Comfort Detachment

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2000 by Rebel Rotica

Illustration for Comfort Detachment

I was standing by my Mom and Dad at the community meeting and shuffling my feet from side to side, bored beyond belief. I mean, I'd never been to one (they're for grownups only), but the Battlefleet Commander had insisted that the families with young boys between the ages of six and twelve (Earth years that is, I was only four, but our year is half again as long as the one of Old Earth, so I was six and a half of those years old) bring their boys with them to the meeting. Mom had also packed a bag of my favorite things, but not what you'd pack for a trip, it held my favorite toys and a picture of her and Dad, but none of my clothes or even a toothbrush. I didn't understand it, but she wouldn't answer my questions, just turned her head and sometimes cried a little. And Dad just bit his lip and said, "It may not mean anything at all. We'll find out at the meeting."

So here I was, but the speeches were long and dull and didn't say anything I understood. It was just the Battlefleet Admiral saying he had orders to collect a "comfort detachment" from our community and arguments from the Council, who were complaining about the many contributions to the war effort our planet had made already and didn't want to give him a "comfort detachment."

But Admiral Zar was having none of it. "You Lellanites talk about the foodstuffs you grow for us and the machinery parts you manufacture, but when that's all said and done, it's men from my world of Delbara that have to climb into those starships and fight the battles! And when there's human blood spilled, it's Delbaran blood that boils out into the darkness! Your world is made up of pacifists who refuse to fight, so it's us that has to save you from the Skokwak! But we're not asking you to send anyone to fight here! We just want you to send a comfort detachment for the men behind the lines, a respite from the battles. None of the members of the comfort detachment will be in any danger at any time and won't be required to fight!"

"But why do you want people from our planet to go?" an Elder demanded. "Why not from your own worlds?"

"Because our people are risking enough, sending all our brave young men out to fight and die for your worthless hides! It's time you put your own people into the battle lines, even if it's only safely behind all the real fighting!"

I looked over at my Daddy at that. "Who do they want to send to the fighting, Daddy?" I asked. "You?" Did they want to send my Daddy out to fight the Skokwak? Wow!

"No." my father said and looked at me with sudden determination. "They want to send you. You and your friends. All the boys from our village that are healthy enough for the trip."

"Oh." I said and looked back at the Admiral on the podium with interest.

"But why do you want our young boys for the comfort detachment?" a woman in the crowd was asking. I guess it was to the point where non-Council Elders could ask questions. "Why not women?"

"Because women offer complications the male of the race doesn't." Admiral Zar said. "There's the danger of the men falling in love with them or the women with them, and forming attachments, or jealousies and arguments and infighting. There's also danger of women becoming pregnant or having the numerous female problems unique to their sex. Earthfleet isn't set up to deal with such issues."

"So why boys instead of men, in that case?"

"Because men, as well as women, are of an age where the bonds of love and rage and jealousy can raise their ugly head."

"And boys won't?"

"Not to as great an extent." the Admiral averred.

The woman made a dubious grunting sound. "That doesn't sound like a strong enough reason to take our boy children from us."

Admiral Zar smiled, a bit wickedly. "True, but that's our official position. But if you want the true answer, you would have to know a lot more about the Delbaran peoples than you currently know."

The woman looked puzzled,then her eyes widened. "You're saying that the Delbarans.... Oh, my word!" She looked scandalized.

"War is hell, in more ways than one. We would have been happy enough staying on our own world and minding our own business, too, but there's a war to be fought. Delbarans are contributing their fighting men, so you can contribute your boys to make up their comfort detachment."

"What's a comfort detachment, Daddy?" I asked.

Daddy looked uneasy. "It's a group of people that go with an army to entertain the men who aren't fighting just then."

"Entertain?" I asked, and looked up at the Delbaran Admiral. Such a big, strong man, so much bigger and stronger than my father or any of the men of Lellanus. That's a part of our planets, Delbara is a world much bigger and with a heavier gravity, so while the Delbarans tended to be wide and strong with major muscles (natural soldiers, our Council had called them over and over again tonight) while we Lellanites were thinner and weaker. I'd be playing with men like him if I went on this "comfort detachment?" The thought of that big strong man picking me up in his arms made me feel all quivery inside. "Daddy? I think I'd like to be part of the comfort detachment!"

My voice carried over the crowd, for I'd spoken pretty loudly.

Admiral Zar heard me and he laughed, beaming down at me. "Young fellow, come on up here!" he invited.

Heedless of my father's hands reaching out to catch me, I ran up onto the podium and Admiral Zar's big strong arms picked me up and perched me so I was sitting on one of his broad shoulders and arms to one side of his head. "We have the first member of our comfort detachment here!" he called out to the boys in the crowd. "We need a lot more boys like this brave young lad. I'm off for excitement and adventure. Which of you want to come with me!"

And that was the basic end of the meeting. Several other boys ran up onto the podium and swarmed around Admiral Zar and the other members of the Delbaran contingent. The Council voted to let the comfort detachment be formed, provided it was composed strictly of boys who volunteered for the duty. Of course, I was signed up on the spot as were the other boys, and more came forward to be with their friends on this adventure.

After all that, Mom came up and gave me the bag of my stuff and kissed me goodbye, my father didn't show up at all. I went off with the Delbarans and the other boys that same night.

Three days later, I wasn't so sure of my choice! We boys had been taken to a special ship and there the Delbarans had left us. That ship was manned by Gilivanians, a non-human species that were expert doctors, but no fun to talk to. We boys were examined in a hundred different ways and had very little time to play. But on the third day, we were taken to the "comfort ship." This was to be our home from now on and I was pleased to see it was one of several Delbaran warships that comprised Admiral Zar's battlefleet group. I was given my room assignment, and glad to see it was a nice-sized room with a big, comfortable bed and a television and computer terminal. Lots of things to do here when my Delbaran friends, whoever they would be, got in.

My uniform surprised me, I thought it would be like the ones the Delbarans were wearing, but they were more like pajamas, and skimpy pajamas at that. The bottom had a slit in the seat that went from front to back and didn't fasten, and the elastic waistband was loose enough that they almost fell down when I walked. The top, too, was only like a vest with no arms and didn't close together in front. I had only settled in when there was a knock at my door, and a Gilivanian was there, he said, "Your first visitor will be here in five minutes. Get ready for him."

"Ready how?"

The Gilivanian looked surprised, as much as his people could. "Why, get on your bed, of course."

I was puzzled but did as he said and got on the bed. Seemed like a strange place to be, but the bed was the biggest thing in the room.

The door opened and in came a Delbaran warrior. He was large, strong and clean, and wore (we'd been taught the ranks of the military while on the Gilivanian ship) a sergeant's markings. "Hello." he greeted me. His hair was dark brown, unlike Admiral Zar's light brown, and his eyes were even darker brown. His nose was long and regal, his chin cleft with a small exclamation mark of folded skin, his cheeks rugged and square-jawed. His skin looked almost leathery, he'd been through a lot in his life and it showed. For all that, he couldn't have been more than thirty or so Earth-years old.

"Hello, Sergeant." I said. "My name is Tassurimenissillar."

"I'll call you Tass." he compromised. "I'm Sergeant Bik."

"Sergeant Bik." I memorized. "So what do you want to do first? Play a game on the computer or watch television? Or we could go to the games room down the corridor."

"Never mind that." Sergeant Bik walked toward the bed. "I've got a game we can play right where you are." He was tugging at his clothes as he came my way. "Get that fuck off of you."

I realized he meant my clothes. "We play this game naked?"

"Oh, yeah!" he said, with a grin. "Don't worry, kid, I was told this was your first time. I'll be gentle with you."

I looked as he removed his jumpsuit, which included his boots, he was now clad only in a t-shirt, boxer shorts and socks. I saw his broad, strong muscles and my stomach gave that quiver again, and I was then tearing at my own clothes. Whatever he wanted to do naked with me, that was just fine, just fine!

I got undressed from the pajama-like clothing as quick as he could remove his socks. "Come on, let's go, I'm ready!" I told him, him now sitting on the bed.

"Calm down, kid, there's plenty of me to last you." Sgt. Bik said as he got to his feet, and pulled his t-shirt over his head. I saw his back muscles flexing in a beautifully diagonal harmony as he shucked the t-shirt, and he turned around and I saw his boxers were sticking out. His chest was as broad and muscled as his back, even more so, with the big chest muscles, even two rows of smaller muscles on his stomach instead of it being flat. His legs, too, were rippling with raw power, and my stomach quivered more than ever.

Sgt. Bik saw me naked and kneeling on the bed before him and he grinned again, that wonderfully easy, happy grin. "You ready to get a look at this?" He asked me, hands on his hips, clasping his boxer's waistband.

"Yeah, come on, let's play!" I urged him.

"All right then!" Sgt. Bik pulled down his boxers and I saw his pinpin. Now, seeing a man's pinpin wasn't such a big deal on Lellanus, we have a very warm climate and swimming while wearing clothes like on other worlds just isn't something we do. I'd even seen a man's pinpin hard before, it happened sometimes when a man would fall asleep in the warm sun and have a nice dream. Daddy explained it was something that would happen to me, too, when I got old enough, and when I was older, I would learn all about it. Meanwhile, it's not nice to touch it, or stare at it, or make fun of it, or even to talk about it, just pretend his pinpin wasn't hard and it would go away when he woke up.

But Sgt. Bik's pinpin was so much bigger than any Lellanite pinpin I'd ever seen. "Wow!" I gasped when I saw it. Looked up at him. "It's so big!"

"Yeah, we Delbarans are big in every way." Sgt. Bik agreed. "You like it?"

"Yeah, wow!" I agreed. "That's the biggest pinpin I've ever seen!"

"Pinpin?" Sgt. Bik smiled. "Is that what you call it on Lellanus?"

"Yes, sir."

"We call it our schanicks." Sgt. Bik said. "And we like it when little boys like you play with it for us. Would you like to play with mine?"

"Yeah!" I agreed. I'd been secretly eager to touch that man's pinpin when I'd seen it on the beach with my Daddy, but of course I'd done what Daddy said to do, only stealing out glimpses now and then until he woke up some ten minutes later and sure enough, his pinpin immediately got soft again. I felt like I'd missed out on something, not getting to touch it hard.

So Sgt. Bik got into the bed and lay down next to me, me scooting back on my knees to remain kneeling over him and he put his hands behind his head and said, "Okay, Tass, let's see what you can do with this."

My hand was shaking with eagerness as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it. Oh, it was so hard and so warm, and as my fingers gripped him, Sgt. Bik moaned a low, soft groan.

"Oh, oh, Tass, it's been so long since a boy has played with my schanick. Do you know what to do with it,Tass? Do you know?"

"Nu-uh." I said regretfully.

"Don't worry, I'll teach you all you need to know." Sgt. Bik said. "You have a good hold of it, now move your hand up and down for me, while you hang on tight."

I did as he told me and he grunted. "Ooh, yeah, that's the way, now move faster for me, Tass, milk it for me, up and down, up and down, ooh, oh, oh, yeah!"

"Am I doing it right?" I asked as I moved my hand up and down that meaty pinpin, it was like holding a wooden stick wrapped in a soft blanket, the thick skin wrinkling around the large round head. I saw that a clear liquid was covering the head now, and when I wrung his pinpin upwards, more gushed out of his slit.

"Ah, baby, your hand feels so good." Sgt. Bik's hand moved up and caught hold of my own little pinpin and his fingertips played with it, and I gasped, shivered hard at the pleasure rushing through my body. In my pleasure, I bent over and that brought my face closer to that large, reddened pinpin head.

"Oh, baby, baby, can you suck on it for me now? Can you put your lips on me and move them up and down like you do your hand?" Sgt. Bik begged me. "It'll feel so good for me if you do."

"What does it taste like?" I inquired, looking at all that clear liquid.

"It's not bad at all, salty and warm." Sgt. Bik told me. "I remember my first time, I was like your age, I didn't want to taste it but when I did, I loved it. Go ahead, baby," his voice grew soothing and kind. "Taste it, that's all. If you don't like it, I won't make you do any more."

So I placed my lips apart in the air over his cockhead and took a deep breath, then dove down, and my lips clamped on after I had completely covered his glans.

"Ooh, yeah, like that. Taste it for me, Tass, taste it."

I suckled the fluid off onto my tongue. He was right, it was warm, and salty, a bit slimy, too, but not bad at all. I swallowed that sticky stuff, and began to move my lips up and down on his pud. While I milked back up, more of that fluid gushed into my mouth. It was warmer, and tasted even better.

"What do you think, kid?" Sgt. Bik asked me.

I lifted my lips off his pinpin with a popping sound. "Tastes good!" I enthused. "I want more."

He laughed, a warm, rich sound. "Just keep doing that for me, Tass, and I'll give you a whole lot of it. You'll see."

I returned to my duties with a will, and he made soft moaning sounds as I worked on him, his hand, which had dropped away when I began to suck on his schanick, caught hold of my pinpin again and began to work me even faster. The pleasure that his fingers were giving me was something extraordinary. I'd learned how good it felt to play with my own pinpin of course, but this was more, this was a man, a big, strong man, playing with my pinpin because he wanted to. And I had his thick, large man-meat in my mouth and it was heating up and getting even harder than it had before. I quivered in joy as my little pinpin gave me the best feeling it ever had, a tingle that ran all through my body and when it was done, I went back to sucking on Sgt. Bik even faster than before.

Sgt. Bik's breaths suddenly began to catch in his throat, a huh-huh-huh sound. Then he gasped out, "I'm coming, Tass, going to shoot a whole lot of juice out for you. Just hang on as best you can, and gulp it down, it's good for you, Tass, make you grow up big and strong like me!" Sgt. Bik gulped hard, a small sound, and then began to groan, softly at first, but faster and louder as I kept on sucking on his schanick. "Oh, ohh, ohh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-OH-OH-OH-OH-AH-AH-AHHAHAHAHAHA-AHHHHHH, GUHHHHHNNNNNNNHHH!"

As he made that last long sound, I got a mouthful of the hottest, saltiest, richest tasting fluid in the world. While the stuff I'd sucked off of his schanick before had been good, this stuff was just WONDERFUL! I gulped at it eagerly as he sprayed it into my mouth, and there was a lot of it just like he'd said, rush after rush flowed out of him as he made more of those long noises, "GUHHH! GUHHHH! GUH-HUH, UH-HUH! Uh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh!" Then he was down to just breathing really hard.

I sucked the last dregs of that hot juice from his schanick and I lifted up, wiped my lips dry with the back of one arm and asked, "Are you all right, Sgt. Bik?"

"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah! Tass, my boys back on Delbara couldn't have done it better! You are one really special kid, Tass! Really special and I'm going to tell my men all about how good you are, so they can ask for you when they come in."

That'd be nice." I agreed. "Now what are we going to do?"

"Now? Sorry, Tass, but I have to clear out so another guy can come in."

"Another guy?"

"You're part of the comfort detachment, Tass." Sgt. Bik told me as he pulled on his boxers again. "You've comforted me really good. Now it's another man's turn, who's in need of comforting. You remember what I taught you and give him the same attentions and he'll be comforted, too."

I considered this as Sgt. Bik dressed. "Will there be more after him?"

"Oh, yeah." Sgt. Bik said as he pulled on his his t-shirt, sat down and began to pull his socks on again. "They're going to want you to comfort ten or twelve men a day. More if you can handle them. They don't want to wear you out, and you'll have time to play and such, too. Don't worry, these are all good men and they'll treat you right, I promise."

I got dressed while Sgt. Bik finished and left. I only waited a few minutes, and another man came in. "Hello!" I said, more confident now. "My name is Tass."

"Hi, Tass, I'm Corporal Sef." the man told me. "I got a buddy with me, you mind taking two of us at once?"

His buddy peered around the edge of the doorway. Corporal Sef was as big and strong as Sgt. Bik, but his hair was black, his skin a deeper tawny color, his eyes jet black. He was younger, maybe twenty-five Earth-years old. His friend was blond, a hair color lighter even than Admiral Zar, and his eyes were a green color I'd never seen on a man. The Gilivanians have green eyes, but theirs are large and dark green, this was a light green the color of leaves in spring. Both men were strong and clean and good-looking. I began to wonder if all Delbarans were this attractive.

"Mind if he joins us?" Corporal Sef said again. I just nodded. Corporal Sef said, "Come on in, Vil. Tass, this is Corporal Vil."

"He's a pretty one, all right. The Sergeant was right about that."

"But remember, too, that the Admiral wants this one for himself. He'll be here tomorrow, meanwhile, we don't play below his waist."

"No problem, I could do a quick-and-dirty myself." Vil agreed.

"So how do you want to play?" I asked, moving my hands to my clothes.

"Keep them on. You'll be servicing us. We'll sit on the bed, you get on the floor."

I obeyed, wondering, while these two men unzipped their jumpsuit's lower parts and brought out their schanicks. Both were nice and big, but neither as big as Sgt. Bik. "Okay, kid, get on your knees and get to working. See if you can do us both at once." Corporal Sef suggested.

"I don't think he can do it." Corporal Vil put in.

"I think he can if he really works at it." Corporal Sef smiled at me. "Come on, kid, get to it. You got more men to deal with when you're done with us, you know."

"And tomorrow you're the Admiral's personal playtoy." Vil added. "So you need all the practice you can get in pleasing a man!"

The thought of being with Admiral Zar in this way made me quiver inside all over again. I dropped to my knees and groped for both of their schanicks. They were good friends and sat close together, a bare elbow-to-fingertips' distance separated the two chunks of man-rods. I stuffed the left-hand one (Vil's) into my mouth while I pumped on the second one. This made both men moan, but after a dozen or so strokes, Sef grunted, "Hey, don't forget about me!"

I leaned over and got his schanick into my mouth, and had to work up even more saliva to grease his pinpin. But I soon had him grunting, then I switched back to Vil, who I'd been jerking while I sucked on Sef.

After a bit of this, Sef grunted and said, "Man, let's get up and push them closer together. He can suck them both quicker that way."

"Works for me." Vil panted.

So they stood up and I sat on the bed with them before, their schanicks were now only inches apart and I sucked on one and then another. I would have liked to get them together and try to suck both at once, but I could tell I couldn't handle that much in my mouth at one time. But I kept busy, sucking one then the other, back and forth as fast as I could. I'd planned to keep it up until they both shot, but Corporal Sef finally moaned, "I can't take it anymore!" and he grabbed my head the next time I went onto his schanick and held me in place. "Come on, kid, suck me hard, I'm ready to blow!"

He was kind of rough but he didn't last very long, then he was spurting his load right into my mouth and down my throat. He'd jammed his schanick into me deep so I didn't have to do anything but hang on and swallow. I choked a bit after a while, but he was done by then and he let go, and I coughed and sputtered as he pulled his pud out, it still dripping with his spunk.

I'd barely recovered when Corporal Vil grabbed my head and said, "Come on, now finish me up, kid, I'm humming already!"

Vil let me do the work for him, for which I was grateful and I kept up the pace of sucking him until he squirted his jizz into me. Again, I drank and tasted that wonderful stuff. Sgt. Bik was right, now that I had it, I wanted it, all of it! I gulped him down and they zipped up and left.

More and more men came in over the next several hours, and I gamely took care of each of them. Some wanted to lie back and have me do everything like Sgt. Bik, some wanted to hold onto me and make me take them the way they wanted. Again and again, I swallowed load after load of hot man sperm, and when the Gilivanian came in and told me that was the last of the men coming to me, I was pretty tired out. I slept, got up, showered and went out to find the other boys.

They'd all had a day like mine, and we spent some time comparing notes. A few boys' men had been rough on them, and the Gilivanian took down their names and assured us that these men would be disciplined for being too rough. More of the boys talked about the men sticking their schanicks into their assholes and ramming it in and out, and that had been painful but bearable if the man was gentle about it. That reminded me and I asked the Gilivanian who had been dealing with me all day about it. "S'rlin'the'sen?" I said his name as best I could.

"Yes, young Tassurimenissillar?"

"Call me Tass. The Delbarans do." I said. "Why did the men who visited me say that I was being saved for Admiral Zar, who was coming tomorrow?"

He explained and it took a while, but I understood that the first time you took a man's schanick into your ass was a special thing. "He wants to be your first." the Gilivanian explained it. "So we are having the others wait until he is done before they make love to you in this way."

"So why didn't he just come be the first today?" another boy asked, who was listening to this. They all were.

"He wanted Tass to have some experience with men before he took him for himself." S'rlin'the'sen explained. "It takes a bit of training for a boy to learn the best way to love a man."

"And I learned a lot today." I boasted.

"Sergeant Bik did state publicly that you were a wonderful comfort boy." S'rlin'the'sen agreed. "I think Admiral Zar will be more than pleased with your abilities when you meet him tomorrow."

I was well-pleased by that and went to bed on the end of that ship's "day" happy.

The next morning, I waited for Admiral Zar to appear. Well after the time that the other boys were busily comforting the men who were visiting the comfort ship by providing them with lots of hot boy-man love, I was still waiting. Wondering if he had forgotten me!

And then, with no other announcement, the door opened and Admiral Zar walked in. "Hello, Tassurimenissillar." he said to me.

I ran to him and into his arms, hugged him tight. "Call me Tass." I said. "I've been waiting for you, Admiral Zar."

"And you can call me Zar." Admiral Zar told me in turn.

"How long can you stay?" I asked him.

"As long as I need to." He assured me.

He lifted me up and carried me to the bed and laid me softly in it. His hands moved up to remove my clothes and I let him do this, until he had stripped me as bare as I could be. Then his hands went to his own clothing and he unzipped the jumpsuit from over that big, big chest and lowered his hand as he unzipped, showing me at last that big, strong chest. No t-shirt underneath, and I suddenly realized before he got that low that there were no boxers under there, and no socks. Just the jumpsuit and it was coming off!

I gasped as his shoulders moved, peeling the suit from him like he was a human banana, and the succulent meat underneath was there. The chest hair was covered with a light, sparse coating of hairs a little darker brown than his head, and that only served to make him more masculine than ever. He pushed it down his well-muscled form and stepped out of them, and was revealed then in all his majestic male glory. Even his erection was a part of that majesty, adding to it rather than making it seem less mundane and human, he was all of Mankind standing before me. And he walked over to the bed and crawled into it to lie beside me.

I rolled over and into his arms and he held me and kissed me right on the lips, his first contact with me. I shuddered harder than I ever had before. I wanted him so much just then. "Oh, oh, Zar, please, make love to me, please make love to me!"

"I've been told that you are a marvelous lover in bed with a man." Zar told me. "Sergeant Bik is an old, longtime friend of mine, and I chose him for your first lover, to teach you what you needed to know."

"He taught me very well." I assured him. "Let me show you what he taught me."

Zar let me kiss my way down that broad, strong chest, my tongue licking over his body. The other men had taught me other things, of course, being limited in what I could do for them by the refusal of access to my anus, they'd made me do all sorts of pleasurable things for them, and now Zar was reaping the benefits.

He grunted as I suckled at one of his nipples, then sighed as my tongue ran a line down the central concave of his chest and stomach between the rows of abdominal muscles there. Again, I marveled at the powerful muscles of the Delbaran men, their planet must be very heavy, requiring the men to be so muscular. But they were also almost uniformly handsome and desirable as well, at least those I had seen.

I slowly worked my way down to his manhood and it was a beautiful schanick that was waiting for me there. Nestled in a deep fur mat of brown fur even darker than the hair on his head or chest, his cock was a gleaming arc of male virility that waited for me to lavish upon it all the need that was bursting out of my soul!

I ran my tongue up the shaft and Zar slipped out a soft moan of appreciation. When I reached the top, I licked the gift of precome from the tip and savored it, first taste of Zar's male essence. I then licked my tongue around the glans, bathing it in my mouth's fluids until it was soft and well-coated and ready for more. I then, for the first time, placed my entire mouth over Zar's shaft and slowly lowered my mouth downwards, feeling, tasting, relishing the feel, the bump of the flare of the glans, the velvet-soft cockskin, and as I sank down upon Zar's prong, he again gave out a soft, flowing moan of delight.

"Oh, Tass, you're such a wonderful boy! I knew the moment I saw you at that meeting of cowards mewing about how terrible it was to defend your homes and your lives and your families. But you showed you were a true Son of Earth, you stood up to everyone and said you wanted to come to join us, ready to do your part to serve Mankind and protect the human race!"

I had to make an admission! "Uh, Zar?"

"Yes, my brave and wonderful boy and lover?"

"I didn't do it for that."


"I did it so I could be with you." I blurted out.

"With me?"

"You stood up there and said you were looking for boys, and Daddy said you were wanting boys to entertain you. I knew right then, looking at you, that I wanted to be with you, doing anything you wanted to do."

I rose up and I looked him in the eye. "I'm told you want to fuck me in the ass." I'd learned that term the night before, and was using it for the first time. "I want you to know that I want that, too."

"It can hurt a lot the first time." Zar hesitated.

"I know." I said. "But I still want you to do it."

"All right, then." Zar agreed. "But let's do it the right way."

He rolled me over onto my stomach and lifted my hips to spread my buttocks. I thought he was going to stick it right into me, but instead, his tongue started digging into the crevice between my butt-cheeks, and I gasped, first in surprise, then pleasure, then I got out the words several seconds after he had started. "Zar? Zar, what are you doing?"

"Can't just plow into you." Zar told me. "Have to get you relaxed and greased up. Then it'll go in easier and won't hurt you as much."

"Okay." I grunted and his tongue probed into me further. I couldn't believe how good it felt, his tongue tip probing into my ass. I mean, you push stuff out of it all the time and it doesn't feel like anything in particular. But having someone actually sticking a warm, soft tonguetip into it can make you moan like they were playing with your pinpin! I had a climax just from his tongue sticking into my ass. And according to Zar, we were barely started!

When Zar had my anus twitching happily and giving way at every thrust he made, he wet a finger and began to probe me with that instead. When his fingertip first inserted into me, I winced but it wasn't agonizing, just horribly uncomfortable. As he worked his finger into me, he leaned down, his lips closed over my pinpin and he began to suck on me. Zar's mouth on my cock made his finger feel better, believe it if you can. My brain sort of combined the two sensations, turning it all into a strange sort of pleasant discomfort, and the discomfort became submerged and overcome and left only pleasure.

Zar noticed my shift, and so he pulled out his finger and now two were pushed into my ass. Again, the pain was only that of an uncomfortable stretching and his playing with my pinpin overwhelmed it all over again. Even when he repeated the stint with three fingers, I was able to take it after a time and not only endure it, but enjoy it.

Zar looked at me, his handsome face large and serious over my smaller one. "Time for the main event, now," he told me. "I'm going to grease up my schanick and then we'll try to work it into you a little at a time. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Zar." I told him meekly. I was almost worn out by all this, the feelings that had been rushing through me for the last few hours had been mostly pleasurable but all of it was beginning to overload my senses.

But the sight of that huge, muscled man over me, his strong hands lifting up my legs, and then the powerful push of his schanick, pressing into me, separating me, making me moan as it moved into my stretched-out bowels and pushed through that area and beyond.

Then it came, the brushing of the tip on a place inside of me. Suddenly the feeling in my ass wasn't as painful, there was pleasure beyond and above what I'd felt before, and again the pleasure submerged and overflowed the pain, and I groaned, my hands came up and caught hold of his broad ribcage and I tried to pull him down into me.

Zar groaned as well, a sound of raw joy and he murmured, "Oh, Tass, my sweet little boy, I love the feel of your ass around my cock, I want to just hold you like this and never let you go, ever!"

"Oh, oh, Zar!" I gasped. "It feels so good, come on, fuck me, Zar, come on, please, I need you, Zar, I need you to fuck me!"

"I will, Tass, soon, just get used to it in there for now. I'm holding you and my cock is in your ass, and you have to get used to it."

"Oh, oh, oh!" And I began to move my hips, pushing myself down onto Zar, but he rode with me and denied me the movement, holding us together.

"No, no, Tass, get used to it."

I held still, sobbing in my frustration and after a time, Zar said, "There it goes."


"You're ready now, Tass. You're ready to be fucked now."

"Okay, okay, please!" I groaned. "Now, please, now!"

Zar began to move his hips and that sent his schanick into me, the large fat tool moving in and out of my insides, and as he moved, every motion was nothing but joy! I wanted it, all of it, and I began to move myself again and Zar this time matched me, making his thrusts match with mine so that our combined motions sent him ever deeper into me. Every thrust went inside me further, further, and after a time, Zar sped up and again took charge of the sex. I could only hold on and let him ram into me, his pleasure was beginning to control him, and any thought of his gentleness had gotten lost.

Not that he could hurt me anymore. I just clung to him with my legs and my arms, and he rocked me back and forth as he drove into me. His face looked into mine, but the eyes were glazed and his mouth open and he was caught up in his pleasure. He was silent but for his breathing, then some small, soft words made their way out of his mouth.

"I, uh, uh, uh, I'm, coming, Tass, I'm coming!"

"Oh, yes, yes, shoot it, fill me up, fill me up!" I begged him. "I want it, I want it all!"

"Ah, uh, uh, HUH, UH, UH, GAH-HAH-AH, HAHHHHHH!" Zar's face which had been so open and vulnerable, now screwed up in concentrated orgasm and he drove his dong deep into me and he exploded inside of me, I felt the hot flood of jism pouring into me and Zar shuddering over me, his face flushed red and then his mouth did open and when it did, everything about his climax broke loose and he was spent, shuddering and quivering, and he slumped over me, his elbows caught his weight and kept him from crushing me.

He held himself over me, his breaths pulling ragged and desperate for so long I got worried. "Are you all right, Zar?" I asked him.

His big face lifted up and he looked at me. "I'm fine, Tass. I'm perfectly fine."

"I'm glad." I hugged him.

Zar turned his head to look at the timer on one wall. "Well, we still have four or five hours left before I have to go." He told me. "What else would you like to do today, Tass?"

We played some games and an hour or so later, Zar fucked me again. Then we visited some more until it was time for him to go.

Zar visited me like that every week for some time. The other days, I had to take on my quota of lonesome, horny, huge men, and I learned to deal with them all with experience that never dropped into indifference. Some of them became very fond of me, would visit me every time they had a pass to come to the comfort ship. But none of them were as close to me as Admiral Zar.

But there came a day when the attack group my comfort ship was with had to move out. Time for it to join in again the battles that were raging through the cosmos, they'd come too close and now these ships needed to face the enemy.

But my comfort ship was to draw back, to another system where it could be safe. We comfort boys would be servicing other men, other ships. I may never see Admiral Zar again!

Or that was what the other boys would be doing. When a man commands an entire battle group, he has powers other men don't. So soon, I'll be slipping down to the docking bay, and hiding in a shuttle departing for the flagship. Admiral Zar will be waiting for me at the other end, ready to hide me in his cabin until we are safely in hyperspace. And nobody will say a word about me on board all the time the ship is under battle conditions.

As for me, I won't just be Admiral Zar's sexual partner. I'll be doing my part to keep all the men on the flagship in peak fighting condition. Providing aid and comfort to our men in battle.

And after all, isn't that what a comfort detachment is really for?

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