"All right, Paw." Willy's other double obediently put his hand on Willy who pressed the red button and melted his double back into himself.

Luke had an idea, then. "You know, Son, let me use that there thing." he went on. "I got to get the hay in and it's about to rain, you know." He got up and ambled over to his son.

"Sure, Paw, you want me to help you?"

"Naw, but I could use more of me today." His son turned over the device and Luke looked it over. A red button and a blue button and not much else to look at, about the size and shape of a tube of lady's lipstick otherwise, the buttons were along one side of this tube, set into a recessed area shaped like a lozenge of cough medicine. Luke pressed the blue button and felt funny for a second.

And another Luke was standing there beside him. He pressed it again and again and yet again, and now his son was looking at five fathers.

"Now I'm good." Luke said. "Three of you come with me, the fourth one of you, stay here and keep an eye on the boy and keep him out of mischief. I got to make hay and you can also bring me a hot lunch out in the field along with this here thingajigger." He handed the device to his son again. "Keep that thing safe, boy." he ordered. "It's going to come in mighty handy around here, I can tell."

And it did, too. One man baling hay and hauling it to the barn was a mighty weary man by the end of the day, but with four of him on the job, Luke handled it easily. Lunchtime came and his duplicate brought out lunch, with hot fried chicken and warm fresh biscuits and fried potatoes, as well as Willy's device, and Luke used it to become one man and enjoyed his hot meal tremendously. Done, he turned himself back into five and sent one of his copies with the dishes and the device back to his house and resumed working again with a will. He was done with haying by three o'clock and was glad he was to be safe in the barn when the rain started in.

All four of him ran back into the house to get out of the rain and Luke goggled at what he was seeing.

The copy of himself he'd sent home was sprawled out naked on the couch two holding him fast by the arms, while three versions of his nude son were busily playing with his copy's bare body. One "son" was sitting on his "father's" chest while his "father" sucked on his little boy cock, a second was sucking on his cockhead while the third was licking his balls! The final two of the five Willy's held the struggling man one at each arm.

"What is going on here!" Luke demanded, in a chorus of four outraged parents.

The fifth copy looked around gasping. "The little snotpeckers done went and ambushed me!" He proclaimed. "Five of ‘em knocked me over and held me down, stripped me nekkid and started working me over! Lord, I'm so glad you all are here, help me with these little dicklickers, they've done wrung me dry!"

"I shore will. Willy, damn it all, I am your father and I mean I am the original!" he declared. "You get all five of yore asses over here right this minute and bring that there dee-vice over hyar with yuh!" His Southern accent was getting stronger as he went on.

"Yes, Paw!" the five boys, abashed and naked, walked over and the center one handed him the device.

"Just put your hands on yourself and hit that there red button this minute!"

"Yes, Paw." the four boys on either side touched the central one and with the press of a button, there was only one of him again.

"Now gather up your clothes and chuck those into your room." Luke took the device from his son. "I'll keep this thing safe from now on. Once you do, you haul your naked ass back in here."

"Okay, Paw." The boy did, and Luke saw that the boy now had five versions of his old, worn clothing. Have to use that device for a lot of things on the farm from here on!

But first things first. He went over to the naked, exhausted version of himself and said, "Grab hold of me, all of you. I'm gonna need all your energy here to deal with this."

One man again, he stripped off his wet clothes and was naked when his son returned to the room, he saw his Paw standing nude before him. Luke smirked and hit the red button until there were five of him again, all naked and all getting erect.

"You got too much energy in you, boy. I think it's time I wore you out proper."

The boy yawped as Luke scooped him up in his arms and carried his child to his monastic bed. A double bed, big enough to hold four people at need, the six of them crowded onto it.