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Six of my short series about man/boy, teen/boy or daddy/son sex, a total of thirty-one chapters (sorry, only "The Medallion" has any illustrations, five in all).

The series are as follows:

A three-part story about a young boy whose Daddy is going on the first interstellar spaceship and will be gone for the rest of our hero's life. He can't bear to be parted from his Daddy, and manages to stow away on the ship and so is with Daddy and the five members of the ship's crew. Of course, if he's going to be with them, they have to find a good use for him, and our hero is only too happy to oblige by giving all of these studs, including Daddy, an eager cock-sucking or hot ass-ride, one after another, for the rest of their long, long trip!

In this five-part series, our adult anthropologist hero finds an old medallion in some ancient ruins and wonders what it was for. He puts it on and finds himself suddenly a little boy again to the delight of his partner who gives our hero a hard man-fuck. Then our hero takes the medallion home and enjoys boy/boy sex with his son and the partner's son, but then the boys get hold of the medallion and suddenly it's father son sex with Daddy playing the little boy and his son the hard, hunky man!

In this eight-part series, our young hero is left with his father's adult cousin while Mom and Dad take off to Nashville to be Country/Western stars (or try to). Our hero is more than willing to snuggle his strong, sexy second-cousin in bed and play with his hard cock, and suck it dry. And that's just the beginning of the adventures in sex our hero enjoys with his new guardian.

Five chapters in this series. Young teen Duncan has a problem, his mom has left his father with him and his bratty younger brother Boyd, who is more than eager to get closer to his big brother and he's supposed to take care of Boyd while Mom works, worse the luck. Boyd catches Duncan jerking off one afternoon after school, it's the beginning of an education for Boyd and an adventure for Duncan, who lets his little brother play with his cock, then suck on him, and finally plugs his little brother's ass, and Boyd just loves everything Big Brother Duncan is doing to him!

A week-long reunion in seven daily chapters. Our young hero and his Daddy head for a family reunion, just him and Dad, and Dad's two brothers and their sons, for an entire week. But what a week it is, as Daddy and Uncles teach our heroes and their own sons all about how to suck hard cocks and enjoy a hard, lusty fucking!

Three chapters in all. Fifteen-year-old Cal wants a new pair of high-priced sneakers and when he hears his older sister turn down a babysitting job, he jumps at the chance to fill in and earn the big bucks the customer is offering. But turns out that little Robbie is more than a handful, he is a total monster. Fortunately for Cal, Robbie discovers that playing with a hard teenaged cock is loads of fun and uses his position as the child Cal is babysitting to require Cal to let him do whatever he wants and Robbie's Mom and Dad are just relieved that they've found a babysitter Robbie actually likes.

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