Daddy's Haunted House

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Shoka
Illustration of Daddy's Haunted House

I was bouncing about like crazy, Mom said as we entered the community center. It was the first time I'd ever seen them setting up a Halloween carnival! Man, it was awesome! I saw one of those big, fluffy bats they made and I got to touch it for the very first time. It was made of this zigzag sort of flimsy paper that was all crinkly and it made the funniest noise as I smushed it together and...

"Hey, Josh, leave that alone!" Mrs. Brown's niece said, a loud, brash girl of fourteen, said, smacking my hand!

"Ow!" I shrieked out. "Mommy!"

"Josh, come here!" Mom called out.

"Mommy, she hit me!" I said.

"He was messing up the bats." Mrs. Brown's niece said.

"Was not!" I said.

"Was so!" she shouted back at me.

"Was not!"

"Was so!"

"Was not, was not, was not! Mom!"

"Josh, that's enough of that. I saw you squeezing the crepe-paper myself, so cut it out."

"I was just touching it." I said, immediately contrite.

"Well, leave it alone. It's for looking, not touching."

"Okay." I said.

"Want some caramel popcorn?" Mom enticed me.

"Sure." I said. She handed out the bowl sitting there and I grabbed a big handful of the sticky stuff (it was homemade, not store-bought and kind of gooey) and crammed it into my mouth. It was coated with real melted caramel and sweet as you'd ever want. I gummed it all down while Mom chatted with Mrs. Brown's niece about the carnival that evening. It would start about seven o'clock, but it was still only four o'clock now.

"Hey, squirt." Mrs. Brown's niece said to me all of a sudden, while I was busy staring at a ghost, one made out of cardboard painted white and stuck to the wall. It had nails sticking out all over it and numbers under the nails, some sort of game which they were still setting up. "You going to go into the haunted house?"

"Sure." I said. "I'm going to see everything!"

"Now, Susie, the haunted house is too much for Josh!" Mom said protectively. "He's only six years old, you know."

"Yeah, he's just a little baby!" Susie Brown said.

"Now, Susie!" Mom started, but it was too much.

"I am not!" I protested. "I want to go into the haunted house!"

"It's too scary for you, you little baby." Susie put in.

"Susie!" Mom said, and knelt down to me. "Now, Josh, the haunted house was built for the grown-ups. Your Daddy and uncles are going to be in there, and they're going to do things to really scare people, on purpose. Now, you see, baby, you shouldn't go in there, it's not for young guys like you, you see?"

"No!" I said willfully. "I want to see it."

"Well, Susie, you did it." Mom said, standing up. "So you keep an eye on Josh while I go talk with his father and try to fix this mess you caused."

I grinned up at Susie. "Hee-hee-hee." I said to her.

"Twerp." she said to me.

I won't tell you what happened next, just that when Mom came back about ten minutes later, Susie was sitting on me on the floor and I was yelling as loud as I could. Everyone at the center was pretty much ignoring both of us, still setting up for the carnival.

"Okay, okay." Mom said. "You can let him up now, Susie."

"I want to see the haunted house!" I said as I got up.

"And you can." Mom said.

"Huh?" Susie asked.

"Yay!" I shouted out. "I get to go to the haunted house!"

"Yes, you do. A special sneak peek, just you." Mom said. "That's what took me so long, they had to set it up. But they're ready for Josh now. Come on, a special haunted house just for you, Josh, baby!"

"Yay, yay, yay!" I said, dancing along as we went, my hand in Mom's. "I get to see the haunted house, I get to see the haunted house!"

"You guys spoil him." Susie said as she went back to hanging up the bats, shaking her head.

"Okay, now, baby." Mom said as she ushered me to the door. Dad was inside and said, "Okay, guys, he's here. Now, Laura, we're going to shut the door and you make sure nobody disturbs us until we're done, okay? We're going to give Josh a haunted house he's never going to forget."

"Go on in." Mom said as she pushed me through the curtains and shut the door.

Shutting the door activated the lights and such, I'd heard Daddy and Uncle Peter talking about setting it up. The lights began to flicker, making everything red, then green, then blue, then red again and so on. Loud haunted-house sounds started in, chains rattling, ghosts moaning, and thunder and witches giggling.

"Cool!" I said.

"Prepare to meet your doom!" came the voice and I turned around to see a glowing skeleton walking toward me. He held out his hands toward me, ready to clutch me in his bony fingers.

And I said, "Hi, Daddy!"

"I'm not your Daddy." Daddy said. "I'm the specter of Death!" and he laughed an evil laugh, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!

I giggled, too. "Daddy, you're being silly! When are you going to scare me?"

Uncles Lou, Peter and Grant laughed. "Yeah, Scott, when are you going to scare him?"

I turned around and beheld a guy in a Frankenstein suit and mask and a guy wearing a pumpkin head in a black. "Hey!" I said.

"We're the demons of the undead." they said to me.

"You're just funning me!" I scolded them. "Uncle Peter, Uncle Grant, why are you guys all dressed up like that?"

"They're trying to scare you." Uncle Peter said. He looked neat as a werewolf, all hairy and with fangs in his mouth. "You really have nerves of steel, don't you, Josh?"

"I don't know." I said.

"Nothing bothers you, does it, Josh?"

"I don't know. When are you guys going to scare me?"

"How about right now?" Uncle Peter picked me up and swung me in his arms, one big hairy arm under my chest and the other under my legs, so that I was sort of flying and I shrieked with laughter.

Uncle Peter kind of tossed me over to Uncle Lou in his Frankenstein costume, and he caught me and swung me around, this time by my waist. Then he turned me so my head was lower down than my legs and I was surrounded by my dad and his three brothers, my uncles, and they were all around me, Uncle Grant and Daddy both in tight stretch-like clothes, and Uncle Lou said, "Hey, we got you!"

I reached up and grabbed hold of my Daddy and Uncle Grant right at their crotch and got a hold of their wienies and said, "No, I got you!"

"Gah!" Daddy gasped out. "Josh!"

"Whoa, hey, kid!" Uncle Grant said.

Uncle Peter said, "He's right, he's got you. Now what are you going to do?"

"Get the little fucker back." Uncle Lou said.

"Yeah." Uncle Peter agreed and he reached up with that hair-covered hand and he grabbed my groin, clutching my wienie through my shorts. "I got you, Josh!"

"Yeah!" I said. "You got me!"

Uncle Grant pulled down his pants (or whatever you call those stretchy things he was wearing) and said, "Get a good hold on me, boy."

"Yeah!" I said and grabbed hold of Uncle Grant's dick. "Ooh, that's big and warm!" I cooed.

"God, Grant, my son's got hold of your cock!" Dad kind of groaned.

"Let me get yours, too, Daddy." I said. Uncle Peter was unzipping my pants, and I knew he'd have hold of me real soon.

Daddy was watching this and I guess with the costume on, he felt braver than he may have some other time. Anyway, he did the same as Uncle Grant, hitched down his pants so I could get hold of my daddy's dick and it was just as big and warm as Uncle Grant's.

Uncle Peter had hold of my wienie and he was working it between his fingers. "Hey, got a tiny one here, bro." he said. "Kind of hard to get a hold of it." He spat out his fangs and said, "I'd better try something else."

I gasped when Uncle Peter's lips went around my tiny prick and then I moaned as he slid his lips up and down my little wienie. It felt so good!

"Ooh, that's good, Uncle Peter!" I moaned. "Can I do that, too?"

I think Uncle Peter was going to put his crotch to where I could suck on his dick, but Daddy beat him to it. Daddy shifted and then I had Daddy's prick slapping my cheeks.

"Here, boy, suck on this." Daddy grunted.

Uncle Peter handed me his cock as I got Daddy's dong in my mouth and Daddy's hands guided me and helped me suck his dick in that odd position. I guess I had a sort of natural talent, because I had my Daddy groaning in no time, sliding my lips up and down his shaft, and he was groaning. I was pumping Uncle Grant and Uncle Peter as well as I could, while Uncle Peter sucked on my little wienie. Uncle Lou wasn't entirely left out, he shifted one of his hands so that he could fondle my butt, and he managed to get inside my shorts from behind and his hands were getting real familiar with my asscheeks, his finger trying to probe between them.

"You thinking of fucking my son, Lou?" Dad asked Uncle Lou.

"He's got a powerfully sweet feeling cherry here." Uncle Lou said though he was fibbing, I found out later, he wasn't touching my butthole at all, though he was trying.

"If anyone's going to take that cherry, it's going to be me." Daddy said firmly. He was next to oldest of the four (Uncle Lou was oldest, and Uncle Peter was youngest), but he seemed to be the one always in control of things, and Uncle Lou didn't argue.

They let me down on a table and Daddy said, "Now, Josh, this is going to be a time you'll never forget. Just relax and trust me, I won't hurt you any more than I have to, okay?"

"Sure, Daddy." I gushed. "Can I play with everyone's wienies some more?" That was what I called it back then.

"You sure can, boy." Uncle Peter said. "Play with them and suck them, while your Daddy gets you primed up and pops your cherry."

I didn't know what he meant by popping my cherry, I figured it was like a cherry bomb, and I didn't have any fireworks on me. But I was too busy playing with Uncle Lou's and Uncle Grant's dicks while Uncle Peter got his revenge by sticking his dick in my mouth.

Daddy pulled my shorts off, then lifted my legs up and his tongue got right into my butthole, a hot, wet, pink spear of flesh that felt like nothing I'd ever felt before, all soft and tickly and nice, real nice!

"Ooh, Daddy, that feels good!" I said as Daddy wormed his tongue into and around my butthole. I was practically crawling the walls, it felt so good, and my hands were pumping my uncles hard and fast as I could. Uncle Peter was moaning and Uncle Grant took over playing with my dick while he was busy groaning.

Then Daddy stood up and said, "Okay, guys, hold him in place. I'm going to shove it in him now."

I let out a startled yelp of surprise when Daddy's dick hit my little bunghole. It was like taking a dump, a big one, only in reverse, it was all trying to come in, and my butthole was stretching out a little at a time as Daddy pushed against me.

I yelled a little more, and when I got too loud, Uncle Peter put his hand over my mouth and said, "Shh! Don't want people to come in here, you know."

"I'd better check." Uncle Grant offered and he left me, stuffing his dick back into his pants and walked over to the door.

The door's lights went to normal when the door was opened, though all in red, and the light from outside made a shaft that cut across the four of us, a boy and three men around him, and the black stretchy-fabric of Daddy's clothes shone while the skeleton dimmed to a greenish-white paint-job on the black.

"Is everything all right in there?" Mom asked. "I heard Josh yell."

"We just startled him." Uncle Grant said. "He's better now, aren't you, Josh?"

"Yeah, Mom!" I called out. "Shut the door!" I wanted to get back to those lights and noises and in the midst of it, me and my Daddy and uncles and their warm, warm cocks!

"We'll be a while longer." Uncle Grant said. "Just us guys enjoying ourselves. The house is all ready for when the guests arrive, just knock at the door and wait for us to answer the first time, okay?

"All right, Grant." Mom said. "God, you men are as bad as Josh, no wonder he's picked up all your bad habits."

"He sure has." Uncle Peter said. "Including the one that loves cock."

"Yeah!" I agreed.

Uncle Grant finally got the door closed and Daddy went back to shoving his dick into me. That pause seemed to help him, because there was a sort of pop and his dick slid into me!

"Oh, Daddy!" I moaned.

"Oh, Son!" Daddy groaned.

"Yeah, Scott, fuck your son's butt!" Uncle Lou said. "I want to see you fucking your own son!" Uncle Lou had three kids, all girls. Uncles Grant and Peter weren't married yet. It's one reason I was so close to all of them like I was.

"What's fuck?" I asked Daddy.

"What I'm about to do to you." Daddy said. And he began to move his hips back and forth, sending that marvelous dong deep into me and pulling it back out to send it down inside me again. "This, son, is fucking." He said to me as I moaned. "I am fucking my baby boy."

"Oh, yeah, Daddy, fuck me." I agreed. "I like fucking!"

"Me, too, Son, me, too!" Daddy groaned.

"Oh, shit, hurry up." Uncle Peter groaned too. "I want him when you're done."

"Yeah, all of you fuck me, yeah!" I agreed. "Oh, Daddy!"

Daddy was getting so hot so fast, that I didn't blame Uncle Peter for pulling away and waiting for me, holding his cock and moaning as he watched my daddy fuck me. I saw his dick all wet and hard and the head all red and I licked my lips looking at it. Uncle Lou saw me licking and he shifted over. "Better lube me up." he said. "I get to go after your Daddy."

"Like hell you do." Uncle Peter said.

While Daddy fucked me, my three uncles got into a bit of an argument, and they settled it the way we would on the playground, a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors. I didn't see just how it went, because Daddy's cock was really humping into me, but when it was done, it was Uncle Peter wiggling his dick at me and saying, "Slick it up some more for me, sport. Your daddy's about to shoot his load."

"Really?" I said with an "oh-gosh" sound to my voice. "Cool!" I decided.

"No, hot, so damned hot!" Daddy moaned. "Oh, baby, I'm going to pump my jizz into your sweet little butt, so damned hot, baby, so damned hot, oh, oh, uh, uh, GUH-HNKKK!"

And I felt it then, hot salty jizz squirting into my butt. I didn't know just what was going on then and there, but it was a time of weird things all around me, my ears ringing from ghostly laughter and witches' cackle and the lights flashing like crazy, and it all sort of fit in together, and I caught Daddy when he fell over and his mask had a small hole for his lips and he kissed me though that mask, groaning, "Oh, my baby, my sweet little baby boy!"

"Oh, Daddy!" I said back to him. "Daddy, fuck me, daddy."

"Oh, baby!"

"Come on, get off, my turn." Uncle Peter said. He kind of wrenched my Daddy away and if Daddy hadn't been so tired shooting his wad into my ass, he might have gotten mad. As it was, Uncle Peter's wet, slicked dong was worming into my ass, my ass already stretched out by Daddy.

It was like Daddy had never stopped fucking me. Uncle Peter was just as big and felt just as good and he began to fuck me a little faster than Daddy had. Uncle Lou's dick in my mouth kept me from yelling, not that I need to much anymore. I was slurping on Uncle Lou like it was a big-sized candy cane, one of those super-big ones they say you're supposed to break into pieces but I got one last Christmas and kept at it for days and days, sucking it down all in one piece.

Uncle Peter was moaning and I felt his dick get hot and I said, "Uncle Peter's going to pump his jizz now!"

"Yeah, kid, I'm going to come. Oh, oh, GUH, UH, HUHHHHH!"

"Just like Daddy!" I said when I felt his come spurt into me. "Yeah, come on, Uncle Peter, just like Daddy!"

Uncle Lou had stepped behind Uncle Peter and I had Uncle Grant ready to be slicked up. Daddy knelt down beside us and he licked Uncle Grant's dick right alongside me, and Uncle Grant moaned a lot, watching a father and his six-year-old son licking on his dick at the same time.

Uncle Peter finished, his big hairy body drooping and he was panting loudly. "Oh, yeah, hot little boy butt! Better than any man's I've fucked, I can tell you."

Uncle Lou chipped in. "I haven't fucked a boy's ass since I took your cherry when I was a teenager! I wonder if it's as good as I remember. Now get out of the way, Big Brother needs to fuck his nephew's ass."

Uncle Lou's cock was a comfortable fit into my reamed-out butt. With two loads in there, his fucking was kind of squishy and loose-like. I licked on Uncle Grant's balls while Daddy sucked him and enjoyed the feel of it, all that hot daddy-jizz and uncle-spunk mixing in there.

And Uncle Lou added his load with a single low roar that I almost didn't hear over the haunted-house sounds and the mask. I felt his dick pulsing and then he was panting and pulling out of me, his dick soft and spent.

"Oh, yeah, my turn now, finally!" Uncle Grant groaned. "I need it, God, watching all you fuck him!"

"Hurry up." Daddy said. "When you're done, I want to do him one more time." He looked at me and I grinned up at him and nodded. It was right, Daddy's turn again!

Uncle Grant was pretty turned on, and his way of fucking was kind of odd, just a hold-it-inside-and-wiggle, but it worked for him and for me, too, felt pretty good having that dick kind of vibrating all deep inside me. I was fondling Daddy's dick, feeling how it was getting firm and large again, and Uncle Grant wiggled and wiggled, then he was moaning and he blasted a surprisingly large wad into my butt.

Soon as he was done, my Daddy went over and pulled him out and then flipped me overo onto my stomach, and he knelt down and began to suck the jizz out of my ass! It was an amazing feeling, all that salty jizz and Daddy's tongue and mouth pulling it out of me. He didn't get all of it, but he got some, I could feel him cleaning out my insides and I loved it, loved it!

"Oh, oh, Daddy!" I groaned after a time. "Fuck me again, Daddy, fuck me again!"

Daddy did, he grabbed me by my hips and he really hunch-fucked me the second time around. My uncles were gathered around, watching him and stroking their puds. I would reach up and suck a little on Uncle Peter's prick sometimes (He was near my head) or touch Uncle Lou or Uncle Grant's dongs.

Daddy took his time, too, that second time, or maybe he needed more time, because he fucked me on and on, and it was better than the first time, even, my Daddy fucking me and it was going to last a long, long time.

When Daddy began to groan again, so did my uncles. I felt my own body tingling and I gasped, feeling for the first time the sort of little-boy climax a kid can have, and it was so good, and it was my Daddy's fucking that did it for me then.

"You made your boy come." Uncle Peter said.

"Yeah, Daddy, I came." I agreed.

"I'm coming too, Son, I'm coming, too!"

"Yeah, Daddy, shoot it!" I said. I had quite a vocabulary of fuck-and-suck phrases by then, picking it up by listening to my dad and uncles talking. "Shoot your come in me, I want it, Daddy, I want it!"

"Yeah, yeah, oh, oh, ah!" Daddy groaned.

And my uncles pumped their dicks like mad and I knew then what they were doing. I was about to get my uncles' come all over me while Daddy pumped me full of jism again!

I grinned as they all hit their orgasms, as Daddy clutched my hips so tight it hurt, as his come spurted into me and boiled about inside, hot and creamy.

And my uncles shot their loads on me, Uncle Peter's hitting me in the face, and Uncles Lou's and Grant's loads were hitting my arms and back. Come on me, come in me, I loved it, loved every bit of it!

Done, my dad and uncles pulled away and I looked at them, puzzled. "Are we done?" I asked.

"Yeah." Daddy panted. "Haunted house tour is over. Tell your friends about us."

"On second thought, don't tell anyone." Uncle Lou said.

"Better keep this a secret from your mom." Dad agreed.

"Sure." I said. "But is it over?"

"Every game comes to an end." Uncle Lou said.

"Don't worry, Josh, there'll be" Uncle Peter said.

"Plenty of them." Uncle Grant agreed.

"Okay." I said.

"Better get dressed." Daddy said.

I got dressed and went outside. Mom was holding the door like she'd said she would. "Well, about time you came out." she said to me. "I thought maybe the inhabitants of our haunted house had decided to have you for dinner."

"I am getting hungry." I agreed.

"We have another hour before the carnival starts." Mom said as Dad and my uncles came out, their masks pulled off and held. "You guys look tired already."

"I'm pretty wiped out." Daddy agreed. "Uh, setting up, that is."

"You have another hour." Mom said to me. "What do you want to do? Try some of the other games before we open up?"

I looked at my dad and uncles and said, "No. I want to go in the haunted house again!"

"Again?" My Dad was surprised looking. "Hey, Josh, we're pretty tired from the first time."

"I don't think I could do it again!" Uncle Lou added.

"No way!" Uncle Peter agreed.

"I'm worn out!" Uncle Grant chipped in.

"I want to go again, I want to go again!" I threw my tantrum easily as I always did.

Mom laid down the law. "I'm not going to have this carnival ruined by his yelling about this. Now take him in and let him have his fun another time. It's not going to kill you!"

"I want to do it again, I want to do it again!" I called.

"You heard him." Mom said, to Dad. "Take him back inside and do it again! I mean it!"

"Okay!" Dad groaned, rubbing his crotch tenderly. "Jeez!"

My uncles were looking at each other like, "What the hell are we going to do now?"

I was learning to really like Halloween!


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