Dexter's hands were cuffed with his own handcuffs and he was laid out on an old, smelly, greasy mattress which made him realize how thoroughly he had been set up, captured and trapped with the same amount of finesse as the mouse that is led into the cage with the cheese hanging on the rope that pulls the door shut. It caused him to lose any pretense of resistance as the three men surrounded his prostrate body.

Dexter was pushed bodily to his knees. "What shall we do to the pig first?" Vinny said.

"Don't cut him up." the big man said. "No marks on him that he can't hide when he leaves here."

"But, boss, that pretty face just begs me to cut on it!" Vinny protested. "Can't I just put a little scratch on him right here?" Vinny's blade caressed Dexter's cheek.

"I said nothing that's gonna show on him!" the big guy snarled. "Put that pig-sticker away now!"

"Then what are we gonna do to him?" Hawk asked.

"Mark his mind." the big guy ordered.

"How we gonna do that?" Vinny asked, genuinely baffled.

The big man got an evil glint in his eyes that scared Dexter more than the blade had. "I want to see the pig suck some dick." the big man said. "Give him some, Vinny."

"Sure, boss." Vinny said eagerly as the concept percolated slowly down the big oaf's brain down to his crotch. "I like that idea a lot."

"Of course you do, Vinny." the big man said almost affectionately. To Dexter, the big man said almost confidentially, "Vinny's a real prize. Never gets any ideas of his own, so he is completely trustworthy. I feel safe around Vinny."

Dexter saw Vinny fumbling at his crotch and realized he was unbuttoning the black chinos he was wearing. "Oh, God!" he breathed as Vinny's cock was revealed to him. Thick, dark, hair~covered and smelly, it's cockhead bore a white smear of smegma on it that clung like a banner to a balcony, and then Vinny was shoving that cock toward his face and Dexter could smell the rank raunch of sweat and musk that came mostly from that line of smegma clinging to it.

"Open up." Vinny said, a dumb smile on his face. "Here comes the choo-choo train." And Vinny cackled at his own feeble joke and the men laughed.

"You heard him." the big man said. "Open up for the choo-choo like a good little pig." The eyes got meaner. "Do it or I'll go ahead and let Vinny cut on you."

Dexter swallowed hard and opened his mouth, and Vinny pushed the thick prick into his mouth, a sour-tasting, hot, oozing wad of flesh like raw meat being shoved into his mouth. Dexter choked, gagged and coughed and Vinny pulled back out, his cock being bent backwards by the muscles of Dexter's throat.

"You can't just shove it in a virgin the way you do the whores I buy you, Vinny." the big man said. "Just hold it in front of him; make him do all the work."

"Okay, boss." Vinny waggled his cock at Dexter. "Here it is." he said. "Suck it."

"Come on, suck it." the big man growled. Dexter sensed he was losing patience and would soon give Vinny permission to use the knife.

In that moment, without conscious decision, Dexter chose life over his dignity and he reached out with his face and pushed out his tongue and he lapped at Vinny's thick prod.

"Ooh, yeah, that's nice." Vinny said as Dexter licked at his cock and then began to work his lips around the head. "Oh, yeah, uh!" the stupid Italian bruiser groaned. "Say, boss, this guy is better than Millie the Mouth. Ooh, yeah!"

"Not better than Millie!" Hawk scoffed. "No one's better than Millie at giving head!"

Vinny moaned and grabbed Dexter's head and began to fuck Dexter's face with single- minded intensity and again Dexter gagged at the heavy slab of cock that was being pushed in and out of him. He somehow found within himself the strength to withstand this storm of male lust and he suppressed the gag reflex and took all of what Vinny was forcing on him and Vinny grunted like a pig, lowed like a stud bull, roared like a tiger and Dexter tasted and felt the slimy wads of Vinny's jism pouring into his mouth and down his throat as he held back now the desire to retch, to vomit up this degradation and still he rose above it, the desire to live still holding supreme control and he swallowed the thick salty packets like so many raw eggs on his tongue and Vinny released him at last, nearly falling back as he fought for breath, Dexter noticing how much Vinny's movements of his chest matched his own.

"Hey, I gotta try that!" Hawk said. "Better than Millie, you say?"

"Oh yeah, much better." Vinny sighed as he regained his feet.

"I'll try him and let you know." Hawk said as he stepped in front of Dexter. "I'm one of Millie's biggest fans, so I ought to be able to tell you."

"He takes it so smooth and warm." Vinny reminisced aloud without any trace of embarrassment or shame. "He kind of draws it all right out of you until you just got to give him everything you got!"

Hawk had pulled open his jeans, showing a pair of yellowed and shabby underwear, his cock (partially visible through a run in the material that had left a "ladder" in them) resembling a large centipede lying there. Hawk fished his cock out and held it out to Dexter and the big guy said, "Hawk, don't you jizz in his mouth. I want you to shoot all over that pretty-boy face of his, get him nice and sticky all over."

Illustration for 'Ordeal of Officer St. John' "Gotcha, boss." Hawk said. "Come on, piggie, I got something for ya! Come on, come on, nice little piggie." The men laughed and Dexter felt his last minor vestige of honor and pride fall by the way. Hawk pulled away as he reached out with his face for Hawk's cock, teasing him, making it look like he was eager to suck that skanky piece of drug-selling, drug-using cock. Dexter pulled back to an upright position and waited until Hawk could see that he wouldn't play that game; and Hawk snarled in frustration of losing the game of taunt-the-cop and grabbed Dexter by the back of the head and shoved his cock at Dexter's face, hard! The slimy cockhead struck Dexter in his right eye, blinding him with slimy, salty, stinging precome, and then Hawk found Dexter's lips and before Dexter could open his mouth himself, Hawk had shoved his cock in, nine inches of black prick, as slender as Hawk himself; it jabbed down his throat like a sword- swallower's slender sword to bury it there and Hawk's balls slapped Dexter on his chin.

"Come on, suck it you bastard!" Hawk snarled. "Make me happy or I'll go over and slit your momma's throat and then piss all over the bitch as she bleeds her fucking life away, got it?"

Dexter had lost all resistance; he raised back to let the long prong slide out of his throat and without releasing it, he took it back down. Again and again he made himself take every inch of the long dong, sucking as he pulled back up, until Hawk was groaning with pleasure. "Oh, God, yeah!" he moaned, "this pig really knows how to suck. Come on, blow me, man, take every Goddamned drop of it, yeah! Sweet blowjob, a real pro, better than Millie ever thought of being, God, I never had it this good and I'm getting it this good from a fucking cop, man!"

Dexter kept up the pace, again only wanting to get this the fuck over with, and Hawk began to groan and the big man warned him, "Don't you dare shoot that inside him, I want to see your wads all over that black uniform, you better shoot a big messy load on him, Hawk!"

"Oh, yeah, yeah!" then Hawk took his cock away from Dexter and began to pound his pud hard. With deep resignation, Dexter stayed put, as Hawk's moans rose in tempo and he blasted his wads onto Dexter's face. Dexter felt the come as bursts of hot sweat on his face, like the sweat he created while running, first the body heated and then suddenly the sweat glands turn loose and you are bathed in the suddenly boiling heat of the water that suddenly covers your face and body all over; this was like that, the sudden hot heat, moist and hot and suddenly clammy as the heat was quickly lost and Hawk's jism flew now to stain his uniform, his source of honor and pride being soiled by this scum of mankind, degrading him with his smelly, rank musk.

Dexter did turn then to vomit out the anger, the humiliation, the shame, his pink ejecta poured in heavy chunks onto the stained floor.