Stowaway to the Stars

Chapter One: Space Malaise

By Tommyhawk1@AOL.COM

I knew it was Daddy's shift in the control room, so when I woke up, I went up there first to see him. Daddy was sitting at the controls and making notes of the various readings on the various dials. Not much else to do, once he had verified that the "Daribow" was on course, he could sit back and make sure that everything else was working like it should for the rest of his shift. Of course, if something did happen, like a meteor on a collision course (something that wouldn't happen once in a thousand years according to Daddy), he had to be there to do something about it. "Good morning, Daddy!"

"Morning, Paul." Dad said, smiling over at me. I always said good morning to him wherever he was on the ship. "How are you doing this morning."

"Good." I said. "Just waiting until breakfast." It was only six thirty in the morning (according to our clock, that is, we were now moving at an appreciable percentage of the speed of light now and time was a matter of opinion, like Lieutenant Jason said), and breakfast wasn't served until seven-thirty. "Can I help you with anything?"

"Afraid not." he said like always. His big, strong arms moved over the controls. I loved the way his hands moved when he did that, it was like he was stroking them, the way I wished he'd stroke me sometimes. Such a big, handsome man, my Daddy.

"Then can I watch?" I asked him, knowing the answer, but you never know, maybe one day he'd change it.

"Afraid not." was what he said as always. "You know the rules, now clear out and wait for me to come down after breakfast."

"Okay." I agreed and scampered out. I still had an hour to wait for breakfast and there were five other men on this ship.

Yeah, just the seven of us, me, my Daddy and the five others. I wasn't even supposed to be here, but I'd stowed away just before the ship left Earth orbit! Well, Daddy had told Mommy and me that he was going on a trip that would last over a hundred years (the time effect of faster than light, of course, it wouldn't be that long for Daddy by a lot), so he wouldn't see either of us any more. He and Mommy had gotten a divorce, but if she wouldn't miss Daddy, I would, so I talked a friend of mine to come along on the aboard-ship party the last night and then cover for me, so they wouldn't look for me until well after we were on the trip.

They weren't happy to see I was on the ship at first, for the supplies were limited and had to last them for almost ten years (ship time). But the fuel of the constant-boost ship wasn't a problem, and the hydroponics garden could be increased enough to feed me and give me enough oxygen to breathe, and water of course is no problem aboard ship, you just recycle and reuse it over and over. The men had to eat and use less of the supplies brought from Earth such as steaks and ham, but on the whole, their grousing had been minimal. In the three months we'd been traveling, slowly getting up to top speed (near the speed of light), I'd found ways to make myself useful around the ship. Like I was going to be useful now to Lieutenant Jason.

Lieutenant Jason was in the control room from six p.m. until two in the morning, so he would sleep until the last minutes until coming in for breakfast. So I went downstairs from the control room, sliding down the ladder the way that Major Brad had taught me, just the insides of my feet on the rails of the ladder along with my hands, sliding down like it was a sort of wide fireman's pole. It let me go down the two levels to the crewmen's quarters in about ten seconds and was a lot of fun, too.

The crewmen's quarters took up the entire third floor (the control room at the top was the first floor, second was computers and navigational instruments and such, fourth was the kitchen, lounge and pantry, fifth was stores and the sixth and final floor was the engine controls. Below that, of course, was the mass-driver, but you didn't want to go down there, no sir!), and was made up of six rooms, one for each of the crewmen. I had a makeshift cot kept in the lounge.

I know, I'm telling too much! But anyway, I went down the ladder and onto the third floor deck and over to Lieutenant Jason's room and touched the door's keylock. It was locked, but I knew the combination (he'd shown it to me, that is, so I could do what I did), so I unlocked it and slipped inside, and shut it again. The room wasn't pitch dark, the Lieutenant didn't like it so, so I had a little light, enough to see the light control and I raised it up some more so I could see easier.

Lieutenant Jason was still asleep, of course, but he was a man who thrashed about quite a bit in his sleep, and he'd kicked the covers askew on his body. He slept without clothes entirely, and I could see his entire left side, for the covers had slipped away from him that much, his body was all curves of sleeping muscles, large even in repose, his face a squarish masculine form with black hair just long enough to show it a small wave to the hairs, a small smile on his face. He put me in mind of a sleeping panther I'd seen in a zoo, lounging about comfortably, master of all he surveyed and feeling no sense of danger anywhere to bother with.

It also made it easy for me to do what I did, which was to slip into the bed next to him and lying there, slide my hand under the covers and wrap my hand around his prick. It was there, large and warm and soft, like a lump of velvet-wrapped sausage, and I lifted it, feeling how plump and rich and warrrmmm it was!

Lieutenant Jason stirred but didn't wake up. I gave his cock a few soft strokes up and down and Lieutenant Jason moaned in his sleep. But his cock stiffened, and I lifted the covers up and over to expose his midsection, and I saw as well his stomach with its dusting of hairs over the six-pack of abs he maintained by hours of working out in the small gym this spaceship boasted. But mostly I saw his cock, the thick seven inches (that's what he told me it was, anyhow and that looked right) of it in my hand, the glans all pinkish above the shaft which was a pale golden color, like Lieutenant Jason's body. I looked up at him, still asleep and I grinned. Now I got to wake him up!

My mouth open, I went down over his cock and it slid inside over my tongue smooth as ice cream, only much warmer. When I got it all the way inside my mouth, I closed my lips and, holding onto the skin of the shaft, I drew upwards, the cockskin forming thick folds on my tongue. Lieutenant Jason moaned, and stirred. I knew what was happening.

Lieutenant Jason was waking up.

I began to suck on him slowly, moving up and down and up and down, taking about five seconds for each up-and-down stroke. A hand reached up, sleepily, fumbling, and landed on my head. Just a touch, and I moved up and down faster now, about two seconds for each up-and-down stroke.

"Oooh, oh, oh, yeah!" Lieutenant Jason moaned and his fingers clenched through the brown thatch of my head hair. Now he was gripping me like that, but still gently. "Oh, oh, baby, yeah, come on, suck it for me."

I began to play my tongue over his shaft as I moved up and down and that earned me more moans from him, still sleepy sounds, but waking up, waking up more.

His chest was moving up and down, and his moans now put me more of a bear, prowling in the woods and whuffling as it searched for nuts or berries. Not an aggressive sound, but a powerful sound, and Lieutenant Jason was a powerful man, it suited him.

"Oh, oh, yeah, baby, I'm coming, baby, I'm coming." he crooned to me. "You want to take it this morning, or me shoot it all over you?"

I liked when he asked me that. "Shoot it on me." I decided. "Be sure you warn me in time, okay?" I had lifted off to say that, but when I went back to sucking him, I did it with all the speed and grip I could bring to bear.

"Okay, baby, going to shoot it on you, all over your face, baby, all over your face, I, oh! Oh, baby, here it comes, it's coming, I'm coming, now, now, now!"

I lifted off him again, but my hand took over and I rose up and put my face a few inches in front of that steaming schlong of his. My hand hammered him like a demon and Lieutenant Jason moaned, writhed and moaned again, and I was looking right at his cock when he creamed!

Hot white jets of man-jizz sprayed and the first glob hit me on my left cheek just under the eye and I closed my eyes because more was coming up, and more wads splattered my face, hitting my right eye on the eyelid, on my nose and chin, right over my lips, another on my forehead, and all of these squibs of spunk were dribbling down my face from where they'd landed, and I lifted my face as the sprays stopped, and just let them run down my face!

"Oh, oh, oh, man!" Lieutenant Jason panted as he finished, and I opened my good left eye and saw him lying under me, his huge chest rising up and down really fast as he breathed. "You are so damned good at that, Paul!"

"Yeah!" I giggled. "You awake now?"

"Yeah, I'm awake, at...." Lieutenant Jason looked at the clock. "Oh, jeez, six-forty-five! I could have slept another half hour!"

"So go back to sleep." I told him. I lifted my finger up and wiped a glob of his spunk off my face and stuck it in my mouth. "Mmm, nice and salty, but nice." I told him.

"God, you're a mess. Better wash your face before you go back out where they can see you." He told me.

I did, washing my face in the little sink his cabin held, and combed my hair and went out to find Major Brad.

He was always in the workout room at this time. He had a shift in the engine room (all the crewmen held double duties, my dad was not only a control room operator, he was the Captain, a rank that didn't mean much with only the six men on board to boss. But he had administration duties and typed his own reports every day. Major Brad stood at watch in the engine room like I said, but was also the only member of the ship that wasn't part of the Navy, he was a Marine and our little ship's "military" and if we had to fight, he'd be the one in charge of the rest of the men, even my Dad.

Major Brad was on the weight machines, lying back and pumping the huge bars up and down. There wasn't room for actual weights for him, but the machinery kept up a resistance just the same. For most of us, Major Brad was a major muscle builder, and he said that he couldn't get enough work on these machines to do him any good.

So I did what I often did for him at this time, I got over and caught his eye and he smiled, and I crawled up and sat down on the bar and he lifted the weights and me, too. I added an extra seventy pounds to his weight set and he pumped it and me and my legs dangled on both sides of his head as he worked it.

My weight gave him a real workout and he was ready after about twenty or so reps to put the weights down and he grunted out, "Okay, enough!" and I let him lower the bar and then I slid around and off it and onto the deck again. He set the weight bars back into their slot in the wall and lay where he was, breathing hard. He was only wearing a pair of rather brief shorts and the sheen of sweat was all over his body. He was panting and said, "Hoo, man, that really hit the spot!"

"You done with your workout?"

"Nah, got another twenty minutes or so." he said. "But I'm ready to rest a few minutes."

"That's good." I said and I reached down and fished into his shorts.

He didn't try to stop me, I had been playing with Major Brad about as long as I had been with Lieutenant Jason. So I brought out his dong and it was hard and ready for me.

I slipped out of my own shorts (I was wearing it and a t-shirt and some socks, all we wore on the ship which didn't have any dirt to get on us because small cleaning robots ran over the surfaces and kept things clean) and wasn't wearing any briefs underneath it, and said, "Want me to lube you up?"

"Nah, I'll do it." he said. He kept a small tube of lubricant nearby and he squirted a glob of it into his hand and rubbed it over his prick. "Climb on, and you'd better hurry, Commander Reed has been coming in mornings a bit after seven o'clock. Like fifteen minutes a day is going to do him any good! But we don't want him to catch us at this, do we?"

"Nu-uh." I agreed as I got straddle of his stomach. Actually, I was doing this with Commander Reed as well as Lieutenant Jason, but none of the three knew about the other two, and all of them thought we had to sneak around. They thought it, I should say, but as long as they all played with me, I didn't tell them about the others. I'd never done anything with Lieutenant Kevin or my Daddy, but these three men kept me awfully busy anyway.

So I stood on my tiptoes with most of my weight on Major Brad's stomach and then I eased back as he guided his prick in between my butt cheeks. After more than two months of doing this at least three times a week with him, I was pretty good at taking his cock up my ass.

I felt the thick glans at my sphincter and grunted, pushed backwards. The thick plum of his cockhead squeezed my asshole outwards and Major Brad's hands guided me back and downwards, and the head squeezed inside me with sort of pop. The lube after that did its work and the rest of his cock slid into me slowly but firmly.

With me sitting all the way down on his prick, that put my feet on the floor more firmly and I began to wriggle back and forth, riding Major Brad's body like a horse, and he used his hands to help me move more smoothly until I got my rhythm right then he began to play his hands over my body, touching me, like he still, after all this time, couldn't believe I was actually here and doing this with him. The men of the crew often gave me this feeling, like they'd resigned themselves to the years we'd be traveling to be alone except for their own hands and their fantasies, only to have me crawl out of my hiding hole and into their beds and lives. Even while we were with others, playing a board game or them helping me with my studies during my home-school classes, they'd sometimes reach out and touch me, like they were verifying I was really, truly there.

Well, I was, and his cock was rubbing me just the right way like it always did. My own pleasure grew as I rode on him and as he began to pant, his hips moved to thrust up into me as I moved, and we were wriggling together and Major Brad was panting like he'd done with the weights as I rode them, and I said, "Is this a part of your work out?"

He gave a weak chuckle, all he could manage, for his face lit up with a sort of glow. "Yeah, a real important part of it, Paul. But you need to help me work faster, okay?"

"Okay." I said and sped up. As I did, I felt my own tingling increase. "Oh, oh, Major Brad, I'm coming, Major Brad, I'm coming!" I couldn't squirt anything like Lieutenant Jason or the others did, but my cock tingled like crazy and it felt really, really good. A little bit of clear liquid leaked out, just enough to mess up my cockhead, but no more.

And Major Brad saw me writhing on top of him and that made him come, like it usually did. "Oh, now it's my turn, I'm coming, Paul, AH-GAH-HUH-UHHHHH, KUH-HUHHHH!"

His jizm squirted into my ass, a hot flow of spunk that tingled inside my bowels and Major Brad's face was bright red from his intensity of climax, and he slumped back, exhausted and gasping.

I laid down on his chest just for the feel of it, all masculine and strong, rising and falling slowly as he breathed, and inhaled the hot musky aroma of his sweat, from his workout and his sex with me, and I licked lazily at one of his breasts and he looked down, then he gave a quick chuckle and mussed my hair. "You'd better get cleaned up and into the kitchen or your Daddy's going to be wondering where you are."

My Daddy didn't check up on me, but it was Major Brad's way of saying we had to put everything back so it looked like he and I were just friends who didn't play with each other at all. So I did like I had in Lieutenant Jason's room, cleaned myself at the sink (there was one in every room of the ship) and got dressed and went in to breakfast.

Only four of us could eat breakfast at one time, Daddy was still in the control room and Commander Reed was standing watch in the engine room, but around the table with me were Lieutenants Jason and Kevin, Commander Gregg and Major Brad. We were all old friends by now, for the watches were changed every month and this particular schedule had been going for more than three weeks now. The table was set up to hold only four people at a time, but I fitted in between Lieutenant Jason and Commander Gregg and now and then I reached over and touched Lieutenant Jason's crotch and now and then, he'd squeeze my leg.

Commander Gregg, along with being second in command on the ship (and the third control room watchstander along with Dad and Lieutenant Jason), was also the ship's doctor. When we'd eaten, he tapped his glass with a knife and said, "I have a report to make. Kevin, can you patch in the watchstanders for me?"

"Yes, sir." Lieutenant Kevin leaned over and hit a button on the nearby comm panel and Commander Gregg raised his voice to speak loudly enough for them to hear as well.

"I have the test results from everyone's medical examinations back from Earth." he told us. I perked up, we'd had the examinations done on the eighty-day mark, the last time they felt confident that detailed data could be transmitted from us on the ship to Earth and back in time to reach us by radio. While Commander Gregg would do what he could for us after this, it was to be the last really good medical examination we'd have for a dozen years, and the exams had been exhaustive, and included mental/emotional tests.

"First off, I'll tell you all about Paul's exam." Commander Gregg rubbed my hair and I grinned at him. "Our ship's mascot is in the very best of health. He tested out in excellent physical health and I don't think it's any surprise to learn that he's as happy as a bug in a rug."

They all laughed at that, and I grinned at Lieutenant Jason and Major Brad especially. Yes, I was happy, but I had a good reason.

"Now for the rest of you. The crew's physical health is all good, and I'll tell you all details if you'd like, but you all check out perfectly, physically. Now, about your mental health...."

He paused, so we knew this was the bad news. "Some members of the crew are in lesser mental health than others. I have a theory about this, but let me tell you the results first."

"Our best crewmembers are Lieutenant Jason, Commander Reed, and our Marine presence, Major Brad. Coming in next is our dear Captain and then myself, then Lieutenant Kevin. None of us are in a disastrous state yet, I hasten to mention, but the symptoms in all cases are the beginnings of the phenomenon known as "space malaise."

I'd heard of this, "space malaise" was the result of long times spent aboard a starship. You lived inside what was essentially a large decorated box, after all, and unlike the ancient submarines, you didn't have the chance to surface and enjoy the ocean air and weather every so often. If you didn't keep yourself busy with something, you could fall into an increasing depression. So it was a serious thing, as this was a deep-space mission, we'd be on this ship for a very long time!

"So I had to ask myself what the members of the crew who exhibited the least symptoms were doing that the rest of us weren't. The answer seems to be our young stowaway here."

"Me?" I asked.

"The crewmen who had the least symptoms are the ones who spend the most time with our youngest crewmember. Let's face it, a child keeps anyone on his toes. So I'm giving our newest crewman a very important job. Everyone is to spend at least two hours every day of their off-watch time with Paul, playing with him and entertaining him. Not just teaching him like some of you do. But real time, alone if you can. That includes you, Captain. More time with your son."

Alone with the other men of the crew. For two whole hours. "Can we make up a watchlist for them?" I asked eagerly. "I want it to be alone time, just me and them, okay? Okay?"

"That works for me." Commander Gregg agreed.

"I'll draw up a list and we'll do a change-of-watch at the same time." My father told us all through the intercom. "It's about time my son started earning his keep around here after all."

"Yeah." I agreed, giggling.

Lieutenant Jason caught my eye and gave me a wink. Major Brad gave me a salute with a grin. Commander Reed's warm chuckle came through the intercom. Oh yeah, my life aboard ship was going to get a lot more interesting from now on!

Of course, right then, I didn't know just how interesting it was going to get for all of us!