They didn't have much to work with, but I stirred up a meal of fried fatback with corn puppies. The small balls of corn-meal dough dropped into a deep pot of hot fat to fry, along with the fatback in the skillet, made a heavenly aroma in the little cabin.

"He cooks about as purty as he looks." the son observed as we all sat down to the table to eat. I carefully took only about a sixth of what I'd cooked, and so did Dad, the other two took the other two-thirds between them. I ate every bite and wished there were more. While talking, we exchanged names, Dad told them his name was William and mine was Thomas and they were Luke, Sr. and Luke, Jr., called Sonny.

As I ate, I found Sonny's hand on my leg more times than once, and when I did, I'd look at him and he'd grin at me with a look that made me extremely uncomfortable. It was like he figured I belonged to him now, like I was his slave or something. I'd seen such things from time to time when Southerners would come into Ohio with their slaves, the way they looked at their black servants was just like this.

Fed now, and warm and mostly dry, it was now a question of where my father and I would sleep. "Do you have a barn we can spend the night?" I asked Luke as Sonny's hand landed on my knee yet again. I reached down and rather obviously removed it. "We don't want to put you out of your own beds here." If I found myself sharing Sonny's bed, that small thing, I wouldn't doubt but that he'd place more than his hand upon my body...or into it! I knew that women were scarce in the West, and that some men made up the slack by taking other men to use as women.

"We don't have no barn." Luke told me. "You have to stay in here with us." And his grin was much like his son's.

"I...I can sleep on the floor." I said, casting a nervous look at the small bed his son used.

Luke beamed. "Don't you fret about Sonny, none, he's just at the age when he figures if he don't stick it in something, it's going to fall off." And Luke laughed heavily at his joke and Sonny joined in. My father and I did, too, though nervously.

"But tell you what. Why don't you bunk with me and we'll let your father stay out here with Sonny?" Luke went on.

My only other choice was the storm, which was getting harder rather than lighter. I took Luke as the best of several evils. "All right, thank you."

"I don't want to share a bed with that ole geezer!" Sonny exclaimed, which wasn't fair, my father was still well on the fair side of forty and had no gray hairs at all. He'd married my mother at the tender age of seventeen and I'd been born before his twentieth birthday. He'd kept his body up as well, there was no spare fat on him, or on me. We'd worked hard back in Ohio and now our fortunes had gone bad, the Oregon Territory would welcome workers like us.

There was a heated argument about which of them got me in their bed, but his father won that argument, and stood up, saying abruptly, "And let's turn in now, that storm will go all night for sure."

That was fine with me, I was now very conscious of my wet clothing which was chafing my body now I was inside. The father's bed was in the other room of this cabin, and it was barely large enough to hold his bed and a small storage closet unit on one wall. "You can hang those wet clothes over the closet doors." Luke advised me. I did as he bade me, for they were the only clothes I had and I hoped they'd be dry enough to wear on the morrow. When I turned around, still wearing my underclothes, I saw Luke was standing by the bed, looking at me, stark naked.

I gawked his body, the hairy, too hairy, body with the stomach a somewhat distended globe beneath and larger than his chest, strong though it was. His shoulders were rounded but didn't look at all soft, the hairs on his shoulders stood up like branchless trees denuded by a winter freeze, but instead of gray, they were solid black and looked more like spike needles on a cactus. And there, hanging down beyond the thickest thatch of pubic hair I'd ever seen, was his cock, dangling like a pale brown sausage between his legs. "Get out of the rest of those clothes."

He ordered.

"Sir?" I asked, not believing him.

"Those things are wet, I don't want them in my bed." He said. "Sleep raw like me."

I looked at the bed, it was bigger than Sonny's, but not by that much. A husband and wife who were very affectionate could share this bed, but not two strangers. "I...I can sleep on the floor."

"The hell with that. Shuck out of those and get in this bed. Now!" he commanded.

I gulped hard and complied, and if he'd stared at me while I'd done it I would have died. But he turned away when I began to move and got into the bed, and I undressed and followed him into the bed.

"Blow out that lamp." he ordered and I did so and when darkness took us, so did Luke take me. I hadn't even settled back into the bed from extinguishing the lamp when he reached for me and his hands were hard, horned and insistent and his breath was heavy, husky and aromatic, I groaned when he grabbed me because I had never felt so helpless before in my life than I did in that bed, alone, nude and at this man's mercy.

"Can't blame Sonny for wanting a sweet young thing like you." Luke breathed into my face. "I been thinking about that ass of yours ever since you bent over the fireplace and swore I'd get into it tonight if I had to take you out of my son's arms to get to you!"

I didn't cry out (who would hear me, other than my father, and I didn't doubt for a moment that Luke and Sonny could make short work of Dad and me any time they wanted), but I thrashed and struggled as best I could. It was useless, he had me pinned down and his heavy body climbed on top of me. My legs were forced apart as he shoved first one, then the other knee in between them, and then he was shoving my legs into the air on either side of him, and all this while both hands kept my own arms pinioned against his chest. His breath was a heavy throbbing against my face as he heaved himself into position and I felt his hard prod shoving itself in between my buttocks. I knew he couldn't be lubricated in any way, this was going to be the rawest and roughest of violations, a fate I wouldn't wish upon any woman I knew and I was no woman and my ass could not be as accommodating as their vaginas.

His glans found my anus and he gave a grunt of satisfaction, "Yeah, there it is. Now I give you the porking of your life, and you're going to love it. Here it comes!" and he shoved with his hips and that huge glans pushed into my body.

I cried out then and it was a cry of sheer agony for his cockhead in my butt hurt more than anything I'd ever experienced before. "No, no, please, it hurts, it hurts!"