Stowaway to the Stars

Chaper Three: Report to the Captain

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2015 by Eduardo
Illustration of Stowaway #3

Time for me to have that special meeting with my Daddy. I knew he worked a "shift-in-three" in the control room, and they shifted times around every so often. Daddy now worked from four in the afternoon until eight at night, and then he'd put in two hours on the ship's administrative work and write up his daily ship's log. He would then sleep until his next shift at four in the morning. He took a nap in the afternoon, too, but that could be interrupted at any time. No, if I was going to get close to my Daddy, I had to act now.

So when he came into his cabin after his administrative work right at the dot of ten at night, I was waiting for him in his bed. "Son? What are you doing here? I looked in the lounge and you weren't in your bed."

"New rule for the Ship's Morale Officer." I told him. "I'm to stay overnight with everyone in turn and keep them company."

"Really?" Daddy looked puzzled. As a Captain, he didn't interfere with anything he didn't have to. "You're going to sleep with everyone?"

"A different one each night." I assured him.

"And what about tonight?"

"Tonight I sleep with you." I told him. "That way, you can tell me what I do right and what I do wrong."

Daddy was looking at his bunk. They really only built it for one man to sleep in. "Well...all right." He gave in. "But I just hope you don't thrash about in your sleep."

"That's what you get to tell me." I assured him.

Daddy sighed. "The things I do for my ship and crew." he put his hand to the top of his jumpsuit and ran his finger down the closure thread. Pressure on this one line would cause the entire jumpsuit to spring open. Touching it back to itself would cause it to close up again. One of the things I did in replacement for my toys left back on Earth was to take a jumpsuit and touch one end of the closure thread. The suit would start jumping together, self-zipping itself into a seamless, airtight whole in just a few seconds.

So Daddy ran his finger down the thread and the jumpsuit fell open all the way to his crotch. All he had to do was slide his shoulders out and the entire jumpsuit came off, from his neck all the way down to the built-in softshoes. This left him wearing only a t-shirt and boxer shorts. He started to get in bed like that and I said, "No, Daddy. Can't you take that off? Just for tonight?" I showed my own bare body from neck to waist.

"Huh? Oh, sure, Son." Daddy said and grabbed his t-shirt at the bottom with both hands with arms crossed, then pulled the thing over his head in one smooth motion. As he lowered his arms, t-shirt in one hand, I watched the way his muscles slid and flexed and deflated to shift his entire upper body in lowering his arms. It was like watching a dance with everyone moving together in one preplanned motion.

Daddy dropped the t-shirt on the floor and said, "Well, Son, now will I do?"

"Almost." I said and pointed.

He looked down at his boxers. "What?"

"I'm naked in here, Daddy." I lifted the sheet to show him. "See?"

"Good God, Paul!" Daddy gasped. "You can't get naked in bed with a man?"

"Why not, Daddy?" I asked. "I'm the Morale Officer, aren't I? We're supposed to have fun in bed."

"Well, I think I'd better keep mine on." Daddy said as he got into bed.

I was disappointed but sallied on. "Can we leave the lights on a little bit?"

"Are you afraid of the dark, Son?" Daddy asked me.

"Not on Earth." I said. "But still, the dark can get awfully dark here."

"It sure does, Son." Daddy pressed a few buttons on the bedside console and the lights overhead went out, but a nightlight on one wall gave us about the same amount of light you'd get on a night of the full moon. Enough to see everything.

"Now settle down and try to get some sleep." Daddy told me.

"Can I ask a few questions first?" I pressed.

Daddy sighed again. "Okay, but just a few. I need some sleep."

"It's a question about Lieutenant Jason."

"All right."

I reached down and fished into Daddy's boxers. "Lieutenant Jason likes it when I do this." I said as I got hold of Daddy's cock. I got a few jerks on it and it was hardening up when Daddy got hold of my arm and pulled my hand off of him. His cock came out of the boxers with my hand and fell on top of it.

"What are you doing, Son?" he asked me, kind of breathless.

"Showing you what I do with Lieutenant Jason." I said. His fingers loosened on my arm and I pulled away and got hold of him again and began to jerk him. This time, he didn't stop me. "See, I do it like this with him." I said as I pumped on Daddy's prick.

"Okay." Daddy said, again in that gasping sort of way. His cock had gotten fully hard by now.

"So do you think he'd also like it if I did it this way?" I asked as I used just my forefinger and thumb, gripping Daddy tighter, and pumping harder and faster. "Does this feel better than the other way, Daddy?"

"Uh, oh, ohhhh!" Daddy groaned.

"Does it feel better?" I asked again.

"Oh, oh, yeah, Son, yeah!"

"Better than if I just do it faster the other way?" and I moved back to put all my fingers on Daddy's prong and pumped as fast as I had before.

"Ohhh, oh, oh, God!" Daddy gasped. "I...I think it's about the same, Son, yeah!"

"I thought so." I said. "Now, when I suck on Lieutenant Jason, I do it this way."

Daddy made no effort to stop me as I scooted down, pushing the covers away as I did, and leaned over to suck his cock into my mouth. As my lips closed and I pushed down over his glans, though, he let out a long, low moaning sound. I moved my face up and down, giving Daddy the best loving attention to his pud that I could. After a dozen or so such up-and-downs, though, I pulled off and said, "Is that the best way to do it, Daddy? Or should I use my tongue, like this?" I went back down on Daddy's dick but this time as I moved, I also moved my tongue back and forth, rubbing his shaft as I worked up and down.

"Oh, oh, yeah, Son, that's...that's better, that's much better!" Daddy moaned. "Oh, oh, God!"

I kept sucking until I had worked a lot of spit over Daddy's dong. Then I raised up and said, "I got another question, Daddy, about Major Brad."

"Major Brad, too?"

"Yeah. Only when he and I do this, he likes for me to get up on him like this." I climbed onto Daddy's stomach, straddling him and I scooted back, one hand grabbing his spit-slicked prod and guiding it into my ass. "He wants me to ride him like this." I said I made contact. "I stick it up inside my butt and then...Uh!" I stopped. "Daddy, I'm having a bit of trouble getting it into me. Can you help me with this?"

Daddy moaned and his big, strong hands grabbed my waist and lifted me up. With my body in the air like that, his cock was able to come at me with a higher-up angle and my weight as he lowered me helped shove his dong inside me. Daddy's mouth was open and his chest was rising and falling as I slid down on his shaft. I was used to taking Major Brad's prick which was about the same size as Daddy's so I didn't really have such a problem like I'd pretended.

When I was all the way down, I said, "Now, normally I do all the work for Major Brad, like this." I said and began bouncing up and down on Daddy's cock, and it slid in and out of me smooth and cleanly. Daddy moaned and his hands which were still at my waist, slid down and stroked my legs.

"My question here is, can Major Brad do the work while I hold still like this? Can you try and see how it works?" I shifted so that most of my weight was on my knees and Daddy was free to move under me.

"Oh, God, yeah, yeah!" Daddy began to thrust upwards into my ass while I held still. "Yeah, I can do that. I can do that for a long time!"

"I guess Major Brad likes to be lazy, huh?" I grinned down at Daddy.

He laughed, a sort of tired-but-happy sound. "Yeah, I guess he does."

"How about if I help you and we both move." I said and began to wiggle my butt up and down, helping him thrust into me. We collided once or twice, but soon had struck a balance so that every thrust upwards by him drove his cock all the way inside me and when he lowered himself, it was pulled all the way back so that the glans was the only part of him inside me.

And as we thrust like that, his cock was rubbing my insides in that special place, you know, the place where, when a man's prick is rubbing it, it's like having your wiener played with, the very same sensation...only different. Anyhow, I began to pant and grunt like Daddy was.

"Oh, oh, God, Son, I'm going to come, Baby, I'm going to come!"

"Oh, oh, me, too, Daddy, me, too!"

"Oh, oh, God, I...I'm coming, I'm coming, UH-HUH-UH-UH-UH-GUH-HUHHHHHH!"

I felt Daddy's hot spunk spurting into my ass, hot and rich and even squirting back out of my ass because it was coming out too fast and there was too much of it. And I threw my head back and groaned as my own little-boy climax shook me to my very core. "OH-OH-OH, OHHHH, OHHHH!" I moaned as I shivered.

Daddy finished coming and was still and I finished a bit later and sagged down to lie on his big, broad chest. Daddy's big hand came over and rested on the middle of my back, and the other landed on my right buttock and just held on. That pulled my buttocks apart and his cock, now spent and limp, slid out of my ass with another gush of his jizz that dribbled out onto my own balls and filled the air with a hot, salty smell.

"Oh, Baby, that was good, really good!" Daddy groaned.

"Yeah." I agreed. "I like it when I do it with the others, but it was even more fun doing it with you."

Daddy was quiet for a moment, then he said, "You're doing it with Lieutenant Jason and Major Brad?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "And the others."

"All of them?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "I was saving you for last."

"All of the crew."


"Commander Reed, Lieutenant Kevin, and Commander Gregg as well?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "Commander Gregg said as long as I wanted to do it, it was okay. He said this was a small ship on a long mission and anything that keeps everyone happy is all that matters."

"Sounds like something he'd say."

"Yeah." I said. "And then he fucked me on the examination table."

"Fucked you on the examination table?"


Daddy was so quiet, I got worried. "Daddy? Did I do something wrong?"

"Huh?" He looked at my face. "No, Son, or if you did, we're all doing it." He rumpled my hair but slowly, almost like a caress. "They really should have sent married couples on this trip. Ten years is a long time for men to do without sex. They warned us that we might find ourselves turning to each other, made sure we were all ready for it if it happened. Told me that my job as Captain was to turn a blind eye to it."

"So I can sleep with a different member of the crew every night, now?" I asked him.

Daddy was quiet a little while, then he said, "How about every other night?"

"Why every other night?" I asked him.

"Because I get the other nights with you. Captain's privilege."

I smiled and Daddy reached to kiss me and we kissed, a real long, slow kiss, that made me feel very special and very loved.

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