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Twenty-five short stories (with illustrations on most of them) about young boys (usually under age ten) who set out to play games with their Daddies...and the games involve that fun toy Daddy has hanging down between his legs! Daddy is usually caught off-guard by his son's new game, but always willing to play along, and to show his son new games they can play with Daddy's happy pink wing-wang!

The stories in this book are:

Playing Doctor--Marvin is laid up in bed all week with a fever and his wife has to work and his housekeeper is nasty about helping him out. Fortunately, he has seven-year-old son Ritchie to be his own personal doctor, and Ritchie is eager to help Daddy out any way he can!

White Rockets (a revamp of my "Red Rocket" story)--Told in dialogue only of a young boy who sneaks into Daddy's bedroom to play a fun game of "White Rockets" by playing with Daddy's dick, and Daddy shoots off a grand explosion of white rockets.

The Jumpsuit--Little Micky and his Daddy are painting the entire indoors of their house over a weekend, but Daddy's choice of garment is his uncle's old jumpsuit, a huge baggy thing with lots of room...plenty of room in there for two! Our hero wants to see if he could fit inside with his daddy, and so they end up naked together inside the jumpsuit and the real fun begins.

Starshot and Son--Starshot may be a superhero, but he's also a father with a son. When he comes home one day from his superhero duties and discovers his son (who doesn't know about his dad) having sex with a Starshot huggable doll, he decides to visit his son as Starshot, only to find his son more than ready to try out the real thing with his hero!

The Daddy Pool--Four burly construction workers, all divorced with young sons, go in together on a house to get custodial privileges. But these four boys conspire, and hatch a plot to have their fathers join them in their games in bed

Don’t Go, Daddy!--When our hero overhears his Mommy declaring she was giving up sex with Daddy, he knows that means Daddy will go away. Our young hero will do whatever it takes to keep his Daddy from leaving...including taking over Mom's duties in Daddy's bed!

Daddy’s Got a Big One!--This father has a major problem and it's hanging between his legs. Women run when they see that monster organ coming at them, but when his 7-year-old son catches him in the bathroom and gets a good look at it, he's anything but fact, he invites his friends over to get a look at it, and they want to see it in action!

Quarantined!--Young Nate returns home from school one day in 1933 to find a "Quarantine" sign on his home. He makes the mistake of going in, and is thus stuck inside with his ill mother and sister, Aunt Mabel who is caring for them, and Daddy who has also entered unwisely. Daddy and Nate are left to a single bed and have to keep each other company while they're unable to leave the house. Fortunately, they figure out a game they both love!

Rub-a-Dub-Dub--Jeb and Drake are two young brothers, going home with Daddy after spending the summer at their mother's art commune where these two young boys learned a lot, including a really fun game in bed at night called "Rub-A-Dub-Dub." When they stop for the night at a motel, they're more than happy to teach Daddy the game that they play in bed while naked.

Daddy’s Boy Toy--Our future boy hero is surprised when his Daddy gets a large box which Daddy says is a toy he bought just for himself. The contents are a lifelike robot boy, just the size of our young hero and looking a lot like him. When our hero gets curious about what this robot and his Daddy are doing in Daddy's bedroom and hides in the closet to watch, he finds out that the robot is a substitute for our hero that his Daddy can have sex with and he doesn't want the robot getting the fun with Daddy when he's right there!

Hide and Seek--Seven-year-old Seth and his mother are playing a game of Hide and Seek during spring break, and Seth is desperate to find a good place to hide. His Dad works as a security guard at night, and Seth finds a great place to hide...under the covers between Daddy's legs! But Momma isn't looking very hard for Seth, and soon Daddy doesn't want her to find Seth, either!

Sharing Daddy’s Bathtub--Todd and his Daddy are playing and have a mud fight. They come home both filthy, and Mom insists they take a bath, but since there's a shortage of hot water, they'll have to share the bathtub and bathe together. Before the bath is over, Daddy and Son have found a fun way to scrub each other squeaky clean!

Weekend Custody--Our hero dad finally gets custody of his 6-year-old son on weekends after a bitter divorce. But his son Galen, still emotionally fragile from the custody dispute, has his own plans for his Daddy on weekends, which start with getting Daddy into bed!

I Want a Little Brother!--When his wife kicked him out of bed, Jesse ended up in the guest room, an uncomfortable situation. But when 7-year-old son Carl has a nightmare and crawled into bed with him, he begins to see some advantages, especially when Carl gets the wrong idea about how to get himself a little brother by whipping one up from Daddy's dong!

The Postman Came Special Delivery--Our 9-year-old hero is home alone watching television when his Daddy, the local postman, comes by with a special delivery for him. This package is long, hard, hot and fresh, just waiting for him to unwrap and enjoy all the warm, salty flavor right from Postman Daddy's lap!

Why Daddies Marry Mommies--When his stepmother kicks his father out of the house, our seven-year-old hero and his Daddy end up at a cheap motel. When our hero asks his Daddy why he ever married Mommy Teresa and gets his answer, he comes up with a reason his Daddy won't ever have to get married again!

Do Whatever You Want--This divorced father finally gets his son Robin for visitation, one weekend a month but that was better than nothing. He told Robin that they could do whatever Robin wanted all weekend long, but he wasn't expecting his son to want to get naked in bed and suck him dry over and over again!

What Can You Do with a Cocksucking Kid?--Jimmy, age six, has discovered sex with a vengeance and is blatantly grabbing the cocks of his sleeping neighbor, the teenage bagboy at the grocery store, and other kids at school. What can a loving father do with a supercharged, cocksucking kid...except to try to satisfy his son's craving for cock all by himself!

Educating Daddy--My very first daddy/son porn story written back circa 1970. Our young hero is a know-it-all type, and when he visits his divorced daddy he tries to teach his daddy about fun with your wiener, but Daddy knows more than our hero and proceeds to prove it!

Momma’s Boy--Our trucker hero has regained his son after his wife ran off with the child some four years ago. Now the son is eight and back with his father but a total Momma's Boy, whining about having to leave Momma's house during his father's summer custodial period. Our hero ends up in a motel with him and soon learns that this Momma's Boy has learned some things from someone other than Momma!

Daddy’s Rubber Ducky--Little Jeremy gets ready to take a bath with his favorite bath toy, Rubber Ducky. But he finds Daddy alreadyin there first playing with his own bathtub toy, and this toy between Daddy's legs is a rubber ducky Jeremy just has to try out for himself!

Now That Momma’s Gone--Ten-year-old Denny and his Daddy were now alone, with Denny's Mom now spending a long time in prison. This father and son have to readjust their life with just the two of them, which requires an adjustment of the household duties. But who's going to take care of the bulge in Daddy's pants if Denny doesn't do it?

Getting Daddy Lost--He and his Daddy are traveling to a mountain cabin, but our hero loses the map holding the directions to the cabin. By nightfall, they are lost and have to sleep as best they can in the pickup. But the night and the cramped sleeping arrangements leads to our hero getting to know his Daddy a lot better!

Bedtime Story--Our hero's six-year-old son Phillip was a handful for his wife all day, and now it's Daddy's turn to get him settled into bed. But once there, Phillip wanted to tell Daddy his very own bedtime story, which involves the fearsome dragon lurking in Daddy's pants and how to defeat it!

Night Comfort--Two weeks after his wife's death, our hero is still missing her a lot. So is our hero's six-year-old son Mikey, who comes in to sleep with Daddy, and his inquisitive mind and bedtime explorations turn out to be just the night comfort our hero is needing.

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