Watching Over Me

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2010 by Eduardo
Illustration of Watching Over Me

My mom was standing on the sidewalk looking up along with the others when Hyperman flew me down to her. Her eyes bugged out as she saw Hyperman holding me, her son, in his arms. I was six years old, but to his hyperstrong arms, I was light as a feather, he landed gently on the sidewalk and said, "Here you are, Todd, back home safe and sound." He stood beside me, his costume of blue and yellow, trimmed with green and the huge yellow "H" in the round-cornered green square on his chest, his large square-jawed face beneath a pile of curled blond hair, his image was one known all over our city of Cosmopolis as a champion of justice and freedom. I felt safe, as long as I'd been held in his arms. Hyperman was watching over me after all.

But now on the ground at my home and put down by him, outside of his hold, I felt small and scared all over again. "But I'm not safe and sound, am I?" beginning to shake again like I had before he had picked me up to take me home.

"Todd, baby, baby, what's wrong?" My mother asked me, but I broke down and cried, so Hyperman had to answer her as she got me indoors and the three of us were alone.

"He witnessed an armed robbery." Hyperman told her. "We got some of the gang, but a few escaped. The ones we caught are up on charges of murder, they killed the jeweler and a couple of policemen, but only Todd here got a good look at the ones who got away and his testimony is needed for the ones we've caught, as well."

"He said he was going to kill me!" I wailed.

"One of them did say that as he was escorted by Todd on the way to the police wagon." Hyperman explained. "You're going to have to watch him carefully until we can bring those men to trial."

"But, but I can't!" Mom exclaimed. "I have to work nights."

"But you have a babysitter for him, don't you?" Hyperman wanted to know.

"I can't afford that on my salary."

"I'm left alone every night." I told Hyperman. "All alone. Those men will get me for sure!"

"Can't I go home with you tonight?" I asked Hyperman. "I won't be any trouble, honest!"

"I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do!" My mother fretted. "I can't miss any more work, they'll fire me, they'll fire me for sure."

Hyperman looked baffled. His handsome face barely crinkled as he gave a frown of concentration. "I have my own duties. If I don't patrol, the criminals will have a field day."

Then he looked at me and smiled, "On the other hand, if we shut down the Farrimore gang, crime is going to take another beating."

"Can you please stay with him at least tonight?" My mother asked. "I'll see if I can arrange something for him at work."

"I suppose so." Hyperman agreed. "But I must patrol until then."

"I leave the house at ten o'clock." my mother said. "Todd will be in bed by then. I'll be home again by eight thirty in the morning."

"Ten o'clock. And I'll make sure to fly over often before then." Hyperman agreed and took off into the air, his yellow cape fluttering behind him in the wind of his own take-off.

Knowing Hyperman was watching and close enough to call if I needed, I was able to relax enough to eat dinner, do my homework, and take my evening bath. I wondered if Hyperman was watching me do all that with his hypervision, that let him see through walls any time he wanted to.

Mom made me get ready for bed at nine-forty-five, saying that Hyperman was doing enough just agreeing to be here at ten o'clock, he shouldn't have to make me get in bed as well. But I was too excited to sleep.

Ten o'clock came and went and no sign of Hyperman. I wondered if he was busy fighting criminals. I wondered if he forgot. I got up and looked out the window and saw Hyperman, hovering overhead, looking down at me and I smiled up and waved at him, got back into bed and was able to go to sleep.

I don't know how much later it was, but the window opened and at first, I thought Hyperman had had to leave and a crook was breaking in, but I had my nightlight on and when I dared look over, I saw it was Hyperman crawling in my window. So he'd decided to come in. There was a chair by the window he could sit in, so maybe he was going to be there. I turned my head back and lay back down, I was really sleepy and went back to sleep.

I woke again a little bit later, because Hyperman was crawling into the bed with me. He was being so quiet, so gentle, so careful, I just kept quiet. If he wanted to sleep with me, that was just fine. His body moved up against mine under the covers and that was fine, too, his costume was so soft and it conformed so tightly to his body that it felt almost like he wasn't wearing any clothing at all.

A large arm covered in blue reached over my body and pulled me close to his chest, I felt his warm, warm breath on the top of my head and again I felt safe and warm. No bad man would dare touch me with me right inside Hyperman's arms and right up against his chest like I was.

He lay like that for a moment and I was about to go back to sleep again, when I felt his hand moving. Rubbing over my chest. I was only wearing a pair of soft shorts my mother bought for me to wear in bed, and his hand was soft, gentle. His fingers returned to my breast and he caught my nipple and squeezed it, but gently. I thought about saying something, but I didn't want him to leave my bed.

Then his hand went down to my shorts and felt over my crotch. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so he could feel my wiener and balls without much trouble. Then his hand caught hold of my shorts and tugged at them. He was still soft, still silent, still gentle, and I let him do what he wanted. After all, he was protecting me, maybe the shorts bothered him somehow. He slid my shorts down my thighs, and pulled them all the way past my knees and to my feet and off. Still not a sound from him as he lifted the covers long enough to toss my shorts onto the floor. Now I was naked in bed with Hyperman.

I felt him moving, he was working at his belt, undoing it, I gathered and then a soft rustling of cloth and then he caught hold of me, his big arm around me, and pushed up against me again and that was when I felt it. The hot shaft of his cock pressing against my buttocks! It was there!

I couldn't believe it! I hadn't felt anything like this before, but I knew right away what it was, there was nothing else shaped just like it. Hyperman rubbed it up against me, up and down, back and forth and now he made sounds, soft moans that slid from his lips rather than spoken, like he didn't want to make even these noises but couldn't help himself.

"Hyperman?" I said in a whisper.

"Shhh, Todd, it's all right, it's all right." Hyperman murmured in my ear.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"It's all right, I'm not going to hurt you, I'd never hurt you, you know that, don't you?" Hyperman hissed in my ear.

"I know." I agreed.

"Just let me do this, let me do this with you, that's all I ask, that's all I want." he muttered.

"Can I do this, can I do this with you?"

"All...all right." I said dubiously.

Hyperman began to make spitting sounds and his hand went down between us. I gathered he was rubbing some of his spit onto his dong. A friend of mine had done that to play with his wiener, and I guessed that was what Hyperman was doing. If he wanted to play with his wiener in bed, that was okay. I wouldn't mind that. Long as he was protecting me, that was all I asked of Hyperman.

"Okay, Todd, this isn't going to hurt much, I promise it won't hurt much, just relax and let me do it, okay, okay?" Hyperman breathed in my ear.

I didn't understand even as he caught hold of my upper leg and lifted it clear of my other, didn't understand what he was doing until I felt him pushing against me again, this time, his prick wasn't rubbing me, he was jabbing the head of it at my ass. I felt his cockhead catch my anus and press against it and I groaned. "Oh, oh, Hyperman, that...that hurts!"

"It won't hurt much, I promise, Todd, it won't hurt much, or for long. Just let me do this, Todd, let me do this and I'll stay with you the rest of the night. I promise, Todd, I promise!"

He pushed at me again and I groaned. It did hurt, but like he said, not a whole lot. "Oh, oh, I...I guess so."

"Thank you, Todd, thank you." His voice and breath were heavy on my shoulder. I felt the power of his body pulsing behind me, so much power, he could split me in two without trying. And yet he was doing this with me and he was being as careful and gentle as he could. It hurt, his doing it, but it would have hurt no matter how it was done. That wasn't his fault, was it? And he wanted it. After all he'd done for me, for everyone, for so long, didn't he deserve a little bit of what he wanted?

So I grit my teeth and let him push into me. It was painful, yes, but no worse than getting punched like I was by some bullies that time. They'd hit me over and over and I'd had bruises, but they'd quit hurting in a day or so and went away in a week or two. This would be the same, wouldn't it?

"Oh, Todd, oh, baby, now I got the head of it inside you, do you feel that, do you feel my cockhead inside your ass, Todd?"

"Yeah, Hyperman, I feel it." I agreed.

"It feels so good inside you, I want to push more of it inside you, can I do that, can I push inside you even more?"

"Yes, Hyperman, you can push more of your cock inside of me." I consented.

"Thank you, Todd, thank you. Here it comes." And Hyperman stuffed his cock into me further, I felt the length of it as it passed my sphincter, large and hot and...

"Ooh!" I gasped. For as it got deeper into me, I felt it touch a place inside me, and the place felt good, so good, and for the first time, I was glad he had pushed his cock into me. "Ooh, Hyperman! Ooh!"

"That's it, Todd, that's it, feel it inside you, see, it's not bad, is it, it's not bad to have my cock inside your ass, is it?" he murmured to me.

"No, it's not bad at all. Do it some more, please." I begged him.

"I will, Todd, I will, Baby, I'm going to fuck you now, nice and slow." And Hyperman began to move his dick in and out of me, and he was gentle and slow like he said he would.

And as he moved, the pleasure of his dong rubbed my inside-place that made me moan and groan as Hyperman fucked me. Side by side, we lay like that, my naked body cupped inside Hyperman's bigger, brawnier one, and his breath hissed sharply in my ear as he wriggled, sending his prong in and out of me.

"Oh, oh, Hyperman, that feels good, so good!" I gasped as it felt better and better. I didn't have any pain any longer, it had all vanished as the pleasure grew inside me, replacing it all.

"You feel good to me, too, baby!" Hyperman groaned in my ear. "Hold on while I move us, don't worry, I won't hurt you."

"All right." I agreed.

Hyperman rolled us over so that I was on my stomach and he was on top of me and now he could and did move harder and faster, and none of it hurt, it was all wonderful, feeling that hard, hot hypercock of his throbbing in and out of me, and every move was a stroke of wonderful delight inside me, and I felt myself shivering from the raw power of that movement.

"Oh, oh, Hyperman, it's so good, it's so...oh, oh, OH, OH, OHHHHHH!" I moaned as my pleasure washed over me, filling me and shaking my entire body all at once. I shuddered, it felt so good, and then it was over and I was breathing like I'd just been playing a hard game of football all day long.

"Oh, oh, Todd, oh, Baby, I'm going to come now, baby, I'm coming, here it comes, baby, don't worry, it won't hurt you any, it won't, I promise, OH, OH, AH-AH-AH-GAH-AH-AHHHHHH!" Hyperman's cock was blasting hot wads of goo into my body and it was shooting pretty hard but it didn't hurt me any, just like he promised, I could feel it splashing around inside me but it was all good.

Hyperman finished squirting his juice into me and then he held very still, his breaths were as labored as mine were, even though he was hyperpowerful and hyperstrong. "Oh, Todd, baby, that was so good, so very good!" he sighed as he finally rolled off of me and onto the bed again, lying on his back.

"I'm glad you like it." I said, then shyly, "I liked it, too. Can we do it again some time?"

"Oh? Uh, yeah, sure, Todd, we can do it. We can do it all you'd like. Now, you get some sleep and we'll see about doing it again in the morning."

With that promise, I went to sleep, snuggled up against my hyperhero friend.

I woke up the next morning and Hyperman was still beside me, sound asleep, and I pushed the covers down, and saw that he was still lying with his cock outside of his costume, the dong resting on the yellow shorts he wore over his blue suit. I saw it and reached out and caught hold of it, feeling it's strength even in his slumber.

And it slowly stiffened. I looked at Hyperman, but he was still asleep, or mostly so. I grinned and went down and looked at his cock. And remembered something I'd heard about. Sucking a man's cock. I could do that.

My lips went over Hyperman's prick and slid down it softly. I knew I should keep my teeth from scraping it, because that would have to hurt. I used my lips and my tongue to rub over his dong and as I did, I felt Hyperman waking up.

"Oh, ohhh, oh!" Hyperman groaned. "Todd? What are...what time is it?" I had a clock by my bed and he must have looked at it. "Seven-fifteen. We have plenty of time. Okay, Todd, baby, suck my cock and suck it good!"

I did and Hyperman was lying there and letting me suck on him. I moved my head up and down upon his urging and he groaned, telling me how good I was, how wonderful a little boy I was, and how much he loved me to suck on his cock.

After a time, he gasped, "Oh, oh, Todd, I'm going to come again. Can I come in your mouth this time, baby? Can you catch and drink it down for me? It won't hurt you any, it won't, can I come in your mouth?"

I grunted my agreement and Hyperman moaned and his hips thrust up and down and then he gasped out, just two words warning, "I'm coming!" And then he was.

His squirts into my mouth as he ejaculated, and it was again strong enough to almost hurt, and the spunk he shot was hot, salty and strong-flavored. I held on, and his hands held me in place, too, some, and I gulped him down as he shot it into my mouth and then he was done again. What a wonderful thing it was, I thought, as I lifted up and wiped my mouth dry, looking at him lying on my bed, a big grin on his face.

We rested a bit more and then got up and he fixed me breakfast, just like he was an ordinary guy and not Hyperman and when my mother got home, he was there like he'd promised and he ended it by taking me to school. School was safe, the principal put me into a quiet inner room and my books were there and notes on my classes. It was lonesome but it wasn't that bad. And I was safe.

Mother came with the police to pick me up from school and took me home and the police were with her. And another man. "Oh, Todd, good news. This is Mr. Brent, he's a friend of Hyperman and he's going to give me a job as a housekeeper at his apartment. And you and I can go live there and he'll be able to watch you when I have to go out. Isn't that wonderful?"

I looked at Mr. Brent and he gave me a smile that I found very familiar. Mr. Brent was Hyperman! "That's terrific!" I said as I went up to Mr. Brent and slipped my hand in his. "I'm going to love living with you, Mr. Brent!"

"You go home and pack, Ms. Whittier." Mr. Brent told my mother. "I'll take Todd home with me and we'll come get you tomorrow and move you in."

Mom was only too glad to agree and I went off with Hyperman/Mr. Brent, feeling safe at last. Because now I had Hyperman watching over me all the time!

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