Lesson Number One

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2003 by Rebel Rotica

Illustration for Lesson Number One

"What the fuck!" Todd said as he looked in his refrigerator. The top shelf was quite empty. It was supposed to hold... "Jim, what the hell did you do with my beer?" When he'd left for work this morning, he'd had two six-packs, and this evening, it was all gone!

He stamped into the living room and the answer lay all around the chair where his younger brother Jim was sitting. Slouching, rather.

"Had some buddies over." Jim said, and belched. He was eighteen, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, both of which were beyond the stage where most people would have had them washed. His brown hair was disarranged and hadn't been combed in three days, maybe longer. It was at least that long since he'd had a bath. Todd needed a bath, too, but he had an excuse, he'd spent the entire day on the construction site, sweating in the hot sun, and now he couldn't even have a cold beer at the end of a hot summer day! He was royally, rightfully, regally pissed off!

"You and your friends drank twelve beers, today?" Todd asked incredulously. "How the hell many of your buddies did you have here, anyway?"

"Mind your own business." Jim retorted.

"They were my fucking beers! You're not even old enough to buy beer!"

"I'm old enough to drink em, though." Jim said, snorted at his joke.

"You fucking leave my beer alone, you hear me?"

"Ah, blow me!"

Todd had been about to walk away, now he turned. "What did you say?" he said, a dangerous tone.

"I said to leave me alone." Jim shot back. "Just because I'm staying here with you doesn't make you my boss, big brother!"

"You're staying in my apartment rent-free and you don't even buy the fucking groceries you're eating! You haven't even tried to get a job since you moved in here two fucking weeks ago! You just sit there and watch my television and don't fucking clean up the place!" Todd kicked the beer bottles strewn on the floor where they'd sat and, sometimes, had been knocked over and rolled. "If you're going to stay here, you can at least clean up after yourself!"

"Yeah, yeah!" That was how Jim answered Todd when Todd brought up the messes, and that meant he wasn't going to do a damned thing!

"You little shit!" Todd snarled. "Mom and Dad kick you out, you come here and you won't even help out by picking up your own crap!"

"Ah, blow me!" Jim said again, and this time Todd was looking right into his face when he said it.

"You God-damned piece of shit!" Todd snarled and tackled his younger brother! It wasn't a case of him whaling on Jim with his fists (though God knows his little brother would have deserved it!), but he and Jim did wrestle like they did when they were teenagers together back at home and got mad at each other. Todd was older and stronger, and he bore down Jim easily. Pinned both hands by the wrists over Jim's head and he yelled right into Jim's face. "Either you pull your weight here some way or other or you can just get the fuck out of here!"

"Ah, bite me!" Jim yelled back. He never gave into Todd when in this position, they never solved anything this way!

"You fucking little shit!" Todd shouted. "What the fuck are you good for, any way?"

"I drink beer real well." Jim sneered. "Now get the fuck off me!"

Jim struggled and managed to break free briefly. He flailed like crazy and nearly got away, but Jim grabbed him by the waistband of his shorts and kept him from getting away. Jim wasn't wearing any underwear! Probably all dirty. The shorts were down to below his buttocks before Todd got to his own knees well enough to grab Jim's shoulders and got a better hold on him. Now they were practically in a wrestler's hold, Todd on top of Jim, with Jim squirming.

Suddenly, Jim stopped moving. Todd's groin was jammed up against Jim's buttocks and.... "Shit, man, you have a woody!"

"Shut up." Todd snarled.

"Man, you do!" Jim said. "Shit, my big brother is hot for me! Boy, wait until I tell all your friends about this one!"

"Shut up!"

"And the guys you work with, they're going to want to hear this!"

"I said to shut the fuck up!"

"What's the matter, big brother? Can't get any action?"

"I said to shut the fuck up!"

"Get off me, damn it!"

Todd did, his stomach churning, sat on the couch. Jim chuckled as he stood up, pulled his shorts back up.

"Boy, wait'll I tell Mark and Don that you got a boner while we were wrestling!" he chuckled. "They'll split a gut!"

Todd pulled off his boots and socks in complete silence, and stood up.

"How long you been wanting my ass, big brother?" Jim said.

Still silent, Todd pulled off his shirt, and t-shirt, hands went to his pants.

"Is that why you said I could move in with you?" Jim went on. "So you could try to get it on with me?"

Todd unzipped, pulled his pants down stepped out of them. Now there were only his briefs.

"Hey, you going to get naked in here?" Jim asked, as if noticing this for the first time. "Shit, you stink! Go take a shower!"

Todd pulled off his briefs and was now naked. Jim looked at him and for the first time, the cocksureness of his smile slipped. "Hey, Todd, what the fuck is going on here?"

"From now on, you're going to clean up your mess. You're going to leave my beers alone, unless you ask me and I tell you that you can have one."

"Fuck that." Jim said.

"And you're going to go out and find a job." Todd went on. "When you do, you're going to pay your share of the rent, and your share of the groceries."

"Fuck off." Jim said.

"And until you find a job, you're going to keep this house clean, wash all the clothes, cook the meals, wash the dishes."

"Fuck that." Jim said.

"Are you saying you won't do it?" Todd went on.

"That's right." Jim reached out for the remote control.

Todd grabbed his hand and yanked him upright.

"Hey, what the fuck!" Jim said.

"You're going to start doing something worthwhile around here!" Todd snapped.

"Fuck you! Let go of me!"

"Because if you don't, I'll find something you can do for me."

"Let go!"

Todd's other hand grabbed Jim's shorts' waistband again and before Jim could react, he had yanked them nearly off his younger brother's body.

Jim reached for them and the two brothers went tumbling again. This time, Todd pinned him quickly in a crosswise manner, and as Jim struggled, Todd pulled Jim's shorts the rest of the way off.

"God damn it, what are you doing?"

"You know why I let you stay here with me?" Todd said as he struggled with Jim. "Mom called me when you left, said that she figured you were coming this way and would I take care of you. I promised her I would. That's why you're staying here with me."

"So get the fuck off me!"

"Not until we get it straight who's in charge here!"

"You're not my boss!"

"This is my place!"

"Fuck that!" Jim said. "And while we're at it, fuck you, too!"

Todd reached down and got hold of Jim's cock. It was rock-hard. "Looks like I'm not the only one throwing a woody for his brother!"

"Fuck you!"

"Maybe I'll tell your friends about this, huh?"

"Fuck you!"

"Not quite, little brother!" Todd said. "If you're going to stay here and you won't get a job and you won't clean the house, then I just got to find something you are good for! What do you say to that!"

"Fuck you!"

"No, fuck you!" Todd said and he moved to lie on top of his brother. Their cocks, hard dick to hard dick, clashed like two tubes of steel. "You feel that, baby brother. This is going up your ass unless you say you're sorry right now, and then get in that kitchen and fix me something to eat. Your choice. Which is it going to be?"

"Up yours, asshole!"

"No, up yours." Todd said. "Looks like I'm going to have to convince you." He moved down and let Jim's legs, flailing about, slide up around his body before he grabbed them in his big, brawny, calloused hands. His cockhead slid up in between Jim's buttocks and Jim gasped as he felt the spongy glans pressing against his tender nether flesh.

"You feel that?" Todd said. "It's going up your ass unless you change your attitude and I mean right now. Let's hear you say I'm sorry.'"

"You're sure sorry, all right." Jim retorted. "You're the sorriest excuse for a brother I ever saw, you arrogant piece of shit!"

"You asked for it." Todd said and he pressed in, shifted slightly to align his cock with Jim's asshole, and with it firmly in place, he shoved.

"Agh, Jesus!" Jim groaned. "Bastard, you lousy cunt bastard!"

"You ready to apologize now? Ready to look for a job!"

"Fuck you!"

Todd shoved again, and this time he got the entire cockhead into his brother's virginal ass.

Jim yelped out. "Shit! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

"Say you're sorry!"

"No! You're not going to tell me what to do!"

"You had your chance." And Todd shoved again, and this time his cock slid into Jim's ass.

Jim gurgled, but his face was contorted with rage as much as pain. "You motherfucking bastard!" he got out, but it was choked. "I hate you!"

"You hate me!" Todd was enraged by that. "You live with me, you drink my beer and eat my food, and you fucking hate me! You ungrateful cunt!"

"Get off of me! Get off!"

"No fucking way! I spend all this money on you, I'm getting something! Might as well be a piece of your ass!"

Todd began to fuck Jim's ass, his cock sliding in and out of the hot, churning cauldron that nearly bubbled around his prick. Jim was contorting and furious, was he? Well, so was he and he had a damned good reason!

He moved his cock in and out of Jim's butt, and as he did, he said, "Come on, little brother, you got my cock in you, now. And it's going to stay inside you until you get your shit together. Starting with the words, I was wrong, big brother.'"

"To hell with you!" Jim gasped out. There wasn't a trace of repentance in that sound however strangled it was otherwise.

"Okay, then, time for your first fucking." Todd said. And he bobbed his ass hard and fast now, driving his dong in and out of his brother's butt, watching the face as he did so, looking for any sign that Jim was giving in. What he got instead was an unending tirade from Jim, the volume increased as the fucking went on, for Jim was past the pain of entry and now his body had adjusted to his brother's hard dick up his butt.

"You nasty prick! You lousy cocksucking piece of crap! You Goddamned cuntsucking piece of scum! I hate you, Todd, I hate you, I hate you!"

And yet those arms no longer fought against him, he found instead that they had curved about his body like those of a lover.

"Getting into it, eh, little brother?" he guessed.

"Fuck you!" was Jim's only response.

"Let's roll you around." Todd said. His knees were getting tired and this position was hard on his lower back, already strained from a long day of hard physical labor. He lifted up onto his knees and said, "Okay, little brother, onto your stomach."

His cock fell out as Jim obeyed and got onto his hands and knees. Todd knelt down and pushed his cock against his little brother's ravaged asshole and as he did, Jim moaned out, "You cuntsucking son of a bitch! You lousy, rotten bastard!"

But he didn't try to get away. Todd leisurely fucked his brother's ass, and Jim kept up the endless stream of insults the entire time. He got horribly repetitious but he didn't let up at all.

"Shut up, now, I'm about to come!" Todd said as he felt climax stealing into his balls and cock.

"Fuck you." Jim said. "I hate every inch of you, you lousy excuse for a brother. I'm going to tell everyone that you fucked me, that you held me down and rap ed me, I'm going to tell your friends and your boss and your workers and the other people in this building. I'm going to tell Mom and Dad, too!"

"You lousy shit!" Todd said, his rage renewed. "You tell Mom and Dad and I'll beat the crap out of you!"

"Let's see you try!" Jim said. "Beat me up, I don't care, I'll never apologize to you, never, you hear me, never!"

Todd found that his anger boiled up in him along with his climax, the two sensations combining in an odd symbiosis where one fed off the other, heightening the sensations. He wanted to hurt Jim, hurt him bad, but the constraints of family held back his fists. But it didn't hold back his cock! That was able to pound at Jim for all he was worth, and he felt a delight that this one way he was getting even with Jim, for all the drunk beers, all the food that went into this eighteen-year-old endless maw, all the times he had to pick up trash and wash clothes just to get the mess out of his sight!

All that boiled up inside of him and converted to pleasure, he was getting Jim back now, yes, sir, he was getting Jim good! Good, damned good, better, better, better, oh, shit!

"Uh, guh, GAHHHHHH!!!" He snorted out as his cock exploded, his prick ejaculating a flood of hot jizz into his little brother's violated ass, this was payback, and it felt good, it felt damned good!

"Ah, shit, you're coming in my ass, you bastard, you motherfucking bastard!" Jim groaned. "Oh, shit, oh, shit, OH, SHIT! GAH, UH, AH, GUH!"

"Ah, ah, guh, ah, ah!" Todd panted as his flow eased, his body exhausted, and he heard it then.

"Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, God, you bastard, oh, uh, oh!"

"You came, didn't you?" Todd said in wonder. "I fucked your butt and you came!"

"Fuck off!" Todd panted.

"You like it, don't you, you lazy piece of shit."

"I hate you!"

"So move out." Todd said. "That was Lesson Number One, little brother. Long as you stay here, you're going to be my fucktoy, you got it? If you can't work, you can't clean house, well, at least I can fuck your ass twice a day and I am going to do just that. So either get used to it, get a job, or get the fuck out!"

"Bastard." Jim climbed off the floor and got into the chair he had been in all day long from the looks of things. He didn't even pull his shorts back on, just picked up the remote and finally changed the channel, which had been playing a late-night talk show all this time. Clicked a few channels, found something he liked, loaded with canned laughter, and set down the remote.

Todd looked at him, shook his head. Went in and took a shower, changed into clean clothes, and came out again. "I got to go pick up some more beer. You better clean up this living room by the time I get back.

Jim just shot him the finger.

"I mean it. If this living isn't picked up by the time I get back, you get another dose of my dick in your ass."

"Make it a case of beer." Jim responded. "I get thirsty, sitting here all day watching television."

"Pick it up or take it up the ass." Todd said as he walked outside. "Your choice."

"Fuck off."

Todd picked up a case of beer at the store. He came back and Jim had picked up the beer bottles, but that was it. The rest of the place was still a mess.

"I said for you to clean the entire living room while I was gone." he cautioned.

"Piss off."

Todd had picked up hamburgers, two sacks, and he threw one to Jim. "Here's supper." he said. Went to put the beer in the refrigerator. Brought back two beers, gave one to Jim.

"Thanks." Jim said. They ate in silence, and Jim finished by throwing the bag into the middle of the living room floor.

"You really don't plan to help me out while you stay here, do you?" Todd ventured.

"Why the fuck should I?"

"You know why. I'm going to fuck your ass raw if you don't."

Jim got up and headed for the kitchen.

"Bring me back a beer while you're at it." Todd called to him.

"Fuck off." Jim said. But he brought back two beers, gave one to Todd.

"That's better." Todd said. "I guess you're learning a little bit, eh, little brother?"

Jim shot him the finger. "I'm never going to knuckle under to you. You're my brother, you're not my boss."

"We'll see about that." Todd said. "Soon as I finish this beer, I guess it's time for Lesson Number Two."

"Bring it on, shithead." was Jim's only response.

"Asshole." Todd shot back.




Todd finished his beer and dropped the bottle on the side-table. Yep. It was about time for little brother's next lesson.


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