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Thirty short stories (with illustrations on twenty-four of them) about men who don't choose to have sex, they are grabbed and taken down and fucked hard, often by more than one man! None of these involve underaged characters unlike most of the rest of the Rogue Moon stuff, but these stories are rough enough to violate credit card policy. I confess that I didn't have thirty stories for this book and took some of the rougher stuff from Fantasy World to round it out, but I don't think you'll be disappointed in any of these stories if you like them rough!

The stories in this book are:

Eugene--Eugene is on house arrest, but our hero has to share his house and bed!

A Basket of Goodies--A young man lone on a road is captured and used by a robber band.

Chicken Thief--He set out to raid a chicken coop, but was caught and violated.

One Can Look at the Father--In the Old West, our hero and his father are caught by a horny pair.

The Last Day of School--He's about to leave town, but first he wants his teacher's ass!

No Free Rides--Three lost hikers have to give in to the man or be left behind!

Night of the Lizardmen--Run out of his tribe, he has to live among the Lizardmen as their plaything.

Choice of the Apakari--The creatures that own the island have their way with our hero.

Working Robot Vice--A policeman seeking a technoterrorist is raped by his own robot partner.

A Teacher’s Duty--He'll teach these boys a lesson...if he can survive theirs!

Trespassers Will Be Violated--He shouldn't have hunted on this man's land!

Bomb Threat--Either have sex with each other or get blown to bits!

Call Me Raymond--A time-loop lets a man be his own rapist.

Muscling the Deadbeat--The gambler has no money, so our hero takes it out in trade.

The Frenzy--Once a year, the villagers must satisfy a mysterious entity's lusts. A real "horror" story.

Geeks’ Mutual Protection Society--Jocks who mess with these geeks get appropriate payback.

The Volcano Speaks with Smoke--When the volcano rages, it must be appeased with hot virgin male ass.

A Couple of Fucking Amateurs--Two hoodlums break into the wrong house!

The Ordeal of Officer St. John--A four-part series, a young officer falls afoul of criminals who use him unmercifully. But he finds redemption as the sex slave of his partner!

First Contact--This alien picked the wrong redneck house to visit!

Your Asses Are Mine!--Either these two recruits beat the sergeant or he'll have their asses...for real!

The Satan’s Bargain--He's turned over to a motorcycle gang to rape as they choose.

Persuading Weng Chow--Failing to pay protection leaves this Chinese businessman in a bad place.

Summer of the German Bikers--An American hiker is picked up and used by two motorcyclists.

Cheating on Boyd--Boyd thinks our hero is screwing his wife, so he's going to screw our hero!

The Three Riders--Three men enter a magical swamp that wreaks sexual vengeance on the intruders.

Who’s the Hero Now?--A captive policeman is turned over to our hero to be used as he likes.

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