I can’t believe it! I said to myself the entire time my mother was dating Edwin. I can’t believe it! I said when she told me Edwin had proposed to her and she’d accepted. I can’t believe it! I said to myself as I sat in the church and watched her walk down the aisle and go through the vows. I can’t believe it! I said to myself as I packed my clothes on the end of the month. Because Mom and I were moving in with Edwin, into his apartment.

I wasn’t opposed to Mom marrying again. Dad had died when I was only twelve, it had been more than five years, so no reason she wouldn’t find a nice man and date him and fall in love and get married. I had no real objections to that, honest!

But Edwin? What was Mom thinking? Edwin ran a bar in a seedy part of town, he catered all day to whores and pimps and drug addicts. He was large, he wasn’t very attractive, he was struggling to make his payments, he, hell, I can admit the real reason to you! Edwin was black! My mother had married a black man! Geez, what was she thinking? Or was she thinking?!? Marrying a black bartender! Even working in his bar with him on nights when he needed extra help.

We moved into Edwin’s condominium, and I tried to make the best of things. The neighborhood wasn’t that bad, actually, though it was more than 80% black. I only had to stay there until I went off to college next fall, then I could set up housekeeping somewhere else, I guess. Kind of sad, losing what little was left of my home, but it didn’t have to destroy me. Grit my teeth and try to get along with everyone and wait until I could get out of here.

That had been my plan for those first three days and so far, so good. I avoided Edwin as much as I could, and he let me. He was at the bar most evenings anyhow, didn’t arrive home until about three in the morning, and slept in until nearly noon. I just had to avoid him from then until five o’clock when he left for work again and school took care of most of that. That left us only speaking a dozen words to each other all day and I kept those carefully civil.

My only other problem was that when he’d come home from work, he and Mom invariably would make love. I’m talking loud, noisy, mattress bucking, headboard thumping, wall shaking lovemaking. Edwin was a total sex machine; I guess that’s why Mom married him!

I tell you, it put me clean off of sex, thinking of my mother, fortyish and pudgy and floppy-breasted, and Edwin, with a beer-belly that he kept hanging over his pants’ waist all day, with acne on his back and below that...yuck! The two of them making love every night...God!

I got home from school and then the library at five thirty on that fourth day and found to my surprise that Edwin and Mom were still home. It was Friday, is why I was surprised, the weekend was his busy time, and Fridays an important time for him, he collected his tabs from his customers that day.

With them was the reason; a younger black man with them sitting at the table. I could see the resemblance to Edwin in him, if Edwin were thinner and had spent some time working out and had muscles instead of flab. And if Edwin had a mean streak, Edwin was at least rather good-natured, this guy looked angry and ready to take it out on anyone. His voice was the same, as I walked up, he said, “That motherfucker just thought he was going to take me down, but I took him down, and I took him down good!” He looked at me and I saw a fire in his eyes that gave me cold chills.

“Hello, baby!” Mom said as she saw me. To the new guy, she said, “Eugene, this is my son, Bobby. Bobby, this is Eugene, Edwin’s younger brother. He’s going to be staying with us for a while.” I knew about Eugene, though I’d never seen a picture of him. Eugene had been in prison, he’d been put in there for stabbing a man. The man had only suffered minor injuries, but that hadn’t been Eugene’s fault, he had been grabbed before he could stab the guy more than a couple of times. I knew about him, he wasn’t supposed to be out for another five or six years!

“Staying with us?” I said, surprised. This was a two-bedroom apartment. “Where?”

“He’ll sleep on the couch.” my mother said, which relieved me.

“Okay.” I said and took off to my room, figured that took care of it.

I saw the difference the next day. Edwin opened his bar at noon on Saturdays and Mom went in with him.

That left me alone in the house with Eugene. While I could and did stay in my room much as I could, I couldn’t stay in there non-stop. He sat sprawled on the living room couch watching and when he turned it to a basketball game and that was doubly-annoying, I’d wanted to see the game and had counted on watching it myself.

Damn it, he was going to be here for a while! I couldn’t stay in my room all the time, it was like I was the prisoner. So I went out and plunked myself down on the couch beside him. He grunted when I did but didn’t say anything else, the game was going.

Watching the game with him was odd, in that Eugene was not just rooting for one of the teams, he was downright partisan. If an opposing team member scored, he cursed them with language both rich and foul. When a member of our team messed up, his language was even worse, he wished dire consequences on them. I got curious about this after a time, and said, “Hey, Eugene?”

“What?” he said, irritated. His team was behind by six points, not such a horrible thing in basketball with its high scoring. But they were behind.

“Why are you so hot on this game?”

“I got a hundred bucks riding on this game.” he informed me.

“You got a hundred bucks?” I said, incredulous. “You can spend a hundred dollars on a bet and you’re living here?” I guess that wasn’t the most politic question, but I’d already said it and saw no way to take it back.

“Got no choice.” he said. “I’m stuck here.”

“Why?” I asked.

He lifted his leg and I saw a large plastic bracelet around his ankle. “They got me tagged.”

“Really?” I said, looking at it.

“Yep.” he said. “They check it every so often and if they do and I’m not right here, they come pick me up.”

“So you’re still in prison.” I said, not very brightly.

“I go in Monday and they’re going to give me a job.” he clarified. “After that, I get to go to and from it. Other than that, I stay here.”

“Damn.” I said, thinking it over. “That sucks.” Then, “but that still doesn’t explain how you got the hundred dollars.”

“I don’t.” he said. “So I need to win this game.”

“’s only the first quarter.” I said.

“Fetch me a beer, boy.” he said to me. The game was starting again. Given his state of mind, I figured it was better for me to do just that.

His mood deteriorated as the game went on. His team’s losses kept mounting and by the end, they were down by twenty-four points.

“God damn it!” Eugene snarled and the telephone rang. I started to reach for it but Eugene snapped, “No, damn you, kid, leave it alone. It’s mine.”

He took the phone and said to me, “Get the fuck out of here!”

I did but only to the bend at the hallway, and listened. Eugene turned from viciously mean to sweetly wheedling. It was his bookie on the phone.

Eugene had to promise to pay the bookie on Monday when he went in to his job, said he’d get a loan on his salary. The sweet Eugene vanished when the phone was hung up. “Mother fucking son of a bitch!” he snarled. “God damn fucking hell!”

I poked my head back in. “You done?” I asked like I hadn’t been listening.

He didn’t answer me directly. “Gonna take all my fucking money for the week!” he mourned profanely. “Now what the fuck am I gonna do?”

“Stay home and watch television?” I joked. “Same as you were going to do anyway?”

“Fuck!” He snarled, looking at me. “You got a mouth on you, kid. Maybe someone needs to cut that tongue out of you?”

I blanched at that, as you can imagine. “I’m sorry.” I said. “Just trying to make a joke.”

“Well, cut it the fuck out!” he said. “How the hell am I going to get laid without any money!” he mourned.

“How are you going to get laid with money?” I wanted to know. Honest, I wanted to know! “I mean, you have to stay here at the apartment all the time anyhow. Who you going to have sex with, anyway?”

Eugene ignored me, stomped to the kitchen for more beer. I figured I’d spent enough time getting to know him and went back to my bedroom.

When I came out for some supper, Eugene was passed out on the couch. I felt just sorry enough for him that I pulled out the blanket he’d used the night before and covered him up. Fixed myself a sandwich and took it back to my room. Have to get myself my own television, I decided.

I went to bed and woke up to the sound of Eugene in the bathroom, throwing up noisily. The liquid sounds of that really grossed me out, and it seemed to go on forever. When it finally ended, I turned over in bed and tried to get back to sleep. It was nearly midnight, Mom and Edwin would be back in their room doing the nasty in a couple of hours. Between them and Eugene around all the time, my chances of keeping my cool long enough to escape to college were about as slender as....

The door to my room opened and I turned over, startled. “Eugene?”

“Hey, there, kid.” he said, coming over to me. He was wearing just a pair of blue boxers, the way he’d slept the night before. The bulge of his cock through those faded cotton was pretty obvious, running down one leg and threatening to peek out the bottom.

“What are you doing here?” I challenged, the way a kitten challenges a bulldog, defiant but intimidated more than anything else.

“Hey, man, I came to apologize to you.” he said. “I was just pissed off at losing that bet, is all.”

“I can understand that.” I said, nervously clutching my sheet to my chest. Jeez, I was naked, the condominium apartment didn’t have air conditioning and it was a hot night, the Santa Anas blowing had jumped the temperature up over twenty degrees two nights ago and it was still over 80 degrees in the place.

“I know you’re put out about me staying here, but hell, if I didn’t have someone to live with, they’d keep me in the slammer.” he said. “My brother was nice enough to let me stay here, he said you’d be moving out in a couple months to go to college.” He sat down on the edge of my bed.

“Yeah.” I said.

“When you do, I’ll move into this room.” he said. “You don’t mind me using your bed while you’re gone, do you?” He slapped one big, black hand on my upper leg, clutched and held on.

“Uh, I guess not.” I said.

“Yeah.” He said, and his hand ran up and down my leg. The sheet didn’t feel like it was even there, except where it was wrinkled, and that gave his hand a funny feeling running over my leg, like the ribs on a ribbed condom. I’d put one on for my jerking off once, to feel what it was like, and it had that sort of bumpety-bump feel to it.

“Is that what you came in here to ask me?” I asked, to get this over with.

“Naw. You asked me a question.” he said softly. “I figured I’d answer it for you.”

“What question?” I wanted to know.

“You wanted to know how I’d get laid if I was stuck in this apartment all the time I wasn’t at work.” He clarified.

“Uh...yeah.” I agreed.

“Answer is simple.” he said. “Three choices. First is to run the risk of getting busted, hit a bar and try to pick someone up, fast. Trouble with that is, who’s going to let you pick them up at five-thirty in the afternoon in less than ten or fifteen minutes?”

“I can see that.” I said. His hand was getting harder on my leg now, and he was reaching up higher with every stroke. The side of his hand came close to hitting my balls.

“So that isn’t going to work. Second is to call for a hooker.” he said.

“Yeah.” I agreed. Now his hand was bumping my balls. I wondered if he’d realize I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“But a hooker takes money. I don’t got any and won’t have for nearly two weeks. If I can even get the money to pay my bookie for that game. I ain’t that sure my new boss will front me the money.”

“That’s tough.” I agreed yet again.

“Third is to get your sex from someone you know. Maybe someone at your job, or someone you were dating before you got sent out.”

“That might work.” I clutched at the straw that offered.

He shook his head. “My job is going to be all men, a construction job. And none of the women I knew before want a man with no money.”

“So you’re out of options.” I concluded for him. “What are you going to do? Whack yourself off. That’s what I do.”

“I’ll bet you do.” he said and now his hand enveloped my balls, clutched them through the sheet. Now he had to know I was naked under the sheet. “I got one option left. Same as I had in prison. Get me a pretty boy.”

“Uh...” I wavered. I didn’t know, and still don’t know, what I should have said. Eugene was bigger and meaner than I’d ever thought of being. He had his hand right on my balls! All I could come out with was what I did, “I guess you could do that.” Then I tried to cover. “But not me, someone else. I got some friends I could bring over....”

“Fuck that.” he said. “You’ll do. Right here in the apartment with me all the time. Every night and all weekend long. You’ll do just fine.”

I let out a whimpering sound. Made another, but just managed to give it a syllable, make it a word. “No.” The word creaked, simpered, fell apart at the end, made of crepe paper that rips at the slightest touch.

Eugene let go and stood up and I let out a sigh of relief. He was going away.

But he just skinned off his boxers and said, “Come on, boy, let’s get started.” And his hand grabbed my sheet.

I held onto the top of it, honest, I did. But he snarled and got both hands and a new hold and yanked on it hard and it went with him. I was buck-naked in front of a naked, horny black man! “Yipe.” was all I could say, and that should have been a shout, but my lungs only gave it about half the volume it should have had, it came out less a shout than a comment.

“Come on, kid, chow down.” Eugene said. “It’ll go in easier if you get some spit on it first.”

I scrambled, wide-eyed, for the far side of the bed, though what I would do after that, I don’t know. I was on the far side of the room from the only window, and the door was behind Eugene. The window had security bars on it, I could take it off...with about five minutes work on the wing-nuts holding them on!

Eugene grabbed my ankle before I got all the way out of bed, and I ended up with my hands on the floor, head-down, and my body being hauled back toward Eugene, ass-first.

“Fuck, kid, you don’t want to suck me, you don’t have to.” Eugene said. “But it’s going to hurt more if’n you don’t. Last chance, you little shit, either get over here and start licking me or I’ll shove it in you dry!”

A hell of a choice! “No, no!” I said again. “Please, let me go!”

He had my legs on either side of his now, and I felt what had to be his cock resting on my buttocks.

“Suit yourself.” he said. “I can get it in you just fine this way.”

“No!” I said, and this was the first of my words that had any volume. “No, no, I’ll...I’ll suck it. Please, don’t do it!”

“Then get around here and lock onto it, fast.” Eugene ordered. “I got me a weeks’ worth of jizz stored in my balls, and I’m unloading it all in you tonight, one way or another!”

I whimpered like a whipped dog as I scuttled around on my stomach to face him. To face his cock. Oh, God, this thing was huge! Already hard, it was like looking at some Italian store salami, only the foreskin was like the end untied and hanging open, revealing the purplish head underneath, the foreskin was like wrinkled, semi-loose shavings from that head, curled around the open slit that shone inside the circular opening.

“Come on, get on it!” Eugene commanded and his hand grabbed for my head.

I didn’t make him force that cock into me, I obeyed him without that, figuring if I had to suck it, better to do it myself. I got my mouth on it and was worming that huge cylinder of black meat into my mouth when Eugene grabbed my head proper this time and he shoved it at me.

“At” was the right word, the cockhead hit the back of my mouth and stuck and it was like he was shoving a baseball down my throat, and not succeeding.

“Gah!” Eugene snarled. “Come on, damn it, you little cunt, suck it! Come on, do it!” And he began to hunch that huge prick at me.

I don’t know how he expected me to take it like that, all I could do was hang on and try to keep it from slamming into my tender inner mouth. I didn’t even think about working up spit, but some got on it anyway.

“Come on, hang onto it, fucker, you got to suck on it some!” Eugene grunted. His big black body hung over me like a dark tidal wave, ready to crash down on me and consume me. “Come on, you’re my bitch boy now, get to sucking it, fuck, suck it you bastard cunt!”

I did, then, what else could I do? I held on with my lips and I tried to work it for him. If I could make him get off, maybe he wouldn’t fuck me after all. Then, when my mother came home, I’d tell her everything, we’d get Eugene sent back to jail!

“Gah!” Eugene snarled, yanking his dick out. “You can’t suck worth a damn!”

Oh, God, he was about to fuck me! “I could if you’d give me a chance!” I retorted. “God, you just shove it at me, how can I do anything!”

“You want to try again?” he asked me.

“Yeah.” I said. Anything to postpone the prong going up my butt. “But let me do it, okay?”

“Okay, kid, that’s fair.” He said to me. “You service me and I might just forget about jamming this up your ass this time.”

That was all I needed. If I had to be rap ed by this big, black fucker, better my mouth than my butt! I got up around and sat on the edge of the bed and when he approached me again, I bent over and I took his cock as he offered it.

I knew in general what to do. Guys talk about such things, not in such detail that you can really know what to do, but I’d had some sex education classes as well, and some more information got to me there, though most of that was more like science than practicalities. But among all of that, I had the vague basics. I knew to run my mouth up and down on Eugene’s cock with my lips and I knew that I had to get as much spit on it as I could. I began to suck on him and this time he just stood there and let me.

“Oh, ah, yeah, kid, now you’re getting into it.” he breathed as his hips began to hunch back and forth in gentle waves, I was able to integrate it into my own motions. As I got his cock slicked up, I found it fit deeper into my mouth with less trouble, too. This might work, I thought as I sucked on Eugene’s prong, I just might get out of this with nothing more than a mouthful of jizz, and that I could spit out again and gargle and/or puke it up. Once Eugene shot his nut-load of cream, he wouldn’t care what I did, would he?

So I began to work him even faster, now I could just make him get off and get it over with like this. I could do this...

I couldn’t! My lips began to ache in no time from his unaccustomed work, I began to lose my grip on him despite my best efforts. Eugene’s grunts of contentment segued into discontent, and then he was sounding pissed off.

“Fuck!” He said and yanked his dick away from me. “You were doing it good for a while there. Now turn around.”

Oh, God! Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God! I was going to get fucked. I couldn’t prevent it, I couldn’t get away without Eugene catching me! “Please!” I said to him. “Don’t do this! I got money, I could pay off your bookie for you if you won’t do this!”

“Shut up and roll over.” was his only comment. “I want your butt more’n I want that money. But I’ll take it and I can pay you back instead of him.” He laughed a mean laugh, a barking sound almost. “Hah-hah-hah-hah! Or maybe you’ll just take it out in trade, huh? I wouldn’t charge you too much to fuck your butt for you.”

“No!” I whimpered again. But I rolled onto my stomach. What else was I going to do?

I felt the bed shift as Eugene climbed onto it with me, I felt his hot body, sweaty and smelling heavily of musk and a blast of breath loaded with stale beer hit the back of my neck. Oh, jeez!

“Time for me to pop that cherry.” Eugene said. “You just hold still and I’ll take good care of it for you. You’ll even like it, kid. Plenty of young-uns in prison got where they loved having a ride on my dick. And me, I’d take care of them in there. So they got something out of it. I’ll take care of you, boy. But you got to take care of me, okay?

“Okay.” I whined. “Just...just go easy on me, please!”

His big dong shoved my ass cheeks apart like a baseball bat, and I realized there was no way he was getting in me without ripping me up wide. “No, no!” I shouted. “Stop it, stop it!”

“Shut up!” his big hand pressed down on my head, and into the pillow. “Shut the fuck up, you stupid shit! I got to get it in you!”

He pushed and that huge baseball-glans of his was torture! It screamed pain at me in bright colors that exploded in my brain, all hot and glaring and loud! “AAAAAAH!” I let out.

Illustration of Eugene

“Shut up!” and he pushed me down again into the pillow. “Get it in you and it’ll stop hurting, you fuck! Not shut up!”

I dug my face into the pillow and when he shoved again, I bit into it. Only a siren of keening pain leapt into the air from around that. “NNNNNNNNNN!”

“I’m getting it in you, boy, I’m getting it in you. Just hold on, a little longer, yeah!”


“Oh, ah, again, now!”


“Shit, fuck, boy, you’re so tight, got me a real cherry ass here. Hold on, boy!”


“Ah, ah, ah, shit, yeah, that’s got it in you now, boy. Just hold that in you and get to know it. Get to know it real well, boy, that’s got it.”

“NNNNHNNNNN!” Eugene was shoving into me now, but he didn’t have to, it just pulsed and I hurt!

“God, boy, you’re tighter than any pussy-boy in prison ever was! You should have loosened yourself up like they did. Good thing to know how, in case it ever happens to you.”

“I didn’t know it was going to happen to me!” I practically screamed at him. “God, it hurts, it hurts!”

“It’ll get better, boy. Just hold still and let my dick and your shit-chute get acquainted.”

We held together like that, me groaning and Eugene moving now and then, I think he had to to keep his cock hard. Every time he did, I felt a new rush of pain like the blast of heat when you open up the door of the oven to check on the turkey inside. Close it and the pain was less...then he’d move and the door would open again and sear me.

After some time...ten minutes?...he said, “That’s got you, boy. Now I’m going to fuck you but good. And you’ll dig it, you’ll see.”

He began to fuck at me, and he was mostly right, only a knife or two of pain hit me when he began to move, and they faded soon enough.

“Oh, oh, fuck!” I groaned as I got used to it. Not enjoying it, no, just...used to it. Able to handle it. “Oh, oh, fuck!”

“Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?” Eugene’s voice chuckled at me.

I didn’t dare argue with him, fearing his gentle movements would get rough. “Yeah.” I said softly. “I’m getting better now.”

“You sure are.” He affirmed. “I could fuck this sweet butt all night long. Man, I’m going to love having this ass in my apartment with me.”

It wasn’t his apartment, but I didn’t argue. “Oh, fuck!” I said again.

“Now to turn on a few of my special moves.” Eugene promised.

“Oh, God!” I gasped.

Then he did it, he moved...and oh, God! God, could I really be liking this now? It wasn’t pleasure, exactly, more like a...a state of mind that I was entering, like that sense of peace when you finish a test and know that you can stop worrying about it and turn in the paper and just rest. Serenity, that’s the word! I felt serene in being fucked by Eugene.

Eugene knew what he was doing, it seemed. He could have been a lot clumsier, and it would have hurt me a lot more if he had been. As it was, it was more like being blown about by the wind instead of being slammed by a tornado. A difference in degree, if not essence.

The sense of serenity grew. It filled me and it warmed me and I realized with a sense of surprise that I was in fact beginning to enjoy this! “Oh, God!” I said as I realized it. “God, this feels good!”

“Knew you’d get into it, boy.” Eugene said. “Everyone does, just get this sweet dong into them and they turn into my pussy boy, ever damn time!”

I raised up onto my hands and closed my eyes and let my head swivel and pivot. “Oh, oh, God!” I gasped. “God, this feels good.”

“Going to get better, too.” Eugene affirmed. “Time now for the real fucking.”

He started working my ass hard and fast now. He had really stretched me out now, and it wasn’t torment at all. What it did was concentrate that pleasant feeling I’d been having, turn it into its true form, sexual impulses, bursting forth like the butterfly out of its cocoon.

Eugene’s lusty thrusts were making my bed quiver like it wasn’t used to, the springs squealed and labored under his motions. And I hissed through my teeth. Shit, I was about to come!

“Oh, God! Oh, God, oh, God, ohgodohgodohgod!” I groaned.

“You going to squirt it, little boy?” Eugene teased me cruelly. “You going to squirt your little jizz onto the bed, are you?”

“Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah!” I agreed.

“When you do that, you belong to me.” Eugene said. “When you shoot it, you belong to me, you got that?”

“Yeah, yeah, I got that.” I gasped. I would have said anything in that moment, lost in that joy which was sex like I’d never felt before. It was brother to the pleasure of my cock, but not the exact same. Better in some ways, worse in others. Just...different.

“Come on, then, squirt that little jizz, squirt it for me.” Eugene panted. “Become my little pussyboy. Belong to me and I’ll take care of you. Won’t nobody mess with you, boy, you’ll be under my protection.”

Eugene must have thought he was back in prison, but I wasn’t going to argue, or say or do anything that would make him stop. “Oh, oh, oh, yeah!” I gasped. “I’m going to come.”

“And when you come, you say, you belong to me.” Eugene ordered. “You understand me?”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand!”

“Say you belong to me!”

“I belong.” I moaned. God, I was so close, I just had to find out how to reach my climax now. It was new territory for me, I was questing about trying to find it, that single bright diamond in this new land of delight!

“Say you belong to me!”

“I you!” God, I was close, so close!

“Say it, cunt, say it!”

“I belong to you!” I groaned.

“Now come!” he commanded. And that was it! That was what I needed, Eugene’s permission, and I came!

“AAAHH, GAHHHH, HAH, HAH, HAH, AH!” I yodeled in my ecstasy and I spurted my jizz onto the bed, and the sound was like pepper hitting hot oil, a sizzling crackle of spunk hitting cotton.

“That’s it, boy, shoot it all!” Eugene grunted. “Shoot it, shoot it, you belong to me, boy, you’re mine now, you’re mine! Ah, ah, HANNN-GUHHHH!”

And Eugene’s sperm boiled into my body, me still shaking from the aftershocks of my own climax, and his pelted me from behind like rain hitting a willow tree in hard lashes of wind, and all the branches bend under the weight and dance with the wind!

Eugene’s body thrust hard at me as he ejaculated, his spunk was squelching out of my ass and his slamming of my butt slapped it as it left, turning my ass and his thighs into a sticky, salty mess.

Done, Eugene fell over onto me and knocked me down onto the bed, and I landed on my puddles of sperm and I was soaked from before and behind, sandwiched between him and my bed, covered by him, wrapped up in him...belonging to him.

After a time, when he felt like it, he rolled off of me, and I got up.

Eugene rolled onto his stomach and looked up at me. “Hoo, boy, you’re one hot little butt, you know that?” he said to me.

I looked at him and I didn’t know what to feel. “You’d better get back into the living room.” was what came out of my mouth. “Mom and Edwin will be home soon.”

“Yeah, sure.” Eugene said as he got up. “Hey, kid, are you all right?” he asked me. He actually sounded concerned now.

I didn’t answer, and he shook his head and walked out. I took my shower, changed my sheets, and got back into bed. I felt cool and clean again...but something was missing.

I puzzled over that as Mom and Edwin came home, and I heard them moving about. Then started the usual thump-thump-thump as Edwin began his nightly fucking of my mother. I could hear her cries of pleasure as she was fucked.

And I got out of bed and walked into the living room. Eugene was on the couch, the bed rigged out into the sleeper. He looked up at me. “Can’t sleep?” He said. “Too much noise, eh?”

“Yeah.” I said, and looked at him. I still didn’t know what I was going to do.

Like a passenger in my body, I rode along as I got into bed with Eugene and he let me rest my head on his arm, put my arm on his strong chest.

“Get some sleep, kid.” Eugene advised. “You’ll need it tomorrow.”

“All right.” I murmured. Whatever that missing thing was, it was here. I still didn’t know just what it was, but it was here and I felt complete now.

And so I went soundly to sleep.