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Twenty BRAND NEW, never before published short stories, fully illustrated with twenty illustrations (8 of which are brand new as well, the others are images from my former paysite, some with stories I wrote specifically for the image) all about young boys (6-9 years old) and their ever-loving Daddies. It's all in the family when these Daddies find that the best loving they'll ever find is right in the bedroom next door, the one with the race car-shaped bed and the Transformers lying on the floor. These little sons are ready and eager to play with Daddy's dingdong and Daddy is only too happy to provide his boy with a hot load of fresh man-juice...after all, a boy needs lots of healthy protein to grow big and strong like his Daddy!

The stories in this book are:
Life on Ganymede--When our hero and his son move to Ganymede, a world circling another sun colonized by men who believe in man/boy love (and nothing else!), it's a case of either being outcasts on their new home...or finding out how much fun it is to plug your own son's butt!

Out of the Slammer--Tory is out of prison and reunited with his wife and young son who was born after his incarceration. He's more than ready for some action, but his wife is "on the rag" but that's okay...that's what sons are for! His wife drives the car while Tory gives his son a taste of hard Daddy dong!

Fresh Snow--He's gone with his Daddy to a mountain cabin where a fresh fall of snow has turned the place into a winter wonderland. He's having lots of fun playing in the snow, then when Daddy joins in, the fun really gets started!

Five Heads Are Better Than One--Luke's son Willy has found a curious object, just press the button and there are two of you, three, four, five! Luke thinks first about how much easier it'll be to get the haymaking done, but when his son has other ideas, Luke finds a way to make his boy happy...times five!

A New Home in New Orleans--He has been sent by his mother to live with his father in New Orleans, but Daddy runs a whorehouse which includes some, uh, discerning clients, and thinks that the boy has been sent to staff his whorehouse. Of course, a good pimpmaster has to try out his talent before he turns them over....

A Mistake in Time--He thinks he's invented a time machine, but the only thing that goes back in time is him...he's a kid again, the same age as his son. He shows himself to his son, who promptly wants him to play some kid games in bed that keep on going when the time effect wears off!

Mom's Replacement--Daddy's only staying with Momma for the sex, but when Momma can't perform in bed anymore due to problems "down there," he's about to leave...until Momma comes up with a replacement in bed...their son!

Private Playground--Daddy takes our hero to a very special playground, one meant for Daddies and sons to run around naked, climb on the equipment, and have some very special Daddy/Son games.

Beyond the Limit--A father takes his son, our hero, out in a boat with plans to sail around the world! But when they get beyond the limits and into international waters, our hero learns that Daddy has other plans in mind.

The Shark Pirate--Benford and his son are having a game in the river, swimming about, splashing. His son becomes a "shark" and attacks, then a pirate that captures him and holds him hostage. Of course, as a "shark pirate" his son is able to eat Daddy up...and he does it so well!

God and Demi-God--The gods sometimes fall in love with beautiful humans and this god loved a woman who bore him a son. But when the god view his beautiful son one day, the old flame of desire has a new target!

Tales of Earth--On New Eden, a distant colony composed of marooned Space Marines, only fathers and their sons live. One pair is having a warm day at the river, while Daddy regales him with the tale of how they came to this world and why the only sex on this world is between a father and his son.

An Afternoon Snack--Told not to let his son have anything to eat before dinner, this Daddy gives his son something else to suck on while he's waiting.

A Present for Daddy--A three-part adventure. When Daddy's back in town for Father's Day, our hero needs to give Daddy a present, and his gift is hand-made. When Daddy returns before his birthday, our hero is ready again, with a warm, soft mouth on Daddy's cock. And when Christmas rolls around, it's time for the best present of all!

Like a Stuck Pig--Amos' son has gotten his head stuck between two of the bars of his parent's bed's headboard, and is squealing like a pig. When Amos finds his son there, he gives his son a reason to squeal very loud indeed as he rides him fast and hard!

Sleepwalking Dad--His father has taken to sleepwalking, naked, into our hero's room. This night, he tries laying on the edge of the bed so he can get a good look at Daddy's dingdong...and his sleepwalking Daddy gives him more than a look!

The Old Ways--In the future, machines do everything for you, including pleasure you when you need it. But our hero learns that his son isn't using the masturbation machine lately and goes to find out what his son is needing. Turns out, our hero has just what his son has been craving all along and our hero finds out that sometimes, the old ways are best!

Perfect Revenge--Our hero's mother has the perfect revenge planned for her husband, she'll get custody of their son because of child abuse. Daddy has a gun to his head and told to fuck our hero hard and rough while Momma gets it all on tape...but she never planned on our hero loving Daddy's dick!

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