"Mom?" I asked, sitting up in bed, rubbing one eye with my right fist.

"Come here, Tyler, baby." Mom said. "We got something to do."

I crawled out of bed wearing only my Spiderman briefs and stopped to reach for my shorts and t-shirt.

"No need of that." Momma said, holding out her hand. "Come on, sugar. You and me got business to take care of."

She took my little hand in her larger paw and led me to their bedroom the other end of the hall, where my Daddy lay like a tiger lounging on the bed.

Daddy is younger than Mom by quite a lot, he'd married her when she was forty-three and he was only twenty-six. Where Mom was large, rather fat, nearly toothless and wore an ugly, angry look on her face most of the time, he was slim-waisted, broad-chested and had arms like hammers and legs like steel drills, Dad's face would have been handsome except that he'd spent years doing hard jobs and rough trades ever since he got out of the Army and it showed in his face. He'd found Mom and married her soon after that, and from how they fought, he and she had been pounding the mattresses every night, and most afternoons when he didn't have to work, too. They'd gotten along in bed, Dad often said, but they rarely did anything but fight out of bed. If Mom was going to stop having sex with him (I know I was only six years old, but in a family like mine, you learn all about sex pretty fast just from listening to the grown-ups talk), then I didn't see the two of them staying together. In fact, now as ever, I saw the only thing they had in common was their expression, because Daddy's was as mean all the time as Momma's. He wore it now, even, though he was lying on their bed and he was stark naked with a huge erection.

"Why'd you bring our boy in here for?" He asked. "You said you were going to get me someone to fuck!"

"I did. And here he is." she pulled at my arm hard and the action thrust me forward a couple of steps toward Daddy.

"Him? You want me to fuck Tyler?" Daddy asked with a surprised look on his face.

"Why not? You said you'd fuck anyone. Or have them suck you or jerk your dick. So here, you want that, Tyler can do that." Mom declared.

Daddy looked at me and I saw emotions crawl over his face like slugs on a river rock. "Hell, yeah, he can do it, and probably better than you ever did, you fucking skank."

"So get over there and play with your Daddy's dick, honey." Mom ordered. Despite the pet name, there was nothing gentle about it.

I walked toward Daddy, shivering and uncertain. "Daddy?" I asked/pleaded.

"It's just a dick, boy. Grab hold of it and pump it up and down."

I reached a quivering hand out and my fingers tentatively circled his cock. As my fingers touched it, Daddy's eyes closed briefly and he let out a soft crooning sound. "Ooooh, yeahhh, Son, that's it. Soft little hands, come on, now, pump it up and down."

I did, the skin slid up and down on that thick shaft, and the head poured out a gush of clear fluid out of it. It wasn't pee, I could tell, it was too thick for that and had a little bubble suspended in the middle of it, that shone like a tiny peanut bulb in the overhead light.

"Mmmm, yeah, Son, pump it like that, only faster." Daddy grunted.

I moved my hand faster and the fluid caught in the skin as I pulled upward and it slid over the head, then pulling down again, making a wet, sloppy sound, "Schlup, schlup, schlup, schlup!"

I winced at the sticky, disgusting sound.

"That's nice, Son, real nice." Daddy groaned. "But your mouth on it would be even better."

I made a face, yuck! Momma saw it and snorted, a loud sound from her flaring nostrils. "Sucking a dick ain't nothing, boy! Get to it!"

Her hands grabbed me by the head and I was wrenched over to where I was mouth-to-head with Daddy's dick. Momma's hands shoved me down and my mouth, open in surprise, was forced down over Daddy's cockhead.

"Glmph!" I choked.

"Quiet, boy, and start to sucking on it!" Momma chided me. "Hold on with your lips and bob up and down like you was doing with your hand. Like this!" She forced my head further down and Daddy's cock slid into my mouth and throat until it was jammed against my tonsils.

"Aaah, yeah!" Daddy grunted. "Yeah, like that, do it some more, Maggie, make him suck it, only way the boy'll learn!"

Mom's hands were relentless and even though I was choking and my eyes streamed with water and my nostrils brimmed full of mucous, she kept me moving back and forth. Daddy moaned as I moved up and down with the force of Momma's hands, my mouth holding onto his cock as ordered but otherwise at the mercy of her rough ministrations on her husband's manhood.

"Yeah, damn, boy, damned good dick work. We got us the makings of a class number one cocksucker here, Maggie."