By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2007 by JohnD

Illustration of Footlong

I heard him before I saw him. Dave, from my senior high school classes and of course, the football team, of last year. If I'd known I was going to meet up with him, I might have turned down the job for just the reason he blurted out upon first sight!

"Footlong!" He called out and I cringed. I was talking with Ms. Carver (Dave Carver, I should have put two and two together, but it's not the most uncommon last name!), and now I had to first acknowledge Dave's greeting and such, and when he left to go up to his room, turn back to her.

Of course, she had picked up on it right away. "What did he call you, Lawrence?"

"It's...a nickname from high school." I said miserably. "You know how it is."

"He called you Footlong?"

"Yeah." I went on. "Look, I'd like to just forget the nickname entirely if I can. I've been out of high school for four months now, so it's just a part of history for me."

"All right." Ms. Carver said. "Come on in and I'll introduce you to the children."

"Yep, I'd gone from football legend (more on my nickname later) to household helper. A nanny, that is, someone you hire to take care of your children when you can't. Yes, men can be nannies, especially for young boys who won't pay attention to women. I'd taken this after three months' intensive training for the agency and was about to take my first job handling three boys for the weekend, while the Carver family elders all went to a wedding. I was ready for this, a chance to put my training into practice, but what I wasn't ready for was running into someone who knew me from the past.

The boys were in the den, and two of them were busy fighting each other, with the third one egging them on and yelling enough to make the din incredible.

"Children, children!" Ms. Carver yelped at them. They paid her no mind.

"All right, you guys, knock it off!" I hollered with every ounce of my new authority.

My strange, male voice, worked where her familiar female one had failed. The boys looked up and were entranced by my appearance. Someone new! That's the main reason boys fight, anyhow, they get bored and argue with each other and then they wrestle more than slug each other, it's a game of energy, dominance and ennui, and they were as quick to stop as they'd been quick to start.

"Mark, this is my son Devon, and his cousins William and Frederick. They're all eight years old and they'll be here for the weekend. Devon, this is Mark, I've hired him to watch you boys all week while we go to the wedding."

I looked the boys over, they were alike enough to be relatives as touted (I wondered if William and Frederick were twin brothers or cousins to each other as well as Devon, if they were twins, they were fraternal twins, they looked little alike), all with brown hair and about the same height, but where Devon was stockier, William was thin and Frederick was kind of in-between the other two.

Well, I was on. "Hey, guys!" I beamed out. "I'm going to be here the next few days and you and I are going to have so much fun!"

Whatever I expected, it wasn't what I got.

"Why do they call you 'Footlong?'"

I blinked and recovered best I could. "Well, they don't any more. It was just a nickname, you know how they are. It doesn't have to mean anything."

"That's not what Dave says." Devon dropped on me.

I looked about but Ms. Carver was gone. No help there!

"Why? Tell us!" Frederick asked Devon.

"Yeah, why?" William added.

"It's because he's got a big long dick!"



"Yeah, really, Dave said he saw it in the locker room one day and...."

"Okay, guys, enough of that." I said desperately. "I'm here and we're going to play some games, okay? Some new games you have never played before!" I played my trump card. The agency I was signed with didn't just dump you on people, I'd had three months of training in games for all ages, stories they probably hadn't heard before, ways to sweet-talk a kid out of a bad mood or a crying jag, you name it. I'd felt proof against anything these boys could throw at me...except this!

I guess it's time to tell you about that time long ago. Two years ago, when I was just barely seventeen, I'd showered and went back to my locker to get dressed, wearing only a towel. But some guys were in front of my locker getting their own clothes on, and I was tired and sat down and leaned back to rest a bit until they got out of my way.

I'd fallen asleep and in a few minutes, the towel had fallen away and my cock had stiffened up on me like it often does in your sleep at that age. I'd awakened to a gaggle of giggling football buddies and my towering dong pointing at the sky, all eleven-plus inches of it. Yeah, the nickname Footlong got hooked onto me that day and while I'd carefully hidden myself before and since that day, my legend had prevailed. You can't live down something like that in your old neighborhood no matter what you do. You have to move far, far away, or live with it. And I didn't have money enough to move, the job was supposed to do that. Get hired by a wealthy family to tend their children while they and I jetted around the world, living in exotic locales, and so was why I'd left school and become a nanny. Childcare specialist, if you want the proper term.

But the games had distracted these boys and I got them going on a game of three-cornered indoor football, which let them exercise without tearing up the place, with a small soft ball for the "football" and the three of them found the job of scoring without moving their lower bodies from the spot (I said it was indoor football!) both challenging and fun. That chewed up nearly a half hour, during which Dave and his mother packed up and left for the airport and their wedding.

The boys were tired enough, I judged, and I said, "All right boys, it's three in the afternoon. Time for a little snack, don't you think?"

"Nah, I'm not hungry."

"We had popcorn just before you got here."

"Not me!"

"Oh." Boys turning down food had me puzzled. "Well, would you like to hear a story?"



"Not me!"

"Well." I went on patiently. "Would you like to play another game? I know a lot of games."



"Not me!"

"So." I got a little exasperated at all this negativity, you come up with a new and fun game for boys, they're supposed to like you. "What would you boys like to do?"

The three looked at each other. "You wanna?" Devon asked the others.



"What?" I asked them.

"Let's do it!"

"Right on!"


"Now!" Devon called out.

And the three boys tackled me. Shit! I was lucky I was sitting on the rug at the time and all they did was knock me over onto my back. But these boys had been fighting each other for who knows how long and I hadn't fought, except tackles on the gridiron, since I'd been their age.

They overbore me and pinned me down and with one boy on each of my arms, and the third on my legs, I was going to stay pinned. Oh, I thrashed about and was strong enough still to rock these boys hard about, but they held on and I didn't get far enough anywhere to make any progress toward freedom. Unless you count a twenty-degree turn in your orientation on the floor "progress." I don't.

So I stopped struggling and said, "Hey, come on, guys, let me go. I give up, okay? Uncle! Uncle!"

"You give up?"

"I said I did!"

"So you'll let us see it?"

"See what?" I honestly didn't know what they meant.

"See your footlong."

"Play with it some, too!" William added.

"Yeah!" Frederick put in. "I want to touch it!"

"Oh, Jeez!" I said. "I'm not going to do that!"

"Then you're asking for it!"

"Asking for what?"

"Tickle 'im, guys!"

Four hands, one each from the kids on my arms and both of Devon's, who was on my legs, began to tickle me. My ribs and my stomach, light little tickly fingers wriggled away. And I'm damned ticklish!

Tickling isn't funny, you know? It's a form of torture, when it goes on and on and you can't stop it and can only laugh and laugh.

I laughed until I was sore and then I gasped out, "Okay, I give! Up! You can! Look! At it!"

They stopped tickling me and I just lay there like a lump while they happily worked away at my belt and fly. If I'd tried to stop them, they'd have tickled me again, and like I said, tickling someone like that isn't funny! Not at all! You can die laughing! Literally! I had surrendered and wasn't ready to rebel just yet.

So they got my pants undone and yanked them down to near my knees, then they pulled down my briefs and exposed the Footlong.


"Man, that's big!"

"Boy, is it!"

"And it's not even hard!"

"Let's take care of that."

"I want to see it hard, too!"

A pair of hands (belonging to two different boys, Devon and William) snatched my prick and both began pumping on me. As I stiffened up, Frederick got his hand on me, as well, my long cock was enough to let all three boys grip me at the same time, which they marveled at.

"Gosh, it's so big!"

"I wish mine were that big."

"I hope mine gets that long."

"No, you don't!" I panted, still out of breath from the tickling. "Mine's brought me...nothing but trouble!"

"Yeah? How come?"

"Because it's too big." I took this chance to educate them. My dong was still hard and they were still pumping at it, but I had their attention. "People think it's funny and they want to see it like you do, but to actually do anything with, they shy away from it. I can't get a girl to go all the way with me." I mourned. "Three times, I've been in bed with a girl and three times she's backed out. I get a handjob from her! A handjob!"


"He means jerking it, doofus!"


"Like this?" And William began to jerk me in earnest.

"Ooh, oh, yeah!' I grumbled. "Like that."

"So what's she supposed to do?" Frederick was the ignorant one in this group, though the other two kept so quiet they may not have known either.

"Well, she's supposed to let me stick it in her, uh, vagina." I explained.


"The hole women have where their wieners should be."


"Yeah, exactly. That's what it's for, to let a man stick his, uh, penis in her for sex. But none of them let me. 'It's too long, too big!' they always say and they turn away. So you don't want a big one like mine, I assure you!" I went on.

"Didn't any of them even suck on it for you?" Devon asked.

"Suck on it?" Frederick asked.

"Use your mouth like we're using our hands." William chipped in. "You use your lips to grip and lick it with your tongue."

Damn, William knew things!

But Frederick was the one who surprised me. "Like this?" He said as he sagged over and his mouth landed on my cock and he got my glans in his mouth and he began to suck on me. Literally suck on me, like he could siphon my jizz out of me like that.

"You don't actually suck on him. You bob your head up and down!" William coached his cousin.

"Mm-hm? (Like this?)" Frederick mumbled as he began to move up and down, his lips held on and oh, my God! It felt fucking terrific!

"Yeah, like that, only faster, fast as you can." William told Frederick.

Frederick moved faster, and as he did, he got better at it. I closed my eyes and let out a long, low groan. "O-o-o-o-o-oh!"

"You like that?" Devon asked me.

"Yeah, oh, yeah!"

"But he's only doing your head and a little bit of it."

"It's! It's okay! He's doing a great job!"

Devon considered this blasphemy. "But you'd like it if he went deeper?"

"Well...yeah, but that's okay." I grunted.

Devon squirmed around and bent his head down and soon I had his tongue licking at my shaft. William soon joined him and I had three boys lapping at my pud, with one working my glans and foreskin and I was moaning. "Ohhhh, oh, God, yeah!" I groaned. "Come on, boys, suck my cock, suck on it, lick on it, do it, oh, God, yeah, do it!"

Devon's hands fondled my balls, that kid knew his stuff, too. Frederick may have been the real virgin (in knowledge, I mean, I don't think any of these kids were out sucking cocks all the time or nothing, but they'd learned the basics in words and maybe in pictures, if not in deeds), but he was sucking me like a pro. And when he tired, Devon noticed and moved up and took over, and he managed to take more of my cock than Frederick had, while Frederick took over licking at my cock, and William moved down to tongue my balls.

With this much attention, I couldn't last long. "Oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!" I gasped out. "Uh! Huh! Uh! Uh!"

Devon moved off my cockhead but he was licking my shaft with the others and they were moving my shaft's skin enough to keep me stimulated.

So I came and I when I did, I blasted it high and wide.



"Look at that!" the boys marveled as they saw my spunk squirting for the ceiling. I fountained high and it arced over and landed all over me, splattering Frederick and William as well, and Devon caught hold of my shaft and pointed it at him and the last couple of wads sprayed him right in this face and he laughed, the three boys laughed, at how I'd squirted my jizz all over the place.

"What a lot of it!"

"I never thought it could do that!"

"That's more than they did on the movies I saw!"

"Yeah, that's a lot of it."

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!" I panted heavily. "Yeah, there's a lot of it!"

"Did it shoot so much because it's so big?" Frederick wanted to know.

I grinned tiredly. "No, Frederick. I shot a lot because I haven't played with it much lately."

"Why not?"

"If I had one this big, I'd want to play with it all the time."

"Well, you have to have time." I pointed out. "And energy. I've been awful busy lately."

Devon and the others considered this, but Devon was the one who spoke. "Well, you're not busy this weekend."

"Yeah. The next three days, you got nothing to do but play with us."

"Take care of you, yeah." I agreed. "That includes cooking your meals, cleaning up after you and all that."

"We can help you out on that." William chipped in. "It won't take very long."

"And the rest of the time...." Devon let the rest drop.

But Frederick took it up. "The rest of the time, we can play with you some more!"

"Yeah." Devon settled for saying. "First thing we need to do, is get these clothes off of you."


The boys were inexorable, and my resistance to them (memories of that tickling were still powerful) was minimal, I ended up bare naked with them naked as well, and we played some more games until they tired and then I was again put into service, this time on the couch, laying out and they took turns playing with my cock and sucking on me, while the other two sat on either side. I had to jerk their cocks with my hands while they did that, and every one of these boys had his own little climax while I was sucked on by the third. Again, when I got close, they all got down and this time, they held onto my cock and as I squirted, they aimed it so that all three of them took a bath in my jizz. When I went to bed, it was with the boys in there with me, and I woke again and again to hands or mouths on my cock and I shot about three more times.

I could go on, but it was all that way the rest of the weekend. Dave and his mother came back on the third night (Monday night, it was, I worked from Friday night to Monday after dark).

"How did it go?" Ms. Carver wanted to know. "Did they wreck the place?"

"Actually, they helped me clean it up." I said. And the place was indeed spotless and clean, cleaning house was one of my lesser duties I'd been warned.

Ms. Carver was delighted. "Devon never helps me with the housework! How did you do it?"

"I...have my secrets." I didn't say that I'd delegated sexual favors on tasks performed the day before and the boys had only been too eager to get me all to themselves for a change that they'd each done their work admirably.

"Well, I know the next time I want a babysitter for Devon, I'm calling for you!"

"I'll leave you my home number." I said. I had to share my earnings with the agency, of course, but nothing stopped me from being directly contacted for work with them, long as I didn't try to hide it from them.

"And I know Sheila and Jessica will want you for their boys, too." She mentioned the mothers of William and Frederick. "And we'll get you more jobs, too."

"I could use all the work I can get." I agreed. "And I'll take all I can handle."

I went home to find a message flashing on my answering machine. I pressed the button. "Hello, Lawrence, this is Sheila, William's mother." the voice said. "I was wondering if you could basysit William for me tomorrow night? It'll be three or four hours, and he'll have some friends over. Oh, wait a minute, William wants to say something."

I listened as there was a short pause, then William's voice came on, "Hi, Larry! Hope to see you tomorrow. I know my friends are going to want to play with you just as much as I do!" And those last words were accented ominously, no doubt what kind of play he was talking about!

And his mother came back, "So give me a call soon as you can, please. Thank you. My phone number is...." She left it and the call ended.

So here I sit, asking myself. I'd told Ms. Carver I'd take all the work I could handle. So just how much can I handle?

Or is it being handled?

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