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Superboy is surprised one day by a visit from a teenaged boy from his long-lost home world of Krypton, and more surprised when he realizes that this is his own father who has journeyed through both space and time. He is very happy for this chance to be with his father, especially since they are now both the same age, and their happiness quickly becomes sexual. When young Jor-El returns to Krypton, Superboy is tormented by the memory of their time together, and begins by various means to go to Krypton before it exploded and rescue his father and his world. But there are more forces arrayed against him than the internal planetary stresses alone, which involve technology that can turn a man back into a little boy! Before it is done, father and son have loved each other in all ways, boy/boy, boy/teen, boy/man, teen/teen, teen/man and man/man, making love time and time again.

This story is a case of FG liking the "first chapter" story so much he asked for a much longer sequel, which he and I negotiated into this ten-chapter series. These stories are based in the DC Universe of Superman that was in use in the 1960's and 1970's, so get into your own time machine and remember how Superman was portrayed back in those days, when good guys were good, bad guys were bad and storylines were not always very cohesive (I'm a firm believer that if I am borrowing a universe for a story, I must stay true to that universe in all its ways.)

Sorry, there are no internal illustrations in this book, I just can't afford at this time to buy any illustrations.

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