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This book is a compilation of stories I wrote for various fans, most of which was a fan I call "CG" for "Captive Guy," who wanted his stories to be about studly men being the captives of a young boy who wants to use the man sexually whether the man wants it or not. I've combined his stories with two for "EG" (for "Enhancement Guy," can you see my system here?) who liked stories about young men (not boys) being the sexual toys of rough men and the passive having artificially enhanced buttocks and breasts for the men to enjoy while they use him. There's also one story by FG (a sort of orphan between two books of FG's stories, the next is coming up in spring or early summer) about a super-powered father and son. Three of the stories here are about plumbers, two were done for fans and one was a miscalculation on my part, I did a second story for that fan and both stories are here.

This eBook contains the following short stories:

The Secret Identity Dilemma--The superhero Ironman (not the comic book character) is in a pickle, his secret identity has been discovered by a boy who threatens to reveal him publicly. Ironman's only choice is to comply with the boy's wishes, which is to be his sexual toy...but that turns out to only be the beginning!

The Captive Knight--The handsome knight has been captured by the evil king who puts him in the dungeon while he decides what to do with his captive. But the king's son has some ideas of his own what to do with the studly, helpless prisoner!

The High Cost of Living--The handsome man is the sexual playmate of a rich elderly woman he has to keep happy to enjoy the lifestyle he shares with her. So when the plumber comes by to do some work the woman needs done well and fast, he has to do whatever it takes to keep the plumber happy as well. This story is the "misfire" I mention above, and the only "misfire" about it is that the storyline wasn't what the fan wanted; the sex is hot.

After School Hours, Parts 1 and 2--A two-part offering about a handsome teacher at a private school with two students, one is studious and infatuated with him and the other is a ne'er-do-well who has noticed this interaction and twists it for his own enrichment as the teacher's expense

Best App Ever--The man's nephew is a lazy layabout who is a burden to his construction-worker uncle, but the uncle is introduced to a cellphone app that takes the picture of a person and converts the person to whatever the man wants, and the uncle (and his fellow workers) want the man with bouncy buttocks and plump breasts to fondle while they gangbang him.

Part of a Scientific Study--The simple-minded janitor is a hunk called into the laboratory of a boy-genius scientist who wants his help with his experiment, which is one of studying sexual excitement and our janitor is to be the guinea pig played with by the boy-scientist.

The Haunted Cabin--The hunky counselor is dealing with the twelve boys under his charge as they talk (scaring the younger ones) about a haunted cabin at the camp. He tries to get rid of the problem by staying the night in the cabin, to discover that the 12 boys are the "ghosts" and they have plans to torment him in their own way.

Plumb Crazy--This was one of CG's stories not involving boys, the man opens the door to the plumber, a hulky Latino man who requires our hero's help with the plumbing, most of which involves riding his hard tool while the man works.

The Life and Times of Dynamic Dad--This is FG's story and about three times as long as the other stories in this book, about a superstrong superhero with a super-powered family, and the boy with the power of speed that he uses to keep his Daddy very happy. Note, the inspiration for this story is not "The Incredibles" but rather an Italian TV commercial about superspeed internet access ("Fastweb"), you can find it if you search online for it, I think.

The Gronoc Lord--This story was a birthday present I gave CG (an author can do this sort of thing). The king has captured a Gronoc, a nasty brutish beast-man with massive muscles and a fierce temper. But he's helpless in the castle keep when the Prince comes down to satisfy his curiosity with some sexual exploration.

Captives of the Lehsi--Our hero is the progeny of a group of humans captured generations ago by an alien race, the Lehsi, who keep them under perpetual sexual slavery, they must perform as their masters command. Our hero handles his first day as an adult and the sex that entails, but discovers that some of his people dream of freedom. Only the first chapter of a planned longer series that never got finished, sorry, folks, but there's plenty here to keep your hand busy!

Plumber's Helper--The third plumber story, this one involves a hunky Italian-American plumber with a massive job, and the client tacks on babysitting services on top of that, he must also watch her young son. He's under a deadline and has to keep busy while keeping the boy busy, and the boy takes advantage of this to explore and enjoy the hunk's manly body.

The American Pilot--An American pilot is shot down over occupied France, and his only hope of avoiding capture is a young French peasant boy who hides him and protects him...but expects compensation for his aid by being given access to the pilot's studly body and huge cock.

The Warrior Ritual of Manhood--Our barbarian captive is tied in the village square of the rival clan, and finds himself the centerpiece of a ritual wherein the chieftain's son is to pass into manhood by siphoning off the sexual energy of the captive...only it goes too far!

Sorry, there are no internal illustrations in this book, I just can't afford at this time to buy them, so the cover is it from now on.

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