A Nice Vacation

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2005 by Voyeur
Illustration of A Nice Vacation

My mother freaked out when we got to the beach house. "A nude beach! This lovely little cottage is next to a nude beach? It's not supposed to be next to a nude beach! The company lied to us! Lied!" She mourned. "And we were going to have such a nice vacation, too!"

"The timeshare was your idea, Maureen." Daddy told her.

"I didn't know there was a nude beach!" Mom scolded him like it was his fault. She'd been the one hammering away about this place. The little island nation of St. Bellisaurius had gone all out to try to bring in tourist dollars, and the thought of taking a fall vacation in the island's temperate climate had been all Mother had talked about for weeks.

Finally Daddy said, "Oh, for Blank's sake!" only he filled in that blank. "Call them up already!" A few thousand dollars from our family's investment fund later, we had the timeshare and this was the first of what would be four weeks' vacation at a warm semi-tropical beach. Only it turns out, the beach was a clothing-optional beach!

"I think it's cool!" I declared, looking down at the small beach. Between our cottage and the beach was a tangled area of thick bushes, only small walkways meandered through them here and there, one of them was close to our home. "Can I go swimming now?"

"Swimming?" Mom was scandalized. "A six-year-old boy down there among all those strange, naked men and women, looking at.... Well, I never! No! You'll stay home with us this week and we'll turn in this timeshare when we get back to the States. Demand our money back!"

All my protests were in vain and next I knew, I was ordered to go to my room and stay there until nightfall for not doing what she told me. Now how fair is that? I didn't pick the beach, she did! Of course, me pointing that out to her was what had gotten her mad enough at me to ground me!

I went to my room and lay down and took a nap, because the trip had been long and tiring. When I woke up, I found that I was alone in the cottage. A surprising event, but I found the note from Daddy, "Your mother went shopping in town. I'm down on the beach. Come on down if you want to, she won't be back until sundown."

Daddy was down on the nude beach! "Wow!" I said softly. I never saw my Daddy naked, though I'd tried more than once. I'd seen him shirtless plenty of times, and a few times in the bathroom, he'd been wearing only the wraparound towel he had, with the fastener to hold it about his waist like a woman's skirt. So I knew most of what he looked like nude, his black hair, blue eyes on a face that was solidly square with a deep cleft at the chin. His chest was strong and heavily muscled, and coated with a thick thatch of chest hair as black as the hair on his head, it made dense patches on his breasts and reached down to below his navel. The hair on his lower legs was also thick. I didn't know about the area between his navel and his knees, though, that towel kept everything covered up there. That was it. All I knew about Daddy was that, and the urge to see the space between, and knowing that finding him on that beach would let me see it, was enough to get me tearing down to the beach in no time.

I wondered about the clothing, but halfway down the walkway, there was a place with hangers and racks, saying, "Hang your clothes here." A guy was watching the place and he gave me a card on a small strip I could tie around my wrist, the word on it matched the one on my clothes that he clipped to it with a clothespin. So I was dressed in my birthday suit when I made it onto the beach and started looking around.

Funny thing about nude beaches. Most of the people there weren't very good-looking. Most of them were older men and women, like my grandparents, and though I could see everything, in their cases, I didn't want to! Man, I couldn't see what Mom was worried about, I spent most of my time trying to look for Daddy while NOT looking at anyone else!

But he wasn't there! I went up and down the beach twice, then gave up and started to walk back to my home.

"You looking for someone?" a woman asked me.

"Yeah, my Daddy."

"What's he look like?" she asked me.

I told her what I just told you above and she nodded. "That guy. Gorgeous!" She made a motion with her tongue around her lips and snickered, then went on, "He took a beach towel out into the bushes over there. He didn't like everyone checking him out, I guess. Why come to a nude beach if you're afraid to show your goodies?" She hoisted her sunken dugs up at me and winked.

"Thanks!" I said hurriedly and turned away from her and ran over to the bushes. The space between the bushes here were more small trails, smaller than the one I'd taken to get to the beach. I had to choose among several paths, and found that they all led to small open places. Some of them had people in them, and what they were doing! I backed away after getting a lot of education about what men and women did...and men and men, and women and women!

I found Daddy finally, about the twelfth place I looked, and the eighth place with someone there. He was practically all the way back up to the house here, just a single row of bushes between the cottage and us. Daddy was spread out on the towel, soaking in the afternoon sun. I finally got a good look at him, that space that he'd never let me see before.

Daddy had a lot of hair between his legs, too, especially right around his weiner. And that was so much bigger than mine, even when you realized he was bigger than me. It was large and round and plump, a dark gray-brown in color, and I found myself wondering what it would feel like.

Daddy was sleeping, so I looked all I wanted without him saying or doing anything. Just looking at his wiener, it took me a while to realize that mine was doing something weird.

My wiener had gotten all hard! It was sticking out on me, two and a half inches long, like it did when I played with it at night. I hadn't been playing with it, why was it getting hard on me now?

Daddy moaned and shifted some on his towel and I looked down, but he was still asleep. But...yes, it was. His wiener was getting hard like mine! It got even thicker, and longer, and then it started rising up like a giraffe lifting its head from getting a drink like I'd seen on television once.

By the time it was standing all the way upright, it was as long as a banana. The biggest banana you ever saw! Even bigger than a big banana! "Gosh!" I said real softly.

I wanted to hold it more than ever. Daddy hadn't woken up, he wouldn't wake up just from me holding onto it, would he? Would he?

Only one way to find out. If I saw him waking up, I'd just let go in a hurry and then pretend I'd just found him.

I slid down to kneel on the towel beside Daddy. Looked over at him, he stirred, just his head which he turned my way, his eyelids fluttered, then shut again, his hand shifted next to me. I waited until he settled down again and then reached over and carefully caught hold of his pud.

"Gosh!" I said again. It was so warm, and it was so hard! It felt a lot harder than mine ever got, it was like holding a stick of wood all wrapped up in a thick, soft cloth and all of it warm, so very warm.

Daddy shifted again and his hips moved, up and down, and his cock slid back and forth in my hand, the outer skin (the "cloth") holding still in my hand while the "wood" inside of it moved along with Daddy.

Daddy moaned, a soft sound, almost a sigh, and I realized that he liked the feel of his cock moving back and forth like that, the same way I did. By way of experiment, I moved my hand up and down his shaft, pulling the skin all the way up far as I could, then pulling it all the way down until his cock's head poked out of his foreskin and shone in the sun.

And Daddy moaned again, a little louder. But he didn't wake up, though his eyelids fluttered again. Emboldened, I began to move my hand again, a little faster now, several pumps up and down.

"Mmmm, uuhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!" Daddy groaned. I was watching his face, his eyes didn't open, or not entirely, though he was moving more than before, now.

Then I felt his hand on my own prick, my little, stiff dick, now had his big, strong fingers gripping it and I gasped, looked down, and Daddy's hand moved back and forth, stroking my pud and sending a thrill through my body.

"Oooh!" I gasped and looked up again.

Daddy's eyes were open and he was looking at me and smiling. "You like that, Son?"

"Uh-huh." I told him.

"So do I. Can you do it faster, Son?"

"Sure." I said and began to flog his prick faster.

"Ooh, oh, oh, oh!" Daddy grunted as I pumped on him. "Oh, yeah, Son, like that, do it like that! Oh, oh yeah!"

Daddy began to jerk me faster, too, and I moaned along with him. "Ooh, oh, Daddy, yeah, oh, oh, yeah!"

"Oh, Son, yeah, oh, Son, yeah!" Daddy grunted. "It feels so good, your doing that."

"Uh-huh!" I was thinking about the two guys I'd seen a few minutes before. They'd been lying side by side, but their heads at each other's wieners, and they'd been using their mouths on each other. They hadn't seen me, I'd just stared at them, then backed out of there.

But I'd seen what they were doing. Sucking on each other's cocks, moving their lips up and down, and both had been moaning.

Daddy was moaning. But they'd been moaning louder. It must feel better than a hand.

So I thought all that in a few seconds, and then I acted, I scooted down and leaned over and caught Daddy's prod in my mouth. Before he could react, I had moved my lips up and down over the head and top few inches of the shaft four or five times.

"Oh, God, Son! Oh!" Daddy gasped as I worked my mouth on his prick. "God, yeah, Son, suck it, suck my cock!"

Daddy caught hold of my leg and pulled on me so that I was lying out flat on the towel beside him, and his head reached and found my own cock with his lips. I felt his big face bury itself in my crotch and his warm mouth closing on my little prick and I just moaned. Oh, it felt so-o-o-o good! No wonder those guys had been moaning! No wonder Daddy moaned! This was the best feeling ever! I felt waves of pleasure rushing through my body from every stroke of Daddy's lips up and down my shaft. I wanted this feeling to last forever, for Daddy and me to suck each other all day and night, forever and ever! And in that sensation, my little climax shook me, I shivered and let the electric feeling of joy rush over me, finished, I panted and wearily kept sucking my Daddy's dong.

Daddy was moaning louder now, even with my prick in his mouth. He let go of my cock and gasped out, "I'm coming, Son, I'm coming! Oh, God, I'm coming! Oh, oh, oh, uh-huh-huh-uhhhh, GUHHHHHHHHH!"

I hadn't turned loose of Daddy, even though I hadn't understood what he meant. Now I did; my mouth suddenly was filled with a hot fluid rushing out of his dick, it squirted into me in thick clumps of salty goo that hit the back of my mouth and ran down my throat.

The taste of that stuff, though, was remarkable. It had more than just salt, in that liquid, it held a heavy flavor that was like nothing I'd ever tasted. But I recognized it.

It tasted like my Daddy! I could drink this and I'd be drinking Daddy! That made me greedy, I gulped heartily at the contents of my mouth and as more squirted in, I sucked it down and even when he finished, I kept sucking at him, trying to siphon the last few dregs of it down into my body.

"Oh, oh, Son, oh, Son!" Daddy moaned, and this moan was the exhaustion of a man who had given everything he had. Which he had, he'd given all of himself...to me.

I let go of his cock and let the shrinking mass of wet prong fall onto the mat of his body fur waiting for it. "Did I do it right, Daddy?"

"Oh, yes, Baby, you did it just right." Daddy panted.

"That was fun." I mused. "I'd never tried that before, but it was fun."

"Never before?" Daddy asked. "Where did you even see that, how did you know to suck on a man's cock like that?"

"I saw it somewhere." I evaded.

"Well...nobody else but me before, huh?"

"No, Daddy. You were the first."

"Let's keep it that way, then." Daddy said.

"You bet, Daddy." I said. "Long as we can do it lots!"

Daddy chuckled. "We'll have to see about that. God knows your mother doesn't want to any longer."

"She doesn't?" I asked.

"We were supposed to try to rekindle our feelings on this trip, but if she's going to spend all her time in town, that's not very likely."

Well." I crawled around and snuggled under Daddy's arm. "If she's in town a lot, that'll give us a lot more time together."

"Yeah." Daddy stirred. "How about we go back to the cottage now? This sun is getting to be too much for me."

"Yeah." I agreed. "And the beach is full of ugly old people anyhow. No fun at all, not even any other kids there."

"Let's go, Son." Daddy and I got up, he picked up the towel, and we pushed our way through the bushes and got back to our cottage.

An hour or so later, Daddy and I sucked each other again, on my bed. I'd hoped we'd have enough time for another session before Mom got home, but she pulled into the driveway while we were still sitting watching television.

"Well, I know what I'm doing all week! Met a group of women that want to show me all the best places to shop on the island! And how were you two while I was gone? You didn't go to that dirty nude beach, did you?"

Daddy looked at me, and I said quickly, "No, Mom. Daddy and me spent the entire day together, just the two of us."


"Yeah, we got some sun and just goofed around." I said. "We had lots of fun."

Mom looked triumphant. "You see? You don't need to go to that beach to have fun this week. You can have a nice vacation, just staying in and playing with your Daddy all week, now, can't you?"

I looked over at Daddy who was trying not to grin too big. "I sure can, Mom! I sure can!"

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