Gotta Keep The Boy Fed

Gregory goggled at the newcomer along with all the men around him, eyes wide open, mouth open, as surprised at the newcomer as if he'd been a unicorn instead of a six-year-old boy. A few children still survived, along with their parents, but this boy was all alone, and stood in their midst as if an apparition out of the now-lost era of the world before the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm had been a large meteor that had struck the world almost four years ago. It had struck somewhere on the Asian continent partly in the ocean, that was all anyone knew. The tidal waves had washed over the American continent first on the Pacific side, and a few hours later, on the Atlantic side with near-equal fury. This was all Mark had gotten on the radio before it had gone out of service...his radio still worked, but there were no more radio stations broadcasting. That had been more than three years ago.

Gregory was now part of a group of survivors, twenty-three men, no women or children, none of them over the age of thirty-five. Twelve of these had been part of an Army unit, the rest were a mixed bag, who'd arrived from various parts under various conditions. All they had in common was an ability (or the luck) to have survived what had been the most vicious and unpredictable weather in history. Floods, rains that came down in buckets for weeks on end, fierce blizzards that would drop over six or eight feet of snow in twenty-four hours' time or less...not to mention earthquakes that had knocked down most surviving structures. Gregory and his crew now lived in what had been an underground parking structure, the top part had collapsed, and half the underground was now reclaimed by the earth, the bottom two levels were now filled with foul water...but most of two levels were still intact, and this was where they lived, the upper level was their common ground, and they had partitioned the lower level into personal quarters.

Life was not easy. In the last four years, they had claimed and eaten all surviving food supplies around, and now had been reduced to hunting. They'd go out in groups of four or five...and sometimes nobody would come back. Their number had been thirty-seven two years ago, and twenty-nine last year at this time. At this rate, Gregory opined, they'd all be dead before he turned thirty in five more years.

So how the hell did a six-year-old kid manage to make it through these last years? He stood there before the gaggle of goggling men, with longish tousled light brown hair, an angelic face smudged but not overly filthy, clothes that were no nastier than the men around him who had little time or energy to spend on things like washing clothes. All of them wore what they'd been dressed in when the meteor had struck, the military men in dirty fatigues, the businessmen in filthy business suits, the blue-collar workers in messy denim and tattered cotton, a couple still had hard hats, and three had jumpsuits. The rest were wearing whatever they had, a mishmash of what they'd found and added, the cold weather had resulted in everyone choosing to add layers of clothing.

Their leader was Thomas (they had three Thomases, the others used Tom and Tommy to give their leader the full name) and he came forward to confront the intruder. "Who are you?" He demanded. Thomas was twenty-seven, large, brawny, a Marine sergeant before the Cataclysm. He kept his hair cut short and his face shaved with a straight-edge razor he scraped regularly, he was one of the few clean-cut men in the group.

"My name is Billy." the boy said. "Billy Starr."

"How old are you?" Thomas asked.

"I'm about six, I guess." Billy said. "What day is it?"

The group had kept a record, at least. "It's August 7, 2020." Thomas said.

"Then I'm six." Billy said. "I was born on March 11th, 2014. Mom told me."

"Okay, Billy." Thomas said. "Now how did you find us?"

Billy kind of shrugged. "I was looking for something to eat and saw your fire. I could smell it, I knew it was a cooking fire. So I came to see if you had something I could eat. I'm awful hungry."

"All of us are." Thomas stated. "Where's your family?"

"I dunno." Billy said. "I've been alone for a long time now. Mom and Dad left to find food and didn't come back. It was snowing awful hard that day."

"Tough." Thomas commiserated. "But we got nothing for you here. You'll have to go find food for yourself."

"But don't you have anything for me?" Billy begged unashamedly. "I don't eat much. I could sleep in a corner."

"Kid, you don't understand." Thomas was their leader because he could make the tough decisions, and life these days was a series of tough decisions. "We have one rule in this group, everyone pulls their weight, and we have no room or food here for a little kid. I'm sorry you're all alone, but we can't take you in."

"Hell, Thomas!" griped Franklin. "He's only a kid. You can't throw him out like this! Hell, man, we're all in trouble here. How much more trouble can he be?"

"You know we're all living on the edge." Thomas warned him. "He can stay here, but he doesn't draw a food ration. If any of you want to use your own spare time scrounging something for him to feed him, that's your business. You want him fed, you feed him." With that, Thomas turned his back and walked off. The subject was closed, that meant, Thomas gave orders and that was that.

Billy seemed to understand that, for he turned to the others. "Do any of you have anything I can eat?" he asked.

Gregory felt like laughing, but choked it down, that would have been cruel. Food these days vanished as soon as it was available. Thomas kept the "rations," the food gathered by the hunting groups, and he didn't argue with independent groups wanting to scavenge or hunt outside the groups, as long as they pulled their duty. Out of the groups' efforts, everyone drew a daily food ration. It was barely enough to survive on the whole. Thomas was right, there was nothing left over for anyone who couldn't carry their share of the burden. And nobody had any spare food for this kid.

When nobody answered, Billy went on. "Come on, somebody. Don't you have anything at all I can eat, I don't need much, just a little something, please, somebody give me something to eat!" he pleaded.

"Sure!" came the voice and Gregory winced. Trevor. The man was a coarse hulk of a man, strong, ruggedly handsome, muscled as hell, and with a sense of humor that was nicely described as vulgar. "I got something you can nosh on!"

"Yeah?" Billy went to the big man with the easy trust of a child. "What have you got for me, I'm awful hungry."

As Gregory expected, he grabbed his crotch and unzipped and brought out his cock. He'd flopped that prong at people at every opportunity. Every dispute with him involved, at some point, him saying, "If you don't believe me, then suck my dick!" and out would come his willy and he'd waggle it, right at your face if he could.

The man thus confronted would usually back away with a look of disgust on his face and a declaration of, "Not me!"

So Trevor brought out his prick and he said, "You can chow down on this, it's got a lot of warm cream for you, boy!"

But Billy surprised everyone again, what he did was grin and say, "Sure, mister! I like to suck cocks!" and the boy reached up and grabbed Trevor's dong.

Trevor was shocked as hell, and Gregory chuckled, his bluff had been called. "Yeah, Trevor, now what are you going to do?"

Trevor's pud had been slack when he'd pulled it out, but Billy was pumping on it and had it raised to full mast. The boy leaned over and his lips took the dick with a smooth and practiced ease.

"Looks like the boy called your bluff, Trevor!" David called out.

Trevor's eyes had closed in and his mouth slid open slightly as he raised his head in pleasure. "Bluff, hell! I was hoping! Starting to think nobody was going to do it!" He grunted as the boy moved his head back and forth over his prick. The boy really had talent, Gregory noted, and his own cock stirred. God, it had been so long! They hadn't had a woman in their group in more than two years, and Gregory hadn't been able to tap the poontang even when they (they'd had three in the beginning) were there.

All these men, and none of them had been gay. There'd been an occasional bit of male/male sex going on, but damned little of it, mostly a pair of very good friends, or two men who were sick and tired of Mr. Hand. Gregory hadn't gone that far, but here was a kid freely and happily sucking on the big jerkwad's dong, and maybe, just maybe...

Other men had picked up on it quicker. "Say, Billy, you want to be fed that way, I got some you can have when you're done with Trevor." Carl called out.

"Yeah, me, too!" Zac chipped in.

"Me, too!" Tom chimed in.

"No, me next, me!" Wilton scrambled forward. The man's movement was like a galvanizing force, and there was a general rush toward the pair. Gregory joined the others, but he was running well back in the pack.

"Back off, he's mine right now, mine!" Trevor was demanding. His hand had Billy's head in thrall and he was keeping the boy on track and helping him with the speed. The big man was grunting and his eyes flared at the crowd around him. "You can have him when I'm done with him, now back the fuck off!"

Trevor was a big fucker who fought mean, the men backed off and, if a simmering impatience could be called waiting, they waited for their turn. Billy was making audible slurping sounds on Trevor's dong and Gregory couldn't help but shudder in his need when he listened to it. It's one thing to know sex exists, another thing to be this close to it, this close to having your cock sucked on by a pair of soft and willing boy's lips, and listen to someone else getting it, knowing you'll have your turn, just wait, just...wait. His cock wanted to blow, and right now, all the withheld and suppressed sexual urges had surged into the forefront of his brain.

"Uh, uh, huh!" Trevor relished the attention he was getting, not only from the boy's warm mouth, but from the unvarnished attention of the men around him. Everyone envied him at this moment, all reluctance about sex with men, sex with boys, had vanished in the last four years. They lived too close to the edge to worry about morals that had fallen long into the dust and vanished, this was now, this was life, you seized what you could and wished there were more.

"Uh, uh, getting close, kid, you ready for a hot, white load?" Trevor grunted at Billy. His grunts were too painfully close to a pig's grunts, so much that Gregory had a flash of Trevor's face being a pig's face as he grimaced and squinted down at the lad bobbing at his groin.

"Hm-mh!" Billy grunted his agreement without stopping, and his angelic eyes sparkled as he looked up admiringly into the man he was sucking. Gregory didn't wonder any longer about how this boy had survived so far, any man is willing to take care of a boy who sucks his cock, at least a little. Billy must have sucked his way through the world and fled if the situation turned out bad. Well, he didn't want that to happen to this little sweet suck-tool!

"Billy, if you suck me next, I'll see you get part of my ration tomorrow." he said quickly.

"Me, too!"

"Me, too!" others quickly chimed in. It looked like Billy was going to have no trouble keeping fed over and beyond a steady supply of man-jizz in this crew.

"He'll be full when I'm done with him!" Trevor bragged and the words were strained like through a colander. "I'm coming, coming, co-, co-, KUH-KUH-KUH-HUHHHHHH!"

He held Billy firmly on his dong and the boy sucked the man's flood of jizz hot off the shaft as quick as the big man could pump it out. Not a droplet was lost by the hungry lad, and he kept sucking even when Trevor was done, and must have sucked out every dreg the man had on him.

When Billy let the flaccid prod, a shadow of its former self, flopped out of his mouth, the other men moved in.

Billy dropped down onto his knees. "Come on, I can take one of you now and I'll pump two more." he offered. "When you get close, I'll lean in and drain you, okay?"

"Fine with me." Gregory said as he found the boy now in front of him, the boy must have remembered he'd offered to share rations first, for the lad grinned up at him. "But I get you first."

"Me next!" David called out. "You can have half of my breakfast."

"Me, too." Carl pushed his way in. "I'll give you half of mine."

"I'll give him a third of my lunch!" Zac called. He and Carl were both military men, Zac a too-handsome stud with blond hair and pretty features, Carl a muscled black man the color of coffee without a hint of cream, his dark eyes made the whites of them a pair of lit ovals in the darkening room. Lunch was a bigger meal than breakfast, the offer was fair, on a par with the half-breakfasts.

"Another third from me!"

"And from me!"

"A third of supper!"

"I'll take the second third!"

"Me for last!"

"Hell, he can have all my breakfast if he'll hurry up and suck me!" Forrest declaimed. He wore a mostly-intact but messy business suit, complete with tie at his throat, he wore it like a badge of honor, or perhaps of memory. But he was one horny man in a flurry of horny men, the clothes weren't important.

But Billy only had eyes for Gregory, Gregory found those eyes an unmoving beam on his face as he fumbled with his bluejeans, his fingers were trembling and made unbuttoning them awkward. He finally got his trousers open and yanked out his throbbingly hard prick in a hard jerking motion.

"Here you go, Billy, have fun."

"Yeah." Billy said as he gripped Gregory's cock. "I like you."

"Why's that?" Gregory asked.

"You look like my Daddy." Billy said, his lips at Gregory's glans and he slid those velvety lips over and down the cockhead and the shaft.

Gregory shuddered at the feel as those lips slid up and down on his dong, God, it had been so long. "Ohh, yeah, baby, that's it, suck Daddy's dick, suck it for Daddy." he groaned.

"Uh, yeah, pump that dong." David grunted. Gregory saw Billy had Gregory's prick in his left hand and was jerking it, the yellow hard hat, red plaid shirt and faded blue jeans making him the ultimate construction man despite the stains of too much wear.

"Uh, yeah, do it, do it." Zac murmured. Zac still had most of his uniform and his whitish cock sticking out of the pale green fatigues was oddly beautiful. Billy's hand held the dick like a flower, the glans a pinkish bud waiting to blossom with a white bloom of hot male sperm.

Billy's sucking on Gregory was like a breath of home, like he was back in the pre-Cataclysm United States, when his world was large and round, not the crumpled ruins of civilization becoming overrun with nature, grass poking through the concrete, saplings tearing the buildings asunder, washing away the world he once knew. "Yeah, suck Daddy's dick, baby, suck your Daddy's dick." he told the eager young lips. "Daddy's got a big hot load for his little boy."

"Yeah, he's your Daddy and I'm your brother." David agreed. "And Zac is my buddy from school, and we're all going to feed you all the spunk you can drink!"

"Oh, oh, shit, I'm going to come, I'm coming!" Zac moaned. "Better catch it now, kid, it's going to blow!"

Seamlessly, Billy dropped both Zac's and Gregory's cocks at once, then caught Gregory's in his hand and had his mouth over Zac's prick and he was sucking the blond Army grunt. Zac moaned and blew his wad into the hot suctioning mouth and Billy drank it down with a look of utter bliss on his face. Again he kept sucking while pumping Gregory and David's dicks, and when Zac was completely sucked dry, he let it go and returned to work on Gregory.

Carl stepped up to give Billy his deep black prong and Billy worked it with easy competence. Whatever this boy's life had been until now, it had eminently prepared him to work over these men.

Gregory was getting close, damned close, and he was about to moan out his readiness to the assembly when David beat him to it. "Ah, ah, I'm going to shoot, kid, better catch mine now!" he grunted. The man had sweat all over his face, his hard hat was askew on his head and he was working his hips to fuck Billy's hand.

Again, Billy did the switch, and Gregory groaned a moan of pain from the heart! He needed to come, now, damn it, right now!

David ejaculated the moment Billy's lips touched his glans and he squirted so hard that some of the jizz slipped out of Billy's mouth and dribbled down his chin. The sight of the hot white spunk hanging from Billy's chin sent Gregory all the way over the edge and his body gave him no more time to wait.

"UH-HUH-UH, GUHHHH!" Gregory squirted hard and it struck Billy's head and shoulders, the boy was turned so his right upper side was to Gregory and his first wad got the boy right in his eye, more plastered the kid as he kept on sucking David's load and Gregory spent his entire load on Billy's face and shoulder.

"AH-HAH-AHHH-AHHH!" That was Tom, the man had been pumping his prick while he watched, and the big Marine squirted a huge load all over Billy's back.

Gregory finished and staggered away and back to the small "nest" where he rested while on the upper level. He spent some time dazed, his world whirling and the only sound that of men moaning and grunting and climaxing. He looked after a time and saw that the men had Billy down on the floor entirely now, and were stripping him. Soon one man was plugging the tender young ass and Billy only groaned and kept on sucking as he was fucked lustily and hard by a long-deprived man's love-rod.

There was no longer a matter of "feeding" the boy, he was taking cocks when and as he could, and more loads were splatting him. Thomas came back as the last men were finishing up and he didn't say a word, he just knelt between Billy's legs, pulled out his prick and stuffed it up the well-fucked boy-butt. Gregory watched the man fuck the boy with an almost clinical interest, for even in this moment of ultimate male vulnerability, the man kept his calm demeanor and he fucked Billy with the air of a leader still. Even when he climaxed, it was a sedate, almost controlled orgasm, and he only panted slightly as he let the boy go. Billy was now a mess of spunk all over his clothes and he looked up with eyes shining happily as Thomas calmly refastened his clothes, then reached into a coat pocket and presented the boy with his gift. It was a chunk of cooked venison, they'd killed a deer three days ago and Gregory hadn't thought any of it was left. "Here you go, kid, eat up. And tomorrow, when they sound breakfast, go ahead and get in line, you'll get a ration without worrying about who owes it to you."

"Thank you." Billy said solemnly.

"Welcome to the group, Billy."

The other men around heartily chimed in their agreement while Billy beamed.

"You'll have to figure out a place to sleep." Thomas went on.

"I want to sleep with my new Daddy." Billy immediately said.

"Who's that?" Thomas wanted to know.

"Me." Gregory offered.

"All right, he's your charge. Don't expect any favors from the rest of us though while you're taking care of him."

"Fine with me."

Billy got up and didn't bother to pull on his clothes, merely bundled them under one hand. The other he held out to Gregory.

Gregory took the small hand in his own and said, "All right, Son, let's go to bed. You'll be pretty busy every day from now on."

"Yep, we'll keep you well fed!" Trevor snorted at his own joke.

"Yeah." Billy giggled and Gregory smiled indulgently, and together the two went to the lower level and the comforts of Gregory's "home" that waited for them there.