Stowaway to the Stars

Chaper Two: Morale Officer

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2004 by Eduardo.

Illustration of Stowaway #2

So now I was the new ship's Morale Officer. That's what my Daddy had typed on the watchlist he drew up for me, a real schedule with proper ship's duties and I was to start it the very next day.

Oh, I didn't get out of school, he kept me on six hours of study under the guidance of Lieutenant Jason, Major Brad and Commander Gregg, but on top of that, I had two hours to spend each day with each of the five members of the ship (other members, that is) and that made sixteen hours a day for me. Of course, I'd spend ten of those doing whatever I wanted with the crew, so that wasn't as bad as it sounded. My job was to make these men happy.

Of course, that also left Daddy off the watchlist. I was going to talk to him about that, but not right now. I had two other crewmen to handle first. Commander Gregg and Lieutenant Kevin.

Commander Reed, Lieutenant Jason and Major Brad had all fallen prey to my little adventures into sex with them easily enough. I thought over how I'd gotten them to play along with me.

Lieutenant Jason had pretty much seduced me rather than the other way around, and when I'd reached for him, he had been more than ready to play along with what I wanted and to teach me even more. He was the one who'd taught me how to suck cock, and had been my first lover aboard ship.

Major Brad had taken over my physical training aboard ship and I'd taken the opportunity a few days after Lieutenant Jason, with Major Brad and me sweaty and ready to clean up after a workout to make my play for him. An offer to share the shower with him to save water and wash his back for him, he'd figured it was just boyish cameraderie and when I'd grabbed him, he'd been surprised and protesting, but I'd talked him into it, especially when I stuck his cock in my mouth and began sucking. "Shit, kid, you've done this before!" He gasped out. Major Brad had taught me how to take a man's cock up his ass, a gentle Sunday afternoon together in his room, inserting himself into me slowly, letting me get used to his dick inside me and after a few sessions, I was able to take him whenever he wanted. I sure surprised Lieutenant Jason the first time I crawled astraddle him and shoved his lubed prick up my backside. He still preferred me to suck him, though.

Commander Reed had been the most recent addition, a few weeks ago was when I'd first got him alone, asking him for help with my math lesson, and sitting next to him and talking and then my hand slid onto his crotch. I guess he was surprised, for he didn't even respond to me at all, it was like I wasn't even touching him. So I kept on moving, first feeling him out carefully and then catching his fly's closure and sliding my finger into it, opening the soft material and sliding my hand in. Then into his briefs and at that, with my hand actually touching his cock, did he finally say something.

"What are you doing, Paul?" he sort of gasped out. But his cock was hardening so I knew he knew very well what I was doing.

But I played along. "I just want to touch it. You don't mind, do you? Just let me feel what it's like?"

He'd sort of moaned and after that, he was just lying there and letting me do what I wanted, so I got it out of his jumpsuit (his cock was as black as the rest of his body, which kind of surprised me, but I guess it shouldn't have) and then stuck it into my mouth, and sucked him with his soft moans and he came soon after. And you know, even after that, he didn't say anything to me, just quietly put his cock away and we got on with my math homework! I still visited him, and he was talking to me now, some, but mostly, it was like I was this quiet little visitor in his dreams and wasn't really real, if you see what I mean.

So which way should I do it with Commander Gregg and Lieutenant Kevin? And which one first? Lieutenant Kevin, of course, he was the first man on my watchlist as Morale Officer, right after breakfast and before my first lessons with Major Brad.

So at breakfast, I made sure to sit beside Lieutenant Kevin. He was a big, handsome man (they all were, Earth had sent its best men on this mission and chosen younger men over older as well, my father was the only one among them who had even been married), with black hair and blue eyes, with a large, square jaw and flat cheeks, it gave him a squarish, solid look. Like he'd been carved instead of born like regular people. He spoke with a soft lilt to his voice that sometimes made me laugh because it was such a nice, cheerful sound. Daddy called it an "Irish brogue."

"So I'm your first patient then?" he said to me. "Have you figured out how we're supposed to spend the next couple of hours?"

"I have some ideas." I assured him.

"You have to be done by ten o'clock." Commander Gregg reminded him. "So don't do anything that'll run over that time."

"Don't worry, it won't." I agreed. Lieutenant Jason started laughing real hard.

"What's so funny?" Lieutenant Kevin asked him.

"If you can last more than two hours, I'm going to want to know your secret." Lieutenant Jason said and laughed some more.

When breakfast was done, I said to Lieutenant Kevin, "Okay, let's go to your room."

"Why there?" He wanted to know. "All the games and consoles are here in the lounge."

"We won't need them." I told him. "You'll see."

Lieutenant Kevin's room was identical to Lieutenant Jason's, except that where Lieutenant Jason had a poster over his bed, Lieutenant Kevin had put a photo of his family, mother, father, three brothers and two sisters. "Wow!" I said when I saw it. "You have a big family!"

"Yep, that's the family." Lieutenant Kevin agreed.

"I wish I'd had brothers." I said. "It must be lots of fun."

"Sometimes. Other times, they're a royal pain in the bum, they are."

I chuckled at that. "It must be fun." I said again. "Did you sleep with them? Your brothers?"

"Uh? Oh, when I was little, I did. We had a three bedroom place, one for me mum and dad, one for me sisters, and one for me and me brothers." Lieutenant Kevin wasn't saying "me brothers," but it was closer to that than "my brothers" if you see what I mean. Kind of a "meh" sound.

"You got more pictures?"

"Sure, I got plenty of them." Lieutenant Kevin reached into his dresser and pulled out a small book, a photo album, but only about six inches by four inches in size. Enough room on each page for one picture, that sort. It must have held about fifty pictures in all.

We sat on the bed side by side and looked at the pictures, they showed his family from when he was very young. "Hey, this is you when you were my age!" I pointed at one of him.

"That one? Just off Loch Lomond that one, we went there when I was, let me see, yes, I had just turned eight years old."

"I'm only seven." I said. "My birthday is three months off."

"So we were about the same age, yes."

"Mmm, I wish I'd known you back then." I said. "We could have had a lot of fun."

"We can have some fun now." Lieutenant Kevin said. "We're supposed to be having fun now."

"I mean, we could have slept over and shared a bed, and played in bed." I told him.

"Yes." He said absently, then what I'd said hit him. "Oh, oh! Oh, that!"

"Didn't you ever do that with your brothers or friends?"

"Well...." he hesitated, unsure of what to say.

"You did, you did!" I gleefully guessed, and the look on his face told me I was right, for he was kind of grinning and kind of embarrassed.

"I guess all kids play like that." He agreed. "But you grow out of it."

"Do you ever miss doing that?"

He was trying to formulate an honest answer for me but I didn't wait. I did what I'd done with Commander Reed and the others. You can't wait for a grown-up man to reach for you, he's not going to, most likely. But if you reach for him, touch him, let it be your idea...well, that's different. All he has to do is not stop you. Do nothing. Just let it happen.

So I reached for his crotch right after I said that and when I touched him, he made only a half-attempt to stop me. His hand moved to take my hand away and just stopped halfway through, landed on my hand gently. By then, I was feeling him out, rubbing out the contours of his cock inside his clothes. He wasn't on duty until this afternoon, so he was wearing soft work-out clothes, and I had a lot of looseness there to let me feel through them easily. Too easily.

"You're not wearing anything under your shorts are you?" I asked. "I can feel you inside there." I was, and it was getting stiff under my hand. "Getting bigger, too." I giggled.

"You shouldn't be doing this!" Lieutenant Kevin moaned. "What if the others find out?"

"You mean like Major Brad, or Commander Reed, or Lieutenant Jason?"

"Yeah, them."

I giggled again. "I'm already doing this with them!" I snickered some more. "Only none of them know about the others."

"You're doing this...with three of the crew already?"

"Uh-huh. You'll make four." I said. "Going to be all six soon. Commander Gregg is next, and then Daddy last of all."



"Oh, God!" Lieutenant Kevin's cock surged under that, and now was a stiff hard pole inside his shorts.

"Gosh, I'd better get this out in a hurry, or it'll be too late!" I told him.

He lifted his hips to let me slide his shorts down and I took them entirely off. He was wearing softshoes, a sort of shipboard shoe that was nearly a sock, with only a slender sole to the bottom of it. Nothing under it either, nor needed to be, I was wearing them myself.

I'd never seen Lieutenant Kevin without his being fully clothed, and while I'd known his lower legs were hairy, I hadn't known he had a lot of hair all over him. I mean, it was like he was furry, like a teddy bear. The hair made thick wavy designs on his stomach and buried his muscles under them totally, but carved their own patterns over his legs and abdomen. And his cock was a tall tower rising out of this thick hair like a forest beneath. I wrapped my hand around this huge pud and Lieutenant Kevin moaned, and his hips thrust upwards, fucking himself in my hand.

"Wait, wait, you got to let me get hold of it right." I chuckled at him.

"Oh, God, I am so turned on!" He groaned. "I thought I could do without, just jerk myself, but it's different with someone else doing it, it's so different, and so good!"

"I know." I agreed. "It's always more fun when someone else does it for you." I got up on the bed with him and turned myself around and then I could and did stuff that long tall dong into my mouth.

Lieutenant Kevin groaned when he felt my wet tongue sliding on his shaft for I began licking back and forth as I went down. And then he was fumbling at my own shorts, trying to get them off me. I let him take them down on me, while I held on and sucked him as best I could, and when I was also naked except for my softshoes and a t-shirt too big for me (as a stowaway with no luggage with me when I came aboard, I had to wear clothes that were either cut down to fit me or, like the t-shirt, could hang baggy and not matter), Lieutenant Kevin grunted and lifted me up bodily and got me on top of him. This shifted me so that sucking his cock was a stretch for me, with my legs on the bed on either side of his head, but it let him suck on my dick without any trouble.

My little pud was swallowed up by his big mouth, but he did a pretty good job of making me feel really good. His own pud was heating up and I knew he wasn't going to last very long but that was okay. I was getting really worked up myself.

My own cock was tingling real hard when he began to groan a lot and I wondered if he'd say anything before he came. "Ah-huh, ah-huh, ah-huh-uh, uh, I'm, I'm coming, I'm coming!" he gasped out and I pulled my mouth off and jerked him and he moaned louder, "AH-AH-HAH-AH-AH, AH-HAH!"

That did it for me, I closed my eyes and shuddered with my own climax and was in full-roar of that when he blew his load. Hot salty spunk sprayed all over my face and chest as I shivered in my own little-boy orgasm, and his jizz got in my eyes, on my lips, on my neck and dribbled down onto my breast.

I'd done this on purpose and I rose up quick as I could and got around so I could look at him and he could look at me. I wanted him to see me with his sperm all over my face and me grinning and looking happy with the mess. That gets the man happy and certain that you and he are going to be having a lot more fun for a long, long time. No regrets on my part, that was for sure!

So he got a load of me, white streaks of his spunk dripping and running down me and he had to break down and laugh. "Oh, Lord love you, but you're a real sight!"

"I know." I giggled. "I like it."

"I guess you do. Commander Reed, huh? What's it like with a black man?"

"Same as anyone else, just his skin is darker. His juice is the same color as yours, though."

"I mean, he seems so wound tight. Like he's afraid we're going to think he's not supposed to be here."

I hadn't thought of him like that, but I saw what Lieutenant Kevin meant. "That's the way I saw you, too." I added.

"Well, I don't feel that way any longer." he said. "I feel right at home now."

"And I feel ready to go back to the lounge and play some games with you if you want to."

"Why not? I'm not going to get it up again for a while."

I didn't expect to get to Commander Gregg that same day but after lessons were over for me, he sent for me over the intercom, I was to come to his office. As the ship's doctor, Commander Gregg had a sizeable set of quarters but most of it was his medical offices.

"You wanted to see me, Commander Gregg?" I asked.

"Yep, I have a few questions about your examination I want to go over with you." he said.

"I thought you said I was in great health?" I asked.

"You are, but you find out other things in an examination."

"What's that?"

"Understand that I haven't said a word to your father about any of this. Yet."

"What is it?"

"How long have you been having anal sex with someone. I can tell it's recent and has to be someone aboard ship. Who's doing this to you?"

"Is he in trouble?"

"A lot depends on what you tell me."

"He's not making me do anything." I said quickly. "It's fun and I want him to do it. Mostly, he lies there and I crawl on top of him, and bounce up and down like this." I illustrated it for him.

"Who is it?"

"Major Brad." I said in a small voice. "Mostly."


"I do it with Lieutenant Jason sometimes. He likes it better when I suck him, though. And I want to do it with Commander Reed soon, too. And I just did my first time today with Lieutenant Kevin this morning, we sucked each other. I guess he'll want to fuck me, too, sooner or later."

This confession floored him. "Four of the men."

"Everyone but you and Daddy." I said. "But if I'm the ship's new morale officer, I figure I should do all I can to make you all happy."

"Will you, now?"

"Uh-huh." I said. "You're next and then Daddy. I got to find some time to talk to him."

"You'd better let me check you out again, a bit more thoroughly." He told me. "Take all your clothes off and get up entirely on the table. I'm going to have to probe your bottom hole some."

"Okay." I hoped he wouldn't make trouble for the guys. "Commander Gregg?"


"Can't we keep this all quiet instead?" I pleaded. "I mean, if you want me to stop, I will."

"If this were back on Earth, I would." he said. "But this is a small ship on a long-term mission barely started. I'm more concerned with whether this is what you want to be doing. Really, truly."

"It is. Really truly!" I assured him as I took off the rest of my clothes and was totally naked.

"So get up on the table, on your knees, and put your head down."

I did as he said and I felt his lubricated finger probing in my butt. "I'm checking for internal damage." He explained.

"Okay." I said and squirmed. "Feels kind of good."

"You're feeling me touch your prostate gland. It's what makes having a cock in your ass feel good for you. Touching it makes you feel good like this."

"It makes me feel real good." I said. His fingers were moving on my prostate, his fingertip moving around and around in little circles.

"That's feeling a lot better now." I said after a time. "You going to do that much longer?"

"I thought you liked this."

"I do, I do." I said. "But you keep that up, I'm going to come."

"Are you ejaculating fluid?"

"Nu-uh." I said. "But it still feels really good."

"I guess it does." He told me as he pulled out his finger. "You stay like that for me, I have to get something."

I kept my head down. "Okay." I heard small noises and then the unmistakable sound of his fly opening up. I made a small gasp, but didn't move. I could have been wrong.

"You really like it when a man fucks you, Paul?"

"Yeah, it's great." I said into my hand, a mumbled sound.

"Like I said, my concern was whether this is what you want to be doing." He said. And then I felt it, probing at my ass. Was this some new kind of equipment.

But he pressed in and I knew then it was his cock. I had Commander Gregg's cock in my ass. "Ooh, that feels real good." I told him.

"You like it, then."

"I like it, I like it." I assured him. "Come on, harder, faster, please?"

"Sure thing, Paul. I'm looking forward to this, too." And Commander Gregg began to pump on my butt, gently but then sped up when he only heard happy-moans coming from me. I knew he was testing me, making sure that I wanted this, so if I didn't want my friends to get in trouble, I had to make him know I liked it. And I did enjoy his cock in my ass, though I'd have preferred to see it ahead of time. It felt nice, though and he was handling it right, rubbing my prostate just right on every stroke.

Suddenly, I heard another voice. Lieutenant Jason. "Hey, Doc, I cut my finger and...hello?"

"Be right with you." Commander Gregg panted as he kept ramming my butt.

"Not bleeding very much, don't worry." Lieutenant Jason said and came around. "Mind if I get some of this, though?"

He was at my head and presented his hard cock to me and I leaned over and sucked it in. He used his hips to drive it in and out, because I couldn't move too well on the table like I was. I kept a good hold on him and let these two men fuck at my body from both ends.

I shivered in my climax and moaned around Lieutenant Jason's cock.

"That's good boy, suck me while you come, baby, suck me while you come." Lieutenant Jason urged.

"Oh, God, I'm coming, OH, OH-OH-OH-OH, OHHHHHH!" Commander Gregg shoved his cock in and squirted deep inside me. Lieutenant Jason got turned on at watching me and him and he moaned, pulled out and jerked himself and sprayed his jizz all over my head and back of my neck.

"Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man!" Lieutenant Jason groaned. "We have got such a hot property here, Doc. You want to know why I'm so fucking happy on ship, it's because I got this hot little mouth sucking me about once a day. I don't care if we never get anywhere, ever!"

"Commander Gregg said that he had to find out if I liked doing this." I told Lieutenant Jason. "You see I do, now, don't you?"

"Yes, Paul." Commander Gregg panted. "I see you do enjoy it."

"So you don't have to put a stop to it, do you?"

"Stop?" He sounded surprised. "I'm trying to figure out a reason why the Captain should move you in to my quarters with me!"

"No way. He can sleep with me from now on!" Lieutenant Jason joked in turn.

"Maybe we could work out a rotation."

"Major Brad will want a shift. And Commander Reed and Lieutenant Kevin." I put in.

That surprised Lieutenant Jason, but then he laughed. "Okay, Paul. We'll put together a shift in five for you."

"Make it six." I said. "I still have to take care of Daddy." I knew Daddy would be a special case and I was going to have to move careful with him. "Maybe you can help me with him?" I said to Lieutenant Jason.

"Let's go to the lounge and talk it over." Lieutenant Jason agreed. "I mean, our new Morale Officer ought to be able to arrange a happy surprise for our dear Captain."

"I sure hope so." I said happily. I was looking forward to finally making love to my Daddy!

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