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Thirty short stories (with illustrations on more than half of them) about young boys and the men who teach them about the wonderful toy a man has hanging between his legs, and these boys are only too happy to play with it until that hot fun-toy squirts creamy hot, delightful-tasting stuff they get to scarf down. Whether it's a case of the man overbearing an innocent but eager boy or the man using gentle persuasion to get that kid to grab hold and get busy, in all these stories, the man is the instigator and prime mover of the action. And in some of these, the men cluster about that boy like flies on a drop of melted ice cream.

The stories in this book are:

Plumb Tuckered Out--Cletus is out to spend his Saturday with his friends but his wife insists he take their six-year-old son Joey with him, get him out of her hair. He does, but as long as the boy doesn't bother his Daddy on his day off, he doesn't care what the boy does...or what the other men do to his boy. Daddy even gets into the act at the end.

The Gravediggers’ Sons--Eight-year-old Charley and his father, in the year 1930, are going to his dad's new job, working as a gravedigger at a large town's cemetery. They end up sharing a house with the other gravedigger at the place, a black man and his eight-year-old son, and before long, our hero finds that while the townspeople shun him and his father as ghouls, the black man and his son are more than ready to be very, very friendly to them. No incest.

Left at the Mall--Our 8-year-old hero, homeless from birth, was abandoned by his mother at the mall, and had survived ever since by slipping around the mall at night, avoiding the cameras and guards with practiced ease born of a life doing so. He was doing well...until the day he got caught. Then it was a matter of working things out with the guard!

The Boxcar--Max, our 8-year-old hero is riding in a railroad boxcar with other homeless men during the Great Depression and at the back of the car, his uncle and caretaker is gambling every every penny they have. But a big, strong man walks up and gets to know Max and Max gets to know this man very well indeed!

The Demonstration Model--Six-year-old Terry's father is a scientist who has created a robot that looks and acts just like Terry, even has Terry's memories. And his father plans to take this robot with him everywhere. Terry decides to take the robot's place to be with his father, only to find out that the plans his father has for the robot includes turning it over to the Space Marines for their personal sex toy and a squad has been brought in to try him out with a gang-bang!

Whatever It Takes--Henry Sheppard, a big strapping young man, is coming to stay with the Harberry family up on the mountain for five days, while he looks over their three eligible girls to see if he wants to stay on and court any of them. But our six-year-old hero is the one whose bed Henry ends up sharing, and it quickly turns out that our hero is the one that Henry wants to stay with!

Flaxenlocks and the Big Bad Wolf-My take on a classic fairy-tale. Young Flaxenlocks is off to his uncle's house in the woods, for his uncle is sick and Flaxenlocks is to care for him during his illness. But he meets up with a dark stranger in the woods who has his own plans for how Flaxenlocks ought to spend the next two weeks.

A Father’s Reasons--Breyer is the fastest gun around but he doesn't want any part of the range war that is brewing around him. When one farmer slips a drug into his drink and kidnaps him, Breyer finds that this man has his own plans for Breyer, which is to force his son's ass down onto Breyer's hard cock and force the hired gun to fuck his son whether he wanted to or not! But he has his reasons....

In Need of Love--Greg's mother had adopted four special-needs children before she had Greg and another after him. But she'd promised Greg not to adopt any more special-need babies, and when she goes back on her word, Greg is upset at losing his mother's attentions once again. But his next-door neighbor hears Greg's crying and takes him in and shows him some very special love that turns out to be just what Greg needs.

Rassling With Buck--Six-year-old Elmer's mother is working at a factory, and Buck, a big hunk of a man, keeps arriving early. He waits for Elmer's mother to get ready and he and Elmer wrestle (rassle) as they wait. And their competition just gets heavier and hotter day by day!

The Delivery Man--Six-year-old James is left alone by his mother all day, and when a delivery man arrives with a package, James just opens the door and lets the man in. When the delivery man realizes James is all by himself, he delivers a hot package special delivery right to James' cute little bum! Rough sex!

Fire on the Mountain--Fire was burning on the ridge near Justin's home and his house became a rallying point for the firefighters combating the blaze. But the firemen had their own fire, and 14-year-old Justin was just the boy for the job of dousing their sexual desires.

Gay Bulls--Our 14-year-old hero lives on a farm with his mother and a big hulking ranchhand named Bull. He goes out to help Bull with a young bull named Chester who it turns out has no interest in the cows and prefers other bulls. That leads to a revelation from our hero and a bigger one from Bull!

Back to School--Danny Carver is going back to school for the third grade. He's really eager to get back to school, but finds that the teachers and staff at the school are even more eager to see this sexually precocious 8-year-old arrive and Danny's first day back in school is a busy one indeed.

Fishing Trip--One of my oldest stories. Our hero thought he was going fishing with his stepfather's friends. But when his stepfather ran out of poker money, our hero's ass wound up as table stakes in their poker game.

Hooked!--Nine-year-old Bobby lives with his father, who is addicted to drugs. But when Dad's buddy Troy comes by with some drugs for his Dad, it turns out he's only supplying Dad to get some time alone with Bobby while Daddy is passed out nearby!

The Broken Window--Thirteen-year-old Billy is playing baseball and he hits the ball too hard...right into the picture-window of a mean neighbor. He bravely goes to admit his responsibility to find the man not willing to let it slide. Fortunately, he offers to let Billy work it off.

Comfort Detachment--A double-length story. Our six-year-old hero in the future is one of the boys of his pacifist planet who have been selected by the Earthfleet Admiral to form a comfort detachment, and is shipped out to provide sexual comfort for the men in space as they rest between battles. Our hero learns his duties very well on his first day of full duty, and on the second day, finds he has been selected by the Admiral himself, who has decided to be the one who takes our hero's still-virginal ass for himself!

The Power of a Name--Seven-year-old Jonquo goes with his father who is a janitor at a sports arena, eager to see his sports hero's locker. Instead, he meets Shambo Peters in person, and gets to visit with him privately, when he learns a lot about Shambo, including the power that comes from having pride in who you are.

Hopper’s Bottom Houseboy--In the Depression era, the landlord was coming to throw Jack and his sharecropper family off of their farm. His family begged Mr. Hopper for a way to let them stay, but only Jack could fill the only position Mr. Hopper was interested in.

Mosquito Net--Eight-year-old Jamie is spending a week on the river, camping, just him, his dad, a couple of other guys...and a very horny stud named Alec. Jamie finds that his dad just came down to play poker with the others, but Alec is very willing to play the sort of games a young boy likes to play in bed at night.

No-Account--Toby has moved with his mother to a trailer park and his mother is worried about the "no-account" neighbors. But our hero gets to know the neighbor man who has a motorcycle, and the ride he's given ends up in a session in the bushes of no-account behavior our hero isn't going to soon forget! This story was the inspiration for my series "Trailer Park Trash."

Lumbercamp Whore--One of my earliest stories. Our young hero thought he was getting a job, but found himself sold into slavery by his stepfather to some horny lumberjacks. The poor grammar, punctuation and spelling were on purpose in this story!

The Tax Man--In Medieval times, the tax man coming around caused most of the village to go into hiding. Our young hero and his mother are the only ones left in the village as the tax man approaches. His mother waits because she has a relationship with the tax man, who has always forgiven her tax debt in return. But this year it is a new tax man, a young warrior who has no interest in his mother...but a keen interest in our hero!

Across the Hall--Seven-year-old Geoffrey lives with his mother and three sisters in a single boarding house room, which means that he is at his sister's mercy while his Mom is at work. But one day, when his oldest sister sends him out into the hall to wait until Mom comes home, the man across the hall offers to take him in, and show him some new games to play while they're waiting!

Mis-Conceptions--Six-year-old Jeremy spies the hired hand and his girlfriend talking and she doesn't want to get pregnant. Our hero gets revealed and the girlfriend stamps off. The only way to keep the hired hand on the farm is for someone to get pregnant, and when our hero offers to let the hand get him pregnant, the hired hand is willing enough to let the mis-conception go and try!

Uncle Willard--Our hero is new in town and his new friend tells him the legend of Uncle Willard, a ghost who appears if you light a candle before a mirror in a dark room and say his name three times. Our hero scoffs, but that night, decides to give it a try. Uncle Willard appears and since our hero can't find the light, Uncle Willard stays and after a while, our hero doesn't want Uncle Willard to ever leave his bed.

Sold Into Slavery--In olden times, nine-year-old Fenn is to be sold as a slave by his own father, but for now, Fenn is taken to a school where he will learn everything a young slave needs to know, including how to please the huge gladiator who is waiting for him in his bed at night.

The Sacred Grove--At the age of nine, our hero is taken to the Sacred Grove, there to encounter his guardian spirit and thus to be accepted by a warrior-mentor to be trained in how to fight. When he enters the Sacred Grove and encounters the spirt of the Bronze Bear waiting for him, he discovers that the only way to tame this wild spirit is to wear him down sexually until he turns into the companion-warrior our hero wants him to be.

The Naughty List--Six-year-old Peter sets out to prove Santa didn't care of you were naughty or not when it came to giving out presents. But he got a lump of coal that year and was panicked--until he read the card with it and found out that Santa's elves had a way for him to get his GI Joe doll that year after all, just come to the North Pole and do whatever they wanted...and after working weeks of overtime for Christmas, these elves were super-horny for young boy ass!

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