The Jumpsuit

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

Daddy came into the living room and I had to laugh. You should have seen what he was wearing to paint the living room!

"What's so funny, Micky?" he asked me, wearing his big, really-really-really baggy orange jumpsuit.

"You are, Daddy!" I snickered. "You look goofy in that!"

Daddy looked down at himself and smiled. "Yeah, it's a little baggy on me, isn't it?"

"No." I said.


"No, it's a LOT baggy on you!" I said and started laughing again.

"Hey, if you're going to laugh at me while I paint the house, you can just go stay the weekend with your Aunt Fiona like your mom and sister did!"

"No way!" I said promptly. "Aunt Fiona smells funny."

"It's going to smell funny in here when I start painting." Daddy said. "It's why your Mom took off for Aunt Fiona's."

"Yeah." I'd heard Mom complaining about Daddy painting the house the weekend before Thanksgiving and how the smell wouldn't be gone before she would be inviting guests over. Dad had pointed out how it had to be done, and so she had gathered my two older sisters in hand and taken off. Me, I insisted on staying, I wanted to help Daddy paint. I was wearing my oldest clothes because I'd get a lot of paint on them and have to throw them away, Mom said. And Daddy was wearing...well, you heard what he was wearing. Uncle Jeff's old jumpsuit. Uncle Jeff is retired now, but he wore that old jumpsuit for years. Uncle Jeff was the same height as my Daddy, but where Daddy was slim waisted and muscled with a broad chest and taut stomach, Uncle Jeff had a huge, huge pot belly. And where Uncle Jeff only had a rim of hair around the top of his head and was bald on the rest of it, Daddy still had plenty of hair on his head, not to mention on his arms, legs, and chest.

"So let's start painting now." Daddy concluded.

"I get the big brush!" I hollered. Daddy was fine with that, because he was using the roller.

I spent the next couple of hours slapping paint over the center of one of the bigger walls. Paint is really messy, you know? We had plastic sheets on the floor to catch the drips that fell there, but my clothes had to catch the drips that fell on me. I didn't get too much on my face but a lot on my hands and a lot on my clothes.

And I got tired in a hurry. After about an hour of this, I said, "Daddy, I'm tired."

"You're messy, too." Daddy agreed. "But we got a long way to go, still. We're painting the entire house, remember? All four bedrooms of it."

"But I'm tired!" I whined.

"So sit and rest." Daddy said kindly.

I did, and soon I said, "I got nothing to do."

"Should have gone to Aunt Fiona." was Daddy's only comment.

"No way!" I said. "Can't I get some of my toys up in my room?"

"We'll be painting in there, too, before the day is out." Daddy said. "We packed everything including all your toys into the garage, remember? Nothing in the house but some sleeping bags."

"And your big old baggy jumpsuit." I grinned.

"Yeah." Daddy said. "Let me finish this wall and we'll take a break." Daddy was a fast worker, he had painted the entire living room in just that hour or so.

"Okay." I was eager to sit and talk with Daddy a while. We had a cooler of drinks on ice, and Daddy sat on a wooden sawhorse and I sat on the floor.

"How do you like painting?" Daddy asked me after he'd taken a sip of his beer.

"It was fun at first. But I can't paint animals or nothing, so it got kind of boring." I admitted.

"Yeah." Daddy said. "It'll be a bit more fun when we get to your room and we put on those stencils." Daddy had a bunch of wild-animal stencils and was going to decorate my room with animals of all colors over the wall, it was one reason we would paint my room the solid color today.

"Yeah." I said. "Can we do that now?"

"Tomorrow, after we do the hallway and the kitchen and dining room." Daddy promised. "Downstairs today, and upstairs tomorrow."

"But I got nothing to do." I complained.

"I'd let you outside, but you're already covered in paint." Daddy pointed out. "I think you got more on your clothes than you did on the wall."

"It dripped a lot." I agreed. "Can we wash them out?"

"Not really." Daddy said. "I got some cleaner you can use on your hands and face, but for the clothes, it's better to just throw them away when you're done."

"Like your big old baggy jumpsuit."I agreed. "I bet we could both fit inside that."

"We probably could." Daddy admitted.

That gave me an idea. "So can I try?"

"Try what?"

"Getting inside your jumpsuit with you."

"But you're covered in paint." Daddy said. "I'm still mostly clean."

"Please, Daddy?" I begged. "Just to try it."

"I ought to get back to work." Daddy demurred.

"Just for a little while." I pouted.

"Well...okay. But you got to get out of those clothes before you do." Daddy pointed out. "I don't want paint all over me."

"Sure!" When I washed my hands and face with the nasty stuff Daddy had to cut paint off of me (it worked but smelled awful!), I took off my shoes and socks, then my shirt and finally my pants.

"Hey, you're not wearing any underwear!" Daddy objected.

"Mom said not to." I defended myself. "She said she was going to have to burn it all, and I didn't want her to burn my underwear!" I had all sorts of special briefs, Spiderman, Tarzan, Lion King and so on, and they were all precious to me.


"Oh, come on, Daddy." I said. "So I'm naked now. Nothing you haven't seen before." I chided back one of Daddy's favorite lines when he had to help wash me.

"Yes, but...but..."


"I'm not wearing any, either." Daddy admitted. "Didn't remember them while packing everything up so we could paint. Wearing nothing but this jumpsuit and my shoes. But I figured you had on your briefs so it'd be okay."

"It is okay."

"But...but if you get in my jumpsuit, we'll be touching each other all over!"

"Yeah." I said. "I know. Please, Daddy, let me try to get into your jumpsuit with you."

Daddy gulped kind of funny and his eyes were wide, but he said, "Well...okay, but only for a couple of minutes."

"Sure." I said.

Daddy reached up and unzipped the jumpsuit. I stared avidly as his body was revealed, Daddy usually kept himself all covered up, so I couldn't see much. He'd wear a long-sleeved shirt and a t-shirt under that, and maybe a jacket over that, too. So my look at Daddy's golden-toned body was a rare glimpse, I hadn't seen him very well since early last summer.

Such big muscles, my Daddy has. He works awful hard, so his body is huge. He could pick me up without even grunting, even though I was now eight years old and getting pretty big. His chest hair accented rather than obscured the huge pairing of muscles down the mid-line revealed by the zipper, his breasts, the ribs, the abs below that, two rows of large bulges.

Daddy shuffled the jumpsuit up and back on his shoulders, and both his nipples stared out at me enigmatically, like brown cats'-eyes. "Okay, get over here and see if you can squeeze on in here with me."

I gleefully went to Daddy and he picked me up like he always did. I looked down to put my feet into the jumpsuit and saw the dark bundle of his pubic hair with the dark brown of his cock under that. I looked at it wide-eyed, wondering at it, while Daddy held me and Daddy said, "Come on, get your feet in."

"Okay." I said and I wrapped my feet around Daddy's slender waist. My feet went behind Daddy and rested on the twin globes of his buttocks. My hands I slid in to grasp him around his chest, and my feet went down the legs when I did that and I was down until my body was stopped by the crotch of the jumpsuit.

But I was firmly inside the jumpsuit. I giggled and Daddy said, "Are you satisfied now, sport?"

"Zip it up." I said. "Zip it up, Daddy!"

Daddy had to fumble at first, but he got it going up and it did, the jumpsuit zipped right up my back and I ended up nearly muffled under it, my head on Daddy's chest. Daddy stopped the zipper there and said, "See, we both fit into Uncle Jeff's old jumpsuit."

"Can you walk around with me in here?" I wanted to know.

"I don't know."

I hitched my legs up so I could grip his upper hips with them. "Come on, Daddy, stand up and let's try it."

Daddy did and I went sliding down. The jumpsuit was baggy but not that much room left after I was in it, I ended up about six inches lower than I had been before and now my dick and Daddy's dick were brushing right up against each other.

I could feel it right there against me and I know Daddy was feeling it, too. "Can you walk about now, Daddy?"

"I don't know." Daddy said. He was breathing kind of heavy. I was hanging onto him and the jumpsuit was carrying a good bit of my weight now, the material was tight around Daddy's neck and shoulders. But still, he ought to be able to walk with me.

"Come on, Daddy, walk around with me riding you like this. Come on, giddy-up, Daddy, giddy-up!" And I began to bounce up and down on Daddy like I would if I was riding on his knee. I hadn't done that in a long time, but I remembered how.

That made my dick rub up and down on Daddy's cock, and he kind of moaned and his cock rose up, getting all firm and warm. "God, Micky, you have to stop bouncing like that, Son!"

"What's wrong, Daddy? Come on, walk around a little, okay? Okay?"

Daddy did and that moved me on his cock some more. Now it was fully hard and reaching up to nearly my navel. And Daddy was breathing harder than ever.

"All the way around the room, Daddy, come on, I'm riding you, riding around in Uncle Jeff's jumpsuit, the two of us, yeah, yeah!"

"Oh, God, oh, God!" Daddy was moaning. "Son, this is going too far."


"Your bouncing around is rubbing me...down there." Daddy panted. "Rubbing me a bit too much, if you know what I mean."


"Yeah!" Daddy said, stopped. "We'd better get you out of this jumpsuit before things go too far."

I reached down and grabbed hold of Daddy's dick. "You mean, like this, Daddy?"

"Oh, God!" was all Daddy said.

I stroked Daddy's pud up and down a few times. "Come on, Daddy, walk some more." I wanted that because when he was walking, my own dick was rubbing his prick down at the balls, and his balls were kind of wrapped around my shaft now, nestled between them. "Make me move some more, please, Daddy, please?"

Daddy panted. "Son...Son, I don't know...."

"Please, Daddy, move some more, move some more!" I whined and I began to rock up and down.

"Oh, God!" Daddy was sweating now, I didn't think I was that heavy. He was panting real hard, too. "Oh, God, Son, oh, God!" And that was when Daddy kind of gave up. His hands came up and cupped my buttocks outside the jumpsuit and he began to just sort of grind against me. Rocked us back and forth to make his dick rub up and down my stomach. I had my hand on it still and I held tight and let his shaft slip in and out of my hand. I was rubbing back at Daddy and he was rubbing at me and the two of us were feeling better and better and better!

My own climax tingled in my dick and I moaned, feeling how warm and firm and masculine Daddy was, I wanted to hold him and never, never let go! "Oh, oh, oh, Daddy, oh, OHHHHH!"

"Son, oh, Son, God, I'm coming, Son, I'm coming, God, Micky, oh, OH, AH, AH, AH, HAH, GAHH-HAHHH!"

And I was suddenly being pelted by hot squibs of Daddy's jizz. He was spraying it up and it was coating my chest with his hot, slimy wads of spunk. I gasped at this and looked up into Daddy's face, his mouth was open, his eyes closed, looking soft and vulnerable, and his skin turned red, bright red, and he was staggering, his cock still shooting, and then he finished, panting hard and he weaved on wobbly legs over to another sawhorse and sat down on it, my own legs resting on top of the board, sitting in his lap, a massive puddle of come dripping off of me and coating my cock and Daddy's now-spent rod sitting soggily on top of mine.

"Wow, Daddy, that was something!" I said. "I didn't know it would do that!"

"Are you all right?"

"I got soaked, Daddy!" I snickered. "You had a lot of it. Kevin, Charley's older brother, he had a bit of it when I played with him, but yours was a lot more!"

Daddy shook his head, smiled down at me. "I should have realized you had figured out what it was for by now."

"Yeah." I said. "Can we do it again?"


"Yeah." I felt down and got hold of his cock. "Ooh, everything's all squishy and mushy-like."

Daddy laughed. "How am I going to get the painting done with you sitting here?"

"I dunno." I said. "Hey, I think it's getting hard again." Daddy's dick was rising again, all slimy with its load from before. "Still kind of sticky, though."

Daddy stood up and his now-hard dong slapped my stomach, was squeezed in between us, the jizz on my stomach greased it so that it slid up and down easily. "You ready for another ride, Micky?"

"Yeah, giddy-up, Daddy!"

It turned out Daddy was able to do most of the painting with me riding inside his jumpsuit after all! And even though the jumpsuit ended up covered with paint by the end of that weekend, Daddy and I are keeping it!


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