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Thirty-two short stories (with illustrations on twenty-two of them) about boys having sex with men or teens that they meet, whether it be the man next door, their teacher, their parent's co-worker or just the guy in the next seat on an airplane. Usually it's the boy's idea to grab that man's crotch and unzip him where he stands, but even when the man is the initiator, the boy gets eagerly into the hot action. These boys love the hot salty spunk these men provide and more than once, the man is left worn out while the boy begs him for more, more, more! One story with a bigoted main character makes frequent use of the "N word" but you can opt for a book with a version of the story using "black" instead.

The stories in this book are:

Submarine Attack--The boy attacks the man's cock from underwater!

Among the Marble Temples--The slave taking his Master's son to safety finds himself with a boy to love.

Four Days of Thanksgiving--With four sets of grandparents with teenaged sons, our boy hero has lots of cock to handle!

Army Buddies--They stay with their buddy's sister and the young nephew shows them a good time.

Me at Age 9, Me at Age 39--The ultimate paradox of time travel occurs when two men have man/boy love with each other.

Missing the Field Trip--Our hero teacher has to stay home to watch the one boy without a permission slip.

Mine for the Weekend--He's babysitting his boss' son for the weekend.

The Away Game--The Peewee League Coach has a bedfull of naked boys.

Poor Little Rich Boy--The chauffeur is this boy's best friend and more.

The Royal Guards--The young prince is given into their charge.

The Kid Who Came with the Apartment--His new apartment has a boy inside.

Trick and Treat--When these boys don't get a treat, they play their trick with the man's cock.

A Warm Place to Sleep--In the Depression a boy seeks shelter from the cold.

Day Camp--The real fun for these boys is after school lets out.

Picking up Ellen--While he waits for his coworker, her son keeps him busy.

The Last Raid of the Mohicans--You don't mess with this gang of boys!

Giacomo's Lips--The Lieutenant shares an Italian boy's bed and lips.

The Bunkhouse King--The ranch owner's boy runs their bunkhouse.

The Hostage--He defeated the neighboring chief and claims the man's son as hostage and plaything.

A Passel of N***** Boys -OR- A Passel of Black Boys--This bigoted man learns to love having a lot of black boys next door. (Frequent use of the "N" word appropriate to the storyline in this one, or you can opt to receive a cleaned-up version.)

Island of the Lost Boys--The man crash-lands on a deserted island populated by lots of boys who claim him for their prize.

Dinner at Marcon's--A newly rich man in a hotel finds a local boy eager for company.

The Littlest Mobster--They have to babysit the mob boss' son who makes some unusual demands to be good.

Jason's Room--The motel room is haunted by a young boy that loves to play with the guests.

The Boy next Door--The neighbor's boy is unwanted by all but our hero!

Good Neighbors--They've moved to a new neighborhood and are made more than welcome!

The Papoose of Saddleback Camp--The mining camp has an orphaned boy who keeps them busy.

Hunting Trouser Snakes--These boys can't hunt but they keep busy anyhow.

Love Me, Love My Son--She won't marry him unless he gets along with her son.

Small Oak River--A boy's camp across the river is a great thing to have.

Traveling Alone--A lone boy on a long air flight keeps our hero company.

The Last Man on Earth--He's the last man on Earth, but there's lots of boys there.

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