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Four 12-panel cartoon series and four single panels (52 images in all) of boys (US Law required that I make them at least possibly 18 years old, but the storyline clearly shows them younger than that) having fun with their daddies, uncles, and other relatives, or just fun with hunky men or boys. The series are: (1) "My Cousin Ted," in which a boy has fun with his older cousin, is caught by Daddy and has more fun with Dad! (2) "My 2005 Man/Boy Love Calendar" which shows a father and son having fun all year long. I originally created the calendar for 2004, updated it for 2005 then gave up trying to keep it up to date. (3) "School Days" which re-creates the original job given to Roscoe in 2004 (US law changed about then for the worse, then eased off a bit a short time later) in which we follow a young boy having a very good time at school, where he's really popular with everyone. (4) "Daddy's Haunted House" in which a very young hero is given his own private tour of a haunted house being run by Daddy and two uncles, who have a special surprise, only to find out that our hero loves it all a little too much! The four panels are from my later cartoons by Eduardo, when an idea for the serial would turn too naughty for the Fantasy World. All in all, these images are good quality, but I didn't push the size of the image too far and often put two images to a page, so the book is only 30 pages long.

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