The Game of Fornication

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by JohnD

Illustration of The Game of Fornication

"Will you boys be all right while we're gone?" Mom asked us.

"Can't we come with you?" my twin brother Jay whined.

Mom shook her head. "It's just a bunch of grown-ups sitting around and talking. You wouldn't have any fun, there wouldn't be anything for you to do."

"When will you be home?" Mark wanted to know. He had a right to ask. He and Jeff and Frank were staying with Jay and me while our parents attended this whatever-it-was. We were all eight and nine years old, old enough to stay by ourselves for the long as the evening wasn't too long, that is.

"You boys be good, play games or something and then settle in to bed." Mom said as she kissed my brother good-bye. She would have tried for me, too, only I ducked away. Mom kissing me was one thing...her doing it in front of my friends was something else. "I'll be home about ten-thirty and you'd all better be in bed by then." Ten o'clock was our bedtime; Mom was basically telling us we could stay up a few minutes later as long as we were in bed when she got back. "Can you all not tear up the house for that long?"

"Sure, Mom." I said, coming up. "Jeff has a game he brought over from his house."

"Well, you boys play quietly, then." Mom gave me that kiss I'd been avoiding, I turned my face and got it on my cheek. "And don't drink too much, you don't want to wet the bed or something."

"Mom!" I cringed, I had stopped bedwetting at the age of five. Well, six. The guys laughed and my Mom beamed like she'd made a good joke and then left.

"So, Ray, do you wake up when you wet the bed?" Frank asked me.

"No! I mean, yeah! I mean...shit!" I said, which is really about all you can say to that one. I got laughed at some more.

A bit mad now, I said, "Well, Jeff, did you bring over a game or not?"

"Yeah, it's a new one." Jeff said as he went to the bag he had brought over with him. "I found it in Mom and Dad's closet."

"Do they know you borrowed it?" I asked as I went over to see the game. I had figured on something like Monopoly or Scrabble of Chutes & Ladders. "What kind of game is it?"

"I don't know." Jeff admitted. "But it's got to be a good one. I know Mom and Dad play it quite a bit when they invite friends over late at night."

I looked at the game box and puzzled over the name. "Fornication." I proclaimed to the others.

"Fornication?" Mark asked. "What's that?"

"I don't know." I admitted. "That's just the name of the game."

"I opened it up before I got here." Jeff said. "You roll the dice and move and every square has a card to draw that tells you what to do. The cards have pictures. We'll be okay."

"You know how to play the game?" I asked.

"I just looked at it." Jeff said. "But it looks simple enough. Kind of like Truth or Dare, you have to do what the card says or you lose a turn or something."

"We have to do things, huh? Okay, let's set up on the living room floor. Plenty of room there."

The middle of the living room had a big round green rug on it, by moving the coffee table over, we cleared a roundish area about ten feet in diameter. In the middle of the rug, Jeff placed the game. Six colors, I chose the red token myself. Jeff took white, Mark got black, Frank got blue and Jay got green. That left the yellow token in the box.

Frank read the directions in the box. "Roll the dice to move your token. Draw a card from the deck of cards of the same color you land on (there were four colors, blue, green, red and yellow, but they weren't spread out, but lumped together so that you had about eight blue-and-green squares first, then about eight green-and-yellow, then about eight yellow-and-red leading up to the golden card). You have to do whatever the card tells you to do, or you go back to the start. First one to get to the finish line gets to draw the golden card." There was one golden card at the finish line, sticking inside its own little clear-plastic pouch.

"Only one dice." Mark griped.

"Die." Frank supplied the right word for a single, uh, die to roll.

"You die, sucker." I piped in and got some laughs of the right sort to make up for the bedwetting ones.

"So, who goes first?" Jay asked.

"It's my game." Jeff said. "I get to go first."

It was as good a reason as any. That would put Mark going second, Jay third, Frank fourth and me last. My family had a rule about such things, the one who goes last the game before gets to go first the next game.

Jeff rolled the die and got a six. "Six!" He crowed. "Good roll, yeah!" He laughed and shook his blond hair which he wore in a huge mop on top of his head, like a sheepdog.

"That's a blue card." I pointed out.

Jeff drew a blue card from the top of the deck. "Play with the tits of the person to your left until it's your turn to roll again." he read off.

"Play with my tits?" Mark said wonderingly. Mark was black-haired, but his skin was the fairest of all of us, he sunburned real easily every time he got out in the sun. Even now, his back had some patches of skin peeling away, the remnants of the last time he'd been swimming.

"That's what it says." Jeff showed the card, it had a cartoon-character guy playing with the boobs of a well-endowed woman who was loving it.

"Come on, that's stupid."

"Hey, it's a game!" I put in. "Just do it so we can get to the next one."

"Take off your t-shirt so I can play with them." Jeff said.

Mark shrugged, and grabbed his orange t-shirt and lifted it up and over his body. His tits weren't anything to play with, just a couple of small brown nubs. Jeff reached up and grabbed them, one in each of his fingers.

"Ow!" Mark winced. "Easy, man, you're supposed to play with them, not rip them off."

"Sorry." Jeff said. "Your turn to roll."

Mark was still grimacing a bit as Jeff twiddled his tits like they were dials on a radio as he rolled. "Four."

"That's a green square." I mentioned.

"I can see it, doofus." Mark grunted and I shut up. I was trying to mastermind this game.

Mark drew a green card. "Rub the inner thigh of the person on your right until its your turn to roll again."

"Rub my inner thigh?" Jeff wondered. He wore baggy shorts, Mark's hand next to Jeff went over and stroked Jeff's thigh, up and down, up and down, from his knee up to next to Jeff's crotch.

"Mph, feels kind of good." Jeff observed.

"My turn." Jay grabbed the die and rolled. "Ugh. Two. One, two. Blue card." Looked at the card. "Yuck!"

"What's it say?"

"Lick the nearest foot of the person on your right for the next two rolls of the die."

"Lick his feet." I marveled.

"Ooh, yuck!" Jay griped.

"Come on, it's a game." I put in. "You got to do what the card says."

Jay grumbled as he got Mark's left foot and put it in his lap, undid the sneakers and said, "Go ahead and roll, Frank."

"Not until you get to licking." Frank grinned.

"God, why would any game ask you to lick someone's foot!" Jay said as he got the sock off and looked with dismay at the foot. "Ick, it smells nasty!"

"Sorry." Mark said. "I wasn't expecting anyone to be licking my foot, or I would have washed it."

"Wash it with your tongue." I added. Anyone who thinks I wouldn't enjoy watching my twin brother do something disgusting has never been a twin. Jay wasn't my mirror reflection, he was a usurper out to steal my identity, was more like how I felt. Both of us with the same brown hair, same brown eyes, same color skin, same body, same shoulders, same everything, two little boys who looked like a pair of bookends when we walked side by side. We looked alike, but that was about as far as our brotherly love went. We argued constantly and tried to outdo each other whenever possible.

"You can lick my foot if you want to." Frank offered. He had pulled off his shoes (no socks) and stuck his big, black foot in my brother's lap. Jay pushed it away with a grunt.

"Come on, roll the die, Frank." Jeff added. "My fingers are getting tired here."

"Not to mention my tits." Mark agreed.

"I'll roll when he puts his tongue on your foot." Frank insisted.

Jay groaned and went down, his tongue lapped out and swiped Mark's foot. Smacked his lips with disgust, but not a lot of it, if you know what I mean.

"Keep licking." Frank had the die and was shaking it.

Jay licked Mark's foot again and this time, he did it slower.

"Mmm, that does feel good." Mark said.

"Uhh, keep your hand up here." Jeff moaned and grabbed Mark's hand and put it at his crotch.

"That's not what the card said." Mark disagreed.

"Roll the fucking dice." Jeff grunted.

Frank rolled the die. "Three. One, two, three." Green card. Frank drew a green card and read it over. "No way."

"Hah, now it's your turn." Jay said as he looked up from licking Mark's foot long enough to gloat.

"Mind your own business, foot-licker." Frank said.

"What does it say?" Jeff wanted to know.

"Fondle the cock or pussy of the person on your right." Frank read off. "Don't move your hand, just hold it in place and wiggle things around."

Frank looked at me, and I kind of grinned and shrugged. "Well, it is an adult game." I said, and I stood up. "Guess you'll want my shorts off for that."

"I think we'd better all take our clothes off for this game."

Frank stood as well as I did and we got our clothes off. I looked at Jay to see how he'd take this delay, but he was licking on Mark's foot, I guess when you get all the sweat off, it's not so bad. Jay was really treating Mark's foot like a lollipop.

I got naked and sat back down. "My turn next." I said as I scooped up the die. "I hope I roll a six."

I rolled and grunted "Five. Green card. Ooh!" Which was when Frank's hand grabbed hold of my cock and balls. He really caught all of them in his hand, and then he began to kind of wiggle his fingers around and rub his palm against it. "Ooh, oh, yeah, that's good." I said.

"What's your card say?" Jeff grunted.

I read it. "Suck the fingers of the guy on your left until its your turn again."

"His fingers are on your balls."

Frank gave me his other hand. I sucked those long, black fingers into my mouth and saw why Jay was loving licking Mark's feet. Another person's skin doesn't taste nasty. It's just kind of warm and a bit salty and...and nice. And when that person's hand is on your basket making your cock feel all nice and alive, sucking his fingers is really easy.

Jay had sat up and was licking his tongue, either trying to get rid of the taste of Mark's foot, or (I had some reason now to think it was the other) to get all the taste swallowed.

Jeff rolled a second time. "Five. That's a yellow card!"

Damn. Jeff was going to win this game in no time at this rate. Jeff drew the card and read it off. "Wow."

"What's it say?" I grunted. Frank's hand felt awfully nice.

"Make the player on your right either suck your cock or eat out your pussy until it's your turn again." Jeff announced.

"Make me do what?" I gasped.

"Your turn, now!" hooted Jay and I scowled at my reflection, my twin brother, my nemesis.

"You want me to suck on your wienie!" I knew what a cock was, of course, but I called it by the usual name I used in my dismay.

"Come on, it's the game." Jeff said. "We knew it was for grown-ups, come on, it'll be fun, maybe."


"Hey, how's he going to suck your cock and my fingers at the same time."

We stopped at that, and then Frank came up with the idea. "If Ray has to stop sucking my fingers, I think Jeff ought to have to start in to finish what Ray started.

"That sounds fair to me." I put in quickly.

"All right." Jeff said. "Hurry up and roll, Mark, I want to find out how this all ends."

It was a bit of a puzzle, but we got it so that I was laying down, Frank on his knees over me, with his hand on my cock and balls which were beside him, and he kept fondling me with his other hand extended over my head. At my head, Jeff was on his knees and his cock was at my face, ready to be sucked on.

Jeff had a stiffie. No surprise there, I did, too. It would make it easier to suck it. I just hoped that a dick didn't taste as bad as I figured it would.

It didn't. It was a lot like Frank's finger. I got it in my mouth and I sucked it like it was a piece of candy.

Jeff didn't moan. He crooned, I mean, a long, low sound that went on and on. "Ooooohhh!" Like that.

Mark rolled. "Four again. He grunted. "A green card." He drew. "Kiss the player on your right, and give them plenty of tongue, until its your turn again."


"Yeah, they show the guy sticking his tongue inside the girl's mouth in the picture."

"Well...okay." Jay agreed. Their mouths matched and Jay kind of jumped when Mark stuck his tongue in. He rolled while Mark kissed him.

Six was what Jay rolled. That was just enough to earn him a yellow card. He read it and his eyes bulged out. He didn't say anything, just showed it to Mark, who lowered his shorts.

Jay grabbed Mark's wienie and began to pump on it. Nice and fast, too.

Frank scooped up the dice with the hand he now had free from fondling my cock and balls for so long. He rolled a four, and drew a green card.

"What's it say?" Jeff asked.

Frank just followed the instructions and leaned over and began to lap my brother Jay's armpit. We were all naked now.

"Eww! My turn." The game was kind of losing control here. I rolled the die as best I could while sucking on Jeff. "Five again. That got me a green card. I read it and grinned.

"What does it say?" Jeff wanted to know.

I showed it to him and Jeff grinned. I got down and got Frank's cock in one hand and Jeff's in the other and I began to pump both of them. One in each hand, that was my card.

"God, I love this game!" Jeff moaned. His dick was all sticky with my spit, but I held onto it anyway.

Jeff rolled. "Five." Yeah, he was going to win this game. "Yellow card, first one!"

We all paused to see what this one wanted us to do. "Fuck the player to your left." he read off.

"Fuck?" I wondered. I'd heard the word as a curse, but had no clear idea what it meant. Yeah, innocents, that we were. This game was turning into an education.

"What does the card show?" I asked. The man and woman in the cartoon were lying down, the man on top of her, the two face to face, and the woman's legs up around the man's waist. "Just do to Mark what they're doing." The man's butt showed some "movement lines" that suggested he was wiggling his ass a lot.

Jeff did that to Mark, lay down on top of him, Mark's legs up around his waist, and Jeff began to wiggled about on top of Mark.

Mark's turn. He rolled. "Four a third time!" he exclaimed. "Hey, that's a red card!"

And it was. Mark read it, and he showed it to Jeff, who grinned. Mark and Jeff moved into a head-to-feet position and they ended up sucking on each other's cocks.

I still had Frank's cock in my hand and I was pumping it, and Frank reached over and took mine and we grinned.

Jay, now untouched by anyone was busy rolling. "One." A green card. "Rub up against the player on your right." Jay shrugged and went on his knees, and rubbed his cock against the top of Mark's head, the only part he could reach. Mark turned, grinning, and now Jay's cock was rubbing Mark's forehead.

"My turn." Frank panted. "Man, I need to finish soon!"

"Me, too." I agreed. The game was only about two-thirds done.

Then I had an idea. "You roll, then me, then we'll just look at the gold card and get it over with."

"Hey, I could win the gold card." Jeff protested.

"So we'll let you get the gold card." I agreed. "I don't care, let's finish this game and get to the fun stuff without all this rolling!"

Frank rolled and his card had him licking at my ass. I expected him to object, but maybe he was that turned on, he just put me on my back and stuck his tongue onto my asshole and began to lick. Oh, man, I nearly finished up right then. Panting like crazy, I rolled my die.

"Yellow card." I gasped though I didn't know for sure if I had earned one or not. I drew the card, nobody complained. "Suck your friend's cock." I said as I looked at the card, though in fact it didn't say any such thing. Frank and I got into a head-to-toe position like Jeff and Mark had.

"The gold card!" Jeff groaned. "Got to read"

"I'll get it." Jay offered and Jeff didn't stop him. Jay drew it and said. "You have won the game. You get to decide how everyone gets to finish the sex session."

"I get to decide."

"I have the gold card." Jay protested. He had been short-changed in this game.

"Sure, you have the gold card." I supported him. "How do you want to do it. Anything that gets us all off, I'm with you."

Jay looked around. "Let's all suck the guy on our right."

I was the only two who didn't have to stop what I was doing , I was already sucking Frank's cock. Frank got around and sucked Jay, who sucked Mark who sucked Jeff who had to get turned around and then Jeff was sucking me.

All around the Fornication game-board, we five boys sucked each other's cocks. I was already hot as I could be, I was groaning in no time to Jeff's sucking. Frank finished soon after that, I got a little bit of sticky stuff in my mouth when he did it. Just a dot of saltiness.

The others didn't last much longer. Done, we were five exhausted boys who got groggily into a sitting position and I looked down at the board game. "So this is what grown-ups do when they go out to their grown-ups only things." I marveled. "Cool!"

"I can't wait to get grown-up!" Jay agreed.

"Not me!" Frank said. And I looked. "When you get all grown-up, nobody comes to spend the night with you anymore like we guys are doing."

"Yeah." I said.

"Want to play the game again?" Jeff suggested.

"Not me." I said. "I'm all worn out from the first game. How about I make us up some popcorn and we can watch television for a while? Then maybe we can get in another game before Mom comes home."

And we did, too. We boys were just panting from our second game of Fornication when the car pulled up. Hastily grabbing our clothes, we raced upstairs.

The only bad thing about it was that in the hurry, Jeff didn't put away the game of Fornication. Mom threw a real fit when she saw it and after that, I wasn't allowed to go to Jeff's house anymore and Mom wouldn't even speak to his parents when she saw them in public or something. Mostly, we five boys got together at Mark's or Frank's house for further games of Fornication.

Only we now play our games WITHOUT the board!


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