Goodbye for the Summer

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Dean Cameron

Illustration of Goodbye for the Summer

Calvin woke up and groaned. God, not another Tuesday! He would...

And then he remembered. Instead of groaning, his eyes opened wide and he sprang out of bed with a whoop! Ten years old, light sandy-colored hair and blue eyes with pale white skin on his thin young body, only a pair of rather worn and baggy underpants kept him from total nudity, but he yanked on blue jeans and a shirt and then socks and sneakers and he was down the stairs.

"Good heavens!" his mother said as he landed with a plop on his chair at the breakfast table. "You're out of bed! I usually have to call you a dozen times."

"Summer vacation!" Calvin explained his energy in those two words. "No more school until September."

"Well, late August." his mother agreed. "You got plans already?" She scooped him a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and there was toast on the table.

"Yeah!" Calvin nodded. "Me and Eddie are going to have fun!"

"You and Eddie." Mom gave almost a sigh. "Will I even see you except for meals the next three months?"

"Aw, Mom!" Calvin said through a mouthful of eggs. "Eddie will come over for lunch with me all the time."

"Don't I know it!" his mother gave a martyred sigh. "Well, finish your breakfast. I want to see a clean plate before you go out the door. And that doesn't mean to dump it in the dog dish, either!"

"Aw, Mom." Calvin guillotined the thought he'd had of doing just that. Well, it wouldn't take long to clean his plate and he could get over to Eddie's house and then...let the summer begin!

He scarfed down the breakfast, and then said, "See you later, Mom!"

"Have fun with Eddie!" Mom bid him goodbye as she would for the next ninety days, ninety wonderful, blissful, ecstatic days of play, fun, sports, life! No more teachers, no more books, no more sitting in class while the sun shone and the sky was brilliant blue and the grass a newborn green! The entire world was waiting and he was going out to greet it!

First stop...Eddie's house!

He knocked on the back door. Eddie's mom was usually there at this hour, and besides, it was closest, their houses' back yards abutted on each other for a space of about five feet. Calvin's father had put a gate there years ago, to save Calvin the trouble of going around or climbing over.

Eddie's mom opened the door. Her hair covered with a blue bandanna, she was wearing an old shirt and blue jeans herself. "Calvin?" she said. "Come on in! Eddie's up in his room."

"Sure." Calvin did, dodging the boxes on the kitchen table and the boxes in the living room. Up the stairs which had had the carpet taken up, his feet making an unfamiliar racket on the bare, unpainted wood steps. Into Eddie's room. The boxes in there were the first that really made an impression, because one of them had his baseball glove and bat inside it. Packing away that? On the first day of summer?

Eddie looked up, his teeth a startling white on his dark brown face. Except for the little difference in their racial ancestries, the two were virtually identical, same height, same build, same age. "Hi, Calvin." he placed a small pile of his shirts, all neatly folded, into another box.

"Eddie?" Calvin asked. "What's...what's going on?"

Eddie made a face. "Going to stay with my aunt and uncle." he said. "They got a farm in Tennessee."

"So how long you going to be gone?" Calvin asked. Maybe it would only be a week's visit....

"All summer." Eddie said. "We'll come back the week before Labor Day. Time for me to go back to school again."

"All summer?" Calvin whined. "But...but why?"

"My mom has this dumb idea we ought to." Eddie shrugged. "But what am I going to do?"

"When are you leaving?" All those boxes didn't sound like it would be very long.

"Tomorrow morning, really early." Eddie grimaced. "She started talking about it a month ago, but I didn't figure she'd actually go through with it. Kept hoping she'd change her mind."

"She isn't, huh?" Calvin mourned.


"Well...can we at least play today?" Calvin asked. "I mean, it's your last day here with me until school starts again?"

"I'll ask Mom." Eddie said eagerly.

Eddie's mom let them go, and the two boys tried. God, how they tried! But baseball with the other kids didn't work; Calvin wanted to spend time with Eddie, not with all the others. So then they tried a game of catch, but that was no good, they could only shout to each other.

Calvin wanted to get closer.

"Hey, man!" he called after a time.


"Let's go somewhere and...and just talk and stuff." Calvin stammered.

"Sure." Eddie came with him. Eddie was always willing to go where Calvin wanted...except when Calvin followed Eddie. When it's friends, you don't worry so much about whose idea it was.

"Where you want to go?" was Eddie's only question.

"I don't know." Calvin said. "Just...someplace we can be all alone."

"How about Old Man Dennis' place?" Eddie suggested. "He's back in the hospital again."

"Okay." Now Calvin was following Eddie. But that was okay, too. Long as he and Eddie were together, it was all okay.

Old Man Dennis had had a heart attack working in his back yard, a huge bag of old leaves and dead grass was still there. It made a fair enough place for two boys to sit and talk.

Only...the words wouldn't come out. They were there, sitting on Calvin's heart like so many lumps of clay, and he couldn't make them do or mean anything.

"I'm going to miss you." he finally assembled out of the mess. "A lot."

"Me, too." Eddie said.

"Why do you have to go?" Calvin complained. "Couldn't you maybe stay with me all summer and we could play together?"

Eddie shook his head mournfully. "Can't. Mom said that she wants us to go there because of me."

"Oh." Calvin said. "I'm really going to miss you." he said again.

"Me, too."

Silence for a time.

"We still got another hour until I gotta go back home for lunch." Eddie said. His mother had only let him go out to play until noon, then he had to get back to helping her pack. Calvin could hang and help them, too...but that wasn't what he wanted either!

What did he want? To be close to Eddie, to make this short time last him the rest of the summer. He wanted what?

"Can't you sleep over with me tonight?" he asked. "I mean, you could wake up and go back to your house when you were ready to leave."

"Wouldn't be no good." Eddie said. "But why do you want to have a sleepover tonight?"

"I just...thought it'd be nice to have one more time."

"Time for what?"

"You know." Calvin was suddenly bashful. "What we do when we sleep over sometimes."

"Oh." Eddie said. "That."

"Yeah." Calvin pushed on. "I mean, it's not like we get to do it again all summer. So why not one more time?"

"Well...yeah." Eddie said. "Only we got a lot of people coming over tonight, to say good-bye and all. I can't do it tonight."

"Oh." Silence, then Calvin ventured, "So how about now, then?"



Eddie gravely considered this, then nodded. "Okay."

Calvin's hand went to Eddie's leg and up the inside of the thigh to the junction. His arm went over Eddie's shoulder, as Eddie's arm went around his waist and Eddie's hand found his own groin. Their heads touched as their hands fumbled at each other's zippers. They had to help each other unzip themselves, but that didn't matter so much. When their pants were down and their dicks exposed, they resumed the position and Calvin's hand felt the hard dark rod like a hot wire in his hand, and Eddie's own deep brown hand clung to his own pale dong.

Such a simple thing, this exchange of the pleasure to each other. Why, then, did Calvin feel this, more than anything else, would let him last the summer without his best friend? He didn't know why...he just knew that it would!

"One last time." he breathed to Eddie as his hand manipulated the ebony pole with his ivory fingers. "One more time before summer."

"Yeah." Eddie sighed in his turn. Eddie's fingers were like a warm coat about his cock, he felt the fingertips moving upon him as so many warm beetles, rounded beads that gripped him and moved upon him, taking his cock's skin with their motion, so that his body stirred into a joy that welled up inside him.

"Oh, God, Eddie." Calvin breathed. "This feels so good, so very good."

"I like doing this with you, too." Eddie panted in his turn.

Calvin shifted his grip until he had his entire palm around his buddy's dick. This let him bring his entire arm into play and he pumped at Eddie with a fierceness he had never shown his buddy in bed before.

Eddie gasped, let out a soft, low moan and his own hand imitated Calvin's, and now Calvin was the one moaning, panting, their sweat-slicked brows touched, and he turned upon that touch to look Eddie right in the face, eye to eye, his gaze drowning in the dark brown, nearly black, pools there. His nose touched Eddie's nose, and he let out a soft sort of breath, a combination of panting and a laugh of joy, and Eddie did the same, the two grinning at each other like a pair of young maniacs.

"I love you, Eddie." he said softly as the wind as their lips nearly touched in their pleasure.

"I love you, too, Calvin." Eddie hissed in return, like the sound of wind in the leaves, a soft rustling of young passion.

"I don't want you to go." Calvin heaved. "I want you to stay with me."

"I know." Eddie said. "I know."

"I want...I want you with me." Calvin said to his friend. "Always."

"Always." Eddie returned. "Me, too."

Calvin felt an odd sort of possessiveness rise up in him. He didn't want to let go of Eddie, not ever! He moved, to stand up over Eddie, and then kneel across Eddie's legs, never turning loose of Eddie's rod for a moment as he did, and then he pressed their two pricks together, black and white, ebony and ivory, light and dark, together, and his hands, both of them, wrapped them and he pumped them together.

"Together like this." He panted to Eddie. "Always like this."

"I know." Eddie sobbed. "This is so good, so right. You and me, so right."

"I love you, Eddie."

"I love you, too, Calvin."

"Oh, oh, Eddie!"

"Oh, Calvin, oh!"

"Oh, Eddie, oh, oh, oh!"

"Calvin, oh, guh, uh!"

"Now, Eddie, now!"

"Yeah, now!"

"Me, too! Oh!"

"Now, now!"

"Yes, now!"

"Huh-uh, huh-uh!"

"Guh-uh, guh-guhhh!"

"Ooh, ooh, oh!"

"Uhhh, huhhh, huhhh!"

"Oh, Eddie, oh!"

"Uh, uh, uh!"

"God, uh!"

"Uh, oh, uh!"

And it was over. Calvin lay himself down upon Eddie and the two boys kissed, really kissed, for their first time. More than a pressing of lips, Calvin gave himself to Eddie in that kiss, and felt Eddie giving himself back in return. It didn't last too very long, only a few seconds, but those few seconds felt to Calvin like he had somehow poured himself into Eddie and been filled in his turn with Eddie. For one instant, he looked and he looked into eyes that were blue in a white face, not dark brown in a black face. Then it was gone...except for the memory.

Panting, he rolled off Eddie and the two lay side-by-side. "So you really have to go, huh?" Calvin said.

"Yeah." Eddie said. "Mom insists."

"So why is she wanting you to go live in Tennessee all of a sudden?" Calvin wanted to know.

"Beats me." Eddie said. "She keeps saying I have to spend some time among my own kind."

Calvin considered this. "What does that mean?"

"Beats me." Eddie said again. "But she wants me to, so I gotta go."

"I guess so." Calvin said. He considered her words. "You don't think she means that you're the only black family in town, do you?"

"I dunno." Eddie said.

"You're right." Calvin said. "That's just dumb."

"Must be something else."

"Yeah." Calvin said. "Well, come on. You and me can eat lunch together and I'll help you pack. If I help, maybe we can have some more time together before the party tonight."

"Sounds good." Eddie agreed.

And the two boys, alike in all things but skin color, went back to Eddie's home to pack.

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