"I got team spirit!" Kevin protested. "My daddy is your coach! I go to all your games, don't I?" The coach/father in question was at the front of the bus, catching a nap despite the noise around him. He'd done this before, the boys suspected him of drinking during games but they had no proof of that, their coach claimed he was fatigued by the day's activities and fell asleep easily, either could be the truth, but the fact remained that they would have to shake him awake when the bus got back to Fort Foxworth.

"That doesn't count!" teased Bill Chen, his squarish Asian face more cute than handsome, he was an agile forward that could handle the ball so well, his smaller size didn't come into play that much, he had scored 16 of the 66 points. "You have to be a member of the team to have team spirit, squirt."

"Yeah." Chris was quick to join the teasing, none of the boys hated the youngster, this was good-natured ribbing and they would back off in a moment, but not just yet.

"You have team spirit?" Kevin asked.

"Sure, I got plenty of team spirit." Chris replied.

"We all do." Juan affirmed.

"Brim full of it." Bill chipped in.

"Then give me some." Kevin said.

The boys were confused by the request. "Huh?" "What?" "What was that?" They sputtered.

"You have lots of team spirit? Give me some." Kevin clarified.

Chris stammered, starting to explain, but Juan cut him off. "I got you some team spirit right here!" The teenager cupped his basket with a large brown hand. "You want it, you got to suck it out of me."

"Huh?" Kevin asked.

"We got team spirit, but it's inside us." Juan went on, the grin on his face no longer impish, but somewhat evil. "You want any of it, you have to suck it out of us." The athletic Latino pulled down his shorts (no jockstrap!) and pulled out his prick. "Here's where you suck it out."

"Hey, come on, man!" Chris said with some consternation. "A joke's a joke, but...."

He stopped because Kevin's face had lit up in delight and promptly dived onto Juan's cock, sucking the uncut dong down with an adeptness that showed this beautiful boy had slurped on hard puds more than once in the past.

"Whoa, man!" Bill leaned over the seat to see things. Juan and Chris were sitting side by side on the bus seat, Bill was behind him, a seat by himself. In front of these three, Duncan and Willis were turning around.

"What the hell?" Chris marveled at it.

"Shit, man!" Juan was astonished. "I didn't think he'd do it!" Juan's expression turned from surprise to pleasure. "Oh, God, that feels so fucking good!"

"Jesus, look at him!" Chris exclaimed.

"Fuck, man!" Duncan breathed. "You got Coach Palmer's son sucking your cock?"

"I don't believe it!" Willis added.

"Man, I want some of that when he's done with Juan." Chris stated. "I got some team spirit for Kevin that's just aching to bust out of my nuts."

"Me, too, I want him after you." Bill put in. "Hurry up and cream in his mouth, Juan, we're all waiting."

"We'd better double up on him." Juan said, panting hard. "There's a lot of guys here ready to share their team spirit with the coach's kid."

"You'd better believe it!" Willis declared.

"Let go, Kevin." Juan said. "We got a way to fill you completely full of team spirit."

Kevin's mouth coming off of Juan's sturdy dong made a popping sound. "Yeah? How?"

"We're going to fill you from both ends."

"You want to stick your wienie in my uh-oh?" Kevin asked.

"If that's what you call your asshole, yeah." Juan said. "How about it, Kevin? Want a whole lot of team spirit front and back?"


"Come on, help me strip him." Juan said. He and Chris were quick to yank the boy's clothes off, t-shirt, shorts, undershorts, shoes and socks. Duncan and Willis took the garments as they were held up and stored them on their seat.

Kevin's small, slender body was then put on the bus seat in Juan's place on hands and knees, the boy fit the short space well, his head was right at Chris midsection (whose generous endowment of nine inches of pale Caucasian pud was eagerly waiting) and as the boy slurped down on his replacement suck-toy, Juan used his still-wet dong (with more of his own saliva added) to poke at the boy's tiny little pink tuckerhole.

"Okay, Kevin," he cautioned the boy, "I'm about to stuff this up your butthole. Do you think you can take it without yelling? If you can, I'll squirt a whole lot of team spirit right up inside you."