Dinner at Marcon's

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by JohnD
Illustration of Dinner at Marcon's

Ignorant as I was, I knew that if you were anybody and were going out to eat in this city, then the only place to be was Marcon's. Situated in the elegant St. Regis Hotel, it was where the best of the best came to eat and drink and make their deals and show their style and enhance their graces. So it was to Marcon's that I went after I was done with the attorneys.

I didn't truly belong there yet. There was still the crust of the frontier on me, the hands were still showing the callouses built from the years of prospecting until the day I found the real vein, the mine that had made my fortune. I had pulled over twenty thousand dollars of silver out of it, sold it and used the money to set up the group that financed the opening of the real mine and we began operation at the mine in the summer of 1901. Now, nine months later, it was turning out over twelve thousand dollars in silver per month, with no sign of stopping. And for me, the days of living on the desert and digging in the dirt, searching for my fortune was done. All I had left to do now was live and enjoy my new happiness.

Funny, how the rich can spot the newly rich such as me. I was allowed to be there, but it was kind of like being on probation, being tried out for a job and see how you fit. I was greeted by the maitre'd as sincerely as could be wished, and led with all proper decorum to a table. It was one of a row of booths along one wall of the room, and curtains could be drawn on all sides if I wanted, to give me complete privacy. Which the couple in the next booth on one side promptly drew! Like I said, I didn't quite belong here yet.

I looked out at the people eating and heard a voice, small, light, delicate, say, "Hey, Mister!"

I looked and saw the booth on the other side, which had all its curtains drawn, now had one curtain lifted up by a small curl of a hand and arm, and beneath this triangle of discovery, the head peered out at me. Tousled brown hair in perpetual disarray, shining blue eyes, pale white skin over still-forming cheeks. A young boy. "Hello, Mister." he said to me, smiling.

"Hello, there." I said in return. Socializing with a youngster wasn't my idea of a swell time, but it wasn't like anyone else had come over to be neighborly.

"You're new here, aren't you?" he said to me.

I nodded. "Yep. Just moved into town a few days ago, in fact. But I'll be coming around regular from now on." If I wanted to be any part of this city's social life, I would, at any rate.

"That's nice." he said. "I'm Matthew."

"Nice to meet you, Matt." I stuck out my hand and he took it with his little one, and the curtain fell over (he had used that hand to shake mine) and then he lifted it back up. "My name is Bart."

"Barf?" he said, giggling at his joke.

"Naw, naw, Bart with a T. Short for Bartholomew. Like Matt is short for Matthew."

"My mother calls me Matthew." the kid said. He started to say more, saw something, and let the curtain fall shut again. I looked for myself; the waiter was coming my way with the menus.

Well, I wanted to be a real part of this place, but I was hungry for some real grub, and so I ordered without looking at the menu. The waiter, a true servant to the wealthy of any stripe, took it without a blink. "And would you care to see our wine list, sir."

Wine list. I hadn't thought about that. I started to order a slug of whiskey, but thought better of it, if I was going to fit in, wines were going to be important. "Why don't you choose a good wine for me?" I said. "You know what they've got here better than I do. Something that'll help make that steak stick to my ribs, you know."

"Yes, sir." the waiter said and one nostril flared in disdain. I decided to leave a specially generous tip and see if that got rid of the hoity-toity stuff the next time I came by. "You would prefer to have your wine with your meal, then?"

"And before." I said. "Bring me out a bottle of whatever it is, and we'll see how fast I can go through it."

"Yes, sir." the waiter flared that nostril again and I stared at that with some interest, I couldn't even begin to imagine how you'd do that! The rest of his nose never even moved!

When he left, I heard that giggle again, and my little friend poked his entire head through the curtain now. "That was funny." he declared.

"Was it?" I didn't see anything funny about it.

"Make the steak stick to your ribs." Matt giggled again. "Like it's glue or something."

"Oh." I said and smiled. "Maybe you're right. When I say something I eat will stick to my ribs, that just means I won't get hungry again in a hurry. You know how it is, some food you eat, and right away you get hungry again, but some food, you eat and you can go all day if you need to.

"Oh." Matt said. He looked back and ducked back under the covers.

The waiter arrived with some covered trays and the bottle of my wine. "I took the liberty of bringing you some appetizers. The steak will take a while to prepare, especially well done as you requested." He set the little golden domes on the table. "And I selected a three year old Madiera for you to sample. It has a robust flavor and should, uh, stick to your ribs the way you want it to, sir."

The giggle this time was louder. The waiter looked that way and then at me, and debated with himself visibly. "If the child is bothering you, sir, I can have him moved to another booth."

"No bother." I said. "Isn't like anyone else is socializing with me here."

"He and his mother reside here at the hotel." he informed me. "He dines alone here when his mother isn't available and at such times, he can become a bit rowdy. If he does, sir, don't hesitate to let one of us know."

"I will." I promised. "Now let me have a slug of that there Madeira."

That earned me another giggle from Matthew. I tasted the wine and said, "Now that's plumb tasty. I'll keep the bottle if you don't mind."

"Not at all sir." the waiter said. "Enjoy your appetizers and your, uh, your slugs of Madeira."

"Thank you kindly." I said and he retreated rather than withdrew.

I heard the giggle again, and this time it was under my table. I leaned over, pulled up the table cloth so I could see under. There was Matthew, sitting on his knees under the table, looking up at me. "You don't have to hide under there." I said to him. "Come on up and join me for dinner."

"I've already eaten." He said. "I'm supposed to go back up to the room when I'm done. So I'm hiding down here so we can talk."

"All right, then." I said. I lifted off the lids on the dishes. "You want one of these here appetizers. They're mighty pretty little things."

"No, thank you." Matt said. His head came out from under the table, he rested his chin on my leg, a lot like a dog might.

"Okay, but if you change your mind, just let me know and I'll slip it under the table for you, just like you feed your pet dog when your mother isn't watching. You have a dog?"

"No, sir." Matt said. "Mother doesn't allow me to have a pet. I had some goldfish once, but they died."

"A shame." I said. "A boy ought to have a pet. Something to love on when you're feeling lonely. I had a jackass while prospecting. Sure hated to get rid of her when I struck it rich, but I couldn't bring her into town. Maybe when I get settled in, I'll go find the guy what bought her and buy her back from him."

"Are you Mr. Crawford?" came a female voice, and I looked up in surprise, then stood up. A matronly figure was there with a younger version at her side.

"Yes, I am." I said. "Would you like to join us?"

"Not at this time, we are meeting someone." the woman said. "I am Mrs. Richards and this is my daughter Elmyra. We understand you have come into your fortune and are new in town."

"Right on both counts." I said.

"Might I invite you to attend a spring cotillion I am hosting a week from next Wednesday?" the woman went on. "It will be a beneficial way for you to begin to join the social circle of this town."

My fortune was made with this, I was sure. "I would be honored." I said.

"If you have no female acquaintance you wish to bring, you may attend as my daughter's partner during the event." Mrs. Richardson said. "This will be convenient for you both, as she is currently without a beau of her own at this time."

I looked again at Elmyra and she smiled demurely, and I realized that this was the reason for the invitation! I wasn't just be invited to the social circle, but a chance to land a fancy wife to boot!

And darned if I didn't throw a boner just thinking about that. Not about Elmyra, or not exactly, just the fact that I was getting my chance to fit into this new life. The table nearly hid it, and I didn't see their eyes drop to look at it (they stayed looking at my face), but I had a tent in my pants for certain. "It'd be just fine by me if I could pay call upon Miss Elmyra for your cotillion." I said.

"Very well, and we'll leave you to your dinner, then, Mr. Crawford." Mrs. Richardson said. "I'll send your formal invitation to you in the next few days. Where are you staying?"

"Well...right here, I reckon." I said. I had a room at a smaller hotel, but I suddenly realized it wasn't going to do for me, not in my new station in life. "I haven't checked in yet, but I will."

"I'll send it care of the hotel, then."

"Thank you kindly, ma'am." I said and bowed and they dropped their heads in lieu of a full curtsy and left. I sat back down and felt a pinch as my still-hard prick had to fit into the new angle of my clothes. I reached down and gave it an adjustment.

"You going to stay here?" Matt asked me from his place under my table. Now he peered up at me from in between my legs, I had sat down rather splayed down because of my erection.

"I guess I will." I said. "I sure can afford it, anyway."

"That'd be nice." Matt said. "I could come visit you during the day while Mother is out."

"If I weren't doing nothing else, sure." I agreed, still bemused by my easy entrance to the ranks of the rich in town.

"And we can do stuff together." Matt said to me. "If you want to, that is."

"Sure, sure we can." I said, still thinking about the spring cotillion. I had to get someone to teach me how to act at a cotillion!"

I swear, my mind was in such a whirl just then, I didn't notice at first what was happening. I felt the hand on my crotch, fondling, feeling my cock where it jutted down along one pants leg, but I wasn't thinking much about it. I still had my erection, but I swear, it was from the acceptance like I said. Best kind of willy-starch you can ask for!

So my little puppy-boy under the table had gotten plenty of feels of my man-rod before I really noticed he was doing it. Then I did notice and I looked under the table in bemusement. The look on the kid's face was one of beatific pleasure. He had what he'd always wanted, that look said, and he was darned well going to enjoy it, right here and now!

"Is the wine not to your liking, sir?" the waiter had snuck up on me while I was looking under the table.

"No, no, it's fine." I said to him. I snatched up the still half-full glass and drained it. "Just fell to talking with a couple of ladies that stopped by my table.

"Would you like some different appetizers?" he noticed I hadn't eaten the ones he had brought.

"No, I'm fine." I said. "I just haven't had a chance to eat any of them yet, what with one thing...and...another!" My strained ending on that sentence was from the fact that Matt's hands were now undoing the buttons on my trousers.

"We have another kind with varieties of fish." he mentioned to me as he refilled my glass from the bottle on the table without my asking him to. The ones on my plate were made with sausage of different kinds and shapes and hunks. "You might wish to sample that one while you wait for your steak."

"Fine, fine, bring it on over." I said. Anything to get rid of him, the kid was about to get hold of my willy and I wasn't sure I could hold still while he did that!

The waiter left to fetch the fish appetizer tray and I was free to slide down and moan softly as Matt got hold of my cock and pulled it out from my pants underneath the table. I pretended like I meant to sit like that, like I wanted to lean back and just sip my wine. So I lifted the glass to my lips and as I touched it to my mouth, Matt's mouth covered my cock and I nearly coughed into my wine! The feel of those soft lips over my dong was the best damned pair that had been there, a few Mexican hookers just didn't measure up, those gals had been trying to make me hurry up and get off, and this young boy just wanted to enjoy the taste of it. He was sucking on it like it was a hunk of rock candy and while that felt kind of good, it wasn't doing everything it could for me, so I gave him a couple of hunches back and forth with my hips and he looked up at me and grinned around my cockshaft and I grinned down at him and he began to bob his head up and down on my cock like I'd just shown him.

"Here's the fish appetizers, sir." the waiter said. "The cook would like you to know that your steak will be another ten minutes in preparation."

"That'll be fine." I gasped. "I'm enjoying myself here."

And I drained that glass of wine a second time. I wasn't sure I wanted to be stone sober for what was going on here, some things are better done when you're half lit!

The waiter obligingly filled my glass yet again. "I do hope you're enjoying your visit to Marcon's." he said. I now recognized what he was doing, he'd learned I had a wagonload of money and he wanted to be sure I'd tip him. The snootiness of before was, not gone, but smothered under the servility he was now displaying.

"I'm enjoying myself, now go on, take care of other people until my steak is ready!" I said. "Uh! Gah! Go!" This kid really had the trick learned now, he was pumping my willy like a master, and I was ready to crawl the walls now...only in Marcon's, I had better sit quietly as befit my station instead!

I managed to pick up and eat a few of the appetizers from the trays, that and sip my wine which was making a hot place in my otherwise empty stomach. Not that I wasn't getting hotter lower down, but I was at least pretending to eat.

"Mr. Crawford?" came a male voice and I looked up, annoyed. God, I was getting sucked by a curious young boy under my table, and I was being interrupted!

"Yes?" I said to the two young men in front of me.

"We'd heard you were in town and took a chance you'd be having dinner here." the one on the left said. "May we join you for a moment, sir?"

"Uh, well....uh, I...." I was too damned dizzy from the sucking to answer and they took the chance to sit at the table with me.

God, I didn't want them there, but the waiter came over and they commenced to order. Me, I was about to bust my nuts wide open!

"What can....I....uh!....do for you....ooh!....two gentlemen? Guh!" I got out in semi-sensible words. My cock was singing a tune loud enough to nearly drown out their answer.

"My associate and I are two entrepreneurs and are looking for an investor for our new business." the man said. "We have a situation we'd like to tell you about."

And these two yahoos launched into it with a non-stop monologue composed for two voices about their plans for a candy factory. Candy factory! At least all I had to do was smile and nod. Which was good, because I was pretty much beyond the ability to talk at this point!

I couldn't pretend to eat or drink any longer. My whole attention, my whole being, was focused on what was happening under the table. My little table mate was busily, blissfully sucking on my cock and my organ was humming along with the song! Meanwhile, I was being bombarded by the sales pitch of these two and I would have gladly told them to go piss up a rope but I couldn't put any words together. All I could do was smile, nod, and moan in ways I hope sounded like "yes" and "no." "Mmmm-hhmmm! Uh-nuh? Mmmmm-mmm!" My eyes were rolling and my smile felt like I'd painted it on my face, and I was hissing through my teeth like a teakettle. Just how long it'd take for someone here, anyone, to figure out what was happening and get me tossed out on my kiester with my pants around my ankles or something!

Joy was racing through my brain. The men at the table were talking more and more animatedly, mistaking my pleasure for interest! They were really hammering home their enthusiasm, not knowing my own enthusiasm was boiling up under the table!

"So do we have your word on this, sir?" the second man said, putting out his hand. "May we expect your assistance in financing our venture, sir?"

"You won't regret it if you do." the first one put in.

"I...think...maybe...GUHHH!" And that was when I hit my climax. With a hand in front of me to shake, my body blasted my load right into Matt's hot young sucking mouth, and I was moaning dangerously loud, the two men looking at me with puzzlement. And alarm!

"Mr. Crawford, are you all right?" one of the men said.

"Uh, guh, uh-huh, guh!" I said in response. I was spurting hot loads of jizz right into Matt's mouth, and he was sucking it all down like...like the candy these guys were talking of making a factory for.

"Is he having a heart attack?" one asked the other one.

"No, uh, uh, guh!" I gasped out. My orgasm was ending, barely, and I seized the words as best I could. "Not...attack! Nothing! Fine! I'm! Fine!"

"Should we summon a doctor?" one of the men said. The waiter was also at our table.

"No! I'm fine! Really!" I groaned.

"Sir, about our plan." one of the men started in.

"Later! Please!" I said. "Tomorrow! Come back tomorrow! Think about it!" I was lucky to get that much out, I was panting.

"Sir, your steak is ready." the waiter said.

"Fine!" I gasped. "Set it on the...table! Hoosh!"

"Yes, sir."

"We'll come by this same time tomorrow." the man on the left said. "Please think about us as an investment opportunity for you."

"Fine, fine!" I waved them away as best I could. "Tomorrow!"

I was finally left with a huge steak, mound of mashed potatoes, a half dozen biscuits and a fresh bottle of the Madeira...and food was the last thing on my mind just then. I got my pants closed and I stood up long enough to pull the curtain to enclose the booth entirely.

And Matt popped up when I did so. "That was fun!" he said to me.

"That was loco!" I said in return. "You nearly got both of us in a whole heap of trouble!"

Matt just giggled and didn't deny it. I got the feeling getting in trouble at this hotel was his favorite past-time.

"So what am I going to do with you?" I said to him, rumpling further his already rumpled hair.

"You get a room here, I'll come visit you there." Matt said. "Then you won't have to listen to men trying to get you to buy a candy factory."

"What do you think about a candy factory?" I asked him.

Matt shrugged. "Maybe." he said. "You have to be careful when investing. That's what all the men around here say."

"You're probably right. I'll have to think about it." I said. I did have to invest my money, the attorneys had made that clear. But two men who just walk in from the street? Maybe I'd be better off investing somewhere besides this Mr. Hershey and his plans for a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania.

"And there's the spring cotillion." Matt said. "All the women here are talking about that." Matt had been doing a lot of listening under tables, it looked like, he was proving a mine of information.

"True." I said. "I've never been to one of them spring cotillions."

"I have." Matt said. "You know how to act at them?"

"Nope." I admitted.

"I do." Matt said.

"Good." I said. "You'll be my teacher for the cotillion then. At least," I grinned to him, "that's what we'll tell your mother is the reason for you spending all your time in my room."

Matt's grin made me add, "And I'll teach you a few things while I'm at it."

And with that, I settled in to eat my steak.


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