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Twenty BRAND NEW, never before published short stories, fully illustrated with twenty illustrations (18 of which are brand new, as well, the others are high quality images from my former site), these are stories about boys finding out how fun it is to play with men and that happy-toy men carry about between their legs. Half of these stories are Daddy/Son, the rest are Man/Boy (some incest of other sorts here and there), and their themes range from curious boys investigating Daddy's "Fun Gun" to five which contain extremely rough sex in which the boy is held down and rammed hard, sometimes by his Dad! It's a mixture of stories such as you have come to expect from my sites in the past, so this book is bound to contain several stories that will be just what you're looking for!

The stories in this book are:
An All-American Family--Just a typical Saturday morning, Mom in the kitchen, Daddy reading his morning paper, and nine-year-old Tony is under the table giving Daddy some head!

Experiment 109--He went to see the doctor's work, to find it was a young boy! A robotic brain, yes, but a seven-year-old boy through and through as our hero quickly learns, for this boy has an avid boy's curiosity.

Morning Wood--Daddy has come into his young son's room with morning wood. Daddy's wood is long and hard, and it's our hero's job to take care of it, like it or not! Rough sex/rape.

Chip Off the Old Block--When his wife takes off to visit her sister, it's up to Daddy Jeff to take care of their six-year-old Doug, who's very energetic and way-too-curious. In no time at all, Doug is running around naked, climbing on Daddy and getting busy. Turns out the boy is a chip off his Daddy's block when it comes to loving sex.

Like Looking in a Mirror--Bill's taking his identical twin sons Teddy and Freddy to see their long-lost uncle Phil. Turns out Bill and Phil are identical twins as well, and when it comes to sex, there's a lot of double-takes and confusion about who is who!

Not Like Race Bannon--When Burke takes the job of guard for the professor's son, he's told the job is like "Jonny Quest" character Race Bannon. But when Burke is introduced to young Andy, he finds the job is nothing like Race Bannon's, for Andy plans to suck our hero over and over again!

Together Again--Six-year-old Henry is meeting his father and sixteen-year-old brother Carl for the first time, because Daddy and Mommy have gotten back together again. Carl is sharing Henry's bed, and gets busy with his little brother, and when Mommy doesn't want to have sex every single day, Henry finds he has to take care of Daddy's needs, to! And Mommy, when she finds out, is delighted! Rough sex.

Conversion Therapy--A future father has taken his son to a special room, where he and his son will watch a scene and feel everything the father and son on the screen feel. And when the screen shows the father and son making love, our pair feel every bit of it.

The Curtain--When Big Sister moves back in, six-year-old Billy has to share his room with Big Brother, 17-year-old Seth. Seth isn't happy, he hangs a curtain down the middle of the room, but Billy wants to find out why, and he peeks behind the curtain, where he quickly learns how to make his Big Brother love sharing a room and bed with him.

Beloved by His People--The new King visits a peasant's hut while en route to an outlying province, and when the peasant sees the King is enamoured of his young son, he proudly presents the son to the King that night in bed so the boy can have a royal fucking.

Sharecroppers--Daddy takes our hero to Abe's shack one night. Abe is a sharecropper on his father's property who's about to leave, to pursue his runaway wife and son. But Daddy needs the income from Abe's work to survive, so he's ready to offer Abe whatevever the man wants to stay, including free access to our hero's ass! Daddy helps himself to some in the process. Rough sex/rape.

Making My Son Feel Better--Gordon's son Ted is playing sick, and Gordon has to stay home and take care of him. He's annoyed so he go in to check on his son, and quickly realizes just what it's going to take to make Ted feel better, which is a big helping of Daddy dong.

Well Looked After--A new arrival at the ranch, a young boy who proclaims that he is the son of the ranch foreman. The man denies the paternity, but when the hands all get busy entertaining the boy by giving him their cocks to play with, the foreman gets into the action for himself.

Looked Like Fun--When our young hero returns from a sleepover, he's got some new information, about how his buddy liked playing with his own daddy in bed. It looked like fun, so our hero decides to see if his own Daddy enjoys having a boy riding on his hard dong!

Army Maneuvers--Two soldiers on a survival test in the Rockies come across a young boy who's gotten lost. A man survives by taking what he needs, so these two help themselves to the boy's mouth and ass! Rough sex/rape.

Daddy's Candy--Daddy used to work in a candy factory and always had some sweets in his pocket for our hero. Daddy loses that job and takes a job at a gas station, but our hero reaches into the jumpsuit pocket (which has a hole in it) and discovers Daddy still has something big, fat and juicy for him to suck on!

The Prince's Penis--When Prince Dak refuses to marry the old witch, she curses him by stealing away his penis, hiding it away in a bird's nest far from the palace. The Prince still feels his penis despite the separation, and when a boy peasant, 7-year-old Bry, finds the penis and turns it into his personal plaything, the Prince can only howl with joy over and over again.

My Daddy is Bigger!--When two construction workers with sons share a house together, their sons get into a fierce competition about which Daddy is better at this or that. And when the competition comes down to which Daddy has the better cock, these boys go all out to prove their Daddy has the best one!

Rent-A-Pig--Thirteen-year-old Jimmy skips school and plans to hide out in an old, abandoned warehouse, but when the security guard finds him there and Jimmy disrepects the "rent-a-pig," the guard teaches Jimmy a long, hard lesson he's never going to forget! Rough sex.

Silly Ancestors--Future boy, 6-year-old Toth, races home from school on the planet Mars with some new historical information and can't wait to tell his Daddy about it. It seems that back on Earth, fathers and sons didn't have sex all the time like they do on Mars, and Toth wants Daddy to explain why as Toth enjoys a ride on Daddy's dick!

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