Another annoying period of experimentation with the medallion followed. I put on and took off the medallion a half-dozen times. Nothing happened. My God! Was I going to be stuck in this child’s body forever? And John, would he have lost his childhood forever? And how would we survive while I aged and he matured mentally? I would have to find some way to work from home, and John, John would have to be home-schooled. And all this time we would have to constantly hide his true nature, and mine.

Gregory came home next, about five o’clock. I was wondering how to explain this to him, but John simply blurted it all out. “Gregory, it’s me, John! Dad’s got this cool magical medallion, the one I snuck to class today, and you put it on, and it turns you into a grown-up. It turned Dad into a kid, that’s Dad!”

And Gregory accepted it. It surprised me, but maybe it shouldn’t have. He was Roger’s son, and very intelligent. Or maybe his youth was more accepting of such a thing as magic. We read our children stories of fairy godmothers and wicked witches, such a thing as a magical medallion to turn a child into an adult or an adult into a child wasn’t that big a leap of their imagination as it is for an adult who has put such magical concepts aside.

His reaction, then, was, “Really? Man, that’s cool! Can I see it!”

“No!” I said sharply. “I have to study it, and figure out how to make it work to turn us back into ourselves again! The last thing we need is to have you put it on and turn into an adult like John!”

“Okay, okay, Mr. Kerrigan.” Gregory said. Then, to John, “What’s it like, being all grown-up?”

“Man, it’s the greatest!” my son blurted out. “I mean, I got the biggest johnny you ever saw!”


“Yeah! You wanna see it?”

“Children!” I snapped. “Let’s keep this under control! Just because I got a little boy’s body now doesn’t change the fact I’m the adult here!

“Okay, okay, Mr. Kerrigan.” Gregory said soothingly. “We’ll be good. John and I will go play some games or something, okay?”

“Just don’t play with your wienies, you got me, kids!” I said warningly! “If you do, it’ll fall off!”

“You didn’t say that last night.” John said teasingly. I thought he was going to blurt out about what he and I had just done an hour or so ago, but instead he said, “Come on, Gregory, we’ll play a video game. Now that game controller won’t be so heavy for me, I bet I can beat you!”

Somewhat assuaged by the last, I turned back to the medallion. The clue had to lie in the inscription around the rim. But while it must be the instructions for the medallion, the words made no sense to me! Oh, I could puzzle them out.

“Summer’s light, out of autumn into spring, four seasons in a year.” That’s what it said. That last could be “four seasons in a cycle” and other such slight changes in meaning, but what did it all mean? Nothing I could use!

I heard giggling upstairs and groaned. God, was my son in the process of seducing his still-child friend? God, I knew they’d do that! Kids treat their dicks like toys, and they just grab each other and whack away with no realization of when they’re going too far! At least when John had grabbed me, he was grabbing an adult who could at least handle what was happening to him! If John was to shove that huge pud of his into Gregory, he’d tear the poor boy to pieces! I had to stop them, now!

I went upstairs, calling as I went. “John! John! You two had better not be doing what I think you’re doing!”

I got upstairs and into their room. Gregory had a room in two sections, the front area was for games and friends and studying, the second was for his bed. The computer game was active and the TV lit up, but the game had paused, either automatically or not. I looked into the bedroom and they weren’t there.

All of a sudden, I knew what I had done wrong here! I had stormed upstairs and left the medallion downstairs!

I raced downstairs and got back to Roger’s study. I wasn’t any fool myself, and should have remembered that I was dealing with a couple of very intelligent young boys! I knew what I would find. I had been set up, pure and simple!

Two naked men in the study. One was my son, John. The other was Gregory...or the man Gregory had just become.

“My God!” I said. “This can’t be happening!” The perversity of this was impossible! Why was this medallion only working at times I didn’t want it to! “John, Gregory, what the hell have you two done?”

Gregory had the decency to look bashful at his deceit. “I wanted to see what it was like. John got to become a man for a while. I wanted to become a man, too.”

“You’re not a man, Gregory! Neither of you are! You’re a couple of little boys who have just become trapped in adult bodies! There’s a lot more to becoming a man than just to get a big body! No big....” God, Gregory had formed into a magnificent blond stud! Both he and John were a pair of marvelously muscled, graciously good-looking male mountains, and both of them were naked (John still had on his tank-top t-shirt he had put on when we had dressed him earlier) and both were hard. Gregory’s cock was dripping with his precome, he was in the throes of the experience John had gone through earlier, of having jump-started his puberty. His lips were open and moist, his eyes were sparkling with the ignition of lust, true man-lust, that had wrench the adolescent body for most of a decade, and he had it hit him all at once.

I looked at that hot, dripping dong of his, and I licked my lips. “Gregory.” I said, a shiver in my voice. “We’d better take you upstairs and take care of that for you. Otherwise, you may end up doing something to my son that he can’t handle. God knows I nearly wasn’t able to when he shoved that fat dong of his into me.”

“Yeah, it’s a big one, isn’t it?” Gregory said. “I was hoping mine would be that big, but I think mine’s a bit smaller.”

I had my excuse, if you ever needed one beyond simple desire when the stud in front of you is impossibly horny, I reached up and grabbed hold of Gregory’s prick and hefted it in my hand. “I think the two of you are pretty much the same size.”

My son stepped up and said, “You think so, Dad?”

I grabbed hold of my son’s cock and said, comparing the two in my hands. “Yeah, you might have a little bigger one than Gregory, but I think he’s got the same amount of mass you do, he’s a bit bigger around, got a fatter dick than you do.” I couldn’t help it, my mouth was watering.

This wasn’t totally a case of me lusting after boys-in-men’s-bodies, these boys were inexperienced with the strength of their new bodies. Better for them to take their lusts out on me instead of each other. But part of it, yes, these were hot young studs and I wanted them in my bed!

Or their bed, as the case may be. We went up to Gregory’s room, me in the lead. I had to get in the bed first, I needed to control this situation as much as I could.

“Okay, Gregory.” I said. “You and John stand here by the bed. I need to lubricate the two of you up. Be as patient as you can, Gregory, this is necessary if you’re not going to rip me to shreds with this huge pud of yours. You, too, John.” And I took both cocks in my hands once more.

“Yes, sir.” Gregory said. He shuddered. “But hurry, please, sir, please hurry!”

The incongruity of the situation got through to me, a couple of strong men standing docilely at the behest of a young boy, presenting their cocks for his pleasuring, one of them even calling him “sir.” I leaned forward and took him first, feeling that John, given his recent release, would be more willing to wait. I sucked that warm, pre-come-laden pronghead into my mouth and the hot, succulent, salty taste of it was the essence of horny young man, strong, potent, bursting with youthful optimism, more precome poured out as my lips milked back up the hard shaft, and Gregory leached out a long groan as I pulled his foreskin up over his enraged, sloppy-sticky glans.

“AAAH! Man!” Gregory gasped out. “Oh, God, that feels better than anything.”

“Yeah, it’s better than before, isn’t it?” My son chimed in. I remembered my hand on his dong, and began to pump it for him.

Gregory let out long, lustful sighs with every stroke of my lips over his prod, he was thrusting at my mouth with his hips by the third such stroke, and I was unsurprised to find his hands grabbing my head and when he caught hold, he began to hunch at me with the fury of a rabbit, rough, rapid thrusts into my mouth.

I gagged and choked, of course, after a time and my son said, “That’s enough, Greg. Cut that out.” Rather than being my savior, John continued, “It’s time for Dad to suck mine for a while.”

Gregory moaned but relinquished me, and I fought for control and then turned my attention to my son’s prick. That huge pud surged under my mouth’s contractions in a way that told me he was equally lost in the rut of this renewed sexual assault upon his senses. He wasn’t in control of his body yet, one time was not enough for this, he still burned for release of the hormones that still surged unrelenting through his body.

Knowing this, I knew that I couldn’t hold these two new-born studs off for long, so I lavished my saliva upon John’s prick, slathering his shaft with all the spit I could work up. John began to groan and hunched deep into my throat the same as Gregory had, and that brought up the throat mucus onto his skin and I used my lips to spread this throat-salve over his column of male lust.

“Oh, Dad, I want to fuck you again.” my son gasped out. “I want to shove my dick up your butt again, Dad, can I? You can suck Gregory while I do it, can’t you, huh, Dad? Can’t you?”

I had John’s pud pretty slicked up. “Okay, son, but you go easy, I’m still sore from earlier today.”

“You fucked your dad earlier today?” Gregory moaned. “Oh, God, I got to do that.”

“You let him suck you, Greg.” My son ordered. “I want to fuck Dad again, and he’s sore. You’re so hot, you’re going to cream in no time, I bet.”

John crawled into the bed at the head and I rolled onto my back just in time. John got one of my legs up around his body and he hauled at my legs at the knees until he had my ass up where he could aim his cock at it. He fumbled the entry a good deal, smearing my spit all over my butt in the process, until I was worried there wouldn’t be enough left to grease the way. Then I had Gregory’s cock back in my mouth and I couldn’t watch things any more. The poor kid was really groaning, John was right, he was going to shoot his wad in no time at this rate.

Illustration of The Medallion, Chapter Four

I had a hot tool driving in and out of my mouth and then the other rod managed to connect with my butt and I could only moan around Gregory’s prick as John’s cock wormed its way inside me. John was trying somewhat to be gentle, but he didn’t have the talent for it, and with a mouthful of hot prick hampering my speech, I couldn’t guide him. John’s prick shoved deeper and deeper into me and I was squirming under the assault...I was sore as I had told him I was! But he got it into me and it felt better then.

God, two thick hot young dongs were buried inside of me, and Gregory’s was so hot it was almost burning my tongue! I milked him hard as I could and Gregory’s groans hit a sudden high pitch, and then the heavy load of salty jism gushed into my mouth. Oh, God, it was such a creamy load, pouring in a thick juicy stream into my throat, and all the while Gregory was grunting in long, liquid syllables of draining lust, and then he was clutching for breath with a sort of “Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” sound and he was spent, the entire massive load had been unloaded down my gullet.

John had been still, watching while his father sucked off his best friend, but then he began to hunch into me and I knew the show had turned him on a great deal, that and the still surging pulses of his new hormones, and he thrust into me with moves that were increasingly urgent, increasingly needful, increasingly rougher.

Oh, God, the hot, hard pud of my son was throbbing inside of me, and my little body was being thrust upwards with every move of his lusty body, he was losing himself in his passion, his body was mastering the still-youthful mind, he was ramming my body with every ounce of his now-massive strength, and my body was moving with every hard thrust, and he tossed his head and a heavy stream of sweat swung off of him and it sliced over my body and I felt that hot stream of liquid and it was like it was pure maleness and I clenched up, caught up in my orgasm just from the heat of my son’s sweat upon my chest and stomach.

I moaned and hunched upwards and I felt my son’s huge pud like a monster salami crammed up my ass, and ground it with my ass muscles.

“Oh, God, Dad, you’re too tight, ouch, ow, oh, oh, GUH-HUH!!!” my son groaned and his hot slimy jizz pumped up into me while I panted, his climax striking as mine subsided, and I gasped as I was having hot jets of spunk shot into my bowels, and my son moaning and thrashing on top of me, and then he fell onto me, gasping in exhaustion, the weight of his body overpowering.

“Oh, God, Mr. Kerrigan!” Gregory moaned, and I realized that while my son and I were fucking, he had been watching and pumped his cock up again. “God, that was so hot!”

I panted, trying to decide if I could bear another hot prong up my butt or if I should try to suck him off again and then we heard it, the three of us.

Roger was home. What would he think about what had happened to our children? And what I’d just been doing with them?