By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM
Artwork (c) 2006 by Vitaly

Illustration of Quarantined

I stood stupidly outside the front door to my house, looking at the sign. It said in big letters on a red sign "Quarantine--Diphtheria."

Diphtheria? In my house? Who? Who in my house had diphtheria? Tommy's little brother had died from diphtheria just last year. Died? "Mom!" I shouted out, running inside. "Dad? Clara?"

Aunt Mabel came running out from the kitchen. "Nathaniel? Nathaniel, honey, you shouldn't be here! Didn't you see the sign?"

"Yeah, I saw it." I said and I ran into her arms. "Diphtheria! Oh, Auntie Mabel!" In this year of 1933, diphtheria could and did kill a sizeable percentage of people who caught it.

"Now, now, baby, don't worry." Aunt Mabel said. "It's your momma and Clara, both of them were having a fever, and sore throat, and I called in Doctor Burrows and he said we caught it early. But you shouldn't be here, honey. Don't you know you shouldn't enter a house under quarantine? Now you have to stay inside with us until it's lifted. And honey..." she gave me a hug. "That can take a week or more."

"A week?" I whined. "Can't I go stay at your house?" Her son, my cousin Will, was my age, eight years old, and we could share a bed and....

"Honey, you came inside." Aunt Mabel reminded me. "Now you're stuck in here with me. But I'm here to take care of your mother and sister, I can take care of you, too."

"And Daddy?"

"Not if we can keep him from coming in." Aunt Mabel cautioned me. "He comes inside, he'll be stuck inside with you and me for a week. Maybe more."

"Maybe more what?" Daddy said. He'd come in through the kitchen door. Big, burly, dirty from his job working on buildings, he was a pile of grime and grease like always, his grin a white moon-slice as the brightest part of him.

"Daddy's stuck too!" I hooted.

"Stuck with what?"

"Oh, Frank, you came in the back way!" Aunt Mabel lamented.

"Yeah." Daddy agreed. "So?" And Aunt Mabel broke the news.

So Daddy was stuck with me and Aunt Mabel for the quarantine. Daddy was upset, as you can imagine, at missing so much work, but the law was firm. Until the doctor signed Mom and Clara as non-contagious (and me and Dad and Aunt Mabel if we caught diphtheria from them), none of us were leaving this house.

It wouldn't be so bad. Aunt Mabel was wearing a face mask to keep from catching diphtheria from Mom or Clara, they were upstairs and Aunt Mabel and Dad brought down the bed and we set it up in the parlor downstairs. Dad and I played cards and Aunt Mabel fetched me some cookies. Dr. Burrows came by after dinner and examined Mom and Clara (I hadn't even seen them, in hopes that I wouldn't catch the disease), and said that he thought they'd be all right in a week or so. He looked at Dad and my throats and said that we were both healthy. Aunt Mabel was, too, she swore she had never met the bug that could lay her out.

But she was tired and went to be soon after washing the dishes. She would sleep upstairs in the guest bed and be able to answer the bells she'd given Mom and Clara quicker that way.

It wasn't turning out to be much fun, stuck in quarantine. Aunt Mabel was nice, but she wanted me to be nice and quiet so Momma and Clara could sleep. Ever ask an 8-year-old boy to be quiet? I managed for brief periods, but "shush!" was something I got every fifteen or twenty minutes! Daddy got it, too, about once an hour or so, mostly laughing at something I was doing. It got to where I tried to make Daddy laugh while staying quiet to get him in trouble with Aunt Mabel, then he started doing that back to me, and I lost that little game a lot. Daddy knows so many funny faces! Aunt Mabel finally stopped it by insisting that if he was going to be home the next week, he should start with a really good bath!

And when bedtime rolled around, and I knew I didn't have school in the morning, I wasn't anywhere near ready to go to sleep! As Daddy got into bed beside me, I said, "Daddy?"

"Yes, Nate?" Daddy knew I liked to be called Nate, as opposed to Mom and Aunt Mabel who insisted I be called "Nathaniel, because their grandfather had been called Nathaniel." I'd never met him, so why did I care about what he had liked to be called? I wanted to be Nate!

"Daddy, can't we get up and play some games or something?" I whined. "I'm not sleepy."

"You'll be sleepy in the morning if you don't." Daddy cautioned.

"So what?" I asked him. "I can always sleep late tomorrow. No school, remember?"

"No work for me, either." Daddy agreed.

"So let's play a game." I said eagerly. "We can do it quietly so Aunt Mabel won't come shush us."

"What kind of game do you want to play?" Daddy asked me.

"I don't know." I said. "Something quiet. Something we can do in bed. Something we can do in the dark."

Daddy was silent for a while. And so was I. "I don't know any games like that." Daddy finally said.

"Yeah." I said. I thought of one game I had played before in bed, in the dark, really quiet.

I turned over and looked at my Daddy. The night was awfully warm even though it was only early spring still, and the parlor didn't have much wind coming into it. The only windows to it were decorated panes of painted glass, and they didn't open. To get any wind, we'd have to open the kitchen door and the front door both. And you can't do that at night.

Daddy and I were going to be sharing this bed for at least a week, maybe more. We didn't have anything else to do. So I finally cleared my throat and ventured, "Daddy?"

"Yeah, Nate?"

"I know a game we can play, in the dark, in bed. And really quiet."

"Really?" Daddy said, and there was a curious softness in his voice. "And what game is that?"

"I don't know what you call it. But you do it like this." And I scooted over closer to Daddy and I ran my hand over his chest, feeling the thick thatch of hairs there like a fur coat, and then over his equally hairy belly, the hairs there all soft and springy-like. Reached the top of his underclothes, and Daddy sighed.

"I think I know this game." he said to me in a husky sort of whisper. "Used to play it with my friends too."

And my hand went into his underwear and Daddy got hold and lifted the waistband off from his body to let my hand slide in easier. I slid my hand down the warm skin and into the warmer mesh of the hair he had there, and in that mesh, hottest of all, was what I'd been reaching for.

I caught hold of the sturdy tool and I heard Daddy sigh again, this time deeper, and longer. "Ahhhhh-hahhhhhh!" And that was followed by a "Mmmmmmmm." sound. And Daddy's hand on his shorts pulled the waistband down and under his ballocks, so that his cock was proud and unencumbered and free in my hand.

Daddy's hand went into my shorts and his thick, rough fingers caught my little tool and I gasped. "Oohhh, Daddy!"

"You like how mine feels, Son?" Daddy wanted to know as he lifted my shorts down like he had his own.

"Oh, yeah." I said. "It's so big! And it's warmer than anybody else's I've ever felt." I gave a bit of a giggle (quietly). "It feels like it's all wrapped up in a coat!" And it did, the skin around his cock was thick and very loose, it slid about easily even though he was hard as could be.

Daddy's fingers began to move on my prick, and I gasped. "Ooh, oh, Daddy! That feels good!"

"Do mine like that, Son." Daddy urged me. "Move your hand up and down while you hang onto the coat. Make that coat slide up and down with you."

"Ooh, Daddy." I said. My dick was tingling like crazy from the way Daddy was playing with it, but I managed to work Daddy's dong back and forth and Daddy moaned again, "Mmmmmmm!" And then a louder sound. "Uhhhhhh!" Then finally, words, "Yeah, baby, that's it, work it for your Daddy, uhhhhhhhh!"

"You, too, Daddy." I panted. I was climbing as quick as ever to the height of my boyish ecstasy, my cock wasn't used to being worked like this, I hadn't figured out yet how to make it tingle and quiver and beg to...I don't know how to describe it, it felt like it was going to burst!"

"Uhh, guhh, uhhh, guhhh!" Daddy was almost writhing under my hand's pumping action. I was squirming a lot, too. It was like a hundred magical things were going on in my dick all at once, and Daddy's groans were like the sound of them clapping together!

I joined in with Daddy's groans, then. "Aaah, uhhh, yeahh, uhhhh, Daddy, uh!" I murmured.

"Yeah, Son, yeah, uhh, uhhh, yeah!" Daddy panted with me.

"Oh, Daddy, oh, oh, oh!" I felt that bursting feeling growing in me, it was like my cock was a balloon swelling up larger and larger, only it wasn't growing, it was only that feeling, and it was something stronger than tingling now, only I didn't know what to call it, it was super-tingling!

"Oh, Son, yeah, uh, gah, uh, uh!"

"Oh, Daddy, ah, ah, GUH-HUH-UH, GUHHH!" I was wracked by the most amazing spate of pleasure I'd ever had. Like that tingling feeling had been a flower bud, and the bud had burst open into a blossom, all the joy and the delight had sprayed out from there, displaying itself to me by making me jerk and thrust my hips upwards at him as Daddy jiggled my wienie.

"Oh, oh, Son, oh, here it comes, here it comes!" Daddy moaned and I wondered what he meant by that. "I'm going to shoot it, I'm going to shoot!"

Marveling in my exhausted state at this revelation, I wanted to see Daddy shoot something from his cock like it seemed he meant, so I got around and put my head on his belly and I looked at the heavy rod I was jerking. The head of it shone like a lighthouse light in the fog, and I looked at that light and wondered if it would grow bigger.

And boy, did it! Daddy groaned loud and long and then he wailed, "UH, GUH, GUH-HUNNNHHHH!" and that's when he shot! I mean, really shot, these white clumps of hot stuff squirted out of his cock and they shot hard, and they landed all over my face and head and hair and neck, and Daddy was clutching at me so tight I couldn't move out of the way, and I got drenched, just drenched, from Daddy's hot white stuff coming out of his dick.

"Ah-hah, ah-hah, ah-hah!" Daddy slumped down, panting loudly like that, and I felt his hands let go of me, not moving, just releasing me and I sat upright in bed, and I wiped at the heavy sticky goo on my hair and head. Wiping the back of my hand across it and then my mouth, I got a salty flavor on my lips, and I grunted, tasted it again. It tasted like...a hug from Daddy. Being all wrapped up in his sweaty arms after he came home from work, and he'd kiss me and those lips of his would taste all salty and thick and kind of greasy, too.

I began to devour the salty stuff as I lifted it from my face and cheek and nose.

"What are you doing, Son?" Daddy said to me, startled.

"Tasting it." I said as I licked my fingers. "Tastes good, Daddy!"

Daddy tensed, then he relaxed and he laughed. "Yeah, it does, doesn't it?"

"Really good, Daddy." I said. "It tastes like you."

"That is me, Nate." Daddy said.

"Wow." I said. "Did mine shoot any of that stuff out?"

"Not yet." Daddy said. "You have to get a little older. All I got out of you was a little bit of sticky on my fingers."

I giggled at that. "That was fun, Daddy." I said. "Can we do it again?"

"Sure, Son." Daddy said. "But I have to rest a bit before we start in again."

"But I want to make you shoot that again." I protested.

"I will, I will." Daddy promised. "Just let your old Daddy rest a little and we'll do it all over again."

"Yay." I said. "This is a fun game, Daddy. I never played it like this before."

Daddy looked at me. "You want to learn another way to play it?"

"Sure." I agreed. "Can I do it on you?"

"In a little bit." Daddy said. "Let me show you how it is, first."

"Okay." I said.

"Just lay back on the bed." Daddy instructed and I did, and Daddy's big hands pulled my shorts down to my knees. My little dick was standing upright, eager as a puppy, and when Daddy's hand caught it again, I sighed happily. God, I had all week to do this with Daddy! And he was going to teach me even more ways to play!

I watched as Daddy's head moved over like mine did, and I wondered if he planned to make me squirt it on his face like he had mine, but he kept on going and I gasped, first in surprise and then in awe-struck delight, as his lips wrapped around my pud and began to stroke them like his fingers had, only where his fingers had been rough, stubby things tugging on my dong, his lips were soft, velvety, luscious and warm and they slid up and down on it, urging rather than forcing my skin to slide back and forth for him. Warm, warm and gentle, gentle and wonderful, wonderful and marvelous!

I sighed like Daddy had, in soft, contented rapture. Daddy's lips were plying my little pud with a majestically adept stroke, it was like having everything I ever wanted, all at one time.

Slowly, so slowly it was awe-inspiring, my Daddy's mouth brought my cock back to the heights of pleasure, building joy upon joy upon more and when I again reached my peak, and that little bit of slime oozed from my cockslit, my Daddy was there to catch it and lick it off for me, and then I was drained yet again.

"Ooh, oh, Daddy!" I sighed. "That was soooo goooood!"

"I did it because I love my baby boy." Daddy said.

"And I love you, too, Daddy." I said and I kissed his lips and my leg felt his cock, renewed and energetic, pulsing against it. I smiled into Daddy's face as I let go of his lips. "Now it's my turn."

Daddy just lay back and let me worm my way down the bed. His cock was as large as ever, as hot as ever, and I saw it still bore a small white cap on its very tip like the bit of snow on a high mountain top in mid-summer can still cling, and I aimed my mouth for that snow-drop and I tasted concentrated Daddy as it curled into my tongue.

Daddy's prick was so large! I tried stuffing it down all the way like he had, but I just couldn't make it. After a while of trial-and-error, I settled for moving my lips up and down on just the head of it, and my hand working with my mouth, I had Daddy moaning happily under me.

I don't know how long I sucked my Daddy, but it was quite a while and I loved hearing him sigh his blissful enjoyment up at me, and I found as I worked it, though my lips and mouth got tired, that I could take it deeper and deeper. Sucking and nursing him, my Daddy under me moaning, grunting, mumbling like a large dog sleeping by the fire, my Daddy's grunts became slowly more and more intent and just when I wasn't sure I could do any more, Daddy panted loudly, and then managed to say, "I'm ready to shoot again, Son. Do you want to take it? Do you want me to shoot it in your mouth?"

Did I! I braced myself and I sucked him harder and Daddy thrashed and writhed under me, and then he began to hunch his hips upwards, his hands caught my head and held me in place, he shoved his cock inside my mouth deep as he could and then he shot once again!

Knowing it was coming, I still found myself overwhelmed. Come filled my mouth and I swallowed and more came and I couldn't swallow it all, I choked and gagged and Daddy let go and I released the cockhead from the depths it had sunk to, and I kept it on my lips and I suckled the creamy froth from his man-tap and I got a big mouthful and then, as Daddy stopped jisming and paused, I manfully gulped it down, taking three separate swallows, but getting it all down.

"Oh, baby, oh, baby, oh, baby!" Daddy was breathing huskily as he hissed those syllables to me, I was his baby, his beloved son, I was a part of him in a way I hadn't quite been before, and I giggled and threw myself down on top of him and I hugged him and he hugged me back and we kissed, really kissed, and I wanted it to go on and never, never end!

"Mmmm, Daddy, that was great." I said to him, sleepily.

"It sure was, baby, it was the greatest." Daddy said, and I could tell he was sleepy as well.

I tugged the covers up and we got under them, and I said, "Good night, Daddy."

"Good night, Son."

We had days and nights before us. The two of us, home, mostly ignored as Aunt Mabel toiled to care for Mom and Clara. Days of just the two of us, eating together, playing together, sleeping together. We might be cut off from the rest of the world, but as long as I had Daddy and he had me, I didn't want this time to ever end!


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