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This story started off as a for-pay job of man/boy sex based on a popular 60's TV show, written for pay for a fan, and which grew by his requests (and additional payments) into a size where I felt a book was required to hold, which I am now offering it here for your own enjoyment. You won't have any problem figuring out which TV show it was based on, and while I am leaving the sample with the character's names changed, the book I send will contain the original names of the characters.

Our hero is a ten-year-old boy living in a Florida marine park with his teenaged brother and father/park ranger, and his best friend, a very intelligent and talented pet dolphin. (I said you wouldn't have any problem figuring out which TV show!) This family has an adventure when the boy and dolphin stumble upon a group of smugglers operating out of Seventh Key Cove in the marine park. Soon, all three are the captives of the smugglers and with the help of their intelligent dolphin companion, they escape, but in the process, this family discovers the joys of sex with each other. Emphasis is on frottage per the fan's request, but there is enough of the other kinds of sex to keep you all hopping. Also, I did my research on sex with dolphins here and it is as accurate as possible (My advice is, don't even try it; most dolphins are far too rough to make it safe for humans!)

Sorry, but there is only one illustration inside this book but it's done as a full page. The lack of illustrations makes this book only 1MB in size, as opposed to the other books I sell which run into 5-10MB in size.

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