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Thirty short stories (with illustrations on more than half of them) about young boys who crave the close attentions of their Daddies, and Daddy is only too happy to get even closer to those sweet young bodies. These boys cuddle up and chow down on their Daddy's hot, hard dong and Daddy squirts them a hot luscious load. And when Daddy shoves that hot love-worm up their tender little backsides, these boys can't get enough of hot Daddy loving!

The stories in this book are:

Sitting in Daddy's Lap
Early to Rise
A Real Handful
The Festival of Fathers
Cyborg Daddy
Home Again
He Knows When You're Awake
Daddy's Out!
Sand in My Suit
The Father-Son Sack Race
Daddy's Nasty Weekend
The Evansville Men's Club
Fishing for the Truth
A Nice Vacation
Snow in July
The Monster under My Bed
Taking What's Left
Open Your Present
Talking Daddy into it
Better than Green Beer
The Sidekicks' Halloween
Daddy's Secret Lover
Slumber Party
Sleeping on the Couch
Spying on Daddy
The Long, Cold Winter
A Visit from St. Nicholas
I Get to Sleep with Daddy!

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