Tonight, he started at Apartment 1C. Mr. Eddemeyer. As usual, he did not knock, he quietly unlocked the front door and walked in, closing it behind him.

Mr. Eddemeyer was seated in a large, comfortable armchair, wearing a large, fluffy, white bathrobe, watching his television set. He was in his early thirties, black hair, a mustache neatly trimmed, and a square jaw. His arms and chest showed he worked hard for a living, and a red hard hat hung on a hook by the front door. He had been visited by Jake for over a year, so when he saw the front door open and the small form enter, close and lock his door again, he only smiled and moved his legs from one across the other to spread them wide. This action caused his bathrobe to gap open and revealed his body to bear a goodly quantity of hair (making a pattern on his chest like the top of a Valentine's heart to enclose both breasts, then narrowed down to the lower part of his rib cage, where the lines turned to run parallel to each other across the abdomen to his legs. The pubic hair was lush and full, an ample nest for the large beautiful dong resting like a bird with its head and neck (the shaft) curled around on its body (the scrotum). The legs were lightly fuzzy above the knees, with more hair below.

Jake's eyes, however, were only on the central area where the cock reigned supreme.

"Good evening, Jake." Mr. Eddemeyer smiled at his visitor. "I was hoping you'd come by tonight."

"I like to keep it a secret." Jake grinned at the man, who smiled indulgently. "The skeleton key is to supposed to let me sneak up on you." Jake undressed until he was nude as he did this.

"Better luck next time." Mr. Eddemeyer grasped his prong and gave it a few gentle jerks and it rose to obedient attention. "I'm ready when you are."

Jake happily scarfed down the sturdy man-rod, and sucked it with rapt attention. Mr. Eddemeyer kept watching television, but Jake could tell he wasn't paying attention to it, he just liked to pretend he didn't know Jake was there. He kept this up until he was close to climax, when he suddenly put a hand on Jake's head and began to move the boy's head faster. A few seconds of that, and Mr. Eddemeyer let out a bestial growl and blasted a thick load of hot man-juice into Jake's happy lips. Jake slurped it all down so that only a small bead of jizz was left on his lips and he rose to his feet and smiled at Mr. Eddemeyer, who saw the bead and leaned forward, brought the boy up into his lap and kissed the bead away. He fondled Jake's dick as he kept kissing the boy and soon Jake shuddered and quivered in the big man's arms, and sighed as he finished with his dry little-boy climax.

"Can't you spend the night with me this time?" He asked Jake.

"Not this time." Jake said. "My Dad will look for me when he gets home."

"A few hours, then."

"I have to make other stops." Jake demurred and slid out of Mr. Eddemeyer's lap. The big man looked disappointed, but let the boy go. Jake dressed, walked out the door, closed and relocked the apartment door behind him.

He didn't take the apartments in any special order, as he liked to surprise the tenants as he had said. He therefore went up to Apartment 3A, Mr. Ortega. The only difference in this apartment from the last was that the furniture was all second-hand, the television set was smaller, and Mr. Ortega wore a pair of cut-off jeans instead of a bathrobe.

But he was seated so that he didn't see the apartment door open, so Jake was able to undress and sneak up on the man sitting on the chair (smaller and no armrests, Mr. Ortega's wife had hit him hard in the divorce, and the alimony and child support he paid took most of his money) and he threw his arms around the tawny brown body. "Guess who!"

"I hope it's a naughty little boy." Mr. Ortega teased. He was in his late thirties and worked as a teacher. When Jake graduated from elementary school into the seventh grade, he would go to Mr. Ortega's school and maybe even be in Mr. Ortega's class.

"Uh-huh." Jake laughed. He scrambled over the back of the chair and over Mr. Ortega's head while Mr. Ortega worked off his cut-offs, exposing the thick brown cock. Another man long used to Jake's visits, he kept a bottle of lubrication near his chair and while Jake played his game of man-mountain climber, he got it squirted over his dong. Jake was waiting for just this and when Mr. Ortega was done, he straddled the man's legs and sat down. Mr. Ortega helped guide his little ass to intersect the tip of the glans and Jake sighed and oohed as he slid down the hard tool.

Mr. Ortega held the boy in place while he stood up, turned them around and then knelt down, this put Jake in the seat of the chair and he used that position to lustily fuck Jake. Jake clung to the broad dusky-toned back with his slender white hands and was buffeted by the forceful thrusts of the man.

"Ah, ah, I'm coming." Mr. Ortega panted after a time. "Are you ready? Can I come in your ass?"

He always asked, so Jake said, "Sure you can, Mr. Ortega."

"Thank you, I, ah, ah, ah, AHH-UHH, GUH-UH, HAHHHHHHHHH!" Hot jizm filled the boy's ass and boiled in his intestines. Jake just grinned up at the man's face softened with his climax, and let him finish and held still, the still-hard cock up his butt, while the man's breath slowed and evened.

Then he gently pulled out and Mr. Ortega stood up, and Jake slid out and got dressed.

"Would you like something to drink?" Mr. Ortega offered. "I have some lemonade."

"Maybe next time." Jake said. "A new tenant moved in today."

"Ah." Mr. Ortega needed no further explanation. Jake checked the clock as he left, it was a bit after nine o'clock. He was right on time.

From Mr. Ortega's apartment, he went back down to Apartment 2D, where Mr. Waters gave him another royal ramming, Mr. Waters liked having another man's jizz already in Jake's ass when he fucked him, saying he liked his boys, "pre-fucked for my pleasure." So Jake always made sure to have a load in his ass before we went to Apartment 2D.

Then to 3B, where Mr. Frey and Jake had a brisk 69, Mr. Frey loving the taste of Jake's ass and suctioned out the two loads of man-jizz that Mr. Ortega and Mr. Waters had squirted in there. Jake had another orgasm at Mr. Frey's gentle suction, but Mr. Frey's own prod took considerable time. It was after ten o'clock before Jake made it to the final stop on his tour.

Apartment 4A, where Mr. Simmons, known to Jake as "Todd," now resided. Jake opened the door quietly, and the apartment was dark. Todd hadn't unpacked much, but he had set up his bed and was now in it, sound asleep. Jake nodded, he'd hoped to catch the man in bed for the first time.

He closed the door softly and then undressed, slipped softly to the bed. Crawling in was a bit treacherous, for the mattress springs moved significantly and squeaked alarmingly, but he got in and under the covers without waking the young man. He was glad to see Todd slept nude under the covers, it saved him some time.

He slipped the soft prick into his mouth and suckled on it gently. It took some time, but Todd stirred, and the cock grew hard. "Yeah, baby, suck it for me." Todd said sleepily. "I love it when you do that for me."