot for next spring, is all.

What we had to do, Gareth concluded, was teach him a major lesson. Make him never want to try to blackmail his big brother and brother's friend ever again! I had agreed to it (maybe I wouldn't if I'd had time to think it through, but even with the friends-telegraph, we only had a couple of minutes here) when Toby walked in the door.

He knew what we intended. "Okay, what do you want?" he asked us.

"I don't know if we want anything at all."

"Maybe we could get Mom to ground you for several weeks." I agreed. "That'd keep you from tagging along on my dates or having to drive you to the store to buy bubble-gum!"

"Come on, guys, I didn't mean nothing. I never told on you, did I?"

"Cause I always agreed." I nodded. "So agree to what we want and we won't tell."

"So what do you want?"

"You know, we couldn't think of nothing we want from you." Gareth told him with a smirk. Gareth is what I hope to grow into in another year or two. Big, hulking man-sized teenager, a natural football fullback, pale-brown-haired (I was black-haired like Toby) cut short with a large square jaw over flashing brown eyes and a wickedly evil grin that made you want to be his friend no matter what the cost. A natural born leader...he'd talked me into giving my little brother hell, after all, and he hadn't suffered a tenth of the misery the little bastard gave me!

"Aw, come on! Don't tell my mom, please!" Toby begged like he was the innocent little victim of two awfully mean teenagers, rather than a professional blackmailer suffering a bit of his own back after far, far too long.

"I tell you what we want." Gareth went on. "We want pictures."

"Pictures? Pictures of what?"

"You and us."

I was keeping quiet, Gareth was the one in charge here. He smirked. "Yeah. A bit of dog digging in the garden wouldn't stop you from pestering us the next time you caught us doing something, but if we have more pictures, bigger pictures, we can keep you from ever bothering Dane and me, ever again."

"Pictures of what?"

Gareth smirked again and his hands went down to his pants' fly. About to unzip it. "I figure a few pictures of you playing with my cock ought to work."

"Playing with your cock?"

"Gareth?" I looked at him. We hadn't discussed this. Use the blackmail to teach my brother a lesson was one thing but this?

"Hey, it just came to me." Gareth pointed out. "His dog's in the garden, big fucking deal. Not worth that much. But pictures of him holding onto my hard cock would be plenty to give your mother a major heart attack!"

"Okay." Toby agreed.

"Huh?" I gasped out.

"Okay. Pictures of me playing with your cock, in exchange for not telling Mom about me letting Spike into her garden. We got a deal."

"All right then." Gareth's hands at his fly began to work unzipping his jeans. Toby was looking at Gareth's fly with undisguised curiosity. Gareth fished inside his boxers and brought out the organ he affectionately called "The Terminator." A good title for the whanger he was packing, even in the shower at school it was a major tool, dangling soft with a stream of soapy water running down and off of it. I had some curiosity myself, because I'd never seen it other than semi-hard, a full-on erection was unknown territory!

Gareth pumped his dong a time or two then released it and said, "Okay, Toby, get over here and wrap that pretty little hand around it. Dane, get ready to take pictures."

I gulped and focused my phone's camera on the scene. Gareth's prick was freaking gorgeous, that's all I can say! Nine inches long, easy, circumcised so that the cockskin only came up to the flare of the glans, which was morel-mushroom shaped, the slit a clean vertical line, the entirety of the shaft was covered with unveined, smoothly velvet-like skin of a beautiful ivory-tone, the thought of holding that majestic prong made my palms itch.

I know Toby didn't hesitate, he reached out and grabbed it. "Ooh, it's warm!" he cooed.

"Yeah." Gareth's voice had a catch in it. "Come on, Dane, snap the pics already, while I 'm still hard."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it!" Toby began to pump on Gareth's cock. I swallowed hard and turned on my phone's video feature. Shit, the sight of that big hunk of my best friend and my little brother jerking on him was going to star in my video-enhanced masturbation for quite a long time!

Gareth didn't try to stop my little brother, instead he gave a soft groan and said, "Awww, yeah, come on you little shit, beat my meat, beat it for me, beat it, awww, yeah!"

"Oh, man, this is freaky!" I gasped out.

"No, man, this is gold. You're getting it?"

"Yeah, I'm getting it." I agreed.

"Get over here and let the little fucker work on yours, too." Gareth told me, and I practically broke my neck trying to get to my feet, yank down my sweatpants and pull out my cock. I'd dropped my cell phone on the bed, and Gareth snatched it up.

"Hey, you're videotaping this. Great!" he said. "Come on, Toby, get hold of big brother's cock and pump on it. Man, you got to send me a copy of this when we're done!"

I stepped up to Toby and he obligingly reached another hand for my cock and began to pump away at it. The kid had eagerness on his side, but no finesse, his motions were kind of jerky and uneven, but hell, having a six-year-old little brother on your dong at the age of sixteen is plenty good an aphrodisiac all by itself.

I moaned and hunched at Toby's hand as he jerked me and Gareth was capturing it all.

"Oh, oh, ohh!" I grunted as Toby's hand turned from pleasurably painful to just plain painful on me. "Shit, Toby, don't pound it like it was a hammer! I'm tender, yeesh!"

"He's just getting tired. A pair of hunks of man-meat is too much for a little turd like him." Gareth opined.

"So we have some videos of him." I panted. "Enough to take care of him pestering us any more."

"Nah." Gareth said. "He has to go all the way with it. I want pics of him covered in our come."

"How we going to do that." I gasped. "Jerk off over him?"

"After a while, yeah. But how about he sucks on us a while first. A hand, that's not so bad, all kids play with each other's cocks now and then, he can still explain it away if he's careful. But sucking on us, he'll never be able to explain that!"

I was about to argue with Gareth but Toby didn't wait, to my shock and even Gareth's, my little brother dove to his knees and snarfed in Gareth's prick in no time flat. Gareth moaned, and gestured with the cellphone. I took it back, my hands trembling, and focused in on my six year old brother sucking on Gareth.

"I'm going to...want a copy...of this, too!" Gareth groaned. "Oh, shit, I'm so fucking turned on by this, I'm going to come, now, oh, shit, now!" He thrashed about. "Get it, Dane! Get...it...all! AGH-HUH-HUHNNNNNNN!"

I got it, all right, Gareth squirting his jizz into Toby's mouth, and Toby jerked back, surprised by the hot, salty spunk spurting into him and I got a few seconds of jizz squirting onto Toby's face, then Toby recovered and darned if the little brat didn't dive back down and start sucking on him again!

"Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!" Gareth groaned. "Shit, the little fucker likes it!"

"He sure does!"

"Now suck your brother!" Gareth moaned. "Give me that cellphone, we are getting some gold here, Dane! Solid gold!"

I shiveringly presented my prick to Toby and my little brother took my manhood almost reverently. He slid his mouth down onto me and began to bob back and forth.

Having your cock wrung rather than jerked by an inexpert hand can really put a monkey-wrench into your passion. My climax built up slowly. Gareth was moving about, getting different angles as Toby sucked on me, me standing, then sitting on the bed, then lying back. It took me about five minutes, and Toby was getting tired, when I hit my climax.

"Oh, oh, I'm coming, Toby, I'm coming, coming, ooh, ooh, ooh, OOH-OOH-OOH-OOH-OOH-OOOOOOOOOOOH!" I creamed in my little brother's mouth and this time, Toby held on and drank it as I squirted it into his mouth, suckling at my prick like it was a soda pop bottle! Gareth got it all on the cameraphone, in full living color!

"Oh, man, oh, man!" Gareth groaned. "This has been so fucking hot!"

"Yeah!" I gasped. "And we...hooh!...got some good...ahhh!...footage!"

"Yeah, you get that downloaded right now!" Gareth told me. "You, you little shit!" This to Toby. "You get the fuck out of here and remember that you give me or Dane any backtalk in future, we'll show this to your mother. You get me!"

"Yeah, yeah." Toby agreed and left us. I downloaded the video from my cell phone's memory card and e-mailed the videos to Gareth and figured that was an end of a hell of a great experience.

Well, I was wrong. Two days later, Toby barged in while Gareth was visiting me.

"What the fuck are you doing in here, fuckface?" Gareth demanded.

"Thought I could suck your dicks again." Toby answered to my surprise.

Gareth was more sanguine. "I figured you were getting hooked on spunk." he barked in a laugh. "So you want more, eh? And why should we give you anything at all, huh?"

"Because if you don't, I'll show Mom those videos of you and Dane making me suck your cocks." Toby told us in triumph.


"I asked people and they said that if anyone got in trouble for this, it would be you and Dane." Toby told us, practically crowing.

Gareth considered this. "Yeah. But hell, we can just destroy the videos and that'll take care of any proof you have."

"Nu-uh! I downloaded it last night while Dane was asleep."

"How'd you do that?" I asked, stunned.

"I know your passwords, Dane!" Toby said. "You write them down over there." He pointed. Right at where I keep my sheet of paper with my passwords hidden, never mind where that was.

"Oh, shit!" I turned white as a sheet! That is, I felt faint and Gareth told me later that was what I'd done.

"So where does that leave us?" Gareth wanted to know.

"I won't tell Mom," Toby started like his blackmails always started, "but you two got to let me play with you whenever I want to. And I want to, right now!"

What else could we do? I got on the bed next to Gareth and we dropped trou and Toby promptly began to use us to his heart's content.

Gareth was getting into it, making another video with his cell phone, but I was thinking, hell, I live with this little bastard. Gareth would get milked what, twice a week or so, but I was looking at him trying to move in with me from the way he mumbled as he fondled my dong!

"What do you say, Dane?" Gareth crowed as he got milked by my little brother. "We've got your little brother this little shit at last!"

"Yeah." I agreed wearily. "We've got him. We've got him right where he wants us!"

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