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Thirty-one short stories (with illustrations on seventeen of them) about families that are close and get even closer in these stories. Mostly the families include young boys having loads of fun servicing the dongs of their elder brothers, daddies, uncles and cousins. These boys suck and jerk and ride those hard dongs until every member of their family is drained completely dry and the boy is filled full of hot spunk. Yep, while an occasional non-family member (and once, the family dog!) joins in on the fun, it's mostly a lot of good, clean, all-American family fun!

The stories in this book are:

Three Men in a Tub--A boy and his hunky dad and two uncles, all muddy and tired, check into a motel honeymoon suite (the only room they had). There's a huge sunken tub waiting for them, and when all are naked and in the tub, it's playtime for our hero.

Daddy’s Haunted House--Our hero is too young for the Haunted House at the charity event, but since Dad and his two uncles run the thing, they offer the boy a special trip through, but while our hero isn't scared, he has a lot of fun with these three fact, a little too much fun!

Hey, No Fair!--His younger cousin insists on having everything our hero does despite their difference in age, and when our hero ventures to play with his uncle's cock, the nephew wants equal opportunity to toy with Daddy's dick.

The Pinch-Hitter--His dream had come true, his mother was marrying his Peewee League coach but when Mom is too sick for the honeymoon, our hero comes to the rescue in his new stepfather's bed.

Ride the Horsey!--His nephew has ridden him like a horsey for too long and our hero uncle needs a rest. But the boy climbs on his body and bounces up and down anyhow, which leads to new fun for Uncle!

Lazy Leyton Langtry--His cousin Leyton has come to live with them and the teenager won't do a lick of work around the farm, but our hero discovers something that his cousin is really energetic about.

Sharing the Bed With Uncle Ron--Thrown out of the house by his drunken father, he and his mother and sister seek refuge with Uncle Ron. The only place for him to sleep is with his Uncle, but Uncle Ron has strict rules on what it takes to share his bed at night!

Skipped by Santa--Our hero and his Uncle Jack are waiting for Santa to arrive with his mother who is driving up, but a snowstorm strands them with nothing for Christmas. Uncle Jack offers to make it up by letting our hero choose anything in his house for his Christmas present. When our hero chooses Uncle Jack's cock for his present, what can the man do but let the boy play as much as he wants.

A Smile on Your Face--Uncle Jerry is staying with our hero and his mother, out of work and out of luck. Our hero will do whatever it takes to put a smile back on his uncle's face....

What Daddy Wants for Christmas--Our hero and his little brother are seeking to learn what their Daddy wants for Christmas and when they find the (comic) magazines he has hidden under his bed mattress of little boys having sex with their fathers, they know just what to give him.

An O’Brien Family Affair, Parts 1 to 4--The O'Brien family holds together no matter what and when Daddy gets divorced, our hero steps in to put smile back on his face. The story extends to include his big Brother, big brother's friend and an uncle by the time they are done, for the O'Briens stick together!

Me, Dad and Uncle Jim--One of my earlier stories, our hero and his mom and dad have come to live with Uncle Jim and Dad works with his uncle on a construction site. The accommodations are very cramped, but when these men get together with this eager young boy, they find the shared bed to be just right for fun!

The Pride of the O’Reillys--The O'Reilly Family has saved enough money to each send one of their family to America, there to work and save enough to send for the rest of them to come over. But when our hero's older brother is injured and can't go, he goes instead, leaving him and his older cousin together to face the New World together, sharing their lives and even their bodies while they save their money to save their families.

Earning My Keep--After a long time apart due to a divorce, our hero is going to live with his father and older brother. These two big studs have their own rules about their home, everyone has to earn their keep and our hero can do this by satisfying his horny relatives.

Three Times Two’s a Crowd--Two men, two teenagers and two little boys are having to share a two-bedroom suite and have to share the single large bed in each room. But these boys are eager to explore the bodies of their big brothers and fathers, and soon the beds are busy with men and teens plugging boy's hot asses and mouths.

My New Family--Maybe my very first incest story. Our hero finds himself with his gay Dad moving in with Dad's new lover and the man's son, a guy he knows from school. These two teens find themselves in the bed next door listening to their dads getting busy, and soon they are trying out on each other everything they hear going on next door. And that's just the beginning....

My Dog Brutus--One of my rare forays into bestiality. Our hero has gone with Daddy to the shelter to adopt a pet dog and he picks the big, friendly German shepherd to be the one. This dog however, has been trained to certain sexual practices by his former owners, though, and when the boy takes the dog to bed with him, the dog gets busy. Daddy finds out, and takes the dog's place ramming his son's ass, and now our hero has to service them both.

Stays in the Family--Daddy takes his son to work with him in the family business and he finds out when he gets there that these men and their sons have a special bond they share which keeps the business in the family.

Not With My Daughter--His horndog sister has finagled things so that her football quarterback boyfriend will be living with them for the next six weeks while his family moves to a new city. They have to have some way to keep this horny stud from crawling into Sis's bed and it works out that if they can keep this stud sexually worn out themselves, he won't be able to do it with his sister!

The Trash Next Door, Parts 1 and 2--Mom isn't happy with their neighbors, who she calls "trash" but our hero gets to know them and finds out thaat these guys living next door have a lot of fun with each other and acting "trashy" can be a blast!

On The Road--Another very old story, our hero is searching for his father, whom he only knows is a long-distance trucker, so he takes to the road to find him, and has to service the horny truckers he meets on his search, the last of which turns out to be his long-lost Daddy!

Nice Having Family--When her whole family ends up under her roof, Grandma insists they all stay with her. This requires the relatives to double and triple-up in the beds, and that leads to a lot of horny fun when they start rubbing together in the bed.

Endless Football--Mom and Dad have had a fight and the end result is that Dad's den is now off-limits to any but Dad and his boys. In this "man cave" these three find that they can have a lot of fun with each other while the game plays and Mom is busy in the kitchen.

Shooting on the Fourth--A story written for a Baron illustration included. Our hero is at a mountain resort for a famiy reunion on the Fourth of July and not having much fun until he finds a quiet cabin to jerk off in. But Dad finds him and Grandad with him, and soon our hero is being taught how to jerk a pud the right way.

You Can Sleep in My Room!--Long estranged from his family and in financial distress, our hero knocks on his sister's door to find his nephew eager to welcome his new-found uncle in. More than welcome, the nephew insists his uncle share his room and bed, and makes the sharing well worth while!

Gift Exchange--This Christmas our hero has his uncle and cousin living with them, down on their luck and no money for presents. He shares his presents with his uncle and cousin in Christmas generosity and so does his cousin, but the adults have no presents until the boys point out the toys they are packing in their pants.

My Mother Married Six Men--In the Old West days, a widowed woman agrees to marry six men at the same time, sleeping with one of the six each week in turn. The wedding night is her with the eldest man, and the other five have our young hero in their "bunkroom" like bedroom and this lucky young boy ends up having his own wedding night with all five other new stepdads. And the eldest, when his week is up, takes his turn as well.

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