Life on Ganymede

Tommy walked in the door and I sat bolt upright. "Tommy, what happened?"

My six-year-old son had a black eye and bruises to his cheeks and arms. He'd been in a fight, and looked like he'd lost...badly. He ran to me and into my arms, crying.

"Tommy, who did this to you?" I demanded.

He didn't want to tell me, but I wormed it out of him. Some older boys at his school, after school let out, had confronted him on the edge of the grounds, calling him names and mocking him. He'd been goaded into throwing a punch at one of them and the boys had swarmed him, beat him and left him crying on the grounds. It had taken a teacher coming out to find him a while later to discover what had happened. He had called, Tommy said, but when I hadn't answered, the teacher hadn't left a message and Tommy had decided to just walk home himself.

Just life as usual anywhere, right? But this was Ganymede--not Jupiter's moon, this was the fourth planet of a star that used to have only an NGC number and now was called "Zeus" with the planets bearing names of the human lovers of that Greek god.

Ganymede had been one of Zeus' lovers, but unlike the others, he had been a young prince, the Greeks of that time had relaxed standards about who a man could make love to, as boys were also available to Greek men and nobody at that time saw anything wrong with that.

It was an appropriate name for this world. Ganymede was a world divided into two populations, one all female (the southern, equatorial continent), and this one, all male, where my son and I now lived. We'd immigrated here from Earth some six weeks ago.

It had brought an entirely unique case of culture shock, moving here. The men on Ganymede believed in sex with young boys of any age. ANY age. From the time they were weaned from their mothers and turned over to their fathers, a boy was systematically indoctrinated into man/boy sex. I concede they did it gradually, no rough abuse, the schedule adjusted to allow for the individual. But a boy would have sex, first with this father, then with other men, first with his father's permission and later without it, always with the boy having a right of refusal. Few of them refused, near as I could see, the boys of this world were happy and eager to play with a man's cock whenever and wherever.

I mean wherever! A walk down the street would show you any number of men and boys in the act of sex, a boy sucking a man, a man fucking a boy, it was a fact of life. Not everyone was having non-stop sex, I don't mean that, but it was allowed and normal on this world.

So why had my Tommy been beaten up by those older boys? Because I'd refused to have sex with him and refused to let anyone else have sex with him. Tommy was six, not nine when he'd be able to choose for himself, and I was determined that would have to be when he did it the first time.

The boys had taunted him because he had never even had sex with me. Calling him stupid, ugly, so stupid and ugly that I wouldn't touch him, that he was unlovable and unloved. That had stung my son into throwing that first punch.

I'd gotten Tommy settled down and fed him supper, and was washing the dishes when the knock came on the door. Gordon Messerman, my next door neighbor, his youngest son (he had three) Michael was Tommy's best friend. He had his eldest son, Trevor, sixteen, with him.

"Hello, Martin. We heard what happened to Tommy." Gordon started. "Michael told us."

"I know." I grimaced. "I'm going to have to miss work tomorrow and talk to the school. I'd better keep Tommy out tomorrow, too." Tomorrow was Friday, I'd miss a day of work on my construction job.

"You can get those kids suspended or expelled, but it's not going to fix the problem." Gordon told me seriously. "Tommy's six years old. Most kids his age already have sex with more than their father. Michael has four or five men right now he's going to bed with, not counting me and Trevor and Lance (his middle son, age nine). He needs to start having sex with other men."

"I already let him play with Michael and Lance." I said. "How much am I supposed to do, he's too young for sex!"

"No, he isn't!" Trevor chimed in, then, "Sorry, Dad."

"It's all right. Trevor is right, on this world, he's not too young for sex. You should have taught him how to have sex by now."

"I don't want to have sex with my own son, it's...."

"Sick? Twisted? Perverted?" Gordon cocked an eyebrow. "If you think that way, why did you move here? You knew how our world operated before you came here, didn't you?"

"Yes." I grimaced. "You have to remember how it is on Earth..."

"I moved here with my father when I was four." Gordon reminded me. "We had sex the first night we were here. Best night of my life."

"Yeah, but about Earth." I staggered on. "It's gotten a lot worse since you left. Everyone who can is fleeing the planet. Not only has the climate shifted to an ice age, but there's an impending war coming, a nuclear one. Earth is about to become uninhabitable. I had to get Tommy and me off the planet, fast."

I grimaced. "Most worlds require people with specialized skills and even those that don't want a man with a family. That includes a wife. I'm a widower, I didn't qualify." I flexed my muscles, I was a big man, strong as an ox, women found me good-looking, and I could work like a draft horse all day long without breaking too much of a sweat. But as I'd learned when I tried to find another world that wanted a strong, hard-working man, that alone wasn't enough. "It was either Ganymede or an Open Enrollment world, and those are all...terrible." Domed planets with unbreathable atmosphere, extreme cold, extreme heat, all kinds of places Man lives where he never should have gone. "I told myself that a life on Ganymede was better than a quick death on Earth for Tommy, or a slow one in the domes, never to see open sky or clean water or air. I had to pick fast, so I chose Ganymede."

"So now you're here and you're refusing to live the way we live. That's guaranteed to cause problems. But that's not why we're here. Tommy's going to be picked on at school until he's having sex with others. Not just his school chums. It makes him different."

"So you want me to have sex with him." I held back my anger, it was a legitimate thing to expect of a man with a son on this world.

"It'd be the best way. Those boys won't let up on him until they know he's having sex."

"I can help." Trevor chimed in.


"I can take Tommy, teach him, train him. This weekend. Then on Monday, I'll take him to school and there...."

"You'll have sex with my son right in front of those boys." I looked at Trevor, a big young buck of a boy-turning-man, well-muscled, strong jaw, boiling blue eyes, an easy demeanor, even now, a potential lover of my little boy, I couldn't help but like him even as he nodded his agreement to what I'd just said.

"This has happened with other immigrants." Gordon took back over. "There's a strong cultural belief here that, if you're going to live here, you should be like us. We don't want this world being taken over by the...." He stopped talking.

"Breeders." I supplied. It was a dirty word on this world, much dirtier than it had been on Earth. A breeder was a man beneath contempt, a true man loved women only to have more sons.

"By people who don't believe in man/boy sex. We moved here to get away from such people, such laws. We have built a world where it's normal and accepted. Our children are happy, well adjusted, normal. When you live in a world where everyone has sex with children, the boys don't get guilty, don't feel humiliated, don't feel ashamed. All of that vanished when we came here. All the psychologists on Earth can't change that. Children who have sex on Earth feel ashamed and guilty because they're told to feel ashamed and guilty. We got rid of that, and we don't intend to let it come back."

"Give Tommy to me, Mr. Greene." Trevor said. "He's a good kid, a great kid. He's eager to learn. He and Lance are already sucking each other's cocks, I've watched them. He just needs to learn how to take a man's cock anally. I can do that, and I'll teach him carefully. Take care of him afterwards, too. Nobody will say anything if a child has sex in public with only one person, plenty of kids do that. They'll assume you have sex with him here at your house in private. It'll end the bullying, and stop the talk about you, too."

"I got to think about this." I said, desperately. It's hell to have to think like this, to either turn my child over to this 16-year-old boy or let him get beat up on a regular basis. As bad as the choice I made when I moved here. Worse.

"Let us know by tomorrow night." Gordon stood up. "Trevor will need a couple of days to indoctrinate Tommy fully."

"Indoctrinate." I said as I closed the door behind them. "Indoctrinate! Hah!"

I went upstairs and saw Tommy was asleep. I undressed him, slid him into his bed and covered him up.

I had a lot of thinking to do.

I woke up the next morning and saw Tommy standing at my bedroom doorway. "Daddy?"

"Yes, son."

"It's time to get ready for work. And me for school."

"I know, Son." I said, sitting up in bed. "We're taking the day off, just you and me today, okay?"

"Okay." A short pause. "You talked with Trevor and his Daddy."

"I did."

"Can't I do it with Trevor, Daddy?" he asked. "If you're not going to do it with me, I mean."

"No, son, we talked about this."

"Can't you and I make love, Daddy?"

"No, son, not now, not ever."


"Yes, Tommy?"

"Don't you love me?"

"Of course I love you, Son. I love you more than anything in the world."

"So why can't you make love to me, then?" He complained. "Am I that ugly?"

"No, Son, no!" I told him. "You're my little golden-haired angel."

"So make love to me, Daddy. Please?"

"I...." I swallowed hard. "I don't know, Son."

"Please, Daddy, please!" Tommy came over and crawled into bed with me. Got under the covers with me. Pressed his body up against mine. He hadn't done that since he was four, but he was back again. His small body was so warm, his small hand was a delicate spider running across my chest, feeling my muscles ripple of their own accord as he touched them. Under the covers, and down across my stomach, my abs pulsing under his fingers. His hand touched the elastic of my waistband.

"Tommy?" I said softly.

"Please, Daddy, please!" Tommy begged, the black eye was an ugly tattoo across his angelic face, the right cheek bulged still from the bruise of yesterday, which still showed as a brownish area where a child's fist had punched this sweet boy who had been angry only because he'd been told I didn't love him.

All I had to do, to stop this from ever happening to him again was...nothing.

So I said nothing as his hand slipped under the elastic band, down into my boxers, as it first found, then circled, then gripped my shaft. My cock stiffened and Tommy moved his hand up and then down again.

A soft sigh slid out of my lips, and with it, came the release of all my tensions. This was Ganymede, this was life on this world, why was I fighting this? I wasn't doing anything wrong, on this world, this was right, right!

"Feels good, Daddy." Tommy told me. "So big, too."

"Yeah!" I sighed. "Big and hard, Son. All for you."

"Ooh!" Tommy acted like I'd given him a big Christmas present. His little face broke into a big grin and he moved quickly, throwing the cover back from the both of us and sliding down on the bed. My boxers were poking up from my erection, we could both see both his hand and my cock through the opening. Tommy had bigger ambitions than jerking me, he lifted my prick up to his lips and they slid over it.

I gasped as he took my entire glans and a bit of the shaft before stopping his downward plunge, and that his mouth was slicked up and smoothly moist to my cock, that he kept his lips tight and his teeth away. He gripped and pulled up again, taking my cockskin with his mouth and as it rippled over the flare of my glans, a rush of passion gushed up into my body. "Ohhhh, ohhh, Tommy!" I moaned.

He moved with an ease that belied his years, and I remembered he had been practicing with Lance, who had learned sucking cock at his father's knees (or between them, I guess). He didn't need a single word of instruction from me, he sucked me like a professional hooker could only dream of. Better than any woman I'd ever had, because Tommy had been taught by the best!

I was hard as a rock and groaning like a hungry bear as my son sucked my dick. Masturbation (my sole sex for over a year) had gone stale; working your cock with just the hand is like drinking diet cola, you have the sensation of drinking and tasting something but your stomach remains empty and unsatisfied, you need more, more! And I needed my son to suck me, more, more! My hands caught my son's head and pushed him down onto my dong, forced him to suck me deeper, faster, more, more, oh, God, more!

Tommy coughed and fought back, I quickly let go, remorseful. "Oh, oh, I'm sorry, Tommy, I didn't mean to do that!" I panted.

"I want you to fuck me, Daddy. Please, fuck me!"

"Oh, oh!" I groaned. I wanted him to suck me again, I wanted to fuck my little son's cute ass, I could see it inside his briefs, all soft and round and the division between just visible inside his shorts, and the thought of my prod jamming down between them made me want to cream!

But I knew better, Tommy's little ass was not ready for a huge whanger like I was packing. Even Ellen (my now-dead wife) had had to use lubrication and ask me to take my time until she could learn to take all of me. I had to do the same with Tommy.

I explained all of this to my son in small words he could understand, while my cock pulsed angrily in his hand, wanting more, and his little arm moved now and then to keep it rock-hard.

"So what should I do, Daddy?" he asked me when I was done.

"Suck me off, this time, Son." I encouraged him. "And then, when I'm relaxed, I'll spend some time getting you ready for this huge honker to fit in your tiny little bunghole."

He giggled at that and resumed sucking my cock. When I took his head with both hands on either side, he just muffle-giggled and let me work him up and down. I moaned, thrashed, but kept myself from ramming his face the way I really wanted to and reached my climax with a roar that shook the walls of the bedroom and blasted my wad into his throat.

Poor Tommy wasn't expecting a huge flood like gushed out of my geyser of a cock, he swallowed, caught and choked and snorted and blew twin jets of spunk out of both nostrils, but he held on even so and kept working even as my jizz dribbled down his cheeks on both sides of his mouth, and more dripped from around his mouth down my shaft and he gulped, swallowed again and I ended, gasping for air with loud bellows-like sounds, ah-huh, ah-huh, ah-huh, and he gulped again and began to work my shaft, licking the rest of my spooge from my shaft, his little face the picture of bliss. He had sucked me off, he and I had had sex, he was now a normal little boy.

He cleaned me as I caught my breath and he crawled up my body and I held him tight in my arms and kissed his come-stained lips and ran my tongue into his mouth and tasted more, while he hummed and giggled in happiness. ]

"Did I do good, Daddy?" he asked me when I let his lips go.

"You did fantastic, Tommy boy." I told him. "Best blowjob your Daddy has ever had."

"But you still haven't fucked me."

"That's going to take some time." I told him. "Fortunately, we have the next three days to take proper care of you. After breakfast." I added as my stomach gurgled hungrily.

"Yeah." he giggled. "Though I already ate."

"Yeah." I ruffled his hair with one work-horned paw and we walked naked into our kitchen for breakfast.

Tommy gulped all his food while I was barely half-finished, then the little scamp ducked under the table and scarfed down my cock again. I spread my legs and scooted forward in the chair so he could bob away at his leisure, I was nowhere close to coming again, but it sure felt good anyhow.

Trevor came over when I finished and he grinned at the sight. "I see you made up your mind." he said.

"Yep." I agreed, feeling the same as Tommy, that we had been outsiders here on Ganymede until this morning, now we were truly natives of this brave, new world.

"You fucked him yet?"

"No." I admitted. "I want to take it easy, give him time."

Trevor nodded, approvingly. "A good idea. Would you like my help?"

I looked down at Tommy, grinned at him working my still-spent cock, and I said, "I think my boy could use a hot load of come off your dick, if you ask me. The boy's still hungry, aren't you, Son?"

"Yeah!" he agreed.

Trevor was plenty eager to supply the need and Tommy sucked the hot teenaged prick lustily as Trevor moaned. Me, I washed the dishes. Trevor blasted a load the equal of mine and I used my dish towel, still wet from drying the dishes, and wiped Trevor's come from his face and nose. "I guess he's more than brim full." I observed as I did so.

"I know he got every drop out of me." Trevor panted and wiped his own face free of sweat with a handkerchief. "Man, you have one hot little cocksucker here."

"I sure do." I agreed. "But let's get him trained to be a hot little fuck-piece while we're at it. Trevor, how would you like to help me break him in, I could use some advice on how to pop a little boy's cherry."

"I talked to Dad a lot." Trevor assured me. "And I watched him break in Lance and Michael. I know what to do."

I relied a lot on Trevor's advice, but insisted on doing as much of the work as I could. We kept it simple, our little fingers into Tommy's ass at first, with plenty of lubrication, and adding more depth and more fingers a little at a time. We took breaks while Tommy rested and kept him busy sucking our cocks every time either of us popped an erection. I was competing with a sixteen-year-old boy here for frequency, but I finished, if not first, at least a respectable second, with four more loads to Trevor's six. And we had Tommy wide open, when I sent Trevor home, saying, "Thanks, I'll take it from here."

I carried Tommy into my bedroom once again and I laid him on the bed and lifted up his legs. "Are you ready to finally get my cock up your ass?" I asked him.

"Yeah, Dad, oh, yeah!" Tommy had learned how much fun the prostate gland is when a trained set of fingers (Trevor's, and then mine when I found out about it myself) slide over them, and my cock would more than fill even Tommy's stretched-out little butthole.

But he took it like a trooper, grunting and wincing now and then as I slowly pushed into him, but after almost a half hour of delicate pushing and waiting on my part (which, despite the multiple orgasms of the day, was driving me wild, my little boy lying on the bed looking up at me as I shoved it into him, his eyes shining as if lit from within, his face wrinkled up in bliss every time I got in deeper) and soon I had my thick dong that had driven his mother wild driven all the way in to the base.

"You got it all, now, Son." I told my boy. "Now we'll take it easy." I pushed back and forth only a little, enough to rock my son back and forth on the bed, and he moaned and crooned as I fucked him, and soon I was sliding in and out with no resistance from him, and I leaned over him close and he caught hold of my back with both hands and his fingernails clawed into my back.

I looked down toward my chest where his small face beamed back at me and I saw the lust in his eyes and said, "Okay, boy, get ready for the fuck of your life."

I began to really fuck my son's ass, and he moaned and groaned as I

rammed him, even my hardest thrusts did nothing but make him howl the more, and he shook and moaned in his little boy orgasm and sank back, gasping. I didn't let up, I kept right on pumping him for all I was worth and my son rocked and moaned happily as I thrust-fucked him and then I hit my climax, shoved my cock in deep and hard and roared again the triumphant sound of the lion as I blew another load into my son's well-fucked ass.

Exhausted more than any day on the job would have done, I feebly lifted my son, my still semi-hard cock imbedded in him yet onto one side of the bed and laid down, still bonded to Tommy with my cock in his butt, and pulled up the covers, and we slept like that.

The rest of the weekend was a joy as I fucked my son over and over again, losing all track of time and whether it was day or night, my son and I had climax over and over again. But when Sunday night came, I called an end to it. "Tonight, you and I just sleep." I told him. "You have to be rested for school, after all."

Tommy argued, but he really was worn out and I tucked him into bed and he went right to sleep. I slept pretty damned well myself, but my real plan was for the next morning. When we woke up, I fended off my son's advances completely, didn't even let him touch me. This disconcerted him a good deal (had I decided to stop loving him again?), which was all part of my plan.

I walked my son to school, which I did often enough normally, but this time, when we got to the school grounds, I said, "Let's go over to that bench." I said.

When there and seated, I said, "Okay, Son, you and me are going to put on a show for these kids. Are you ready?"

"I'm ready, Daddy!" my son grinned.

I pulled down my pants while he pulled off his shorts entirely and I sat my son down on my cock and I began to fuck him right there on the school ground. His back was to me so everyone could see it was little Tommy Greene himself who was being publicly fucked and by his Daddy.

Tommy cried out in his pleasure, enjoying the attention we were drawing, enjoying the knowledge that now, here, nobody would ever call him ugly or unloved again. "Oh, oh, Daddy, yes, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!"

"Yeah, Son, hot ass, Son, hot ass!" I played with him.

"Tommy?" a boy called out in surprise.

"Hi, Gregory!" Tommy gasped out. "See you in class, okay? Busy now!"

"I can see that! Good for you!" Gregory responded. "Hi, Mr. Greene!"

"Hi! Gregory!" I panted.

"Fuck him hard!" Gregory waved and walked on.

A knot of older boys (those who had attacked him?) were staring in disbelief but keeping silent. Good! This was Ganymede and nobody argued with my right to fuck my son there, in the open air in broad daylight right in front of everyone! I could fuck my son any time I wanted to!

"Oh, oh, I'm coming, Son, coming, coming!" I crowed when my orgasm grew inside me.

"Oh, me, too, Daddy, me, too, oh, oh!"

"Coming, Son, oh, oh!"

"Yeah, shoot him full, Mr. Greene!"

"Give Tommy a full load!"

"Good for Tommy Greene!"

"Oh, oh, oh, DADDY, OH, OHHHHH!"

"AH-AH-HAH, AHH, ,GUH!" My spunk spewed up into my son's ass, hot in the warm morning sunlight.

"He's doing it, he's squirting it in Tommy's ass!"

"It's dripping out, see, see!"

"Wow, that's a lot!"

"Tommy's daddy is hot! I want him to fuck me sometime!"

I caught my breath, gently lowered my son back to the concrete and stood up, staggering, tucked my cock back into my pants as boys watched it in fascination. I said to Tommy loudly, when I was done. "All right, Son, now you be a good boy today. And if someone wants to fuck you and you want him to, you just go right ahead, all right?"

"Yeah, Dad!" My son reached out and hugged me, kissed me, and I kissed him all out in return, and let my son go; he ran up the stairs of the school in blissful glee, following by a small knot of admiring schoolmates chattering about what they'd seen.

Me, I went on to work. I was a bit late, but I told my supervisor, "Sorry, boss, but I was busy throwing a hard fuck into my son at school before I got here."

He looked hard at me, then smiled and said, "All right, then, get to work now."

"Thanks, boss."

"Oh, and Martin?"

"Yeah?" I turned around.

"Welcome to Ganymede, citizen." That last word was a word of acceptance, I was now "one of them." Until then, I'd been called from time to time "immigrant." Not a word of contempt, but not one of acceptance. It was a compliment, hearing him say that.

"Thanks." I said and I got to work, thinking maybe one of the worker's sons would come by at lunch and I could throw a fuck into the lad. Fucking hot little boy asses felt pretty good to me just now, and here on Ganymede, nobody would say a thing about it. And with Tommy now six years old, maybe I'd better try to have another son to replace him when he got older and found a lover of his own instead of his old man.

For the first time since getting here, I really felt at home!