The Demonstration Model

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2011 by Eduardo.
Illustration of The Demonstration Model

When my nanny said, "Your father wants you in the lab again." I jumped up from my toys and raced to my father's laboratory at the other end of the compound. I hadn't seen Daddy in several days, he's such a busy man. But lately, he had been spending more time with me. From my earliest days until about six months ago, I hadn't seen Daddy at all. He spent his days in the laboratory and his lab animals, the ones he wouldn't let me play with.

But on my sixth birthday, Daddy came in to the little party my nanny had set up for me and took me by the hand and led me out to his laboratory. Put me up on one of his tables and said, "Now, don't wiggle about." Daddy then proceeded to take all sorts of samples from my body, a little snip here and a little snip here. He injected me with something that made me feel numb, then stuck a tube into my body and then used it to clip things off from my liver and my lungs and my stomach. Put them all into special bottles he had and said, "Now rest there for an hour or so, then you can get up and go back to your room." Daddy then left me, carrying the bottles away with him.

That hour or so later, I began to hurt a lot from where he had cut me. I got back to my room and my nanny clucked over my little cuts and bandaged them all up. "Your father thinks more of his science than he does his own son!" she muttered over and over again.

"But Daddy didn't really hurt me." I protested. "He needed it for his 'speriments."

"His experiments! Hah!" my nanny grumbled.

I didn't care. I had spent some time with my Daddy and that was all that counted.

The next few weeks, I spent several more sessions with Daddy. He never again cut anything out of me, but he measured me all over in several different ways. And one time, just a week ago, he had me lie down on that table again, hooked up some things all over my head, and had me sleep there like that all night long, strapped in place so I couldn't move. I had the strangest dreams all night long, revisiting everything I'd done in my life up until then.

Since that night, nothing. Until now. So yes, I ran to see my Daddy.

Daddy was there but he was with another kid. It was wearing some of my old clothes and when the kid turned around, I gasped. It was a kid who looked just like me!

"Meet your twin brother." My Daddy told me.

"Yeah?" I was astonished, I never knew I had a twin! "Hi, there! I'm Terry! What's your name?"

"I'm Terry!" my twin replied.

"No, I'm Terry!"

"I'm Terry!"

Daddy was laughing real hard, as my twin and I argued. Finally, he said, "Look, both of you are right. Both of you are Terry!"

"Huh?" I said and so did my twin.

"Terry, this is your twin. A real twin. A duplicate."

"A clone?"

"The body, yes, a clone. But the brain is electronic, a very, very sophisticated computer, you might say. I programmed it with all your memories. So it looks like you, talks like you, it eats and drinks and everything else you do. Only it's a robot."

"I'm not a robot!" my twin complained.

"Yes, you are." Daddy told it. "And I can make a hundred more just like you, you're my first. My demonstration model. I'm going to show you off tomorrow to a lot of people. If they like you, I'll get rich selling copies like you to people who want them." To me, Daddy said, "That's all, Terry, go back to your room now."

I had to leave when Daddy said that but as I left, he said to the robot, "You and me, Terry, we are going places!" And that, well, that got me kind of mad. I was Daddy's son, not that robot! And if they were going places, they should take me with them!

I thought about it that night and most of that next day. Daddy went out that afternoon and that was when I saw my chance. I did something I'd never done before, I sneaked into Daddy's laboratory and found where he was keeping my twin, the robot. I found him locked into an almost-empty room, sitting on a table only a foot high and with an exercise pad on top of it, nothing else in there, all alone, no toys, and crying like he was a real boy.

I told my twin the plan and he agreed right away. Even wiped his tears and was happy, because he was going to go to my room and pretend to be me while I stayed in this room and pretended to be him. We changed clothes and my twin went back to my room. He knew everything I did, so he wouldn't give himself away, from his point of view, he had woke up on that table and Daddy had told him he wasn't even a real boy. And had proved it by sending for me.

Me, I had my eyes on spending time with Daddy, and all the places we would go together. I could pretend to be a robot, especially one that got to eat and drink and everything like a regular boy, and as long as Daddy didn't realize it was really me (and why would he? He'd made the robot to be like me in every way), he and I would stay together. All the time! So I lay back on the pad on the table and waited for Daddy to come and get me!

I guess I fell asleep (I hadn't slept much the night before) and I woke up with the room in darkness, except a light focused right on me. Its coming on was what had awakened me, and the light blinded me. I sat up, blinking, wondering what was going on. Saw a figure not far away. "Daddy?" I asked, peering through the darkness further blurred by the afterfog of the light.

"No, kid!" came the rough voice. "I ain't your Daddy. But you're going to call me Daddy by the time I'm done with you." The figure came closer and I saw more of them from all directions. And I recognized their clothes. Space Marines. The white jumpsuit with red piping was distinctive. Only...why were they all grinning at me, with that fire in their eyes.

As they stepped into the light, their features became clear. The man who'd first spoken was a huge, square-jawed man with close-cropped blond hair flat across the top of his head. He had a scar on his left cheek, pink and ugly. His chest was huge, his arms were large and big-handed, and those big hands came over and grabbed my blue shorts and yanked them down my body. Another pair of hands caught my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, other hands pulled off my sneakers and socks. I was now nude and surrounded by big men.

The first man was fumbling at his fly and then he reached in and brought out a thick, hard cock. "Squirt me some lube on this, Marin." he said. A fellow Space Marine, a rough-looking Latino, pulled out a small bottle and squirted some pale yellow liquid onto his buddy's dong, and the man began to rub his cock while looking at me. "Can't rip this little boy robot of ours up too badly the first time out now, can we?" he said. "Don't want him squirming around too much either, so hold him down for me until I get it in."

The hands grabbed me and I was pinning helplessly with my head and lower body flat on the mat while my legs were held upwards and apart. The man crawled up onto the bed with me and I realized then what he was going to do. "No, no, please don't!" I gasped. "Daddy! Daddy, where are you?"

"Hah, listen to him!" one of the Marines guffawed. "Fucker thinks he's a real boy."

"Didn't you hear?" another said. "His brain was uploaded with the doctor's son's memories. He thinks he is a real boy. His body is real enough, too. Cloned from the son's body. So fucking him is like fucking a boy, only since he's a robot, you can fuck him all you want and nobody's going to bitch about it. And he's all ours, guys. All ours."

He grasped my legs in his own hands and levered me upwards more and now his cock was pushing against my poor little butthole.

"No, no, please, oh, oh, please, no!" I moaned. "Daddy, please! Help me, Daddy, please!"

And then the man jammed his cock into my ass and I screamed. Oh, it hurt so much, it was like it was tearing me open from inside! "Ahhhhhhhh!" I kept on screaming. "Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!"

"Shut the fuck up, you little bitch!" the man above me growled. "Someone plug this little shit's mouth already!"

"I got him, Dover." a Space Marine at my head said and his hands grabbed my head and turned it rightwards. I saw him briefly, a black-haired, rugged man with a battered nose and fierce blue eyes. Then I saw his cock coming at me like a missile and it struck my mouth. I started to try to speak and that opened my mouth enough to let him shove it into me. "Yeah, come on, kid, suck my dick! Suck it damned good!"

And he didn't even let me get used to it, he just kept shoving it down my throat. It scraped my mouth's insides and then he growled. "You dumb shit! You got to grip it with your mouth and keep those damned teeth out of the way before I knock them out!" Too frightened to disobey, I did as he said and he grunted as he kept shoving it in and out of me.

The man fucking me hadn't stopped, either. He'd hurt me all he could by now, his cock still felt like a club in my butt, but it was beyond hurting me now. Instead, there was the vaguest numb feeling of pleasure in there.

"Don't hog him, guys!" another Space Marine griped. "Let us have some of him."

"So take what's left." another man advised from the other side of me, to my left.

"What's he got left?" the man on the right asked.

"He's got hands."

"Yeah, man, yeah!"

My wrists were grabbed and I groaned. With my head captured by one pair of hands that were forcing my head up and down on a cock to one side and my legs used by the blond-haired man as he fucked my ass, with my hands also imprisoned, I'd be beyond helpless.

Their thick fingers forced me to wrap the pair of pricks and in desperation, I began to pump them the best I could.

"Ah, ahh, ahhh, hahhh, GAHHH-AH-AH-AHHHHH, UHHHH!" The man fucking my ass shot his spunk into my butt, a hot flood that burned my savaged innards. The man's face was a grimace, teeth snarling down at me as he squirted into me, looking down at me with a brutal roughness. I looked sideways at him and, preoccupied with the look on his face, was caught my surprise when the man fucking my face also came. A soft "huh-unkh!" was all he said and then I had a mouth full of hot man jizz and it clogged my throat, thick, white clumps of sperm, and I choked on it as he continued to pump more of it into my mouth. I went from choking to gagging and my eyes teared up as he squirted the rest of it into me and pulled his cock from me hard, so that it popped coming out of my lips.

I felt my legs grasped again and saw the Latino man ("Marin") was now getting himself into position to fuck me, shoving his prick into his buddy's spunk load still burning my insides.

I coughed and choked and swallowed, and another Space Marine's cock slapped my cheek and I was again forced to take another cock.

I pumped the men on either side as I was force-fucked from both ends anew, and when the man in my mouth started coming, this second time he made enough noise to warn me and I was at least ready for it, and could manage to swallow as fast as he pumped it out.

And then the men I was jerking came, first the one on the left and it splashed me on my left ear and cheek, and then the one on the right shot his load onto my chest.

"Ah-huh-huh-uh!" another man said and a man I hadn't noticed, who'd been jerking himself from lower down on my left squirted and that splashed right on my own genitals and pooled in my pubic area, a nasty feeling.

And Marin squirted into my ass and a third man shoved my head onto his cock and I moaned.

"Yeah, the little punk's getting into it!" someone marveled. "Look at that woody he's throwing."

"It's my come on him turning the little bastard on." The man who had jerked off over me bragged. "Come on, guys, let's make the little punk jizz. It'll be a hoot, him coming and our come on and in him all over."

A hand reached down and began playing with my cock and I shuddered. I did have an erection, the little ones a boy can create. I had two cocks in my hands but no more and I realized that these two were the last of them.

Get them off and they'd leave me alone. That's all I can say about what I did next, which was to reach over and suck first one, and then the other, continuing to jerk them, while a third Space Marine pumped my prick. After a time, I had my own little-boy orgasm, shivering as I sucked a hard cock and pumped another.

"Hey, Professor, your robot's getting into this!" one of the Space Marines called upwards.

In answer, a square of yellow light came on above and to one side and inside that square was... "Daddy!" I cried out. "Daddy, please, help!" My Daddy was in that window, in that upper room, with several officers in the Space Marines who'd been watching my gang-rape.

"Shut up and get back to sucking my cock!" one of the Marines grunted and pushed me back onto him.

"You can see how lifelike my robot is." My father said. "Human in body and all but the physical brain, he can function as a member of your crew and yet be available to them whenever and wherever they want him. Load him on one of your ships on a long cruise and the man can while away their hours aboard having sex with him and he can continue to service them while on their base. Bring him back with them, or leave him for the next shift to take over. I can provide you with as many copies of this robot boy as you want. And provide replacements should that be required."

"Daddy! Daddy!" I screamed out. And one of the Marines I was jerking sprayed me in the face and I sputtered. "Dad... Daddy!"

"We'll take this one with us!" the blond-haired Space Marine declared. "I want to fuck his sweet little ass again on the ride home. We ship out tomorrow for Aquarii VII base, anyhow." He looked at me. "Alone with two hundred Space Marines riding aboard a space ship for nearly two years, all with nothing to do but fuck your sweet little boy-ass over and over again!"

My Dad gave a shrug of indifference. "So take him with you. He's a demonstration model, and I can make another in a few days' time. Your superiors have already seen how much you like it."

My further protests were useless, my naked body was picked up and carried away over the blond man's broad shoulder like a sack of dirty clothes, and I was taken back to their troop carrier.

Inside, I was again put right to work again, the big blond man had me sitting in his lap and his cock up my ass and the bumping of the carrier was letting him fuck me without moving. His cock didn't hurt me at all now. It felt pretty good inside me, in fact, like it belonged there. The other Space Marines waited their turn to fuck me when he was done. I clung to the brawny blond-haired man, and moaned in rising passion as the ride went on.

And my journey was just beginning.

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