Left At The Mall

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2005 by Inocentius & Pervertida. All Rights Reserved.
Illustration of Left At The Mall

The best bed for me was at Robinson's-May, and when the store was closed and the lights turned off for the night, I headed for it. I'd been doing this for nearly two weeks now and felt I had it all figured out. The cameras were aimed in certain directions, all I had to do was work around to where I wasn't seen by any of them. There was one rather brief sprint across an aisle but beyond that, I was clear for the bed.

I got to it and, secure in my privacy, shucked off my tennis shoes, stripped out of my shorts and t-shirt and, wearing only my briefs, settled in to bed. All I had to do was be awake and out of there before they opened, which was at 9:00 a.m., more than twelve hours from now, so I had plenty of time. I wasn't worried. I spent the time waiting to fall asleep considering tomorrow. What would I do for breakfast? Well, there was McDonald's, I managed to beg a few dollars from the patrons at the mall each day, mostly by looking lost and helpless. Or if I didn't want to spend my money, there were four restaurants that didn't open until nearly 8:00am to start fixing lunch, I could slip in and use their stove and make a breakfast, as long as I cleaned things up and didn't take anything they didn't have plenty of, they were none the wiser. Finally, by skinning down an airshaft, I could hit the supermarket in the underground parking area, and take my pick of whatever they had, their only security cameras were internal, monitored only when they were open during the day!

I figured, overall, that Mom had done okay by me, leaving me here when she took off and abandoned me over a month ago. As long as I traveled about by the mall's air vents, which were big enough for me to squeeze through and get from store to store (they were too small for an adult or older child, which was all the mall's builders had thought about), I had free run of the place. Not that I needed to, much. It was often just a case of picking a good spot to hide until I could make my move. I would pick the store to be inside when it closed, such as the Robinson's-May and again, as long as I avoided the cameras, I was fine.

Those cameras are nice, and on the whole, they do their job proper and honest. But they are laid out to find someone who is outside the store trying to get in, or inside it trying to get out, carrying lots of stuff with them. So most are aimed at the doors and major aisles. They just aren't set up to spot someone like me, who doesn't plan to leave the store at all during the night, and doesn't plan to take anything...or take much. I had to have clean clothes and there wasn't a place to wash the clothes, so I'd wear them long as I could, then throw them away and pick out new ones. There were three stores that sold children's clothes, and I tried to spread around my taking of their stuff.

So, secure in my life at the mall, fed, sheltered and clothed, I tried to go to sleep. My only real problem was that Momma wasn't here to tuck me in and kiss me good-night. I missed her, even if my only memories with her were from being out on the street or living in shelters or under bridges or inside boxes in allies. She was my mother, after all....

A bad idea, I ended up crying and it took me forever to get to sleep. Then, some hours later, I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. Groggily, I went over to the nearest checkout counter and got the key, and then over to the bathroom. I had satisfied my curiosity about the women's bathroom long ago, it was just like the men's only it had two toilets instead of one toilet and a urinal. So I went into the men's room and up to the urinal and did my business. Washed my hands after, like they teach you in school. School...gee, that was something I hadn't thought about in a while. I should think about a way to go back to school again, maybe when they started school again next autumn, I could slip out of the mall in the morning without being seen. Getting back before closing wouldn't be a problem....

"Hold it right there!" came the stern voice and I had been wiping my eyes with my hand to get the sleep out of it, lifted my fingers away.

A security guard! A big, brawny black guy with deep brown skin, large hands peering out of a deep-blue uniform and one of those shield-like badges they wore. I'd been careless and I'd gotten caught!

"Hello, mister." I said as sleepy as I could. "I fell asleep. Has my mommy come looking for me? She was shopping for clothes and said for me to wait for her."

"Nice try, kid." the cop said. "I've been trying to catch you for over a week now. How long have you been living in this mall, anyway?"

"About a month." I said, my lower lip trembling. "Ever since Mom left me here. She said for me to wait for her here until she come back. And I have."

"How do you do it, kid?" he asked me. "Moving around a mall locked down tight. You got a set of master keys or something?"

I started to answer, and then stopped. Those vents were all over, and with any chance, I could slip into one and get away. They just clipped into place, as long as I was careful and pulled it back in, my little fingers could work the clips back into their slots and a pull clipped the whole thing shut.

So I said nothing and he looked at me. "Well, then, come on. Got to call the police and they'll bring in Child Services."

"I'm not under arrest?" I said. "I mean, for taking the stuff."

"What kind of stuff?" he wanted to know.

"Food, mostly." I admitted. "And some clothes." I looked down at my bare feet. "Just what I needed, honest."

"We'll keep that out of it, then." he said to me and smiled, and I smiled back. He was nice, then, not like some guards I had encountered while with Mom, some guys were plain mean. Others would be nice, slipping Mom and me some money, or some food from their lunchpails. If you wonder about my ability to open airvents and avoid security cameras, it was because Mom and I had done it all our lives. It was why Mom had left me at this mall, she had it figured for an easy place for me to live...and she'd been right, only I'd been sleepy and careless and got myself caught.

He led me as I was, wearing just my briefs, back to his guard post. I thought about mentioning my clothes, but decided against it, if I was going to be talking to the police, the more pitiful I looked, the better, and an eight-year-old kid wearing just his briefs was pitiful enough.

His guard post was the reason he was pretty much alone in this mall, he had security cameras that let him see everything. With him on the inside, and a couple of guards on the outside around the entrances, they felt they had the place covered. Like I said, Mom didn't pick this mall at random as the place to leave me. It was easy to live here...long as you didn't try to leave it at night.

"How did you catch me?" I asked as I sat in the chair before his desk. The leather was cold on my bare legs and it stuck to them, too.

Instead of sitting behind his desk, he sat on the front edge of it. My experience said this meant he wanted to be friendly with me. So I grinned up at him. If he got careless, I would be out of there so fast....

"So what'd you do with your clothes?" he asked me.

I looked down at myself. "I was sleeping." I said. "Just got up to go to the bathroom."

He gave a small chuckle. It actually sounded friendly, not mean. "You look like a plucked chicken."

"It's kind of cold in here."

"I can get you a blanket." he said. "Or we could warm you up some other way." He pulled out the space heater and turned it on, aimed it at me. "That better?"

"Yes, sir."

"Call me Rodney." he said. He looked at me, shook his head. "Kid, you've been here a month, huh?"

"Yes, sir."

"How did you manage it? More important, why?"

I shrugged and told him about my earlier life. "Then Mom said she had to go, and for me to wait here for her. So I've been waiting, like she said."

"She going to come back?" He asked me.

"She said she was." I said. "Said for me to wait and it would take a while. Even as long as a couple of years, but that she would be back for me." I set my jaw firmly. "So go ahead and call the police. I'll just run away and come back here, no matter what it takes."

He looked at me so hard I wondered if telling him that was a good idea. Then he smiled. "So I'm stuck with you here no matter what I do, eh?"

I smiled back, a bit ruefully. I didn't want to make trouble for this guy. "I'm afraid so." I said. "But I'm no trouble, really. I just need my food, and a way to clean my clothes. Everything else is right here at the mall, I can use it and put it back afterwards, nobody is hurt. I wasn't hurting anyone. Just waiting for my mother to come back. And she is coming back, she promised me she would, one day...." And the tears started in again.

He knelt down and took me in his arms, and they were big and warm around me. I sobbed a few more tears into his shoulder, then I quieted down.

"Are you okay now?" he asked me.

I nodded against his shoulder but said, "Can you hold me a little longer, please?"

"Sure, kid." he said. "I can do you one better." And he let go of me, but only to sit down, and then he offered me his lap, and I crawled in gratefully. Those arms went back around me.

"You're an incredible young fellow, you know that?" he said to me. "All alone here in this big mall, and yet you're well-fed, clean, sensible."

"I guess." I said. "But it gets kind of lonely, at night."

"Tell me about it." he sighed. "I can talk to the guys outside, but they don't have anything in common with me."

"What about your home?" I asked.

"Alone." He sighed again. "You're not the only one who wishes he had someone to hold him. I go out on dates, but...." He sighed yet again. "I don't know. Doesn't work out too good."

I looked up into his face. "Gee, so you're lonesome, too, huh?"

I reached my hand up and touched his face. There was the faintest roughness of the beard there, but otherwise it was soft and warm. He smiled and the skin moved under my hand.

His own hand reached up and stroked over my chest. The palm was smooth as it could be, not rough at all. I kind of moaned as his hand felt so good. His hand got down to my stomach and the bottom of his hand touched my cock.

"You got yourself a little stiffie there, don't you?" he said to me. His hand didn't leave off of my dick.

"Uh-huh." I admitted. "Your hand feels so good on me." I meant on my chest, the feel of it over my bare skin.

But he said, "Well in that case, let me make it feel better." and his hand moved down onto my briefs and he rubbed his fingers over my little, hard dick.

I moaned and he said, "You like that, kid?"

"Yes, sir, yes." I murmured. "It feels real good."

"You know what your dick is for, kid?"

"Yeah." I said. And I did, you can't grow up on the street without learning all about sex at a very young age. There had been a teenaged boy in one of the homeless "camps" that had crawled into my bed every night for a month or more. He'd taught me everything. "You want to play with it, Rodney? You can."


"Sure." I said. "I like you. I'd like it if you played with my dick."

"Shit." he said and his hand trembled as he slid it into the elastic of my briefs. His hand bulged out the soft white material as he enclosed my cock with his hand and his fingertips tickled my balls, then he began to clench his hand, not squeezing my cock and balls, just kind of working his hand over my genitals, his breath hissing out between his teeth as he fondled me.

I reached up and kissed his lips, and he looked at me, almost surprised. "You really are getting into this, aren't you, kid?" he asked me.

"Sure." I said. "Can I suck your dick now?"

"What?" He said, startled.

I reached down and tried to get hold of his cock, but with me in his lap, it didn't work. He got the idea, though.

"You really want to suck it?" he asked me. "You know what that means?"

"Sure." I said. "I can do it real good, too."

"Shit!" he breathed out and I felt his hand slip away from me and out of my briefs.

I took that as a yes and slid out of his lap and onto my knees. "Come on, take it out for me, so I can suck it." I urged him.

He froze for a moment and I started to reach up to unzip him myself, when he galvanized into action and his fingers moved urgently to grab hold of his fly and pull down his zipper, fish inside. He tugged his cock out from beneath his boxers and it stiffened up as soon as he got it out.

"Nice." I told him and leaned over, took it in my mouth.

"Ooh, oh, God!" he sighed as I moved my lips and sucked on his dick, pulled the foreskin up over the glans and then pushed it back down again, the hot, salty taste of his skin was deep and musky, not the raunchy filth of that teenaged boy, but the clean smell and taste of a man's groin, wrapped in its cotton sheath and it all concentrates into the skin, gathering its potency and power there, until it was liberated by the reapplication of moisture, either by the shower...or by me. So it was there for me to drink in as my tongue worked over his cockhead and shaft, savoring the flavor of unadulterated man.

"Oh, yeah, kid, come on, suck it some more." Rodney groaned.

I grinned around his fat cock and began to bob my head up and down faster. The big black man groaned as I sucked him and his hand came up and ran the fingers into my hair and sort of petted me like I was a pet of his.

I got his cock all nice and wet and then I held onto the base of it and looked up at him, said, "Would you like to fuck me now?"

"You want me to fuck you, kid?" Rodney asked, again like he couldn't believe it.

"Sure." I agreed. I hadn't liked it much when that teenaged boy would fuck my ass, but at least I knew how to do it now. And I felt that, unlike that other guy, Rodney would be gentle with me.

And he was. He bent me over his desk, pulled down my briefs to below my knees, and said, though his voice shuddered with his lust and his cock throbbed as he pushed it up against my ass. "Okay, kid, get ready for it. Wish I had me more lube for it, though. Better put some more on." And he was kind enough to pull away, hawk some spit into his hand and then rub it over his cock, and put it back up against me.

And it was warm against my body. When he pushed the cockhead into me, my ass expanded around it, and it felt like velvet around hot steel. I shuddered as he pushed it into me, but it wasn't pain, it was too gentle and kindly for it to hurt me. It felt...like it completed me!

He was doing more than fucking me, he was taking possession of me, and I needed that so much! As his cock went deeper into me with each stroke of his hips back and forth, I groaned with the feeling as he owned me more and more, until at last he had the entire dark length within me, and he held it there and I lifted up my head and I howled like a wolf at the feeling of being completely owned! I belonged to someone again, I belonged to someone!

"Oh, yeah, now." I panted. "Fuck me, Rodney. Please, fuck me, I need you to, please."

"Oh, God, kid, your ass is so hot!" he moaned. "I need to come right now, this is so...fucking...hot!"

"Fuck me more, please, fuck me!"

With a long, gutteral sound from his lips, Rodney began to move back and forth, but not fast like I needed...he moved slowly, lovingly, rocking back and forth as gently as a mother rocks her child to sleep.

"Oh, God, kid, I need to come, I need to come." Rodney babbled. "God, this is too hot, I can't take it any more, I can't take it any more."

"Fuck me, Rodney." I said. "Come in my ass, pump it all in me, I need all of it, all of it!"

"Oh, hell, yeah, yeah!" he gasped and then he began to ram his cock into me, hard and fast, and I felt his cock get as hard and hot as it could get, and I knew from the teenager's cock in my ass before that this meant he was going to come.

Rodney was going to come. My own climax was born with that thought, I groaned and my dick tingled and I shivered from the feel of it, my little orgasm wracked my body and in the middle of that, Rodney's jism burst into me. Hard and heavy, he flooded my ass with his jizz, and it was so hard that it squirted out all around his cock and out of my ass, every time he pulled back, I felt a new gush of it dribble out, run down my ass and over my balls to drip onto the floor beneath us.

"Oh, yeah, shit, yeah, oh, baby, yeah, kid, God, yeah!" Rodney groaned as he slumped over onto me and his arms wrapped around my chest and his hands stroked my chest in large, hard circles, like he was trying to pull me into him, and I felt that warmth again, that stimulation that made me feel so very good, so very RIGHT!

"Oh, God, that was damned good!" Rodney sighed. "You are one fucking special kid, you know that."

"I know." I said, pulling my briefs back up again.

"What am I going to do with you, kid?" he asked me, as he sat down with a heavy thud and sigh in the chair again.

I got up into his lap and he put his arms around me. "I guess you're going to have to take me home with you." I said.

"What about your mother?" Rodney asked me. "What about when she comes back?"

I blushed. "I lied about that." I said. "Mom never said anything about coming back. She just left me here, that's all. I was just sort of staying here and hoping she would, that's all."

"Then you can come home with me." Rodney said. "And won't neither of us be lonely any more."

"Yeah." I agreed.


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