The Frog Kings

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Dean Cameron. All Rights Reserved.
Illustration of The Frog Kings

Marcel always hated the damned yearly school play! Not the going out on stage so much, but that the teacher insisted on giving everyone in the class a part however, small, and, worst of all, in an effort to be fair, chose plays that had nothing but small parts. Take this silly version of "The Frog Prince" that they were now doing, called "The Frog Kings."

Any kid with Marcel's nine years under his belt knew darned well that the Frog Prince was the story about a princess who found a magic frog that, when she kissed it, it turned into a prince. This story. Ugh, this story was the same thing, only written for six Frog Kings! It let Mr. Owen put twelve boys in the play, six playing the Frog Kings and six playing the frogs they got turned into, and six girls to play the princess-sisters who kissed/married them. The other eight boys and ten girls were trees and animals and flowers (the girls loved playing the talking flowers, the boy-trees were happy to get to just stand there without having to say lines to learn!)

Marcel with his pretty face got one of the King roles, but that meant that he had to get dressed for the play, say his few lines, then stand around until the end of the play until his "frog" got kissed, so he could re-appear and live happily ever after with the princess bride!

Not that he envied Todd, who played him as a frog (sort of, Todd was the frog in the spot which Marcel stepped into when the magic kiss was laid on him), for Todd also had to get kissed by Ginny Crocker, who was a moon-faced, pudgy little girl. Just that when he was magically changed into Marcel, Ginny got to kiss him again, as a "gesture of love" as Mr. Owen put it.

His gripe is that he got stuck wearing this sissified get-up, puffy pants of red and a collar that had a white lace sticking out where it tickled his chin. He had to sit backstage for nearly a half-hour until it was time for him to go back out for the end of the play. And the silly thing itched like crazy! Luckily, this stupid play would be over after tomorrow's performance. Right now, they were doing their last rehearsal, a complete run-through of the entire performance. They had to stay dressed and ready to perform, for this was the show that the parents got to come out with their camcorders and cameras and record their precious angels up on stage.

He was backstage then, fuming as he waited to get the damned thing over with. His parents hadn't come to this performance anyhow, and when he'd been on-stage for the start, those camera lights had damned near blinded him!

"Serve them right." he muttered. "If I was to just take off and ruin the whole play for all of those jerks."

"Are you gonna?" came the answer from nearby.

Marcel looked up in some surprise, the spot he had chosen to wait was the prop storage room, just off the backstage, it was unused during the performance, and a good deal of the rest of the time, too. Saw the speaker, said, "Oh, hey, Brad."

Brad Schuster came out from where he'd been hiding. A fellow third-grader and "King" in the play, he wore his own get-up and had the same problem as Marcel, though his blue costume was a lot simpler. "I'd been wondering where you were hiding between performances." he said with a grin.

"You think I want to watch that crap?" Marcel sneered. "Lot of bull-shit. Six Frog Kings and six princesses to kiss them. Yuck!"

"Bad enough one guy has to pucker up for the girl." Brad agreed. "This play has six of them at once."

"I know." Marcel moaned. "And this dumb get-up they got on me, it's just stupid! I don't think anybody ever wore anything like this, I think Hollywood made it up for the movies."

"You're probably right." Brad said. Then he grinned. "You know what I'm going to do tomorrow for the play?"


"Eat a sandwich with a whole lot of onions on it." Brad said, grinning even wider. "Give Tracey Clenson a big whiff of it before I kiss her."

"I bet she throws up on you." Marcel said, amazed. "Maybe I'll eat one, too."

"Get everyone to do it."

"Yeah, even the frogs." Marcel warmed to the subject. "Make the girls kiss a stinky mouth twice!"

"Yeah." Brad said. "Too bad I only thought of it today, though."

"Ah, it's okay." Marcel said. "We gotta wait until the final performance. We do anything else, Mr. Owen will pass out breath mints to everyone before the show. This way, we can spring it on them as a surprise."

"Yeah." Brad said. "Too bad, though. It'd be fun to see what Tracey does. Wish I had an onion or something else smelly to eat right now."

"Maybe something in the school cafeteria." Marcel suggested.

"Nah." Brad said. "It's too late now, they'll be closed. We'll get the guys when we're changing and all do it tomorrow."

"Yeah." Marcel said. Then he simpered. "You wanna know something?"


"My brother told me something about the Frog Prince story." Marcel's brother Richard was in college and knew about such things.

"What's that?"

"That the Frog Prince, when it started off, was actually the story of a princess who had to marry a troll."

"Yeah? Ewww!"

"It gets better. They did it for plays for grown-ups only, a long time ago. And the princess didn't have to kiss the troll, she had to suck his wiener."


"Yeah!" Marcel took his brother's words as gospel. The fact Richard may have been saying things to his little brother to maybe get him in trouble for repeating them didn't occur to him. "Right there on the stage. They'd have the troll pull out a long cucumber or something out of his pants for his dick and everyone would laugh as the pretty princess worked on it. When the troll got his jollies, then he would turn into a handsome prince. That's the real story of the Frog Prince, my brother says."

"Yeah?" Brad was chewing on this, and he grinned. "Now that's a school play I wouldn't mind watching six of!"

"Maybe we could get the frogs to change their words, make the girls do it for them?" Marcel suggested.

"Maybe." Brad didn't sound convinced. Then he said, "Hey, you gave me an idea."

"For the frogs?"

"No, for me." Brad said. "I want to kiss Tracey with a case of really bad breath, yeah?"


"So what if I was to put your wienie in my mouth and get it all bad-smelling that way."

"Uh? Ewwww!" Marcel said. "That's real gross!"

"I wouldn't tell her where it came from." Brad went on. "And she wouldn't smell onions on my breath and be able to tell. She'd just think I had really skanky bad breath all the time."

"I guess she would." Marcel said. "But you want to put my wienie in your mouth? Eww!"

"Just for a little while." Brad said. "Just so I can get my mouth smelling as bad as your wienie does."

"I don't know." Marcel dithered.

"Aw, come on. We played with each other all last summer." Brad insisted. "This is the same thing. And we never told anyone else we did that, did we?"

"No." Marcel admitted.

"So come on. Let me give Tracey a kiss she'll never forget!"

Marcel dimpled, a quick smirk. "Okay, then. But remember, this was your idea."

"Yeah, sure." Brad said. "Come on, take it out. And keep an eye on the door, in case someone comes in." The door in question was the other side of a rack of costumes, they'd have time to cover up if the door did open.

Marcel undid the fly on the ridiculously puffy shorts he was wearing, not a zipper, there was Velcro holding the fly together. With the red tights he had on under those, underwear was impossible, and the tights were crotchless, he was able to go to the bathroom without getting undressed beyond dropping his shorts. So he opened the fly and tucked down the puffy shorts so that his cock could peep out of them. "There you go." he said.

Brad got down and before he put his mouth on Marcel's prick, he sniffed it. "Funny. It doesn't smell as bad as it did last summer."

"We were in summer camp." Marcel reminded him. "We didn't bathe much then. Now, I have to take a bath every single night."

"Well, maybe this will still work." And Brad opened his mouth and put the small dark "O" around Marcel's cock and enclosed it utterly when he constricted his lips.

Marcel gasped. "God, that feels good." he marveled. "Better than your hand."

"Okay." Brad let go of him and stood up, puffed his breath into his palm and sniffed. Frowned. "Didn't work."

"Let me see." Marcel leaned forward and Brad blew a breath at him. "No, I guess not. You have to try again."

"Yeah." Brad said. "Boy, I hope nobody comes in here and sees this. I wouldn't be doing this except you're my friend."

"Yeah." Marcel agreed. "Me, too." He leaned back and Brad again took him down utterly.

Oh, that felt so good! Marcel squinched his face up and loved the feel of it. "Maybe, maybe you ought to try licking at it some." he said. "That way, you can get all of it on your tongue, maybe."

Brad's response was to start licking at Marcel's cock and balls. Marcel moaned. Oh, God, this was better than when he and Brad jerked each other off last summer! That had been a matter of their fingers holding onto their tiny dicks, pumping away. This was more, this was soft and warm and tender and gentle! Brad's tongue was stroking his cockshaft up and down, over and over, and Marcel felt that old familiar tingle building up like it had last summer, like it did when he played with himself in the bathtub each night since. He'd done it with his washrag once or twice, jerked himself into it, and even that, while nicer than his bare, cold hand, wasn't nearly as good as Brad's warm, licking, sucking mouth!

When Brad let go, and started to rise up, Marcel caught him. "No, not yet!" he said. "Better...better make sure you get all of it you can."

"Shoot!" Brad said, and then he reconsidered. "Okay, then, you tell me when you think I got it all, okay?"

"Okay!" Marcel gasped.

Brad returned to his licking and suckling motions. Marcel's hands returned and Brad let Marcel guide him until he was bobbing his lips up and down on the hard little shaft, until Marcel felt the tingling blow up out of his cock and throughout his body, felt the massive tingle embrace his very soul, and then depart again.

"Oh, oh, oh! Okay, now, Brad." Marcel groaned.

But Brad didn't stop! Brad didn't hear him, he had spoken too low, and when Marcel drew breath to try again, that was when the real fireworks started!

The time before had been like a single firecracker going pop, this was the big suckers they set off in the park on the Fourth of July. Marcel's entire body was more than tingled, it was tossed about like a rag doll by the sensations that rushed through his body, he was lost inside of them, his moans were loud enough to be worrisome to two furtive boys hiding out during a play. And yet, like his tingling, it only lasted a little while, and then he was left alone again, this time a limp, exhausted rag of costumed boy, his breath panting like he'd just run a race as hard and fast as he could...and still lost!

"Are you okay?" Brad said.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Marcel panted. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm...I'm fine. Ooh! Oh, that was great!"

"What did you do, pee in my mouth? Brad made a grimace.

"Huh? No. I didn't. Or I don't think so." Marcel said.

"I don't think so either." Brad said. "It's kind of sticky, and kind of salty. I don't think pee is salty. It doesn't smell like pee, either. Kind of nice, now that I think about it."

"Yeah?" Marcel said. "Let me smell your breath." And he did, and smiled. "Yeah, your breath will really scare Tracey now. It's got a real funny smell to it. Nothing like onions, but it's pretty strong. Bet it'll make her gross out."

"Yeah?" Brad checked his own breath. "Yeah, that's what it tasted like. Kind of funny, but kind of nice."

"Yeah?" Marcel said. "Maybe you'll let me try it. Then we can get both Tracey and Ginny at the same time."

"I think you just want a taste of my dick like I had of yours." Brad teased.

"Yeah. I do." Marcel admitted. "Do you mind?"

"Heck, no." Brad said. "Wondering how I could talk you into it, after the way you went all crazy on me. It must feel really great."

"Yeah, there's nothing else like it." Marcel said. "I never felt anything like it before. Come on, you get up and I'll do you, now."

Brad's tights were more a proper pair of pants, and a thicker material. It had a proper zipper in it, and Marcel watched as Brad got it down, and then the small pair of red briefs with white piping under it. There was his old, familiar, summertime friend again! It looked a little bigger now. Heck, both he and Brad had grown some since last summer.

Marcel opened his mouth and zoomed in on Brad's wiener like an eagle on a mouse. Swooping down, he caught it in his lips and felt the little dickie harden as soon as his lips touched it.

He didn't waste time sucking all over Brad like Brad had on him, he was out to milk Brad dry and see if he'd get some of that funny tasting stuff for himself. Brad didn't complain, he was moaning like Marcel had, and a lot quicker, even. When Brad's fingers came down and laced themselves into Marcel's black locks of hair, he knew that Brad was feeling everything he had a moment before, and that urged him on to do it faster, even faster. Brad was clutching at his head now, instead of trying to guide him, now he was just holding on and his hips bucked upwards at Marcel's mouth and Marcel felt Brad's cock get harder and hotter and then Brad moaned as loud as Marcel had, and then...then it happened.

Hot, salty stuff oozed out of Brad's wiener and onto Marcel's mouth. It was the flavor he'd smelt on Brad's mouth when Brad had sucked him, only stronger. This was an actual bit of the essential flavor. Brad was tasted funny, but really, really good! He only wished there were more than that one small taste of it. He tasted it on his tongue, most of it remained there even with him swallowing.

Brad was done and his hands now pushed Marcel away from his dick. "Ow, stop, it's all tender now." he gasped. "Aw, aw, aw, man, that was really good! Aw, man!"

"Did you like it?" Marcel asked, wanting to know now, just this minute, the answer to that more than anything.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, I want you to do it again, except my dick's too sore just now." Brad said.

"About time to go back on stage." Marcel said. He'd been back here about as long as he dared linger. It wouldn't do to let Mr. Owen come looking for him, he had to get into position.

"Yeah, but let me smell your breath." Brad said.

Marcel heaved a gasp out at him and Brad nodded. "Yeah, you and me got breath like a couple of Frog Kings ought to have, eating all those flies and such."

Marcel giggled. "I hope the girls like it a whole lot." he said. Sarcastically, of course.

They went back out and Mr. Owen herded them into position. On stage, the frogs were getting their kisses from the princesses.

The lights dimmed and there was a quick shift backstage, Marcel went on stage and took his spot in front of Ginny. She was simpering as she got ready to kiss him. She liked kissing Marcel, and this time, Marcel met her halfway and puckered up for her.

She kissed for a second, then pulled away. "Yuck, eww!" she said. "Your mouth tastes funny!"

"I'm a Frog King." Marcel smirked at her. "Ribbit, ribbit!"

"It tastes like you've been eating bugs, all right." Ginny whispered.

Marcel said his final line (he only had one line after that kiss) and then the play was over.

They took their bows, and then as they left, he matched up with Brad. "What did Tracey do?"

"She said my breath smelled like my older brother's gym shorts." Brad bragged. "I said she'd be the one to know."

Marcel haw-hawed at that and said, "So, you want to get the guys together and arrange for the onion sandwiches for tomorrow?"

"Naw." Brad said. "I got a better idea. I wonder how bad our breaths would smell if I stayed at your house tonight, and we did that over and over again and didn't brush our teeth at all."

Marcel considered this. "I bet we'll really be a pair of Frog Kings then!" he said.

"Let's go." Brad said. "Mom was out there with a camera. We'll ask her right now."

"That's a big ribbit-ribbit on that." Marcel grinned.

And "ribbiting" as they went, they walked over to ask permission to spend the night together. And since tomorrow was Friday, Marcel wondered if he could talk his Mom into letting him stay all weekend with Brad. They could really build up a case of "Frog King Breath" with that much time!

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